Blindfold challenge tests fear, teamwork

THE BRUNEI TIMES | Saturday, 31 January, 2015
Saturday, 31 January, 2015 | THE BRUNEI TIMES
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Blindfold challenge tests fear, teamwork
(Above) A group shot of all the participants of the cross country race. (Right) St George’s School boys in action during the cross country race held at the Bio Innovation Corridor. Pictures: Courtesy of St
George’s School
(Left to Right) A group photo of the third intake, Bound Faction with the education officer Brunei Polytechnic, Goh Chai Li (C) during the final project 'Blindfold Challenge' that was held at STPRI's new
Hall; teams guessing the contents of a box; participants dig into a box to determine what is inside. Pictures: BT/Norliha Din
Norliha Din
A COMBINATION of screams from the teams
and cheers from the supporters filled up the
STPRI’s new Hall during the Blindfold Challenge organised by the third intake of Politeknik Brunei, who are known as Bound
Faction, yesterday afternoon.
The contest was inspired by the popular
extreme game show from AXN channel called
Total Blackout require contender to confront
their fears in a series of challenges, in a complete darkness.
“Instead of conducting it in the dark and
make it risk-free, we decided to challenge
them as they were blindfolded.” said the General Manager of the third intake from the
School of Business of Brunei Polytechnic,
Mohd Suryadi Hj Emran.
A total of 11 teams in pairs competed in
guessing together items the fastest in 10
boxes placed across the table. There are three
rows of box allocated for the different difficulty level. The items can be as simple as toys
and random accessories to something tricky
such as food and living creatures.
The annual event was a part of the final
project that will be assessed according to the
student’s implementation on management,
marketing and accounting knowledge in
teamwork based assignment.
Speaking to The Brunei Times, the Educa-
tion Officer in charge Goh Chi Lai said that he
saw quite an improvement especially in
terms of innovation of events compared to
previous years where most were focused on
The afternoon ended with rewarding the
top three winners.
Royal Brunei Catering (RBC), Gardenia,
Armstrix and Jotech Sdn Bhd who sponsored
prizes, refreshments and amenities.
The Brunei Times
ISB pupils
Book Week
HE first school term of 2015 at St
George’s School got off to a great start at
the Bio Innovation Corridor (Agro Technology Park) in Kampung Tungku on January
Although seen by many as too early to test
the stamina of students, the race saw many
enthusiastic students from Year Four to Year
11 took up the challenge to run the almost
4km route at the park. Many arrived before
the stipulated time of 7am.
There was no better way to start off the
event than with a Zumba session led by
teacher Jason Chung.
More than 300 students then gathered at
the starting line. The Chairman of the Board
of Governors of St George’s School, Anthony
Liew, together with the principal, Janidi
Jingan flagged off the race.
Runners let out a roar of excitement as the
starter’s horn sounded and the race was run
according to the age groups of Below 15 and
Above 15 for both girls and boys.
St George’s School took the first step in
moving out of its regular route at Tasik Lama
for its cross country race and held the race at
the Bio Innovation Corridor for the first time.
In his note to parents, the principal stated
that Brunei Darussalam has many interesting
places that students do not know about.
As part of the school’s initiative to promote
these places, the school has chosen the Bio
Innovation Corrider as the venue for its annual cross country race this year.
The programme ran as smooth as ever,
with the Below and Above 15 Boys group
races preceding the Girls group.
Participants ran their best to score a point
for their respective sports houses. Spirits
were high and the event ended with students
and teachers visiting the greenhouse at the
Agro Technology Park.
The Brunei Times
Year One pupils all smiles as they prepare to brush their teeth together. Picture: Courtesy of CCMS
Pupils hold up their favourite Dr Seuss books.
Picture: Courtesy of ISB
school and the theme was The 500 Hats of
Bartholemew Cubbins. Tuesday saw pupils
having a Butter Battle experience while Wednesday’s events were based on The Lorax.
Things eached crescendo on Thursday
when pupils assembled in the hall for a
Wacky Wednesday on Thursday food experience.
Nothing was as it seemed that day and pupils spotted numerous wacky changes
around the school. Friday was also Sports Day
and Dr Seuss’s Foot Book made an appearance.
“Only the first day and we’re having so
much fun,” a pupil was heard to exclaim.
The Brunei Times
CCMS eases Year One pupils into school life
CHUNG Ching Middle School (Primary Section) conducted its head start program for
Year One students for the month of January.
It was also expected that after the programme, pupils will have less difficulties adjusting to the new set-up and will find
primary school more interesting.
Orientation on policies regarding discipline, safety and first aid was given by the
Head of Primary and the Discipline Master.
This was to help students be familiar with
the rules and learn about the consequences
of their actions.
The talk also included proper school attire,
grooming and good behaviour at all times.
Changing for the better
SMSA holds Pre-U open day
ISB has always had a strong emphasis on literacy and to foster a love of reading amongst
its many pupils, the primary school celebrated Book Week last week.
All activities are arranged around the
works of Dr Seuss, the prolific and well-loved
children’s author.
It is not always well known that some of
his books may be considered sophisticated
picture books designed for a more adult audience for example, The Butter Battle Book is a
representation of the Cold War.
Events were launched with an assembly on
January 16 by Year 6i and the school was a
riot of colour with truffula trees adorning the
main entrance and wacky signposts pointing
in all directions throughout the school.
Each day of the week had activities centred
around a different Dr Seuss story.
On Monday each pupil wore a wacky hat to
St George’s School kicks off 2015 with cross country race
T IS said that in life, change is the only constant and from young children to experienced
adults, there is always something new to learn
and new experiences that continue to shape
Despite being uncomfortable and awkward at
times, change is something that we have to ultimately live with and swimming against this tide,
fighting to remain the same may do us more
harm than good in the long run.
The Brunei Times spoke to a few youngsters to
find out what sort of changes they have implemented in their lives and how they embraced
The Brunei Times
Guided recess time was also implemented
as it is new for Year One pupils to go to the
canteen and buy their food for recess.
Class teachers also assist their pupils every
recess time. They were also given a designated places at the school canteen to ease out
the stress of looking for a place to eat.
As part of dental hygiene awareness, pupils
were asked to bring their toothbrush kit and
a demonstration on how to brush their teeth
properly was held.
Class teachers presented video clips and
talked about the importance of oral health.
Other concerns such as toilet training, following the daily time table and proper use of
student’s journal were also observed carefully.
The Brunei Times
Pictures: BT/Norliha Din
Amalina Hj Lamit
28 years old, student from The Seri Begawan Religious Teachers
ty College (KUPUSB)
Alhamdulillah, I can feel my life has gone to the better compared to the
past years. As for my studies, the most distinct change that I notice is
my enthusiasm to learning, which has increased from time to time
especially in reaching the goal of obtaining better results in the examinations in contrast to the last semesters. Changes are necessary
especially from a bad lifestyle to move forward to the better. We need
to assess our past experiences and make improvements whether it is
in the form of our worship, occupation, studies, social interaction and
others. If we stay stagnant, it will only offer nothing but the ordinary;
however, with changes, our lives will feel more meaningful.
OR the fourth consecutive year, Sayyidina Ali Secondary School (SMSA) held
the Pre-University open day on Saturday,
January 24.
Held from 8am to 4pm, it was a public
event inviting students from the 11 schools in
the Belait District to visit booths that were set
up categorised by subjects.
Tutors of individual subjects were present
in their respective booths to provide information regarding the basic contents of a particular subject.
The current Pre-University students were
also present to give a deeper understanding
of each subject.
Booths set up individually by the students
consisted of information regarding functions,
events and competitions organised by the
Students Representive Councils and Peer
This event was organised as part of SMSA's
outreach programme which is aimed at
keeping up with the school's motto “strive towards excelllence” as well as to showcase the
various A-level subjects offered by the school
to students planning to persue sixth form.
Furthermore, it is to guide students with A-
(Clockwise from Above) Subject booths provide
information about specific A-level subjects; tutors provide necessary information regarding
their respective subjects; students exploring
booths themselves; current Pre-U students explaining to potential juniors. Pictures: Courtesy
of Aisvarya Devi Pubalan
level subject combinations for future career
and higher education pathways.
The Brunei Times
Siti Norasilah Haji Saman
24 years old, Assistant Manager of HIAS Design
I remember when I first started my studies in 2009
taking National Diploma in Interior Design, it was a
struggle for me and it was a very difficult period for
me as I was not familiar with basic technical terms for
designing concepts. I had to explore and research
more ideas. Alhamdulillah, despite the hardship, I
kept on going and managed to continue my studies
in Brunei Polytechnic in the course of Advance
Diploma in Interior Design. Since then, I have learned
a lot and it made me more eager and interested in
the designing field. Moreover, I observed how the
course has provided more job opportunities to the
previous students as well to locals. Yes, I do think
change is necessary but, we have to make sure that it
has to be a change in a good way so that we can
show a good example to the younger generation in
years to come.
Nor Safaridawati Hj Mashod
22 years old, student from The Seri Begawan
Religious Teachers University
ty College (KUPUSB)
Syukur Alhamdulillah, pada tahun ini saya masih
mengamalkan kehidupan yang sihat dengan
bersenam pada waktu siang dan petang, dan juga
mengambil pemakanan yang sihat. Ini memberi kesan
yang baik dalam kehidupan seharian malah saya dapat
memberi tumpuan yang baik dalam pengajian saya.
Saya ingin mengekalkan status keputusan pembelajaran saya dan membuat yang lebih baik delam perperiksaan yang akan datang. Dengan itu, saya boleh
menjadi guru yang berkualiti dan inovatif pada agama,
bangsa dan Negara. Sebagai pelajar, kita mesti
mengubah cara hidup seharian terutama dalam
penjagaan kesihatan jasmani dan rohani. Rohani harus
dipertingkatkan terutama nya dengan mengikuti
program yang disediakan oleh pihak sekolah agar
boleh menjadi lebih dekat dengan masyarakat.