During storms, pools will be closed and the entire
area cleared of patrons at the discretion of the Pool
Manager. Due to limited cover, patrons are
encouraged to go home, or remain within the shelter of the bathhouse or their car. The pool will
normally open thirty (30) minutes after the storm
has passed or following the last occurrence of
thunder or lightning.
If the overhead pool lights go off, affecting visibility surveillance, the pool will be cleared immediately and not reopened until the light is fully restored.
During periods of cool weather, outdoor pools will
not open when the water temperature is below 70°
1. Riders must line up at the bottom of the slide
2. Riders must be at least 48 inches (48”) tall.
3. Only one person at a time is allowed on the
4. Landing area must be clear before rider slides
5. No floatation devices are allowed on the
6. Backside must always be against the slide, no
sliding face first, no standing, squatting, or
7. No spinning while riding slide.
8. Riders must exit landing area immediately
after ride.
Swimming Pool
Rules and
R e g u l a t i on s
Aquatics Administrative Office
911 South Ochoa, Suite A
El Paso, Texas 79901
Phone: 915-541-4594
Fax: 915-542-2656
www. elpasotexas.gov/parks/aquatics.asp
The fee is only for the lesson and no other use
of the facility.
Participants may enter the facility no earlier
than 10 minutes before the start of the class.
Participants may not enter the water until the
Instructor is on deck and gives verbal instruction to enter the water safely.
Parents, in order to assist us in offering a quality swim program for your child, do not remain
at the pool side. Observation is allowed from
designated areas. At some facilities, observation may not be possible.
1. Only one person is allowed on the diving
apparatus (including ladder) at a time.
2. Divers must dive straight from the front end of
the board.
3. Divers may not spring more than once on the
4. Upon surfacing, immediately swim to the
nearest ladder. Do not swim toward or under
the boards at any time.
5. A diver must wait until the preceding diver has
surfaced and reached the ladder.
6. No general swimming is permitted in the
diving area, unless the diving boards are
closed by pool staff.
7. Extended dives, or dives for distance from the
one-meter boards toward shallow water are
8. Diving board users must be able to swim to the
ladder unassisted.
Masks and snorkels are not permitted for
recreational use.
Mask and snorkel may be used during lap
swimming time.
Mask and snorkel use is subject to other
safety conditions at the discretion of aquatic
General Rules and
Admission Policies
1. No one will be allowed in the swimming area
unless the pool is officially open and a
lifeguard is on duty. Entering the pool premises
when it is not open for public use is punishable
per code 10.08.050 for trespassing on city
swimming enclosures.
2. The City assumes no liability for injuries or
damages arising from the results of
participation unless due to willful or gross
negligence on the part of the City. Due to the
strenuous nature of some activities, the
participant is advised to consult his/her
physician concerning fitness to participate. All
activities present certain inherent risks and
hazards which the participant assumes.
3. Anyone that wears a disposable under garment
and wishes to enter the pool must wear a
disposable under garment that is designed for
swim use, which must fit snugly around the
legs and waist. If the diaper becomes soiled,
this person must leave the pool immediately,
and may not return until he/she has taken or
been given a soap shower and has been
recovered by a new swim use diaper.
4. Admission fees must be paid by all persons to
include infants and spectators upon each entry
or designated session to the pool facility.
5. Children six years and younger must be
accompanied and directly supervised, within
arms reach of an adult at all times in the water
and within the facility. Children 6 and under,
who pass the swim test, are not required to have
an adult in the water.
6. Children 12 and under entering the pool facility
must be escorted and directly supervised by an
adult or responsible person 18 years of age or
7. Groups of children age five and under must
have one adult for every six children. For
groups of children six to 17, there must be one
adult for every 12 children. Groups must
Contact pool management before coming to
facility. Groups must be directly supervised in
the pool by an adult in swim attire per the
mentioned ratios.
Children six years of age or older must change in
the appropriate gender locker room. Contact the
Pool Manager for special arrangements.
Picnic baskets and coolers are permitted in the
grass or patio area of the pool facilities. No grills,
gas or electric cooking devices may be brought
into the pool facility/grounds.
No grills, gas or electric cooking devices may be
brought into the pool facility/grounds during normal hours of operation. Gas or electric cooking
devices may be used in designated eating areas
during private rentals.
Glass containers, alcoholic beverages, drugs and
pets are not permitted in the pool facilities. An
exception will be made for service animals.
The City assumes no liability for personal property or valuables at any time. Valuables may not be
checked with the pool staff.
Lockers are available at some of the pools. The
City does not provide locks. Locks are not allowed to be left overnight. If so, locks will be
Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs
will not be permitted in the pool facility or in the
surrounding area.
No person within the pool grounds shall behave
in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and
health of him/her and others. Such behavior,
including abusive or profane language, shall be
grounds for expulsion.
Loitering will not be permitted on the pool
grounds or within any of the facilities.
Prior to entering the pool facility, any patron
requiring reasonable accommodations for a
disability should inform staff of his/her needs.
Such a person may provide a personal care
attendant at no additional charge.
Any injury occurring in the pool area must be
reported to the pool staff immediately.
The office telephone and public address
equipment may only be used by staff to deliver
messages of an emergency nature or facility
information to persons at the pool.
Patrons are not allowed in the guard room, filter
room, mechanical room, storage room or offices.
The use of cell phones, cameras, video cameras or
any device containing camera equipment is prohibited in locker rooms, bathrooms and changing
22. Headphones must be worn when listening to
musical or entertainment devices.
23. Gum chewing is not permitted anywhere in the
pool facility for health and safety reasons.
24. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the indoor
and outdoor pool facilities. Smokers shall dispose of smoking materials before entering.
25. Chairs are not permitted on the pool deck except
during facility rentals.
Rules For Swimmers
1. Pool users must wear an authorized swim wear.
Clothing such as cut-offs, sports-wear, underwear,
and under garments is not permitted as swimwear.
For Indoor Aquatic Centers, shirts may not be
worn. For outdoor pools, for extra protection
from sun exposure, rash-guards and white shirts
may be worn.
2. All patrons must take a cleansing soap shower
before entering the deck area. Sun bathers should
shower before each entrance into the water in
order to rinse off perspiration, lotions, and sunscreens.
3. Any person having a skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, communicable disease, or who is wearing any kid of
adhesive bandage or band-aid will not be permitted in the pool. Persons having any considerable
area of exposed sub-skin tissues, open blisters,
cuts, are warned that these are likely to become
infected. Such persons may not use the pool.
4. Any person who is experiencing diarrhea may not
use the pool.
5. Running, boisterous or rough play, pushing, acrobatics, dunking, wrestling, splashing, yelling,
diving or jumping haphazardly, snapping of
towels, improper conduct causing undue disturbances in or about the pool area or any acts which
would endanger any patron are prohibited.
6. Swimming under the bulkhead is prohibited, Patrons may not walk or sit on the bulkhead.
7. Spitting, spouting of water, blowing nose or
urinating in the pool are prohibited.
8. Prolonged underwater swimming for distance is
not permitted.
9. Non-swimmers must remain in shallow water
(chest deep or less).
10. Coast Guard approved and labeled personal
floatation devices, such as vests designed to
provide vertical support, may be worn with permission of the Pool Manager. Each individual
12 years and younger wearing a personal floatation device must be accompanied by an adult in
the pool within arm’s reach. No water wings,
back floats, bubbles, rings, or one sided floatation devices are permitted. Boat float with a
holster seat is allowed.
11. Soft inflatable beach balls are permitted in the
main pools or tot pool. Toys, water guns, balls,
inner tubes, inflated boats, and rafts are not permitted in the main pools or tot pool. In the event
of overcrowding, beach balls will be restricted as
a safety measure.
12. Groups shall not monopolize a particular area of
the pool and thereby limit its use by other patrons. (Parks and Recreation scheduled classes,
team activities, or rental groups excepted.)
13. Patrons are not allowed to provide instructional
activity for private gain.
14. Wearing eyeglasses in the pool is discouraged.
If necessary, non-breakable lenses and frames
are allowed.
15. Dive only in designated areas.
16. No flips, back jumps, or back dives from the side
of the pool.
17. Private group uses are not permitted during a
Recreation Swim period and must be scheduled
as a private rental.
18. No playing on or congregating around pool ladders.
19. Floatation or swimming aides are not allowed in
the deep end of the pool.
20. The City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Aquatic Centers are designated as circle swim facilities.