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Happy Anniversary to Quest!
October 4, 2014 marked the beginning of the twenty-fifth year of continuous
operations of our youth organization. Over
the last three years we have seen a steady
increase in enrollment. This year enrollment numbers hit an all time high of
ninety registered participants.
To keep pace with the growth, our
instructors suggested we add additional
instrumentation. Thus, the violin program
has six students, the acoustic guitar section has ten students and the vocal section
has five female singers, all added to “Q
City Soundz” stage band.
It has been a challenge acquiring all
of the necessary instruments and increasing the responsibilities of our artistic staff,
who make the program possible. They are
truly an efficient, talented team and have
the kids desirers to learn music at the forefront of their hearts. It’s amazing to watch
the instructors at work, and an even greater emotional joy is when you see that
spark in a child's eye, that says Yes I Can!
We’re definitely going to be here for
a long time!
January 2015
Volume 14 Issue 1
For the 8th Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway Party, Quest partnered with the Black and Gold
Marching Elite to raise funds and toys through a
Toy Donation Party. Ms. Maisha Nelson was
very instrumental in working with us to make
this, and the toy party successful events.
The Toy Giveaway party was held on December 20, 2014 and
it was packed!. Over two hundred (200)
youth were served. We are truly grateful
for the assistance of parents and volunteers
along with the donation of money, food and
toys. Thank you Berkeley College for their Toy Drive and the
college volunteers who came to the party. Everything was
greatly appreciated and combined to make it a very successful party for Quest youth
and the community. We were able to have the gym decorated for the first time, two face painters and a magician. A piñata full of candy was broken open and every
child received a toy, some more than one. It was quite an accomplishment
to see the children go home with smiles on their face and toys in their
hands. It was the first performance for many Quest students and they were
able to gain valuable experience about what it takes to perform in front of an audience. That skill make them
comfortable in presenting themselves to individuals in the future. We look forward to next year.
Quest Youth Organization, ”Q City Soundz” stage band was
invited to perform for the inauguration of State Senator Jesse
E. Hamilton, III on Sunday, January 18, 2015. The event was
held at St. Francis De Sales School for the Deaf on Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY. The band performed in the lobby for guests
as they arrived . The performance was so rousing that, as they arrived, people stopped to listen and positively remarked about the
songs being played. There was loud applause at the end of each song. It clearly demonstrated how much the group has grown &
the time put into practicing in order to develop their musical abilities. The group was united in their performance and sounded very
professional. The Q City Soundz and members consist of: Jasmin Daley-Eiland-Vocalist; Jaidyn Dallip-Drummer; Malcolm DosReis-Percussion/Sound Team; Jason Glover-Bass Guitar; Janaya Goode-Alto Sax; Vaughn Greenidge-Percussion; Zhariah Greenidge-Keyboard; Vanessa Guilen-Alto Sax; Nicole Jordan-Violin; Kim John Miller-Keyboard/Flute; Jasmin Morris-Vocalist &
Electric Guitar; Chanel Paisley-Vocalist; Shania Prescod-Keyboard; Cheyenne Turner-Vocalist; Trinese Warren-Alto Sax; Nadia
Whalen-Tenor Sax. Additional Quest members will be incorporated into the stage band as they develop their musical skills. The
“Q City Soundz” stage band is available to travel to various locations to perform for various groups and individuals. Just contact
Ms. Sylvester to make arrangements.
Next Issue May 2015
SCO Family Dynamics Beacon @ M.S. 35
272 Macdonough Street, Room 101
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Between Marcus Garvey & Lewis Ave.
Board Meeting
January 31, 2015
11am to 1pm
MS 35, Room 301
We like to take this time to welcome
Ms. Miasha Nelson to the Quest family! Ms. Nelson is full of infectious positive energy and brings a wealth of knowledge to the
organization. She has donated her time (greatly appreciated) in the preparation and operation
of the toy drive, to secure toys and funds for Quest Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway Party.
Ms. Nelson is also engaging in the continued development of the Board of Directors.
She brings to Quest her knowledge and skills of grants management and writing, technology,
fund raising, event planning and team building. It’s a pleasure working with such an energetic, knowledgeable and compassionate person. With Ms. Nelson on board and committed, we
can build a solid infrastructure to increase the capacity of services the organization offers to
the youth of New York City and beyond. To keep pace with the growing number of participants enrolling in Quest programs, along with a increasing staff size, it is of the utmost importance that we work diligently to ensure and maintain accountability, transparency, sustainability and effectiveness.
Board Meeting: Saturday January 31, 2015 @ MS 35 from 11am to 1pm, Rm. 301
Thomas Fisher: Executive Director
Quest supports it members in their various endeavors. Our student,
vocalist Ms. Jasmin Daley-Eiland, participated in a pageant and
wrote the following about her experience.
It is with great pleasure we announce
that Vocal Instructor Mia-lee Betance
has joined the Quest Artistic Team!
“On November 16th, 2014 at Bishop Loughlin High School
auditorium, I took part in the 2014 Miss Jr Pre-Teen Pageant. I wanted to be in the pageant to get more educated in
competitive pageants. My experience is that you may not always win and sometimes you make mistakes but I did learn
how to walk in high heels.
I made sure to look at the judges while I walked. Going on the stage was scary because there were a lot of people in the audience. I was very nervous when I saw
everyone but the girl next to me said breath in, breath out. In conclusion, being in
this pageant was a great experience. I met a lot of friends, had a lot of fun with the
other girls and was thankful to be in the pageant”.
Jasmine Daley-Eiland
Ms. Mia-lee Betance, Vocal Instructor,
brings a passion for working with children along with a Bachelor of Jazz Commercial Music with a major in musical
theatre. Ms. Betance has begun to bring
out the best in Quests’ vocal section!
Our college students have settled in and completed their first semester. We
were treated with a visit from all of our college students, some even had
time to work with the organization. It is always a good feeling when you
instill values and morality to young people. Teach them early to give back
what was given, so someone else can experience the opportunity.
All were shocked at the high cost of college and what it means to sacrifice. They appreciate and empathize with the financial responsibility their parents have
to manage. Parents do this (not because we have to) but, because of the
love we have for our children. It’s what parents do! So, get your network
of resources in line, we only have three and a half years to go!
College Life!
♪ Saturday, April 25, 2015—CBJC Youth Jazz Jamboree at Restoration Plaza
♪ Sunday, May 31, 2015—Performance at Imani House “Walk-a-Thon” in Prospect Park
♪ Saturday, June 6, 2015—Trip to Lake Compounce Amusement Park, Bristol, Conn.
♪Saturday, June 20, 2015—Recital & Awards Celebration (Venue TBD)
PARENTS; Be sure to read the notices that are distributed at every session as well as your email in
order to stay on top of any additional performance dates or changes to the schedule.
Come learn about the big plans that
Quest has in store for the students during the remainder of the program year.
Quest Youth Organization, Inc.,
P.O. Box 26724, Brooklyn, NY 11202
Enriching The Lives’ of Youth through the Arts”
Phone: 718.928.7058