Live From VicenzaOro 2015: 6 Jewelry Trends From the Show Floor

Live From VicenzaOro 2015: 6 Jewelry Trends From the Show Floor
January 29, 2015
Source: JCK
VicenzaOro is being resuscitated.
For years it seemed like the show’s
energy and offerings were flagging,
with few exciting pieces and buyers to
help drive momentum forward. But
with Matteo Marzotto coming on as
Fiera di Vicenza president last year
and joining Corrado Facco, existing
general director, a new show layout
and subtle updates to the decor may
prove to be the refresher that the
69-year-old fair needed. Here are six
jewelry-trend observations from my
time walking the show floor, and why I
think they matter.
leather bracelets. These were
positively everywhere! Endless is not
the first to offer these—I recall seeing
them years ago at Baselworld from
Copenhagen-based Ole Lynggaard
and a few other European vendors,
but the Danish firm is now moving
full-speed ahead with the idea to
make them available to the mass
market. You can get high end or more
price-point accessible styles from a
wide variety of firms.
Rebecca leather wrap bracelet
with charms
Lifestyle options. First and foremost,
think handbags from Tous, Le Vian,
Tirisi, and more. Tous is also offering
sunglasses and fragrances, while Le
Vian debuted shoes and scarves.
This is a case of the jewelry brands
following in the footsteps of big
fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton
and Bulgari.
Leather clutch from Le Vian
Layering. The Italians are loading up
necklines, wrists, and ears with all
manner of accessories. For example,
complement a choker, while multiple
earring holes were filled to capacity
on the lobes. The Endless-variety
multistrand leather bracelets already
speak to this trend. A word of caution:
Keep balance in mind when
blending all.
from Crivelli
widespread in collections. Look to
Isabelle Langlois and Nardelli, among
others, for new offerings. Butterflies
may be a holdover from last year,
when the 2014 pre-fall Valentino
collection showed them in abundance,
causing some American jewelry
designers to take up their cause in
spring 2014 collections. Now playing
catch-up, the Italians are taking them
seriously for 2015.
Two-finger Butterfly ring from Mattioli
Cabochons. These smooth-surface
domes and flat slabs could be seen in
many new offerings, including a long
station necklace from RCM. Cabs
speak to the casual trend happening
in spring 2015 fashion and allow
jewelers to utilize stones with great
colors and interesting inclusions. In
general, cabs are less formal and can
be less expensive than faceted
stones and will appeal to fans of
understated aesthetics.
Earrings with cabochon cuts and
faceted stones from Moraglione
Clever mosaic effects with tiny
stones. I spied these on American
soil before I hit the Italian fair, but the
Italians are embracing the looks, too.
These are an affordable way to use
stones—under 0.1 ct. t.w.—to build a
big look and challenge the creative
set to make beautiful pieces with
price-point-friendly small stones. The
results, like little gemstone rings from
Bizzotto, commanded a lot of likes on
social media.
Gemstone rings from Bizzotto