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Youth of Today
Industrial Revolution
Zachariah Washington
Cedars Academy
In Social Studies our
teacher Ms. Hendricks is this
week taught us about the
Industrial Revolution. I really liked the subject because we learn about machines, there inventors and
the reason why they impacted the United States.
Another reason why I liked
the subject was because I
love social Studies and
learning about the Presi-
dents and important
people in History.
One of the machines
that we learned about was
the Telegraph made by
Samuel Morse and that it
impacted the United States
by making it Easier and
Quicker to Communicate
with people acroos the
country. We also learned
about Samuel Slater who
had and made the first factory in the United States.
There is many more but the
last Important one was the
Cotton Gin made by Eli
Whitney and impacted the
United States by making it
easier to seperate the Cotton from the seeds.
I think that its
impportant that people
know about the Industrail
Revolution because this is
what changed the United
States completely and this
is the stuff that makes it
easier to live today.
Hope of Tomorrow
Black Registry
Final Exams
The MLK March
Lanette Demps
Del Valle High School
I am so happy we are
FINALLY DONE with our finals . Studying for all
classes finals was a
The Weekend
The MLK March
Jarian Galloway
Harmony Academy
This past Monday,
January 19th, the people of
Austin and other cities,
showed their support of
Martin Luther King, Jr. by
walking 3 miles. The route
went from the MLK Jr. statue
on the campus of UT to the
campus of Huston-Tillotson
While the program
started earlier and the walk
was longer than usual,
those of us who participated had a nice time associating with other people in
the community. Many programs and companies promoted their companies and
made their debut. I don’t
know about other people of
Austin, but me being less
physically conditioned than
I used to be, I am still
slightly sore.
Kevin Parish
Park Crest M.S.
came I got a basketball
go a l . We a re j u st n ow
building it because of
the bad weather that has
been going on lately. We
started putting it to-
Ira “T.J.” Williams
Ridgeview M. S.
On Friday, January 23,
the world famous Harlem
Globetrotters came to the
Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas. The arena was full
people of all ages. Before
tipoff, children were wearing their Globetrotters jerseys and asking their parents when the game would
Globetrotters finally came
onto the court, the stadium
screamed with excitement.
Globetrotters have been
around for 89 years. When
the franchise was established in 1926, the team was
gether Saturday afternoon. When we were
half way done with my
basketball goal I went to
my best friend’s house.
All we did there was play
video games. There is
this one game that we
played; it is called football basketball.
In this game you can
tackle your opponent so
they won’t get the point,
it was pretty fun. Last
week we lost our basketball game against Forbes
Middle School but I’m
pretty sure we can win the
next game against Benold
Middle School. Go Pumas!
Ann Richards Open House
Harlem Globetrotters
composed of all AfricanAmerican men. The tradition went on until 1985
when Lynette Woodard became the first woman to
play with the Globetrotters.
After Woodard, nine other
women have played with
the Globetrotters, including the current player, “Ttime” Brawner.
Globetrotters are known for
their crazy shots, outrageous dunks, and their
“Magic Circle” warm-up
Globetrotters are also
known for their nicknames,
which are based off of the
player ’s personality or
physical features. A few examples are Hi-Lite, Cheese,
Ant, Hammer, and not to
mention Big Easy.
Globetrotters have inspired
millions of people around
the world and are striving to
entertain all ages every
time they play. I enjoyed
watching them play as a
basketball fan and as a
young African-American
struggle but i managed to
do it and i passed all my
finals except Spanish. I
was so close to passing
but i guess i didn’t study
hard enough. I have
worked too hard to just
stop where i am now. I am
going to continue to study
for Spanish so i can succeed on my next final . I
believe if i didnt take the
time out of my day to
study i wouldn’t have
passed, So i am happy i
was being lazy and i decided to study . Trust
studying will help you.
SaNaya White
Cedars Int’l Academy
8:00am, my mom and I woke
up, ate breakfast, dressed
and went to the Ann
Richards School for Young
Women Leaders. Once we
arrived at the school we
went in to the cafeteria were
Principal Goka talked about
the school and some of the
girls who attended it. While
Principal Goka talked to the
parents a counselor took us
into the library and she
helped us start writing our
admission letters. I saw a
friend of mine who went to
my school a year ago. We
joined together to take a
tour of the school and I
loved it.
There was theatre
class which I want to join,
there was band, P.E, biomedical study, and a lot of
sports. I went in the biomedical room and I got to
hold a pig’s heart. There was
also a cat, pig brain, and cow
eyes! It was nasty but to be
a veterinarian I have to
study it. Once we were
done taking the tour. We got
in the car and I began to
write. I hope I get in to this
school it’s awesome!
Averill Topps
O. Henry Middle School
The Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr. (MLK) march is a
event where people of all
races come together and
have a walk to honor MLK.
At the march people talked
about how important education is. Then the Austin
Area Heritage Council
started it. At the end of the
march people had food and
entertainment for your participation in the march.
Dr. Martin Luther King
was an American pacifist,
activist, humanitarian, and
the leader of the Civil Rights
Movement. Martin Luther
King led the Montgomery
Bus Boycott. He is most famous for his “I Have A
Dream” speech that he
made during the March on
Washington on August 28,
1963. It was a rally for jobs
and freedom. On October
14 Martin Luther King won
the Nobel Peace Prize for
combating racial inequality.
He was assassinated on
April 4, 1968, during his Poor
Peoples Campaign by a deranged person.
This is what I learned
form the march and from
studying. I now know why
we take place in this march
every single year. Well,
that’s all for today. Until
next time... Go O.Henry
Aubri Allen-Brent
Del Valle High School
Martin Luther king was
a Baptist and social activist
who led the civil rights
movement in the United
States from the mid-1950s
through his death by an as-
sassination. Martin Luther’s
name was originally
Michael. Martin’s father was
named Michael king. Martin
Luther King Day celebrates
the life and legacy of a man
who brought hope and
healing to America. Martin
Luther king marched for his
rights. In the movie Selma
martin was treated really
badly and so where black
people. The movie Selma
made be thankful for what I
have & all the freedoms I
have. If It wasn’t for Mr. King
a lot of things would be different. Until next time Goo
I Passed
Imani Demps
Del Valle High School
I passed my first semester of my senior year. I
knew I could do it. School
was kinda of getting to me
those last couple of weeks.
But I pulled through and
passed. I have 18 weeks till
graduation. I’m ready for it
I have been waiting a long
time for this. I thought it
would never happened. I’m
going to try to finish this semester stronger. I’m going
to give it my all its the least
I can do its my last year. After this the real world kicks
in. I hope I’m ready for, honestly that does not matter
because if I’m ready or not
it’s coming. I hope I have a
great week at school.
Catching Up
Erika Lipscomb
Manor Elementary
How’s it going? I’m
sorry I missed the MLK
march, I know it was lots of
fun. But I have been so busy
with school. This week, I am
working on a Science
project. Last week, we had
our first school assembly
for the new year. Our grade,
the 5th grade, won first
place for the most attendance and every 5 th grade
teacher got a spirit stick. My
class won second place for
perfect attendance with
98%. We were so excited to
win. Hopefully, i will be able
to participate in some of the
activities in February to celebrate Black History month.
Well ,got to go yall, see you
guys later!