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9 - 12 February 2015
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Texworld Paris expects to welcome more than
630 exhibitors, including 70 newcomers
«Presence», a preview of Texworld’s trends for
summer 2016
More than 630 international exhibitors will unveil
their new spring and summer 2016 collections at
the next Texworld trade fair, from 9 to 12 February
2015. The year-on-year number of exhibitors
remains stable.
The calendar has done Asian exhibitors a favour.
The trade fair is taking place ten days after the
Chinese New Year celebrations.
In terms of the number of new exhibitors, there
has been no change in the top three since the
February 2014 event. China is still in the lead, with
Turkey holding on to second place, followed by
South Korea. India comes fourth. Turkey remains
in second place as a country ranked by number of
exhibitors, borne up by the quality of its offer and
by strong demand for sourcing close to home.
Texworld Paris will welcome 70 new exhibitors
from South Korea, China, the UAE, India, Hong
Kong, Malaysia, Portugal and Turkey.
Here is a sample of what is on offer from these
new weavers for summer 2016, segment by
• Cotton
The segment will host 12 new exhibitors, amongst
which Dacheng Textile Co. (China) has attracted
the attention of the selection committee because
of the variety of its offer - a huge range of fabrics
for shirting and casualwear in 100% cotton or
mixes with linen, Tencel® or polyester. Its midrange offer of refined finishes is aimed particularly
at casual womenswear collections.
The two Turkish companies Hisar Tekstil of
Istanbul and Bahateks Tekstil of Bursa must
not be ignored. They have a nice range of midrange voiles in extremely high-quality finishes
9 - 12 February 2015 2
for men and women. The two companies offer a
huge range in conventional pure and BCI cotton
for unstructured garments, shirting and bottom
pieces, which are already featured by some major
European fast fashion labels.
Silkland Trading from the UAE has made a
remarkable splash with its closely-worked cotton,
original prints and embroidery inspired by the
Orient - making up a creative middle-market range
intended to appeal to buyers for womenswear
looking for added value.
• Knits
This segment has experienced the strongest
growth, with 13 new producers making fabric
indispensable to mixed, children’s and infants’
ready-to-wear ranges. Collections from South
Korea, appreciated by buyers for its cutting-edge
technology, are leading the way in creativity and
innovation, and deserve special mention, like those
from Dong Il Textile Co, which specialises in
materials for casualwear and men’s and women’s
sportswear. High-tech, eco-friendly fabrics with
a wide range of properties (anti-perspiration,
anti-odour, quick drying, etc) are aimed at midand top-of-the-range brands. The very sporty
collections from EST, which specialises in
womenswear with a range in which quality is well
in excess of price, made up of trendy jacquards
and circular and double knits are highlights among
ranges dedicated to major fast fashion labels.
- Suzhou Sinceboom Textile Co (China) is
developing a range of basic cotton knits with an
attractive quality finish, dedicated to mid-range
children’s’ casualwear collections.
- Arge Örme Kumas Tekstil (Turkey),
headquartered in Istanbul, is one of the most
creative brands of mid-/top-of-the range knits.
It offers a rich spread of products, from fancy knits
to the most complex jacquard weaves, combining
natural materials with Lurex® and polyester. 70% of
its collection is aimed at women and 30% at men.
Its ability to react and its vast production capacity
are the assets which it uses to attract fast fashion
9 - 12 February 2015 3
• Embroidery & Lace
«Embroidery & Lace», one of the most lively
segments at the trade fair, will host three new
companies, two of them Indian, with a highly
creative range.
- Kontemporary (India) was established in
Mumbai in 2008. It represents the best in handmade embroidery skill at the very top of the range,
mixing creativity and boldness in its choice of
subjects and combinations of materials, such
as rhodoid pellets married with precious stones.
With its range dedicated to designers and evening
wear brands, supplying embroidery on panels or
finished products, its experience with big names in
fashion is a recommendation which will win over
- Shagun Overseas (India) has set its sights more
on mid-range fashion brands and labels, with a
quality/price ratio which allows it to develop highvolume custom-made embroidery. Its offer ranges
from traditional embroidery patterns with sequins
to sophisticated products mixing pearls, feathers,
rhinestones and crystals.
- Shanghai Lee Power Industrial Co (China) will
unveil a range of selected cotton and synthetic
lace for lingerie and ready-to-wear garments.
Thanks to its hundreds of high-tech machines, the
company can develop embroidered fabrics from
the simplest to the most sophisticated for fast
fashion and mid-range brands.
• Silk
The Silk and Silky Aspects segments are expanding
their offer with the arrival of six new exhibitors,
two of which are silk manufacturers from the
famous silk-producing centre of Huzhou, known
as the City of Silk in China. In common with
mid-range brands, Huzhou Linghu Wanshimei
Wool-Knitting Co and Huzhou Orient Textile
Factory are offering a great variety of weft-faced
silk twill, dupion, silk satins and stretch silks in
high-quality finishes. Their production is fully
vertically integrated. They use only Italian K88
rapier machines.
9 - 12 February 2015 4
- Eminent Garment Limited (Hong Kong),
established in 1978, supplies many designers and
international brands. Vertically-integrated and
renowned for its cutting-edge R&D, it provides topof-the-range collections of silks and synthetic mixes
with a feel and hang to rival those of pure silk.
- J.N. Textile (India), a jacquard specialist, intends
to attract buyers on the lookout for dupion, heavy
silk satins and polyester silk fabrics for entry level
and mid-range products.
• Denim
Four new Chinese companies will display their
collection of fancy voiles for the men’s and
women’s entry-level range.
- Shaoguan Shunchang Weaving Factory,
established in Shaoguan in Guangzhou province
in 1995 and fully vertically-integrated since 2014,
is a denim maker to watch for the quality of its
offer, particularly for fancy voiles for entry level and
middle-market ranges. The company uses topquality cotton yarn (Cotton USA, Pima and organic)
and works closely with yarn manufacturers such
as Invista, Lenzing, Dupond and Unifi to develop
high-performance, ecological products. Its «ReGreening» range of organic voiles is Organic 100and Repreve-certified.
- Benjie Textile Co., which is fully verticallyintegrated, is based in Foshan in Guangdong
province. Foshan is also known as Jean Town
because of the many denim manufacturers located
there. The company, founded in 2006, sells five
families of entry-level and mid-range products:
100% cotton denim, stretch denim, cotton and
polyester blended denim, business-casual denim
and functional denim. Collections for women,
produced by the latest technology acquired by
the company, display bright, deep colours for next
• Functional Fabric
In vogue since all the brands and designers started
developing dedicated casual or sporty collections
9 - 12 February 2015 5
using technical fabrics, the segment is expanding
its range with six new weavers, of which three
are Chinese companies specialising in high-tech
fabrics for sportswear and casualwear. The added
value of their men’s, women’s and children’s
collections, from entry level to mid-range, deserves
special attention.
- Wujiang Yiwei Textile Co. and Wujiang
Hanworld Textile Co. represent centres of
excellence for high added technological value
for functional and technical fabrics. The former
exploits products made from recycled PET which
have already been adopted by major sports kit
suppliers and international casualwear brands,
whilst the latter concentrates on gaufre knits and
knits with a suede look, perfect for women’s and
children’s brands and designers.
- Huzhou Litian International Trading Co.,
which has been operating in the textile and
manufacturing centre of Huzhou since 1995, is
targeting brands and labels on the lookout for
technical knits and creative weaves at competitive
• Linen
The Chinese linen producer Shanghai Fortune
Textiles Co. will attract fast fashion buyers with its
offer made up of entry-level pure linen weaves and
linen/ramie and linen/Tencel® mixes. 60% of its
output is dedicated to women, 30% (represented
by shirting) to men and 5% to children.
• Prints
Two new exhibitors are making their debut with
unusual prints:
- Jiaxing Jinmai Textile Technology (China)
knows how to win over buyers for mid-range
womenswear and teenagers’ clothing with its
digital prints on cotton, silk, jersey and jacquard
- Radzuan Radziwill (Malaysia), founded in Kuala
Lumpur in 2003, produces bewitching unique,
surprising collections hand-printed with blocks,
9 - 12 February 2015 6
competing with fabrics dyed naturally using
vegetable pigments. The selection of entirely
natural materials - silk, cotton and linen - is
delightful and ideal for designers and brands
which want to make exclusive fabrics their own.
Even better, lengths from 40 m can be ordered.
• Trims & Accessories
Four companies, three from China and one from
Portugal, will be putting their treasures on show in
the Accessories section.
- Ningbo Hongshine Decorative Packing
Product Co. Ltd (China), founded in Ningbo
province in 2009, is targeting womenswear
designers looking for satin, silk and organza
ribbons. It also supplies mid-range cotton and
stretch lace.
- Shanghai Ouqiao Garment Accessories Co.
Ltd (China) and Wuhan Jinzhisen Garment
Accessories Co. Ltd. (China) supply complete
ranges of entry-level and mid-range accessories buttons, trim and embellishments.
- Paulo Araujo Ltda. (Portugal) has every
accessory which a brand or designer could
ever need, in good quality and at competitive
prices to boot: buttons, braid, lace, trim, rings,
embellishments, chains, etc.
The new «Spring-Summer 2016» seasonal
theme has been baptised «Presence»: a unique
look at the new directions of textile design and
fashion taken by the fair’s two artistic directors,
Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud. «Being 100%
present at last, as reality slips through our fingers,
representing the hourglass of our hopes, giving
way to a hypothetical realm. Circumstances have
become the only tangible point of reference, an
eternal landmark. We are experiencing our era
at last. Being has replaced the future. We are in
the age of full consciousness» could sum up their
interpretation of this concept of summer 2016.
9 - 12 February 2015 7
Smooth shades espouse and uncover irresistible
palettes to celebrate the season. An urban vibe
echoes the works of artists like the Korean Do-Ho
Suh, entitled «Tangible Space», in which structures
combining translucent lines evoke a peaceful
presence whilst remaining in context.
«Presence» will launch a Trend book with six
influential themes, one dedicated to denim and the
last to accessories.
Below are two colours which the two artistic
directors believe are the leitmotif of the season:
- ERSATZ ESSENTIEL - a very powerful, bright
prairie green, rich and prized.
- ASTRE FACTICE - a shade of yellow with a subtle
glow: naturally radiant but almost pastel. Seductive.
The next Texworld will take place from Monday 9 to
Thursday 12 Feburary 2015, at Paris Le Bourget.
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