Agenda Papers - Steering Committe Meeting - SLBC

The 4th meeting of Steering Committee to SLBC (Punjab) for the year
2014-15 to discuss the data for quarter ended December-2014 would
be held on 29.01.2015 at 04.00.PM. in Conference Room, Field
General Manager office, 1st floor, PNB House, Sector-17B, Chandigarh.
Following issues shall be taken up for discussions in the meeting:Item No. 1
Confirmation of Minutes of 3rd Meeting of Steering
Committee to SLBC (Punjab) for 2014-15 held on
Last meeting of Steering Committee
3rd (2014-15)
Held On
Minutes e-mailed/Circulated On
Comments received
No comments were received from any quarter. The
house may confirm the circulated minutes.
Item No. 2
Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana which envisages, Accidental
Insurance of Rs.1 lac, Life Insurance cover of Rs.30000/-, Issuance of
Rupay Debit Card to every account holder, was announced on
15.08.2014 by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, and a State Level
Mega Function was held on 28.08.2014 in Punjab by Hon'ble Chief
Minister at Ludhiana. In order to cover 5476724 households in the
State, a door to door survey was conducted by the Banks with the
help of State Government In the survey, it was found that 4573705
households were already having bank accounts and 863524
households were to be covered.
With the active support and guidance of the State Govt, State has
been declared as saturated on 08.12.2014 and to cover the entire
households and to create awareness among the public for PMJDY
Scheme, the banks in the State of Punjab organized 40481 camps. In
these camps 3237660 accounts were opened covering the entire
households in the State. Rupay cards have been issued in 1864888
accounts. All the villages in the State has to be covered through 4170
SSAs allocated to different Banks and in Urban Areas the same has to
be covered by covering the same in 2405 wards.
Dy. Director, UIDAI vide their email dated 06.01.2015 have informed
that Bank wise account opening and Aadhaar Seeding is sent to all the
banks with a request to increase Aadhaar Seeding at least upto 90%.
States overall Aadhaar seeding is 67%. Convener Bank has also sent
the list to the member banks and has requested to increase Aadhaar
Seeding in the accounts.
Controlling heads of all the banks/LDMs are requested to
ensure coverage of SSAs and wards for ensuring banking
services to all the households in the State.
Item No. 2(i)
Special DCC meeting- Tallying of SSAs for
appointment of Bank Mitras.
After declaration of State as Saturated under PMJDY, the next task
was appointment of Bank Mitras by the Banks. While advising the
banks for tallying of SSAs and appointment of Bank Mitras many
banks (i.e. CBI, PGB, SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC) have reported difference
in SSAs from those reported by LDMs. This difference appears to be
on account of wrong / misreporting by the DCOs of these banks to
their controlling offices.
Since tallying of SSAs is the first foremost important step in
appointment of Bank Mitras, Convener Bank advised all the Lead
District Managers for holding a special DCC meeting for tallying of
SSAs in their district latest by 29.12.2014. All the Lead District
Managers have confirmed having tallied the SSAs with the DCO of
each bank. List of allocation of SSAs is attached as per Annexure 1 &
Annexure 1(a).
Member banks are requested to take up with the DCO of their
Bank if there is still any difference and report the matter to
SLBC Secretariat in case of need.
Item No. 2(ii)
Bank Mitra & Infrastructure- Pradhan Mantri Jan
Dhan Yojana.
Mission office of Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance,
Govt. of India, has desired that a weekly progress report on Bank
Mitra & Infrastructure at the end of every Saturday be submitted
to them by the following Monday.
Convener Bank has already advised all the member banks for
submission of the Statement on Bank Mitra & Infrastructure of every
Saturday by the following Monday. The Statement as on 11.10.2014
is enclosed as per Annexure-2 for information of the house. The
appointment of BCs is of utmost importance for the successful
implementation of PMJDY. Member Banks to ensure Bank Mitras are
put in place for covering the households and providing banking
services at all the identified palaces.
The house may deliberate.
Item No. 2(iii) Monitoring of Delivery and Activation of RuPay
Debit Card under PMJDY.
While reviewing the progress under PMJDY, Deptt. of Financial
Services (DFS) has observed that some cards issued by the Banks
may not have been either delivered to the customers or not activated
which will deprive them from benefit of accidental insurance. All banks
to ensure that RuPay debit card is issued in all the accounts opened
under PMJDY.
The account holders should be made aware of the usage of RuPay
debit Card and should be asked to activate his/her card.
The account holders should be informed that they should try to use
their card once every month to ensure the benefits of Personal
Accidental Insurance (Even though the limit is of 45 days). The
account holder should be educated on the security and safety of the
Rupay Card and the pin number. Bank wise position for issuing of
Rupay Card is attached as per Annexure-3.
Member Banks are requested to adhere to the guidelines and
ensure to issue Rupay Card to the beneficiaries under PMJDY
Item No. 2(iv) Telephone Connectivity- Issues faced by Banks/
Bank Mitras.
The issue of low connectivity in some of the areas as reported by
LDMs/Banks was taken up by Convener Bank in the weekly meetings
with Convener Bank and TSPs of Punjab LSA under the Chairmanship
of Director-II TERM Punjab. The minutes of the meeting held on
24.12.2014 and the latest position is enclosed as per Annexure 4.
The House may deliberate
Item No. 2(v)
Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana- Media
The 2nd phase of the Media Campaign of the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan
Yojana is now underway and the Indian Banks‟ Association has been
made the Nodal Agency for the Campaign.
Financial Literacy Films:
For the Ground level success of the project, you will agree, that a lot
of financial education will be required. With this in view, IBA has
uploaded, 3 films on financial Literacy on the IBA Website We request all the banks to run these films in all the
FLCCs, RUDSETTIs, Camps and Training Institutes for creating
awareness and spreading financial literacy. Banks may also arrange to
run visuals or animated films, if any, prepared by them.
IBA/SLBC has also given a link on their website from where banks
can down load the PMJDY Logo, Anthem, TVC, Radio Jingle, Internet
Video, Caller tune and other event collaterals for their use at the
Camps and other places.
Wall painting:
IBA has decided to cover 1, 50,000 walls, each of 24 Sq.Ft, across 21
states through Wall Painting. Punjab State has been allocated a target
of 3000 Wall Paintings in all the districts of the State.
In this context LDMs were requested to:
 Identify the strategic walls that need to be covered under this
 To monitor the work being carried out by the agency to ensure
the given number of walls is covered.
The target for each district was given by the convener bank and 2120
walls in the 7 districts got painted up to 14.01.2015. The position of
targets given and painting done is as per Annexure- 5.
House may deliberate.
Item No. 3
Direct Benefit Scheme (DBT) of Govt of India.
Dy. Director, UIDAI vide their email dated 06.01.2015 have informed
that Scheme wise pending cases of Aadhaar seeding have already
been forwarded by concerned Line Departments to individual LDM and
are still pending for seeding in Bank Accounts of beneficiaries.
The number of cases pending is 132967 in Pre-metric scheme,
96743 in Post Metric Scheme and 2517 i.e 1490 in Amritsar District
and 1027 in Kapurthala District in Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog
Yojana (IGMSY). The number of pending cases for Aadhaar Seeding
is 2.27 lakhs Under MGNREGA Scheme. List of cases has already
been sent by the concerned department to Lead District Managers.
Convener Bank has also forwarded the list of pending cases to
concerned LDM with a request to get the seeding completed in all the
cases on priority.
Controlling Heads of all the banks are requested to advise
branches under their control for seeding of Aadhaar number
for implementation of these schemes of Govt. of India.
Item No. 3(i)
Modified Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG
Consumers (MDBTL)-Seeding of Aadhaar.
Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India,
vide their letter dated 29.10.2014 has informed re-launch of MDBTL in
54 districts from 15.11.2014 and in the entire country from
Banks are requested to consider the following alternate modes for
seeding of Aadhaar number in bank accounts for the smooth relaunch of the modified DBTL:
Use call centres to advise, through pre-recorded
messages, customers to get the Aadhaar number seeded
in bank accounts.
Since a large number of customers have their mobile
phones registered with banks or are registered for internet
banking facilities, develop applications for collection of
Aadhaar from such customers through SMS or electronic
methods. Bulk SMS or e-mails can also be sent to such
customers advising them to get their Aadhaar seeded into
bank account.
Enable large ATM network of banks to advise customers to
seed Aadhaar and to make request for seeding of Aadhaar
number which will be reliable as the customer would
authenticated his request using ATM card and PIN.
Develop IVRS application which can be used by the
customers to send request for seeding of Aadhaar into the
bank accounts.
Banks can also use Remote Aadhaar Seeding Framework (RASF),
developed by UIDAI ( to access and verify
the Aadhaar details online and seed Aadhaar into bank account
Dy. Director,UIDAI vide their email dated 06.01.2015 have
informed that District wise pending cases of Aadhaar seeding have
already been forwarded to individual LDM and are still pending for
seeding in Bank Accounts of beneficiaries. Gap between LPG
Aadhaar seeding and Bank Aadhaar Seeding is to be bridged and
the Aadhaar seeding is to be further expedited using various
means like IVRS, SMS, Web services etc explained above.
Member Banks are requested to consider these alternate
mode for seeding of Aadhaar number in bank accounts and
advise branches under their control for seeding of Aadhaar
number on priority for implementation of schemes of Govt.
of India.
Item No. 4 Roadmap-Provision of banking Services in Villages
having Population below 2000
Total 10132 unbanked villages in the above population segment have
been allocated to various banks in the state. A monitoring and review
mechanism has been instituted by DCCs to periodically assess and
evaluate the progress made in allotment of villages and achieving the
target indicated in the roadmap including the quality of services
provided by the banking outlets. Banks in the State of Punjab have
covered 8609 villages up to 31.12.2014, the progress is as per
House may discuss.
Item No. 5
Progress Report of Financial Literacy Centres
The consolidated performance of the FLCs up to Dec-2014 is as per
 During quarter ended Dec.-2014, 739 Financial Literacy
Camps have been organized in which 41046 persons
 Out of 41046 persons participated in the camps, 24688
persons have already bank accounts and 12443 persons
opened the accounts after attending the camp.
 During the quarter ended Dec. 2014, 3100 Financial Literacy
Camps have been organized by rural branches in the State of
Punjab in which 93635 persons participated.
 Out of 93635 persons participated in the camps, 65547
persons have already bank accounts and 24285 persons
opened the accounts after attending the camp.
The House may review the performance of FLCs.
Item No. 5(i)
Opening of Financial Literacy Centres (FLCs) at
block level.
The third important pillar focuses on preparing the people for financial
planning and availing credit. Ministry of Finance has observed from
the experience of micro finance firms as well as Self Help Groups that
before availing credit, people need to be made aware of the
advantages of access to formal financial system, savings, credit,
importance of timely repayments and building up a good credit
history. Financial Literacy Centres have so far been set up at
Urban/Semi-urban areas. The present plan of Ministry of Finance is to
expand the FLCCs to the block level.
Convener bank has already allocated targets for opening of FLCs at
block level and all the banks were advised to ensure opening of FLCs
at Block level by March-2015. The following targets were proposed for
opening of FLCs at Block Level:30% of targets up to September 2014, 70% of targets up to
December, 2014 and remaining 30% to be covered by March-2015.
Bank wise allocation for opening of FLC at Block level & position of
opening of FLCs is given as per Annexure-8.
House may deliberate.
Item No. 6
Setting up of Rural Self Employment Training
Institutes (RSETIs)
19 RSETIs are operating in the State of Punjab which includes RSETIs
at Dhudi Ke (District Moga) sponsored by PNB and Tappa Mandi in
Barnala District sponsored by Canara Bank. Allotment of land is
pending at Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, SBS Nagar, Taran Tarn, &
Pathankot and possession of land is not taken in Jalandhar, Fazilka,
districts. RSETIs are not operating at Fazilka, Pathankot, Tarn Taran,
Gurdaspur & SBS Nagar.
The representative of Department of Rural Development may
apprise the house of the latest developments in the matter of
allocation of land in the remaining Districts.
Controlling heads of Banks having Lead bank responsibilities
to apprise house of the reasons for not taking possession of
land and date by which the task will be accomplished by
(Performance of the RSETIs functioning in the State up to
Dec-2014 & status of land allotment is given on Annexure-9 &
Annexure 9-a.)
From the data on progress of RSETIs up to Dec-2014, it has been
observed that: 1318 training programmes of skill development were
organized wherein 35421 trainees participated.
 5166 trainees were financed by the banks to start their
Enterprises and 12059 trainees set up their enterprises
through owned funds.
 Out of total 35421 trainees, 23138 were from SC/ST
category, 4498 from OBC, 13131 from minority and
6877were from other categories.
 26434 Women and 162 Handicapped persons were also
provided training for self-employment.
The representative of Department of Rural Development is further
requested that:
1. Expediting the process of approval of RSETI Building plans by
the DTPs as the construction work of RSETI is getting delayed.
2. State Govt. to ensure release of funds for reimbursement of
training expenses for BPL families in time bound manner.
3. State Govt. to organize appreciation workshop of RSETI
Directors and APOs of DRDAs for two days at the State HQ.
The House may discuss.
Item No. 7
Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) for
Government Schemes
The State government has adopted “One District One Leader Bank
Many Bank Model” for implementation of EBT in the State of Punjab.
Director, Department of Social Security Women and Child Welfare vide
their letter dated 17.12.2014 have informed the name of the Districts
allocated to banks and has desired that list of beneficiaries be
obtained from DSSOs of each district and enrolment work for
implementation of EBT be started immediately.
Convener Bank vide its e-mail dated 18.12.2014 advised LDMs to
procure the lists from concerned DSSOs and start enrollment as the
EBT in each district will be implemented only after enrollment of
80% of the beneficiaries.
Controlling Heads of banks having lead bank responsibilities in these
districts are advised to monitor the progress and send the same as
per the performa attached at Annex: to Convener Bank.
The house may deliberate.
Item No. 8
Reimbursement of Excess pension paid to the
dependents of deceased pensioners - Pending
issue of Sub-Committee meeting.
During the deliberation in the Sub-Committee meeting of SLBC held
on 11.11.2014 it was decided that the matter on account of DA paid
by banks to family pensioners (whose ward got employment on
compassionate ground) and the same has been deducted by treasury
office out of subsequent reimbursement claims lodged by the banks.
It has been decided to refer the matter to Finance Department Govt.
of Punjab for settling the issue.
Convener Bank vide its letter dated 25.11.2014 has taken up the
matter with The Director, Department of Institutional Finance &
Banking for taking up the matter with Finance Department for settling
the issue.
The representative of DIF&B is requested to apprise the
house in the matter please.
Item No. 9
Loans against collateral of Food grainsObtaining of NOC from State Procurement
During the deliberation in the 127th meeting of SLBC held on
13.02.2014, the above issue was discussed gist of which is as under:"Shri Adaish Partap Singh Kairon, Hon'ble Minister for Food and Civil
Supplies & IT, informed the house that the paddy crop procured by
the State is stored with the rice mills as per their milling capacity for
milling purpose for which they are paid the milling charges. Out of
total stocks lying with Millers 99% stock is of State Procurement
Corporation of India. It has been observed by them that
Milers/Sheller‟s while availing limits from Banks hypothecate such
stocks to Banks without informing that these belong to State Govt.
Procurement Agencies and FCI, resulting in double financing".
It was decided that while financing to Shellers/Millers, only stocks
belonging to the Millers be hypothecated and it may be stipulated that
Rice Millers while availing Working Capital Finance from Banks should
obtain Stock figures of Paddy held for milling from the concerned
District Food & Supply Controller of Punjab alongwith NOC from the
Department of Food & Civil Supplies while making advance to Rice
Shellers. Convener Bank has already requested all the banks for
meticulous compliance of the above decision taken in the SLBC
Now Convener Bank has received a communication from MARKFED
vide which they have raised the same issue of obtaining of NOC from
State Procurement Agency while making advances against collateral of
food grains.
Controlling heads of all the banks are requested to reiterate
the decision taken in the 127th meeting of SLBC for
meticulous compliance of the same. The representative of
MARKFED is requested to deliberate on the issue.
Item No. 10
Overall CD Ratio of the State-Compliance of
RBI guidelines.
Reserve Bank of India vide their circular letter no. RPCDLDS.BC No.
47/02.13.03/2005-06 dated 09.11.2005 states that the CD Ratio to be
calculated with credit at the place of utilization (Copy of circular is
attached as per Annexure-10).
Member banks are requested to ensure to adhere to the
instructions of RBI as non compliance of the same affects CD
Ratio of the State adversely.
Item No.11
Review of Govt. Sponsored Schemes &
Item No.11 (i) National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM)Implementation in the State of Punjab
It has been informed by Rural Development Department, Govt. Of
Punjab, that since SGSY scheme has been merged with newly started
scheme NRLM, so as per the directions of MORD no new SHG group
are to be formed under SGSY scheme w.e.f 31st March 2013 and data
reporting also does not get generated online. In view of the transition
phase of SGSY to NRLM, no targets were given by the State Govt. The
scheme is being implemented in 14 blocks of 5 districts i.e. TaranTarn, Ferozepur, Sangrur, Patiala, Gurdaspur on pilot basis. The
performance of these 5 districts is as per Annexure-11.
The representative of Department of Rural Development is
requested to apprise the house the latest position.
Item No.11(ii) Prime Minister Employment
Programme (PMEGP).
KVIC has informed the following progress under PMEGP for the year
2014-15 up to 31.12.2014:Particulars
No. of Projects
Margin Money
(Rs. in Lakh)
Cases disbursed
Margin Money
 A sum of `2102.95 lakhs has been disbursed as margin money in
the 737 cases disbursed upto 31.12.2014 in which 4422
unemployed youth have been provided employment.
 District wise targets of KVIC/KVIB of margin money for the year
2014-15 have already been provided to the Lead District
The representative of KVIC/KVIB/DIC may inform the House
latest position.
This is for information of the House.
Item No.11 (iii)
Swarn Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana
Government of India has restructured the SJSRY scheme to National
Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM), which is applicable to cities with
population of 1 lac or more and all the District Head Quarter
Towns/Cities whether its population of less than 1 Lac as per the
census of 2011.In the State of Punjab only 26 town/cities will be
covered. Further under NULM only the interest subsidy will be given to
the beneficiaries for setting up Micro Enterprises. The interest subsidy
will be given over and above the 7% interest. There is no capital
subsidy for any project (Individual or Group). The targets to be
achieved during the 4th Quarter of the financial year 2014-15 have
been allocated to the 26 identified cities and same is given as per
Annexure-12 for information of the house.
Convener Bank vide e-mail dated 30.12.2014 advised all the LDMs to
allocate the bank wise targets and monitor the progress in DCC/DLRC
meetings. Department has informed that in Jalandhar District 52
applications under Self Employment Programme (SEP) was sent to
different branches and the same are pending for disposal. Member
banks are requested to instruct the branches in Jalandhar District for
disposal of the pending applications.
The representative of SUDA may apprise about the latest
position in this regard.
Item No. 12
Measures to computerize Land Records by
State Government.
The project launched by Revenue Department of State Government
for computerization of land records, envisages for opening of Fard
Kendra at each Tehsil and Sub-Tehsil level. Revenue Record like
Jamabandi, Mutations, Rapats Roznamchas etc. of all the villages of
that Tehsil/Sub Tehsil will be fed into the computer. As of now, 161
out of 167 Fard Kendras have been operationalized and record of
about 12,285 villages has been computerized. Copy of Record of
Rights is being issued from the operationalized Fard Kendras on the
Further the Department has planned to put the land records on
internet so that people are able to view their Jamabandis etc. sitting
at home only. The data of live Fard Kendras of all the Districts has
been put on the web. A provision has been made to point out the
errors in the Land Records through web.
The issue raised in the 129th meeting of SLBC & subsequently taken
up in the 130th meeting as well as vide Convener bank letter dated
10.12.2014 for issuing notification for authenticity of land record
taken online, by which any record taken online will be legally
enforceable, is still pending with the State Government.
The representative of Revenue Deptt/ DIF&B is requested to
apprise the house the progress in the matter.
Item No. 13
Pending Recovery Certificates – Transfer of
cases to Lok Adalats.
During the deliberation in the 130th meeting of SLBC held on
13.11.2014, the representative of revenue department was requested
to examine whether cases which are filed under RCs can be
transferred to Lok Adalats for affecting speedy recovery in these
The matter was taken up with the Revenue Department by the
Convener Bank vide its letter dated 15.12.2014 and Department of
Institution Finance & Banking dated 17.12.2014.
The representative of Revenue Department/ DFI&B is
requested to apprise the house the progress in the matter.
Item No. 14
Punjab Sarv Sehat Bima Yojana.
In order to provide cashless health insurance to entire population in
the State, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Punjab is
implementing Punjab Sarv Sehat Bima Yojana in the State and DIF&B
is the Nodal Agency for implementation of the scheme and will
coordinate with the banks for successful implementation of the
The representative of Deptt of IF&B is requested to apprise
the house about the latest position in this respect.
Item No. 15
Financing of Tenant Farmers/Oral Lessees and
Share Croppers.
NABARD has informed that Andhra Pradesh State Govt. has recently
promulgated an ordinance titled "Andhra Pradesh Land Licensed
Cultivators Ordinance 2011” to facilitate financing of tenant
farmers, oral lessees and share croppers by financial institutions. The
ordinance envisages issuance of „Loan and Other Benefits Eligibility
Cards‟ to tenant farmers, oral lessees and share croppers to access
credit from the Public Financial Institutions and to claim benefits of
input subsidy, crop insurance compensation for damage to crop and
for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
Such an initiative would lead to smoothening the process of access to
the formal credit delivery system by tenant farmers/oral lessees/share
croppers, etc. thereby helping the JLG programme to scale new
Director, Agriculture Department Govt. of Punjab vide their letter
dated 27.12.2014 have informed that the case has been sent to
Financial Commissioner (Revenue), Govt. of Punjab, for
implementation of Act in the State.
The representative of Department of Agriculture/IF&B is
requested to apprise the house latest position in the matter.
Item No. 16
Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana
The Ministry of Women and Child Development has introduced a new
Scheme for Pregnant and Lactating women called Indira Gandhi
Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY), which is a conditional Cash Transfer
Scheme. The Scheme aims improving the health and nutrition of
Pregnant and Lactating women. Presently the scheme is being
implemented in District Kapurthala and Amritsar on pilot basis.
Department of Social Security women & Child Development has sent
2517 cases to LDM Amritsar and 1027 to LDM Kapurthala District.
The representative of Deptt. of Social Security and Child
Development is requested to apprise the progress in the
Item No. 17
Yearly Calendar of Holding SLBC MeetingsSubmission of Data
The calendar of holding of SLBC Meetings during the year has already
been conveyed to the banks by the Convener Bank with the request
to submit the data timely & error free to convene the meeting on the
pre-decided dates. It has been observed that some of the Banks /
LDMs do not submit the data in time. Next meeting of SLBC is
scheduled to be held on 10.02.2015 and the data for Dec.2014 was
required to be submitted by 15.01.2015 to SLBC.
The guidelines of RBI circular relating to calendar of holding SLBC
meetings provide, inter alia, that the data of Banks/LDMs not
submitting SLBC data by the due date, their data would be repeated
and names would be incorporated in the Agenda notes/making
mention in the meeting besides informing their corporate offices of
the default. The data for Quarter ended Dec.-2014 has not been
received from the following Banks/LDMs:The above banks/LDMs are requested to submit the data in such a
way that it reaches SLBC Secretariat latest by today positively.
The house may discuss as to how the Banks / LDMs are to be
dealt with who have not submitted the data till date.
Item No. 18
Any other issue / suggestions
permission of the chair.