February2015 - St. Julie Billiart Parish

Jewels of St. Julie
A Newsletter for the Parish Family of St. Julie Billiart
February 2015
St. Julie’s Lay Ministers Give and Receive
by Bonnie Koller
Are you or a family member considering a move to a long
term facility within the Parish? Whether this is to be permanent or temporary, if you or your family member is Catholic
and would like to receive Communion, you can contact St.
Julie’s Parish and arrange for a Lay Minister (technically an
“Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion) to come out
to visit you. They come on a designated day to several nursing homes in the Hamilton area so you know exactly when
to expect them. We also have a Lay Minister who visits shut
-ins. You might be interested in just a visit and that is another possibility. Whatever you decide the Minister will spend
some time visiting and talking with you about your day and
how things are going for you.
In December I had the pleasure of tagging along with two of
the Lay Ministers, Denny Williams and Elaine Ohlinger. I
found that the Ministers are as positively impacted by the
time spent as the people. Denny has been visiting The Butler County Care Facility for the past three years. He said, “I
get more out of it then I put into it.” He feels these visits are
so important for the residents because many of them get no
visitors. Of the many residents we visited, Linda said the
Elaine Ohlinger visits with Doverwood residents
Joan,& Mabel, along with Mabel’s son Dan.
visit with her helps her to have a personal relationship with
Jesus. Diane has a complete picture board of family members and points out how she misses them. When I asked
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Confirmation Contemplations
Confirmation occurs every other year for our cluster of parishes. Candidates from St. Julie, St. Peter in Chains
and St. Joseph will be confirmed at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral on Wednesday, April 15 at 7 pm. As part of the
preparation each Confirmation Candidate writes a letter to Archbishop Schnurr. They explain what Confirmation
means to them and why they wish to be confirmed. The purpose of the letter is to help them clarify what is
happening in their faith lives and what it means to be confirmed. We share some of their ideas with you. Please
keep them in your prayers.
“Confirmation for me means that we have to live a certain way because of what Jesus taught us.” Luis Cruz
“I helped at the Virtual Lourdes Pilgrimage Tour. It was really something I will remember because of all the
stories about the people who have been healed by the water. My mother and I helped by passing out the
intention forms and collecting them. It was really a great experience and I’m glad I got to help at this event and
I’m hoping someday I can again. Actually I hope I can go to Lourdes France someday and get the full
experience.” Jessica Reece
“To me confirmation means to be apart of the Holy Church. I want to be confirmed
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Confirmation 2015, cont.
because I want to work for Jesus and get closer to Him.” Jordan Perez
“Confirmation means accepting responsibility for your faith. I will be given a special strength of the Holy
Spirit to spread and defend the faith by word and action. As a true witness of Christ I will confess the
name of Christ boldly and never be ashamed of Christ. I want to be confirmed because I want to be a
follower of God and know what is wrong from right.” Melony A. Mares
“I want to be confirmed because it will give me the graces of the faith and it will help me as a person
spiritually and emotionally. It means to me that I am willing to stay with this religion and that the faith will
have me here with open arms.” Alex De Alba
“The work that has influenced me the most in the preparation for Confirmation is researching the saints.
Researching the saints reminds me that anybody can become a saint if they are determined and if they
do good things to others in their life. I want to choose an inspiring Saint’s name to be my Confirmation
name. I want to say “yes” to God’s path as an adult in the Catholic Church.” Emily Conn
“In my everyday life, when I’m given a moral choice I’ve started to think more like a Christian person.
Also, in my prayers I’ve started to do less of asking God to help me and do things for me and more of
thanking Him for what He’s already done in my life.” Christian Peerzada
“The service I have done impacted me greatly. When I worked at the soup kitchen, I saw many people
that were extremely poor. One lady told me that she still has faith. This has shown me many ideas.
First, it shows me that God has blessed me greatly for what I have. Also, it shows me even when going
through rough times; you can always have faith to fall back to.” Isabella Saylor
“All the service work I’ve done has made me realize that many people are very unfortunate and lack the
basic necessities of life. It helped me understand that what little I can do at my age, still helps people. I
also know that I’m very lucky to have what I have in my life right now. As a parish, I’m proud to see how
generous other members are with their time and money.” Jake Heyser
St. Vincent DePaul Reports
December 2014
During the month of December 2014, The St. Julie
Billiart Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de
Paul expended funds totaling $3,106.87 in the
following categories:
Utility Assistance:
Rental Assistance:
Household Items:
Operating Expenses:
International Twinning:
$ 532.14 (3)
$ 1,965.00 (5)
8.50 (1)
$ 250.00 (1)
38.85 (2)
12.38 (1)
$ 300.00 (1)
In addition the members of the St. Julie Billiart
conference donated 115 hours of time, made 19 Home/
Elder care visits, 4 prison visits, responded to 48 Help
Line Calls involving 98 people. A total of 101 people
were helped, and 930 miles were driven by our
volunteers. In addition 1,750 families were served at
local food pantries by our volunteers.
Total receipts for the month were $2,130.00
It's Girl Scout Cookie
time! Girl Scout Troop
42599 at St Peter in
Chains School are selling at Masses at St.
Girl Scout cookies. The Julie’s
2015 Cookie Sale will inmarch 14/15
clude the following cookies: Thin Mints (mint flavored with a chocolate
coating), Tagalongs (chocolate covered peanut butter), Samoas (caramel and coconut), Do-Si-Dos
(peanut butter sandwich), Trefoils (shortbread),
Savannah Smiles (lemon), and new Rah-Rah Raisins
(oatmeal raisin). The cookies cost $4.00 per box and
payment is due upon delivery. Orders must be
placed by March 25, 2015. The Girl Scout Troop is
partnering with the Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Medical Center as their Operation Cookie recipient. If you would like to purchase cookies to
donate, please contact the cookie manager noted at
the end of this message. To place an order or if you
have questions, please call or e-mail Jenni Craft at
(513) 518-3574 or [email protected]
St. Stephen Cemetery
The Knights of Columbus Council 968 are continuing
to care for the Grotto with additional cement repairs
done in November and more to come in the Spring.
St. Julie
had a
scene in
church this
LAY MINISTRY, continued from Page 1
Karen how these visits impact her she said “I feel
blessed.” Denny said of his visits to the residents, “This
is my Spiritual time.” As you walk the halls of the facility you get the sense that each day is pretty much a continuum to the next for the residents. I could see the faces
of those we visited brighten at the sight of Denny; something they must really look forward to. A very sweet
lady was spending some time in the dining area when we
stopped to talk to her. Denny said they call her the
“Mayor” of the home. She was all smiles and up-beat.
Even though she was using a walker I got the impression
she could have put it aside and walked right out the
place. In contrast to the County Home, Elaine visit’s the
Doverwood Retirement Community. A section of the
facility is set up as an assisted living area where the residents have their own apartments with a small kitchen and
sitting area. There are also fast food eateries and a movie
theater for the residents to enjoy. Elaine has been distributing Communion for approximately three years. She
feels it’s such a joy and she gets so much out it. She said
she gets attached to a lot of the residents. I noticed they
light up as well when Elaine shows up and enjoy sitting
and talking with her about family and matters of importance to them. When we first walked in we found
and Margaret sitting at the activity table. They were able
to take Communion right there. John, Alvera and Mabel
were in their rooms. Alvera wasn’t feeling well. She
said it always makes her feel better when Communion
On December 4, our St.
Peter students in grades
4-8 participated in the 2nd Continental
Math League. Listed below are the winners
(with 4 or more correct) by grade.
Grade 8: Kevin Hock (4), A.J. Phan (4)
Grade 7: Jack Brandabur (4), Andrea Clark
(6), Colin Crank (4), Emma Fritsch (6), Keegan Gormley (4), Sophia Mitrione (4), Andy
Moore (5), Emily Sauer (5), Sophie Tischler
(6), Ben Nguyen(5)
Grade 6: Ryan Kirkendall (6), Tate
Brandabur (4), Oscar Guevara (4), Taylor
Wissman (4)
Grade 5: David Clark (6), Paige Luebbe (4),
Andrew Schwartz (4), Eli Halverson (4), Eli
Schweinfest (4)
Grade 4: Spencer Blauvelt (5), Teagan Hickey
(5), Ainsley Brandabur (4), Meagan Kirkendall (4), Jasmine Kirsch (4)
Congratulations to our thinkers!
comes. John was working on his computer when we
came in and he was also very happy to see Elaine. He
said, “Receiving the Lord is always good.” Mable was
very happy to see Elaine and also one of the more talkative of the residents. Of receiving Communion, she said,
“ I look forward to it; I think it’s wonderful.”
I could feel the impact this has on those looking forward
to the regular visits. But much more how it impacts those
who do it. It appears that the Lay Ministers derive much
more from the time spent on their missions than even the
residents do. I was not able to do visits with Marty Bach
and Amy Kibby but I was able to talk to them about their
experiences as Lay Ministers. Unlike Denny and Elaine,
Amy visits shut-ins. At the time of this article she said
she makes visits to an elderly, ill woman on oxygen. She
visits with her about an hour and brings her Communion.
She said she enjoys the visits as well when she takes the
host to her shut-in on weekends. “It means so much to
her and she is very vocal about how important it is to her
and how much she looks forward to it,” said Amy. Amy
started her visits in September this year but began her
Eucharistic Ministry when she lived in Michigan. She
said this work is so fulfilling. She loves to serve in this
way. She would love for more people to get the calling
and would be willing to talk to them about her experience. She said, “its an honor to be a part of this.”
Marty Bach, another Eucharistic Minister from St. Julie’s,
goes to Birchwood and Glenmeadows Nursing homes.
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When you make your pledge to the Catholic
Ministries Appeal (CMA), you keep Christ at the
center by putting into motion a whirlwind of
outreach and good works done every day.
The Altar Rosary Society wishes
everyone a happy, healthy and
prosperous New Year!
The next meeting will be held
February 2, 2015. The luncheon will begin at
12:45 following the noon Mass and will be held in the
Fenmont. Please plan to attend and bring a friend. If
you have never been to a meeting, we invite you to
come join us to see if Altar rosary is a way you would
like to give service to the parish.
We hope you have time to review the membership
form that came out in the January Newsletter.
Consider becoming a member. Thank you to all who
have supported Altar Rosary. For information, please
contact Marilyn Vidourek at 894-5851 or at
[email protected]
Lay Ministry,
cont. from page 3
She has been distributing the Host to residents of these
facilities for approximately one year. She began her ministry at St.Peter’s twenty-five years ago. She goes every
two weeks and says of her experience, “how fulfilling it is
to be exposed to the faith of these people.” She talked
about the impact her exposure to the residents has on her
and said she has a little spot in her heart for them. Marty
said her visit may be the last contact a resident has before
they die. Each resident, in addition to receiving Holy
Communion, is read a passage from the Bible and asked to
join in praying The Lords Prayer.
Everyone of the Eucharistic Ministers I talked to remarked
as to how their experience has been so gratifying for them.
I got a special sense of some higher power at work and an
overwhelming spirituality emanating from within. There
are a total of eight Eucharistic Ministers involved in this
special work in the name of the parish. They are Marty
Bach, Tom Fening, George Kearney, Amy Kibby, Elaine
Ohlinger, Linda Reboulet and Denny Williams. There is
room for more. If you are interested in becoming a part of
this special community contact Father Mike to learn how
you can also impact those in need. ##
A Note from Susan Delp,
Altar Rosary Society
The Altar Rosary Society (ARS)
would like to thank everyone for
their generous support of our
Giving Tree Project this year. The
items donated were given to
Mercy Health St. Rafael’s Social
Service Agency Santa Shoppe.
Your gifts enabled families in
need - due to illness, injury or loss of job—to put gifts under the
tree at Christmas for their children. We delivered books, games,
dolls with accessories, action figures, toy cars and trucks, tea
party sets, sports balls and baby toys, just to name a few. Also
appreciated was the gift wrap, bows, etc. for the parents to wrap
their presents.
All of this would not have been possible with your generosity
and the help of “Santa”s Elves”. Thank you to Mike & Elaine
Ohlinger and Jerry & Pat Gordon for delivering the gifts to St.
Raphael’s from church, and to my husband, Don Delp, for
helping to sort and bag items for delivery. Health and happiness
to all in 2015!
St. Maximilian Kolbe Church
Nationally Acclaimed Speaker
Jesse Romero
Sat., Feb. 7 St. Max Parish Gym
After rediscovering his Catholic roots,
Jesse studied and prayed his way back
to a fervent on-going practice of Catholic
Faith. Through his experiences with non
-Catholics and fallen-away Catholics
alike, Jesse is well versed on all Catholic
issues and topics.
Talk 1: Moral Relativism
Talk 2: Christianity Religion or Relationship
Talk 3: Spiritual Warfare– Put on the
Catholic Armor of God
Talk 4: 12 Steps on How to be a Holy
Cost $15.00 per Person$25.00 per Couple
Send Payment to : St. Max Kolbe Church,
Attn: Sharon Christi, 5720 Hamilton Mason
Rd, Liberty Twp., OH 45011
Include “Jesse Romero” Your Name, Phone,
#Attending, Check/Payment.
Beautiful Irish Dancing!!
Ann Olhauser and Penny Dixon brought plenty
of IRISH BLING for the volunteers of the IRISH
DINNER to wear.
Irish Teen Volunteer:
Joseph Albinus
Great crowd at the Irish Dinner with Youth
getting plates for those who could not.
Great food and great fun at this Irish Dinner, one of the most well
attended that has been held so far!
Jackie and Betty in their Irish garb!
Badin High School Student, Jesus Guevara mentors
Confirmation Candidates at PREP.
Confirmation Candidates Serving our First
Communion Families by putting together
the Banner packets.
It is a joy to learn a new skill and to share
it. Here the Conn Family shares a smile
and a hug after making rosaries.
Jim Wander has started a Rosary Making Ministry at St. Julie. He taught 7th
grader, Alessandra Clavel how to use a
special tool to make the rosaries. She
taught the other students and parents
how to make them on our service day.
Emily Conn with sister at the Posada.
Confirmation Candidates working at a Bake sale to raise money for Thanksgiving Turkeys.
Calendar of Intentions
St. Julie’s Newsletter (383367-173)
Published Monthly January 9, 2015
Volume 26 Issue 2
US Postage
Permit No. 173
Hamilton, Ohio
HAMILTON, OH 45011-1634
Heavenly Father,
Help us to realize the overwhelming
needs of
others right here in our communities:
those who need food, education, companionship,
those who need support, comfort,
and most of all, those who need
to hear the good news of salvation that
your Son, Jesus Christ, made possible.
Open our hearts to the realization that we
should share the blessings You have given us,
by seeing that others receive food, clothing, protection
help...and the Sacraments.
Bless our efforts as we work together
with our brothers and sisters in the parishes throughout
our Archdiocese to provide support to so many people
through the Catholic Ministries Appeal.
We make our prayer through your Son, Jesus Christ,
with the Holy Spirit,
and with the intercession of our Blessed Mother.
ur parish will
again be participating in the Lenten spiritual renewal
program called Living the Eucharist.
This program will provide us with
opportunities to grow in our faith
through learning more about the Eucharist, participating more actively in
Sunday Mass, and living the Eucharist each day as disciples of Jesus.
Call the office by February 10th to
sign up for a faith sharing group.