My Time - Isle of Man

My Time - Isle of Man
The What's On and Services Guide
for the over 50’s living on the Isle of Man
ISSUE 8 | JAN – FEB 2015 | FREE |
Brrrrrrrrrrrr .......'
Happy New Year!! and My Time is back again
giving you ideas of what you can get up to during
the darkest months of the year!!! Take a look inside,
and just look at all there is to do ...from Argentine
Tango lessons to Bridge clubs; from time spent with
the U3A ...... to looking after the mind and body with
the Manx Natural Healing Centre. The lists grows
as each issue comes out, and soon you will be able
to read more about Fitness, Health and Well-being
in a new magazine launching in Feb15. Find out
more about this in the News pages!!! Relax, enjoy
and Remember ...when thinking of things to do with
YOUR time ... think of My Time !!!!
Home Instead is seeking part-time
caregivers to join our team in 2015
Providing at-home companionship
for elderly clients
We welcome caring adults of all
ages, empathy is a must!
Phone 822545
Contents jan – feb 2015
MT News MT Manx Natural Healing Centre MT All about the U3A
MT What's On
MT News from Home Insteads' Emer Wiseman
MT News from Boots
MT Editor Within - Blog
MT Manx Radio's New - Women's Hour!!
MT News from the Farmer's Markets
Tips for Mobility
t's so cold out there. Writing
this in December ...there is
snow on the mountain and the
temperature is definitely more
wintry ... and I wonder what the
New Year will bring. For me, I am
launching a new sister-magazine/
What's On and Services guide,
called 'Fit-Health - Isle of Man'.
I have found, as with other activities,
that there are a whole gammit of
groups and services out there enabling us all to gain access to a
healthier lifestyle ..physically and
mentally. The magazine is FREE (of
course) and I hope you will let me
know what you think ....BUT DO
always feel free to let me know your
thoughts and ideas for My Time too.
Always happy to gain constructive
feedback ...and you can email me
at [email protected]
do this!! Look forward to hearing
from you and a Happy New Year
to you all. Hee'moo Amy x
Do you struggle to gain access into
your home due to mobility problems?
As an access solution, ramps, both
portable and fixed, can be a really
cost effective and convenient way to
enhance accessibility.
The length of the ramp is measured
on the incline - how steep and high
is the incline you will be using the
ramp on - and whether the ramp is
for residential or commercial use.
The official recommendation for
residential use is a 2:12 slope
which means every 2" of vertical
rise requires one foot of ramp. For
commercial use, it’s a 1:12 slope
which means every 1" of vertical
rise requires one foot of ramp.
There are many types of ramps
available and it is important that you
speak to a professional who is able
to assess your property and give you
the best advice as well as providing
the correct ramp for your needs.
For further information, contact
Tracey at Just Care Products on
Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has recently come
out with a new book called 'Light and Easy'
containing recipes that are wheat and dairy free
...using alternative ingredients ... this is more and
more becoming the type of book that people need.
Intolerances and allergies to certain foods is becoming
part of every day life for many ... and as someone
who has an intolerance to Wheat and to Dairy ..... this
book has been lovely to read and to use. I managed to
source, therefore, 3 copies to give away to 3 readers.
All you have to do is send me your name and details to
[email protected], and I will enter your name
into a draw to be held on the 1st Feb15.
Good Luck ...and happy cooking!!!
(For full rules on giveaways - go to the website).
Think local – think
MANX Children in Need
Throughout the year the Isle of Man
Lions Club raise much-needed funds
for their Manx Children in Need
Appeal and all monies raised stay on
the Island where it can be guaranteed
that genuine cases of need will
benefit. There are no administration
costs of any description as Lions
Club members give of their time and
effort voluntarily, meaning 100% of
funds raised goes directly to help
disadvantaged children and young
people locally.
Publicity for individual cases is not
sought, but some instances where help
has been given include: stair gates for
families with small children; special
equipment for handicapped youngsters
at school and assistance for parents
whose children were having treatment
in Alder Hey Hospital.
If you would like to help the Lions
Club in this fund raising effort,
please contact Mike Berry, Manx
Children in Need committee
Chairman on 661838 or
[email protected] putting
MCIN in the subject line.
WW W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
6 - 15
My Time
Isle of Man
Have you ever been or would you
like to be involved in Scouting?
Are you aware that scouting is still a growing
organisation for young people? Here on the Island it is
no different, with some 800 + members (census 2014)
and waiting lists of young people wanting to join.
However, are you also aware there is a section of the
scouts that is purely for adults and does not involve any
leadership commitment. This section is called ’Active
Support’. We are a group of people from all over the
island, who sometimes meet purely for social activities,
like lunches or campfires, but at other times can be seen
supporting scouting events around the Island including
St.George’s Day, the Swimming Gala ‘Supersplash’,
Tynwald Day, the TT and Manx Grand Prix Races,
camps etc., or helping with individual groups. You can
spot us wearing a magenta and white neckerchief. There
are different levels of membership and you don’t have
to wear a uniform. Every member is free to give their
time as and when they choose, with no regular or long
term commitment required. If you think you would
be interested in finding out more, making new friends
and maybe joining in with some of these activities or
have some new ideas of your own; you would be most
welcome, so please get in touch. Membership is open to
everyone over eighteen.
For more information visit or contact Susan Bigg
[email protected],
tel: 474048
was founded in 1999 and has a membership of over 300.
Activities that members every week enjoy are whist, indoor
flat green bowling and stretch and flex exercises at the
National Sports Centre, along with mini golf in Summer.
Once a month there are lunches with entertainment or
speakers, walks, a computer discussion group and coffee
mornings in Ramsey, Douglas and Port Erin.
Recent visits to places of interest on the Island have included
the Christmas Past Display at Milntown, the Aviation
Museum, the House of Mannanan, a Guided Tour of the
TT Track in an Open Top Bus, the Old House of Keys, the
Airport Control Tower at Ronaldsway …. The list goes on.
You can learn more about the
Manx Retirement Association by visiting its web-site at or by phoning 817007 on
Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays between 10am and
12pm. If these times are not convenient, you can leave
a message and we will call you back.
My Time
Isle of Man
In February - a new magazine is going to be
launched called
'Fit-Health - Isle of Man'
and is a sister publication to 'My Time - Isle of Man' and
'Family Manx' in that it is a What's On and Services Guide
regarding fitness, health and well-being. The free magazine
will be bi-monthly, coming out in the opposite months to the
other magazines.
You may have noticed that more emphasis is being placed
on us, year on year, to take our health in to our own hands
and try to prevent 'preventable' ailments and conditions.
As someone with Diabetes (Type 2) my GP is constantly on
my case to take better care of my body, and in recent years,
I have taken this more seriously - reaping the benefits of a
much healthier lifestyle (and, to be honest, attitude).
Our health, to a certain extent, is in our own hands .... and
this magazine is there to help us all to find out about the
vast array of activities that there are ...but also to gain
advice from experts; to see what there is available on the
island ... and to learn more about what physical and mental
health and well-being can do for our everyday lives.
The magazine will be available from all Shoprites, Boots,
Libraries, The Welcome Centre, Health Centres and most
gyms; as well as varying shops and outlets island-wide. It
will also be downloadable from the website
where all the magazines are available to download.
ISSUE EIGH T J A N - F E B 2 0 1 5
Find us online at
or check us out on facebook at
My Time Magazine - Isle of Man
W W W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
news from
The festivities are all over and a huge sigh
of happy relief is expelled. Here’s to a happy
and healthy 2015!
Post Party Clean-up…
As the darkest days slowly recede, we
look forward to a resurgence of energies
within both nature and ourselves.
Whatever the weather throws at us, we
know that Spring is waiting in the Earth,
just as it is within ourselves.
The drop-in centre is open Saturdays between
1.30 – 4 pm and provides a place of calmness,
quietness and confidentiality. The word ‘healthier’
begins with the word ‘heal’ which is an ability to aid
in restoring a healthy mind, body or relationship.
At the MNHC imagine taking a little time for
yourself, to relax, whilst healing energy flows
through you, releasing the stress and tension of the
week! (Although there is no charge, donations are
gratefully appreciated). Or bring a friend and with
a cup of tea browse the used books on healing,
health and spiritually. The drop-in centre is open
Saturdays between 1.30 – 4 pm and provides a place
of calmness, quietness and confidentiality.
Alternatively you could try one of the professional
complementary 30 minute therapies regularly
offered as taster sessions costing £15. Due to
their popularity these are bookable in advance.
Look out for the following:
Workshop: Empower your Memory. Simple and
effective techniques to help improve memory and
recall. How our mind works enables us to use the
information to remember and learn more efficiently.
It may be a little early for spring cleaning, but any
flooring and upholstery stains created during the festive
season have to be tackled and we’re here to offer a few
tips. All products can be found in Shoprite stores across
the Island.
Clean white cloth
A clean cloth or plain white paper towels for dabbing up
spills are key tools.
Small soft brush or a sensitive toothbrush
Perfect for loosening dirt or gently cleaning a tiled floor.
A dab works well on most stains. Dab and blot until
you’re happy with the result.
Bicarbonate of soda
Great for removing or reducing odours. Sprinkle over
carpet and leave for a day before vacuuming.
Soap flakes
With a little water this will gently remove various stains
including mud.
Body Cleansing…
Our bodies also need a little TLC in January and
Shoprite can help with that as well.
In larger stores, the Waitrose LOVE Life range offers
a variety of delicious and nutritionally balanced food.
Organic brown rice, lentils, soft dried fruit and herbal
teas as well as soups and muesli are great additions to
your weekly shopping list.
There’s a vast range of WeightWatchers prepared meals
on offer should calories require counting and Shoprite
also sell Ramsey Bakery’s full range of Manx Country
bread that’s low in calories and high on taste!
Probiotic yogurts and drinks make for happy tummies
and Shoprite has a wide range at great prices, as well as
delicious fresh fruit and veg from the produce section.
Make Shoprite your first choice for grocery
shopping in 2015!
Therapies: Acupressure. Alexander Technique.
Clinical Reflexology, Crystals. Aromatherapy, Reiki,
CranioSacral Therapy, BodyTalk.
Meditation: Helps mental, emotional and physical
Full details are on Manx Natural Healing
Centre Facebook which can be visited by
anyone on-line. Or for a more personal
contact, Call Chris on 393735.
WW W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
My Time
Isle of Man
mt News from U3A
The University of the Third
Age is now well established on
the Island, with a membership
of almost 200
The U3A encourages local groups of like-minded
people who meet on a regular basis and share their
skills and wisdom. It is an informal organisation
and available to anyone who is no longer in full time
employment offering a great opportunity for people to
pursue new interests.
One advantage of joining gives people
access to the network meeting with
an interesting speaker each month. It
also opens a door to the many varied
groups and there are no restrictions to
how many groups you can join. Some
offer academic subjects, whilst others
are practical, however, everyone is
very congenial and the joining fee has
been held at a very reasonable £15.00
per year.
Our latest Newsletter is full of interesting tit-bits
and tells you about the most recent groups that
started in 2014, such as ‘World of Tomorrow’ – how
technology is impacting on society, then there’s
Writing for Pleasure and Singing for Pleasure. The
exciting ‘Jazz Appreciation Group’ got off to a
good start and hopefully in 2015 a Classical Music
Appreciation Group will be announced. The very
successful Philosophy group is expecting to extend to
a second group; also the coordinator has been asked to
submit an article for the U3A online journal ‘Thinking
Philosophy on Philosophy and the Law’. ‘Introduction
to Dowsing 2014’ is now finished, but January brings
a short course on ‘New Year Well-being’. So if you are
looking for some motivation, then maybe Tai Chi or
walking will inspire you and there’s certainly something
to stimulate the ‘grey matter’.
On the website you will find further information on
anything you’d like to know about the other groups
as well as the monthly meetings held at St Johns
Mill – www. There is
an answer phone on 801032 and you can be sure
of a reply if you leave your name and number. The
new brochure is available from any committee
My Time
Isle of Man
ISSUE EIGH T J A N - F E B 2 0 1 5
W W W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
what's on
Below is a guide to what is going on – on the Island.
Where possible the information is verified but things DO
change so please ring to verify details.
If you know of other groups or clubs that would like to be
listed (normally for free), just email Amy at
[email protected]
Coffee Mornings
Social Gatherings
St Pauls’s Hall, Ramsey
Manx Retirement Assocation
Northern Coffee Morning.
1st Tuesday of the Month at
10.30 am. Hostess: Annette
Solkin. Tel: 817007
Cat with No Tail, Hailwood
Centre, Douglas
Manx Retirement Association
Douglas/Onchan Coffee
Last Tuesday of the Month at
Host: Brian & Mary
Cherry Orchard Hotel,
Port Erin.
Manx Retirement Association
Southern Coffee Morning
2nd Tuesday of the Month
at 10.30am
Host: Joan Daniels
Tel: 817007
Guild Room, Atholl Street,
The Thursday Fellowship
Thursdays 2.15 pm from
Oct - Easter
Speakers, quizzes, DVDs
and Bingo
Our aim is fellowship and fun!
All welcome
Contact: Heather
Horsburgh 842451
Morton Hall, Church Ave,
Onchan Ladies Club
1st Weds in the month at 2.15pm
Call 620352
Football Club, Glen Road,
Laxey Coffee and Chat
Thursdays 10 – 12 ➤
(Term-time only)
Contact: Janet 431706
Fresh filter coffee and home
made cakes. All welcome.
Donations welcome.
Sulby Methodist Church,
Drop in for coffee and a chat,
Fridays 10am-noon.
All Welcome.
Willaston Methodist
Church, Barrule Rd.
Weekly Drop In Centre
Fridays 10am-noon.
All Welcome.
Onchan Methodist
Church Lounge, (Opp
Commissioners’ office),
Drop-In Coffee and chat,
Fridays 10.30am-noon.
All Welcome.
Morton Hall, Church Ave,
Onchan Pensioners’
Social Club,
Tuesdays and Thursdays
10.30am. All Welcome.
St Olave's Church Hall,
Bowring Road, Ramsey
Keep Calm & Drink Tea
Saturdays 2 – 4pm
Please join us for tea &
delicious home-made cakes
and a chat, Contact: ?
Grace Baptist Church,
Market St, Peel
Sunset Cityzens
‘A Friendly Natter, guest
speakers, tea/coffee. A
‘get-together’ for mid-lifers,
OAPS, On the Hill – Over the
Hill – Top of the Slopers
Anyone with a free afternoon.
Pop along 1.30 – 3pm on
St. Michaels Hall, Main
Road, Kirk Michael.
The Thursday Club,
1st and 3rd Thursday of the
Month 2.30pm.
We enjoy a variety of
Speakers, Coach Outings with
Lunch, Musical Evenings,
Theatre Visits, & much more.
We are mainly an over 50’s
club and would be pleased
and delighted to welcome new
Double Garage and Shed
at Thie Rosien (Old
Southlands), Castletown
Road Port Erin
Men in Sheds
A Project for Men of ANY
Age to work on projects
of their own or for the
Times: Tues, Weds and Fri
10am – 5pm.
Cost: £25 per year +
contributions to tea fund.
To find out more call: Les
Shires 494885.
arts and
crafts groups
(This category includes
Arts, Crafts, Sewing, Flower
Arranging, Knitting &
Crochet, Quilting, Painting
and so on)
House of Manannan. Peel
‘Crafternoon’ sessions
Wednesdays 1 – 3pm
No charge, and refreshments
are served. Come with your
current craft project and have
a chat and a cup of tea.
St. Andrew's Church Hall,
IOM Embroiderers' Guild
Hand, Machine & Mixed
Media embroidery
Regular Friday/Saturday
Monthly Meetings
All welcome
Call Helen on 851258
contact [email protected]
I have no way of knowing how people really feel,
but the vast majority of those I meet couldn't be
nicer. Every once in a while someone barks at me.
My New Year's resolution is not to bark back.
Tucker Carlson
WW W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
St James’ School Rooms,
The Dalby Art Group,
Thursdays 2pm.
Bring your own equipment.
Call 843471
Laxey Football Club-house,
Glen Rd, Laxey
Laxey Sketch Club
Wednesdays 1.30 pm-3.30
pm (outdoors in the summer
months) All Welcome
Contact: Norman McKibbin
Tel: 861125
Onchan Library
“Craft n' Chat
Monthly Craft Club
Every 2nd Thursday 5-7pm
Come with your current Art
or Craft project, whatever it is.
Meet up with other enthusiasts,
learn new skills, or find some
inspiration. No charge, and
refreshments are served
Contact 621228 or onchan.
[email protected]
St Stephen’s Church Hall,
Sulby Art Club,
Wednesdays 2pm-4pm
Contact ?
Onchan Methodist Hall,
Main Road.
Onchan Flower Club
Contact Mrs M. Clague
Meets on the second Tuesday
of the month in Talks,
demonstrations and practice
The Erin Arts Centre
Art Group
Thursdays 10.30am - 4pm
Contact: EAC 832662
St John’s Methodist Hall
St John’s Art and Craft Group
Tuesdays 9.40am.
Bring your own art and craft.
Call 851364.
Peel Clothworkers’ School,
The Tuesday Group,
Try your hand at basic crafts,
have a chat, coffee and fun.
Tuesday 1.15pm. Call 614180.
Pre-school children catered for
Ballabeg Methodist Hall,
Mannin Quilters
Tuesdays 7.30pm-9pm
Call 628921.
My Time
Isle of Man
what's on
St Columba’s Catholic
Church, Port Erin,
Mannin Quilters
Wednesdays 1.30-4pm.
Call 628921
 book clubs
Erin Arts Centre Book Club
First Weds of each month at
1.30pm Free to Join.
Call EAC 832662
Henry Bloom Noble
Library, 10-12 Victoria Street
Monthly Adult Readers
3rd Tuesday of each month
Contact: Jan Macartney
Onchan Library
Onchan Book Group
1st Thursday of each month
at 6.p.m.
Contact 621228 or onchan.
[email protected]
Douglas Bowling Club, Villa
Marina, Derby Road
Crown Green Bowling
Crown green Bowling is a
great way to stay active and
meet new friends, and Douglas
Bowling Club is always on
the lookout for new bowlers
to play social or competitive
Discounted membership is
available for new bowlers with
tuition and woods available for
Contact Paula Garrett on
411300, [email protected]
Isle of Man Flat Green
Bowling Club, Onchan
Isle of Man Flat Green
Bowling Club
We meet from April to
Tues & Thurs from 2.15pm
Sat from 1.30pm ➤
League games Mon & Weds
from 6.30pm Fri from 1pm.
New members Adults, Seniors
and Juniors always welcome
New members - free club
membership for 1st year.
Visitors to island welcome.
Tuition can be given, bowls
available for beginners.
Contact Win Kewley 499174.
email [email protected]
For more info Visit: www.
card games
(Bridge, Whist and so on)
St Pauls Church Hall,
Whist Drive
1st Thursday of the Month at
7.30pm £2.
Contact: Alan 340591
Elim Family Centre, 2nd
Ave, Onchan
Whist Drive
3rd Monday of the Month at
£2. Contact Alan 340591
Onchan Pensioners Hall.
Whist Drive
Wednesdays 7.30pm
£2. Contact Alan 340591
Scout Hall, Ballasalla
Ballasalla Whist Drive
Fridays 7.30pm
Contact: Heather 8248977
Brew with a
Bobby & Social
Worker SessionS
Come along & have an
informal chat with your local
Neighbourhood Policing &
Older Persons Social Work
Team. These events are an
opportunity for local people to
get to know the professionals
within their local area. Free
‘Let’s talk about issues over a
brew’ ➤
Find us online at
or check us out on facebook at
My Time Magazine - Isle of Man
My Time
Isle of Man
Email us at [email protected], call
on 01624 877909 / 07624 225577 (m) or write
to us at: My Time 51 Broogh Wyllin, Kirk
Michael, Isle of Man IM6 1HU
Western Session:
1st Friday of the Month
10am – 12 Noon
Westlands Lounge, Peel
Southern Session:
Last Friday of the Month
10am – 12 noon
Community Room, Reayrt
y Chrink, Port Erin.
chess clubs
Falcon’s Nest Hotel, Port
Isle of Man Chess Club
Thursday’s 7.30pm.
Call Alan 495097.
computer clubs
Why not come along and
enjoy the experience of
learning new computer skills.
From complete beginners to
the more experienced, our aim
is to build your confidence,
improve your skills but more
importantly for you to enjoy
the experience.
For more information on
this free service you can
phone: Mike or Barry of
Age Isle of Man on 486003
or 485204
Douglas Sessions
Age – Isle of Man Head
Drinkwater Street, Douglas.
Mondays and Wednesdays
2 – 4.30pm
iMuseum, Kingswood
Grove, Douglas.
Wednesdays and Thursdays 10
– 12.30pm
Ramsey Sessions:
Ramsey Library, First Floor
(Lift Available)
Tuesdays and Fridays
10 – 12.30
And Fridays 1.30 – 3.30pm
Port Erin Sessions:
New Southlands, Ground
Floor, Library
Mondays 10 – 12.30pm
Wednesdays and Thursdays
2 – 4.30pm ➤
ISSUE EIGH T J A N - F E B 2 0 1 5
Peel Sessions:
House of Mannanin, Peel
Top Floor, St Patricks Isle
(Lift Available) Coffee shop on
Ground Flr
Mondays 10 – 12.30 and 1.30
– 4.30pm
The Cat with no Tail,
Hailwood Centre, Douglas
The Manx Retirement
Monthly Computer Discussion
Group. Group meetings at
on the first Wednesday of
every month from 10.30am to
11.30am. All Welcome.
Computer Drop in Centre,
Beech House, Main road,
Tues – Fri 11am – 3pm.
Free internet access, printing
and scanning facilities.
Volunteers on hand to help
those with limited computer
Refreshments available
Wheelchair accessible
Donations Welcome!
Onchan Library, Onchan
Free one-to-one computer
tuition for seniors
Tuesdays 10am – 12pm.
Contact 621228 to book!
exercise classes
Thie Rosien (Old
Southlands), Castletown
Road Port Erin
Social Fitness and Jogging
For all ages and all abilities
Saturdays’ 9.15 - 10.45
Cost: A couple Taster sessions
for free and then £2 per
Chair Based Exercises
Saturdays’ 10.45am - 12pm
Cost: A couple taster sessions
for free and then £3 per
Call Janet Bridle on 838180
/ 427710.
➤ what's on
continues on page 08
W W W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
what's on
Silvercraigs Hotel, 27
Palace Terrace, Douglas
Zumba Isle of Man
Ideal for Beginners
Enjoy dancing!
All ages and ability welcome
Run by a GP
Tuesdays and Fridays
9.45 am to 10.15 am
£4 per class (block of 10
classes. First Class FREE)
Walk & Talk sessions are
held every week:
Suitable for all ages & abilities,
the concept is simple: Walk
& Talk allows you to walk
around a short circuit at your
own pace & the emphasis is
on talking with your fellow
walkers, not just walking! A
record is kept of the distances
you cover. There are prizes on
offer when you have walked
10 miles, 25 miles & 100 miles,
which can be built up over
time, at a pace that suits you
Monday Poulsom Park,
10am -12.00pm
Register at Railway Station
next to Viking Hotel
Monday NSC, Douglas
5.30pm - 7.30pm
Register at NSC Main
Tuesday NSC, Douglas
Register at NSC Main
Wednesday Mooragh Park,
Ramsey. 10.00am- 11.30am
Register at Lakeside Centre
Thursday The Promenade,
Register at Harbour Lights
Friday NSC, Douglas
Register at NSC Main
Reception. ➤
There is a nominal fee of
£1.50 per session which
includes refreshments.
The National Sports Centre,
MRA Stretch and Flex
Thursdays at 10.00 am.
Contact Margo Naylor
National Sports Centre,
(All classes are PAYG but
some can be blocked book
up to a week in advance if
you have a Resident Discount
Card). These classes are in
BLACK. Please call 688588
for Prices and further details
of classes or email
[email protected]
This is a basic list for your
9.30 – 11am Ladies Activity
Session £3.15
(Term Time)
12 – 1pm Stretch ‘n’ Flex
1.30 – 2.15pm Aquafit
6 – 7pm Circuits
7.15 – 8pm Deep Water
12 – 1pm Aquafit (Term Time)
7 – 8pm Zumba (for a limited
time only from 14th Jan ’14)
11 – 12pm Body Toning £2.85
12 – 1pm Chair-Based
6 - 7pm Aquafit
7 - 8pm Circuits
11 – 12pm Gentle Circuits
6 – 6.45pm Deep Water
Aquafit ➤
Write it on your heart that
every day is the best day in
the year. Ralph
Waldo Emerson
Email us at [email protected], call
on 01624 877909 / 07624 225577 (m) or write
to us at: My Time 51 Broogh Wyllin, Kirk
Michael, Isle of Man IM6 1HU
11 – 12pm Fun & Fitness
Chair Based Exercise
Sessions for Active Ageing.
Contact 642668
Email: [email protected]
Northern Chair-Based
Exercise sessions
Town Hall, Ramsey
Monday: 10.30am to 12 noon
Friday: 2pm to 3.30pm
Southern Chair-Based
Exercise sessions
Sandfield Residents
Lounge, Castletown
Tuesday: 2pm to 3.30pm
Methodist Church Hall,
Port Erin
Friday: 2pm to 3.30pm
Western Chair-Based
Exercise sessions
Westlands Residents
Lounge, Peel
Wednesday: 10.30am to 12
Eastern Chair-based Exercise
Youth and Community
Centre, Onchan
Thursday: 1.30pm to 3pm
faith meetings and prayer
St St Mary's on the Harbour,
Short Bible study &
Saturdays 11am. All welcome.
Eastcliffe Resource Centre,
Victoria Road, Douglas.
Isle of Man Religious Society
of Friends (Quakers)
For a silent hour of worship.
10.30am every Sunday except
the fourth in the month.
Contact Michael
[email protected]
WW W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
Onchan Methodist Church
Onchan Methodist Women's
Contact: Mrs Sheila Astill,
Meets: Fortnightly from the
end of September to Easter.
Wednesdays 2.30pm.
Social meeting for ladies of
all ages with speakers and
demonstrations. Funds raised
during the session distributed
to local charities.
Onchan Village Hall, Royal
St Peter's Ladies Group
Contact: Hazel Johnson
Meets: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
of the month at 8pm.
An unstructured ladies group
within the church providing
friendship and companionship
through talks, demonstration
and social events. All ladies
welcome to attend
Onchan Baptist Church
Friendship Club
Meet every Wednesday at 2.30
p.m. from Sept to June
Contact Joan Hitchen on
A weekly meeting providing
a warm and friendly welcome
for the over 60’s plus
interesting speakers, activities,
outings and light refreshments.
“The Link”
Meet the last Friday of every
month at 7.30 p.m. from
October to June
Contact Mike Best on
A monthly get together for all
ages with a variety of topics by
speakers from different walks
of life. The evening includes a
buffet supper.
Varying Venues – in East &
West of Island
AGLOW International –
Ladies Meetings
Monthly. All Ladies Welcome
For details call Betty Esson
My Time
Isle of Man
what's on
St John’s Mill, Mill Rd,
St Johns
Daily Prayer
Daily 9.30am. All Welcome.
Healing Services
Monthly. All Welcome
For details call David
Roberts 629683
Island Spirituality Network
Monthly Saturday meetings.
All Welcome
For details call David
Roberts 629683
independent living schemes
Social activities and events
One to One befriending
Douglas lunch groups
Coffee Afternoon
Contact Jan Farrell
Tel: 627778 / 342602
Email: douglas.
[email protected]
Social activities and events
One to One befriending
Lunch group
Contact Anni Pearsall
Tel: 625157 / 459226 or
Email: [email protected]
Laxey & Lonan
Social activities and events
One to One befriending
Lunch group
Contact Anne Duggan
Tel: 861691 / 497261
[email protected]
Social activities and events
One to One befriending
Coffee Mornings
Lunch Groups
Contact Anne Duggan
Tel: 818015 / 244256 or
[email protected] ➤
Social activities and events
One to One befriending
Coffee Mornings
Lunch Groups
Contact Yvonne Hall
Tel: 843012 western
[email protected]
Southern Befrienders
One to one befriending
Lunch Group
Chair Based Exercise Classes
Contact: Lorna Trevethan
Tel: 833025 / 468053
Email: southern
[email protected]
Web: www.
Grocery and
Food Shopping
Farmers Markets
Every Thursday
St. Johns Tynwald Mills
11am - 3pm
Every Saturday
Northern Lights ➤
Community Centre, Ramsey
(opp Shoprite)
10am - 1pm
1st Saturday of the month:
Villa Marina Colonnade,
10am - 2pm
3rd Sunday of the Month:
Southern 100 Clubhouse,
1.30pm - 3.30pm
heritage groups
Village Hall, Royal Avenue,
Friends of Onchan's Heritage
Approx. Bi-monthly - Call for
details Contact Mrs E. Park
The Friends is open to anyone
with an interest in the history
of Onchan. Illustrated talks
and guided tours are provided
for members
➤ what's on
continues on page 10
News from Home Insteadwhat's on
Research commissioned by PRIME, The Prince’s
Initiative for Mature Enterprise, shows that for the
individual, and their family, working longer can
be good for financial and overall wellbeing. There
is certainly a strong case for the older worker in
terms of demographics and sustainability of our
island’s economy. Add to that the wealth of life skills,
experiences and networks that older workers bring to
the table and the benefits are clear.
Individuals, communities and, indeed,
businesses like ours, all benefit from
people working longer. Home Instead is
an employer of choice for the older worker;
with operations across the globe, the
oldest Home Instead employee is 84. Here
on the island, Home Instead’s workforce
demographics are testimony to the
“60 is the new 40” rule.
Reading My Time, I would guess you are probably in
your 50’s or above; you might be in semi-retirement,
or retirement, perhaps your offspring have flown the
nest? Maybe you are simply not ready to stop working
completely, or you could still do with some income,
or feel that it really is now your time. Consider
caregiving. It’s paid, part time and very rewarding
work. It helps you put your life skills to excellent
use. We look first for the right person, rather than
experience. The initial guidance you need to be a
caregiver takes place in our own offices, it’s free, and
very enjoyable.
Our lovely caregivers work to suit their lifestyle,
some do as little as five hours weekly. They work
locally, providing much appreciated companionship
to elderly people in their own homes. The quality
of what we do is reflected by the fulfilment of the
people who work for us, and by providing meaningful
companionship services to our clients. Not for us,
the rush of a 15 or 30 minute visit, rather we start
with an hour. Life for our clients, and our caregivers,
is calm and worthwhile; and most importantly,
caregivers and clients achieve things together.
For the older worker, that’s a glass half full.
To find out more about becoming a caregiver,
visit our website: or call 822545.
Happy New You!
Emer Wiseman , Director
Home Instead Senior Care.
The Studio, 4 - 5 Glen
Falcon Road, Douglas
Mindfulness Meditation drop
in classes Wednesdays 6pm 7pm Cost: £8.00.
All welcome - all levels of
experience including beginners.
Contact Mike for more
information 376856
[email protected]
Memory Support
(for those with Memory
Problems as well as Carers and
Waverley Court, Douglas
Forget – Me – Notes
Come and Join our Memory
Sessions held on the 1st
Tuesday of the Month 2-4pm.
For more information call
Andrea on 642879
Or Email [email protected]
The Decaf ‘Café’ is for people
with Dementia and Memory
problems, their families and/
or carers. There are 4 café’s
now across the Island. For
Enquiries/Details call 642879
Peel Decaf @ Peel Golf
2nd Tuesday of the month,
Southern Decaf @ Cherry
Orchard Hotel, Port Erin,
2nd Wednesday of the month,
Northern Decaf @ Ramsey
Town Hall 2nd Thursday of
the month, , 2-4pm
Douglas Decaf @ Douglas
Golf Club, Pulrose
Last Friday of the month 2:30
– 4:30pm
model boat clubs
Manx Model Boat Club
Contact: Secretary: Mr J.
Quayle on 660323
Email: [email protected]
org ➤
WW W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
On weekends when we don't
have an organised event, you
can find members having a
sail on Sunday mornings at
Silverdale Glen lake starting at
 mothers' union
The Mothers’ Union is a
Christian mission organisation
working with people of all
faiths and none in 83 countries
to promote stable marriage,
family life and the protection
of children through praying,
enabling and campaigning.
We have over 4 million
members worldwide. Our
members are not all mothers,
or even all women. They are
single, married, parents, or
If you wish to know more
and find the nearest Branch
to you please email the
Secretary on [email protected] or telephone
We have branches across the
Island in Arbory, Braddan,
Bride, Dalby, Dhoon,
Douglas (5 branches),
Foxdale, Kirk Michael,
Malew, Marown, Maughold,
Onchan, Patrick, Peel, and
Music, Singing , Bands and Dance
Methodist Hall, Station Rd,
Port Erin
Sequence Dancing
Tuesdays 8 – 10pm
Contact: Lesley 835071
Trinity Church Hall,
Ramsey Choral Society
Mondays 7.15 – 9pm
All Welcome. Come and Sing!
Onchan Parish Hall, Royal
Onchan Ladies’ Choir,
1st,3rd and 4th Mondays each
1.30 – 2.30pm. Call 673453.
My Time
Isle of Man
what's on
Email us at [email protected], call
on 01624 877909 / 07624 225577 (m) or write
to us at: My Time 51 Broogh Wyllin, Kirk
Michael, Isle of Man IM6 1HU
Salvation Army Citadel,
Lord Street, Douglas,
Friday Lunchtime Choir
Open to All – come and
Fridays 1.15 – 1.45pm.
Call Maggie Richardson
Manx Legion Club, Market
Hill, Douglas
Afternoon Tea Dance
Mondays 2pm-4pm, All
Call 675217
South Douglas Old Friends
Linedancing for beginners
Tuesdays, 7.30-8.30 pm.
Doors open at 7.00 pm. All
Pensioners Hall, opp.
Library, Onchan.
Arabic Dance Classes
Saturdays 10-11 Beginners;
11.15-12.15 Improvers.
£5 for class; £7 for both.
St Andrews Church,
Glencutchery Rd, Douglas
Arabic Dance Classes – All
Weds 7.30 – 9pm. £6 per class.
All the classes work on
different aspects of Arabic
(Belly) Dancing and are
suitable for all women no
matter shape or size.
Call 210200 or visit www.
Methodist Church Hall in
Manx Folk Dancing Society
1st, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays of
the Month
Cost £20 for the term
Beginners welcome!
Beginners – 7.00pm – 8.00pm
More Advanced – 8.00pm –
10.00pm ➤
Learn traditional and newly
created dances the fun way!!
For more information email
us on [email protected]
The Masonic Hall,
Woodbourne Road
Ceroc (a fusion of Salsa
and Jive)
Mondays (Doors Open at
Beginners Class 7.30pm
Beginners Plus Class 8.30pm
Tel: 07624 456056
Email: [email protected]
Onchan Pensioners Hall,
(across from library)
Sequence dancing,
Saturdays 8pm. Call 829669.
Pulrose Methodist Church
hall, Douglas,
Social sequence dancing,
Saturdays 8pm. Also Monday,
Wednesday and Sunday. Call
Ebenezer Hall, Kirk
Red Boots Line Dancing,
Fridays from 7pm. Beginners
Adults £3.50, children £1.50.
Call 878687.
St Paul’s Hall, Ramsey
Argentine Tango for All,
Fridays from 7pm.
Adviscable to check www. for details
or call Maggie or Bob
Onchan Silver Band
Every Monday and Friday
evening, Juniors/beginners
from 6.15pm,
Full band rehearsal
The band room is located
at the rear of Onchan ➤
Find us online at
or check us out on facebook at
My Time Magazine - Isle of Man
My Time
Isle of Man
Commissioners’ offices on the
Main Road, new and returning
faces always welcome.
Contact: [email protected] for details
Eastcliffe in Victoria Ave,
Manx Saxophone Ensemble
Mondays from 7pm
More info: Call Jem Cotton
[email protected]
Jim Crosbie Memorial
Derby Road, Douglas
Manx Concert Brass
Mon & Weds 7.30pm –
Contact: Ian 622030 or
e-mail the Secretary at
[email protected]
Marown School, Glen Vine
Isle of Man Wind Orchestra
Rehearsals Every Thursday
night in school term
7.45 pm to 9.40 pm.
For brass, woodwind and
percussion players. New
and returning faces always
Visit our site at www.iomwo.
com for more info or call
Royal British Legion
To promote the welfare of
the ex-service and service
community. The Royal British
Legion is the largest service
organisation in the world.
Potential members do not need
to have served in the forces to
become an associate member.
Royal British Legion
Women's Section
Douglas Branch
New members welcome.
Please contact:The Chairman, Mrs.
Genevieve Armstrong
The Secretary, Mrs. Lily
McLean 274513 email:
[email protected]
Braddan and Marown Royal
British Legion
Contact: Mr H Cannan,on
ISSUE EIGH T J A N - F E B 2 0 1 5
Cat with no Tail, Governors
Onchan Branch Royal British
Branch meets third Thursday
of each month September to
May starting 2-30pm. Light
Contact Doug Porter 622924
archery clubs
Onchan Youth and
Community Centre, School
Road, Onchan
IOM Archery Club
Contact: Mrs Helen
Wolstencroft, on 834453
Meets: October to May,
Monday and Thursday
evenings and Sundays.
Archery instruction, practice
and competition. New
members welcome.
The Old Brewery behind
The Hop Garden, Mount
Bowderyn Vannin Field
Archery Club
Tuesdays on 7pm
First Lesson Free then £1 per
session after that. Membership
of NFAS needed to join – but
have a taster session to find
out more.
Call Roger 835674 for
further details.
* During the Winter months
– the sessions only occur on
the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the
month at 1pm, depending on
the weather.
Call Roger if in doubt of
times and details.
Badminton clubs
To find out about ALL to do
with Badminton Clubs on the
island – just go to
fencing clubs
To find out about all the
Fencing Clubs on the island
– for adults too – call Mr De
Silva on 880863
➤ what's on
continues on page 12
W W W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
50’s and Positive!!!
As I write it is fast approaching the end of 2014
and what a year it has been; turning 50 as I went!!
Do I feel any different? Actually yes …a little!!
Being 50 affords me a little more confidence. I no
longer feel I have to suffer fools; I no longer feel I
have to say ‘yes’ when I actually want to say ‘no’. I
enjoy being a parent of a young adult (18) who is now
making his way in the world, but with the reins very
much loosened (in fact pretty much gone!!!). I feel
relieved, somehow, that I can let go of those reins; not
always liking the decisions he makes, but knowing that
I have to let him make his own decisions (or mistakes,
as some of our kids will do!!!). I am happy to be the
net, – if he occasionally falls; but that’s what parenting
is all about isn’t it?
Being 50 feels a little happier too.
Less anxiety than I had in my
40’s. I still have the usual money
and ‘future’ worries (just like
everyone else) but somehow it
feels less scary than it once did.
Perhaps it is because I am more aware of the fragility
of life and that grabbing each day is the important
thing; rather than looking at life in a fearful and
negative way. Negativity breeds Negativity (I was once
told by someone whom I respect a great deal) and
although I occasionally witness some shocking forms
of negativity (mainly from one person to another);
I still feel that the huge amount of positivity and
‘goodness’ there is out there, will win the day.
I am starting a new magazine (as you may have read
earlier in these pages). This magazine is all about
‘positivity’. It’s all about grabbing yourself by the horns
and getting as much out of life as you can. We don’t all
have riches in terms of money; but we do have riches
in terms of the vast array of activities and services
available to us here on our island. Our Health and
Well -being is our key to Fitness of the mind and the
body. I guess that’s why, perhaps, I am feeling more
‘assertive’ in myself.
I see what potential
there is out there …
and as we all get a
little older (and it
doesn’t matter how
old you are) …I hope
more of you will take
that journey too.
Healthcare professionals are interested in your
cholestrerol levels, but have you ever wondered
what they actually mean? A fasting blood test will
often check 4 components of your lipid profile
(cholesterol is a part of this). The 4 components
are total cholesterol, good cholesterol (high
density lipoprotein or hdl), bad cholesterol (low
density lipoproteins or ldl) and triglycerides. Your
liver produces some of the cholesterol in your
blood and the remainder comes from your diet.
Bad cholesterol is responsible for
clogging up the arteries, which
ultimately plays an important factor
in heart disease and other serious
conditions such as strokes.
Bad cholesterol is raised further by a diet high in
saturated and trans fats which, are found in highly
processed foods such as pastries and cakes, and
fatty meats such as fatty cuts of red meat, and
chicken skin. Good cholesterol helps to remove
bad cholesterol from your blood, reducing the
degree of clogging in the arteries. If your good
cholesterol levels are too low you are at higher risk
of developing cardiovascular problems. Your good
cholesterol levels may be raised by eating a diet
high in good fats such as olive oil, avocado and oily
fish. Triglycerides are a calorie storing fat, which
contribute to poor heart and circulatory health.
Triglyceride levels tend to be raised
in patients who are overweight,
who smoke or drink large amounts
of alcohol, or who lead a largely
sedentary lifestyle.
It is not surprising that your GP is so interested
in your lipid profile, and may suggest changes
to your diet or prescribe medication to alter your
lipid profile. If you would like to discuss your diet,
whether your GP has recommended changes or
not, speak to your local community pharmacist
who will be able to offer free professional advice.
Do you have questions or hesitations about
medication your GP has prescribed to alter
your lipid profile? Speak to your community
pharmacist who will be able to answer your
questions or provide you with more information
to help you make informed decisions regarding
your medications.
WW W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
My Time
Isle of Man
whats on
Email us at [email protected], call
on 01624 877909 / 07624 225577 (m) or write
to us at: My Time 51 Broogh Wyllin, Kirk
Michael, Isle of Man IM6 1HU
mini golf
Onchan Pleasure Park
(from July 2nd)
Manx Retirement
Association Mini Golf
Wednesdays at 2pm
Phone 817007 for details.
Ramsey Grammar School
Netball Sessions
(Term-Time only) Tuesdays
8-9pm Seniors (Yr10 – Adult)
Contact: Colette 452718
swimming pools
NSC Swimming Pool 688588
Western Swimming Pool
Tel: 842525
Southern Swimming Pool
Tel: 823930
Ramsey Swimming Pool Tel:
tennis clubs
Douglas Lawn Tennis Club,
Kensington Road, Douglas.
Tuesdays, Thursdays 7-9pm,
Sundays 11-1pm club sessions.
coaching Tuesdays 6-7pm. £5.
Coaching Thursdays 4.30pm
(4-8y.o.) and 5.30pm (8-10 y.o.)
Tel. 302642 or email
[email protected]
Albany Tennis Club
Ballaughton Meadows,
Castletown L.T.A Club
Malew Street, Castletown
The Townswomens’
The Townswomen's Guilds
have three Guilds on the
Island, Douglas (Evening),
Mannin (Afternoon) and
Peel which are for women
of any age. They meet at
least once a month and have
interesting speakers, craft
demonstrations or outings. .
If you wish to know more
about the Townswomen's
Guilds please contact the
secretaries - Douglas, Mrs
Pauline Richardson, 624434.
Mannin, Mrs Jean Purvis,
674118. Peel, Mrs Brenda
Forster, 843153.
 TravelWatch –
Isle of Man
TravelWatch Isle of Man is the
Island's Passenger Watchdog.
On our website, readers
will find a useful collection
of information to aid
the challenges of being a
university of
the third age
U3A is a self managed
learning co-operative for
people with time available in
the daylight hours.
Network meetings are held
monthly 2pm at St Johns
Mill. This is an opportunity to
listen to a variety of speakers,
meet fellow members and find
out about new Groups and
events. ➤
Activities are organised
mainly in small groups
that meet regularly, sharing
their knowledge, skills and
experience and learning from
each other.
Groups. Various meeting
dates and venues. For detailed
information see the website.
• Art
• Craft
• Walking Group –
looking for leaders
• Wearable Art
• Latin
• Writing for Pleasure
• New Year Wellbeing
• Manx Language
• Art History
• Book Club
• Discussion
• History & Literature
• Manx Churches –
looking for leaders
• Philosophy
• Who do you think you are
• All About Herbs
• Geology
• Natural History
• Bridge for Beginners
• World of Tomorrow
• Jazz Appreciation
• Classical Music
Appreciation – soon
to begin
• Rummikub
• Singing for Pleasure
• Social Group
• Tai Chi
 Manx
Trust Talks
Thursday 15th January
7:00pm Ramsey town hall,
”Ramsey Marine Nature
Reserve, an update on
science and management”.
A presentation by Dr Fiona
Gell, run by the Manx Wildlife
Trust. £2:00 per person,
refreshments will be provided.
Find out what progress has
been made with this very
special marine area. ➤
Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to
keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an
invincible host against difficulties.
Helen Keller
My Time
Isle of Man
ISSUE EIGH T J A N - F E B 2 0 1 5
To find out more about the
MWT; the activities they run
and how you can vounteer
with them – just call 844432 or
e-mail [email protected]
+ st john amulance
Building skills that will
be VERY useful in life.
For Specific details - Call
Groups meet at the
Douglas HQ on Mon/Tues
& Thurs and in Ramsey,
St Olaves Church Hall on
The Rotary Club
A Social and Fundraising
Organisation – helping to raise
funds for ALL.
Open to All . Contacts for
areas as follows:
Douglas - Secretary Howard
Callow 851854
Ramsey - Secretary Terry
Groves [email protected]
Rushen - Secretary Terry
Clare 472381
Douglas Bay - Secretary
Stephen Castle
[email protected]
Onchan - Secretary Mike
Percival [email protected]
women's institute
The WI is a great place to
meet new friends, develop
new skills, learn a new craft,
involve yourself in your local
community, get on your soap
box about topical issues and
have time for yourself.
If you wish to know
more and find the nearest
Institute to you please ring
the office on 818194.and
speak to Karen Tomlinson
the Secretary;
or email [email protected]
The list of Wi’s are
Arbory, Avondale( Onchan),
Ayre ( Andreas), Baldrine,
Ballabeg, Ballaugh, Bradda
Head, Braddan, Castletown,
Cornaa, Foxdale & District,
➤ what's on
continues on page 12
W W W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
Women today
what’s on
There’s nothing better than getting together
with friends and putting the world to rights.
And that’s just what Manx Radio’s Women
Today team do every weekday from 2pm.
Covering issues that impact on all of us,
Beth Espey, Kate Holland and Jo Pack
explore what life is like in the 21st Century.
The programme, which is sponsored by Citywing, is
a first for both Manx Radio and the Isle of Man, and
has already attracted a large following on Facebook and
Twitter. As Beth has three young children, and Jo has
two approaching the teenage years, the show will often
focus on parenting issues, with a number of experts,
including a doctor and a psychologist, on hand to offer
advice and guidance.
Our lives today are very different from even only 20
years ago. The daily pressures of juggling work and a
family, being a stay at home dad, climbing the career
ladder, thinking about retirement or working out how
you’re going to afford your first home, can at times be
overwhelming. That’s why it can be so reassuring to
know you are not on your own, that other people feel the
same way you do. It can also be incredibly uplifting to
hear stories of people who have overcome tremendous
adversities, people who have taken on the system and
won and people who are just witty and full of fun. We
can all learn something from each other, and hopefully
make our lives that bit easier and more enjoyable into the
bargain. That really is what Women Today is all about.
This is your programme, and
Women Today really do want
to hear from you. If there’s
something you think they
should be talking about, email
[email protected],
and anyone whose suggestion
is used will receive an exclusive
Women Today mug.
You can keep up to date with what’s happening by
following Women Today on Facebook or Twitter and
if you miss a programme, you can catch up online at
Women Today,
on every
weekday from
2pm, is the
perfect way to
ease into the
school run.
Glen Maye, Kirk Andreas,
Kirk Bride, Laxey Minorca,
Marown, Michael, Onchan
& District, Onchan Jubilee,
Parkfield ( Douglas) , Peel
Belles, Peel City, Port
St Mary, Port Soderick,
Ramsey Harbourside,
Santan, Spring Chicks
(Douglas), St John’s &
District, St Mark’s, Sulby
Individual WI’s have added
their listings but these will
only be available on-line on
this list (due to space) so feel
free to download the list at
Specific Venue What’s On
Guides For Jan/Feb15
Victoria Square, Port Erin
OPEN: Wednesday - Friday,
10.30am - 4.30pm
And 30 minutes before events
Phone: (01624) 832662
Email: [email protected]
At all events admission for under
18’s is just £1
EAC Club Members receive
discount at selected events
January Art Exhibition:
7th – 31st January
Cool Mann – Jo Davies
Pictures from books by
international author and award
winning illustrator Jo Davies
Free Entry at the Erin Arts
Local crafts in the Giftshop by
Calcaria Crafts
Saturday 24th
Illustration Workshop with
Jo Davies
Family workshop with exhibiting
artist Jo Davies
Time TBC - at the Erin Arts
Centre Tickets: Adults TBC /
Under 18’s £1
Friday 30th, Saturday 31st
January & Sunday 1st Feb
Freelance Players present
An evening of music & laughter
followed by a performance by
Castletown Metropolitan Silver
Times: 30th & 31st at 7.30pm,
1st at 2.30pm - at the Erin Arts
Tickets: Adults £8 / Under 18’s
£1 ➤
WW W. M Y T I M E I S L E O F M A N . C O . I M
February Art Exhibition: 4th –
28th February
Ver Elst Collection
Paintings from the Ver Elst
family’s private collection
Free Entry at the Erin Arts
Local crafts in the Giftshop by
Calcaria Crafts
Monday 2nd
EAC Monday Lunch –
Reverend William Martin
Popular 2 course meal followed
by guest talk
‘All at Sea – A Journey from
Fisherman to Vicar’
12.30pm at the Erin Arts Centre
Tickets: Club Members £14 ,
Non Members £15
Wednesday 4th
EAC Book Circle
‘Doctor Thorne’ by Anthony
Time 1.30pm - at the Erin Arts
Free to Join
Friday 6th
EAC Piano Series –
Immanual Voigt
Performing Scarlatti, Mozart,
Chopin, Liszt and his own
Time 8pm - at the Erin Arts
Tickets: Adults £10 / Club
Members £9 / Under 18’s £1
Wednesday 11th
Isle of Man Bank
Community Cinema:
Period drama set in 18th Century
England. PG.
Screenings: 2.30pm & 7.30pm
TBC - at the Erin Arts Centre
Pay on the door: Adults £5 /
Under 18’s £1
Thursday 19th – Saturday 21st
MADF One Act Festival of
Times TBC - at the Erin Arts
Centre Tickets: Adults TBC /
Under 18’s £1
Saturday 28th
John Gregory in Concert
A friendly and enjoyable evening
of acoustic country blues guitar
Time 8pm - at the Erin Arts
Centre Tickets: Adults £8 /
Under 18’s £1
Available to book online: www.
My Time
Isle of Man
IOM farmers markets
Shop Local, Shop Small
As is the norm with Island life, winter is the season
of ferry cancellations. Not only does this mean the
inconvenience of not being able to get on and off
the Island, it also has an impact on the import of our
food stuffs. With periods of prolonged cancellations
and the media instilling the urgency in consumers to
panic buy, the need to shop local and shop small is
highlighted even more
It is easy to forget, with our busy lifestyles, just what
a diverse selection of quality food producers there are
on this Island, and also the high standard of customer
service they give. For example the IOM Creamery
send out tankers to 33 farms to collect the raw milk
to be treated, and packaged, and then delivered to
shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, and doorsteps,
regardless of the weather. Likewise, the IOM Meats
collect, process and deliver tons of Beef, Pork and
Lamb every week, to butchers, supermarkets, cafes
and restaurants.
There are numerous small businesses, who offer
excellent customer service at affordable prices. These
businesses are very often able to fill the gaps left by
the lack of imports, by offering locally produced,
grown or made alternatives, at competitive prices. It
is not until the empty shelves in the supermarkets
appear, do some people who tend to do a ‘one stop
shop’ turn to the smaller businesses, which is a pity, as
sometimes they end up making significant savings on
their weekly shop.
The IOM Farmers’ Markets have seen an up turn in
footfall as work patterns have altered over the last 18
months, with people having more time off during the
week, as opposed to weekends. With a wide range of
quality products on offer and traders turning out no
matter what the weather, consumers are guaranteed
the availability of supplies, encompassed in one area.
As government push for an extra £50m income to the
economy from food and drink, and are encouraging
enterprising people to set up new business in the
food sector, the IOM Farmers Markets have proved,
over the years, to be an excellent starting place for a
number of now larger businesses. Help, advice, and
support has been given to all new, and established,
traders of the IOM Farmers Markets, and if anyone
wishes to start out with a new venture at any of the
four Farmers’ Markets, or just to do their weekly shop,
details can be found on our facebook page or on our
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