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Egypt’s PM lures
Kuwait investors
KUWAIT: Ayman Al Mutairi, Senior Corporate Communications Manager at
VIVA pictured with Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD)’s team.
VIVA launches a campaign
‘Your Safety is Our Priority’
KUWAIT: VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing
and most developed telecom operator,
organized a national campaign titled “Your
Safety is Our Priority” in collaboration with
Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD). The
campaign seeks to promote awareness
among desert campers of fire hazards that
could occur in tents, and how to prevent
such accidents from happening during
vacations and camping season. VIVA will
send educational messages about fire hazards and how to react in a fire emergency
via SMSs about the awareness boards in
camps that guide campers.
VIVA’s initiative to raise awareness of fire
hazards and prevention stems from its
belief in the importance of protecting the
environment and promoting prevention
measure and awareness among campers
during this season. VIVA is also involved in
the local community and youth welfare as
it continues to raise awareness, encourage
collaboration among various segments of
society, as well as responsibility towards
VIVA will continue to raise awareness and
adhere to its core principles by supporting
and developing educational programs while
increasing its social involvement to serve
various groups of society. To learn more
about VIVA’s Corporate Social Responsibility
initiative, please visit the company’s CSR
focused portal https://www.viva.com.kw/csr.
It offers a description of each CSR initiative
that VIVA has supported, or adopted since
its inception.
KUWAIT: Egypt ’s visiting Prime M inister
Ibrahim Mahlab said yesterday that his country
is preparing a package of legislative reforms to
lure more foreign direct investments (FDI) to
breathe life into the ailing economy of the
Arab most populous state. “A higher committee for legislative reforms is reviewing a large
number of laws, at the forefront of which is the
investment law, with a view to cur tailing
bureaucracy and cutting time of paper work
processing,” Mahlab said in a speech during a
visit the Kuwait’s Chamber of Commerce and
Industry (KCCI).
“The new investment law will be completed
before the convention of the international economic conference which Egypt will organize
on March 13,” he affirmed. He pointed out that
the current situation in Egypt requires solidarity and cooperation among regional countries
to overcome the huge security and economic
challenges. Mahlab noted that Egypt will set a
new mechanism to ensure quick settlement of
investment-related disputes.
“ The government is keen on crack ing
down on corruption at the state bodies and
on improving the performance of civil servants through reforming the civil servants
and labor laws,” he stressed. He added that
Egypt is also working on a unified land law
and a bankruptcy law to achieve the interest
of the state and investors and avoid future
disagreements. The Premier suggested that
the Egypt ’s economic conference aims to
improve the living standards and economic
conditions of the low-income people who
make up 25 of the population.
Over 25 mega projects in the different sector
would be put forward for investment during
the conference, he said. KCCI President Ali Al-
the Egyptian economy to help recover it.
Al-Ghanim also urged Egypt to take all
required measures to create an investmentfriendly environment. He unveiled that Premier
Mahlab will receive, starting from today, the
complaints of Kuwaiti companies which have
investments in Egypt to be consider and
KUWAIT: Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab (left) and Chairman of Kuwait
Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Ali Al-Ghanim gesture during a meeting
with Kuwaiti and Egyptian businessmen yesterday at the KCCI headquarters in
Kuwait City. —Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat
Ghanim underscored that Kuwait is eager to
support Egyptian economy and a large Kuwaiti
investment delegation would par take in
Egypt’s economic conference. He also encouraged Arab investors to pour more money into
resolved. Mahlab started a three-day official
visit to Kuwait on Sunday, in response to an
official invitation by His Highness the Prime
Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad AlSabah. —KUNA
ABK holds graduation ceremony for Academy’s 15th batch trainees
KUWAIT: Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait held a graduation ceremony for ABK
Academy’s 15th batch of trainees, an occasion well attended by members of
ABK Management. Hamza Enki, GM, Human Resources said that the professional training imparted by the ABK Academy encourages Kuwaiti youth to
work and experience the banking sector - part of the reason why it achieves its
Kuwaitisation ratio.
Jassem Al Salman, AGM, Human Resources maintained that the Academy’s
15th batch of successful, well-trained graduates was the result of a combined
effort, led by Retail Banking and supported by other divisions. The rigorous
and structured training stemmed from a belief in the importance of new
recruits committed to the banking industry, whose focus on confidentiality
and customer care would pave the way for a new generation of professionals
in ABK. He expressed his gratitude to the various Divisions for their contribution towards the success of the Academy.
Officials of the ABK Academy congratulated the graduates for choosing to
be part of the banking sector, a highly professional environment that focused
on career development. They reiterated that providing premium customer
service to the ABK customer was the most important aspect for the new
employees. The ABK Academy was launched in 2009 and developed its programs and initiatives through the years, to become the primary destination for
job seekers in the banking sector.ABK welcomes fresh graduates to join the
Bank by submitting their applications through the websitewww.eahli.com.