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President’s Message
Happy New Year! You may have heard those
words on November 30, the First Sunday of
Advent (and the beginning of the new Church
year). You may have heard those words again
in the wee hours of January 1, 2015.
In Revelation 21:5, Christ’s final victory message
says, “Behold, I am making all things new.” From
the cross, He said “It is finished”—believers walk
in the newness of life. The resurrected Jesus said,
“don’t be afraid, it is me”—believers find new
hope in bodily resurrection to a new and better
life. In Holy Baptism, Jesus makes the believer
a new creation—all of His children daily receive
new forgiveness, new mercies, new strength.
The CLS mission to “form servants for Jesus’
sake” is fulfilled when we prepare men to share
this old news with you and your congregation
and community in new ways.
We will face new challenges at CLS in 2015.
This includes completing the massive cleanup
from the November 12 fire, rebuilding the library
and study areas. We face new challenges in
preparing men to share the changeless Christ in
a rapidly changing world. We continue the search
for new faculty.
7040 Ada Boulevard
Edmonton, AB T5B 4E3
(780) 474-1468
[email protected]
But we know we are not alone; you and other
believers struggle with challenges of your own.
God’s mercies are new every morning to face
whatever lies ahead for any of His children.
dr. james gimbel
New changes can feel overwhelming. Yet the
same God who has supported CLS throughout its
30-year history of preparing men for the Word and
Sacrament ministry of the Gospel is with us today,
and we know He is also with you.
Thank you for being our partners in ministry.
Your faithful commitment … made new with
each prayer and word of encouragement
and new donation … support our ministry.
Thank you for your gifts and support.
And … God bless you in this new year!
Dr. James Gimbel,
Christos narodivsya – Slavimo Yogo!
of events
January 5
First Day of
Short Term II Classes
January 15
Last Day of
Short Term II Classes
January 19
First Day of
Semester II Classes
January 19 & 20
Joint Board of Regents
Meeting – St. Catherines, ON
January 20, 27
& February 3, 10
Winter Quest Course
January 22
Timothy Lectures
January 28
Wetaskiwin Circuit
Meeting @ CLS
February 16
Family Day – Office Closed
March 30 - April 2
Spring Break – Office Open
April 3 - 6
Easter Break – Office Closed
April 11
Sat @ Sem
(A Recruitment Day)
May 1
Last Day of
Semester II Classes
May 4 - 6
Final Exams
May 28 & 29
Board of Regents Meeting
May 29
Sacred Convocation
7:00 pm
I want to greet you with the traditional Christmas
greeting that is heard everywhere in Ukraine
now: Christos narodivsya – Slavimo Yogo!
Which means: Christ is born! Let’s glorify Him!
My name is Oleksiy. For the last 9 years I have
been a pastor and a missionary among
students in one of the largest Ukrainian cities,
Dnepropetrovsk. This fall I came to Canada
together with my family and commenced
intensive studies at CLS. This is our first
Christmas away from home and our church.
With great anticipation and excitement,
we observe Canadian Christmas traditions
and, of course, compare them with ours.
Probably one of the emerging innovations
in Ukraine is a new tendency to celebrate
Christmas two times. This trend is caused by
historical and geographical factors. Ukraine is
located on the invisible border between Western
and Eastern churches. Most Ukrainian churches
Orthodox and Greek Catholic follow the
Gregorian Calendar which is also called New
Style and celebrates Christmas on January 7th.
On the other hand, Lutherans, Roman Catholics
and Reformed churches, use the Julian Calendar
which celebrates Christmas on December 25th.
Lately, however, more and more Ukrainian churches
participate in both Christmas celebrations.
First Christmas December 24th we celebrate
together with those who are interested in
Western traditions. On Christmas Eve we have
a service at the big Lutheran Church located
right downtown in our city. This Christmas
service is oriented to people who have not
heard about Christ yet, so we diligently invite
friends, coworkers and strangers.
Second Christmas celebrated on January 6th
has a different focus. This evening service seems
like a big family gathering. After the Service,
no one is in a rush to go home but rather stays
for a church supper. After supper, our church
youth go to the city Square to sing Christmas
carols and bring the Joy of Christmas to everyone.
If you ask us if we are missing our Ukrainian
Christmas? Our answer would be Yes and No.
We miss Ukrainian traditions, but not the Joy
of Christmas. Our Christmas Joy, our dear Lord
Jesus is here with us in Canada. Even being
far from home we do not feel lonely because we
are being warmly accepted into the CLS family.
Therefore I am confident that our Ukrainian
Christmas greeting is relevant in Canada as well!
Christos narodivsya – Slavimo Yogo!
In Christ,
Oleksiy Navrotskyy
Upcoming Quest Courses
winter 2015 Tuesday nights: January 20 and 27, 2015
& February 3 and 10, 2015
@ 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm MST
“Defending the Faith” Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Strand
(Principal, School of Theology, Ethics, and
Leadership, Concordia University College of Alberta)
Quest classes are open to pastors, lay leaders,
and all Christians as a service of CLS.
The face-to-face course at CLS is webcast
to those outside of driving distance with the
same opportunity to hear and interact online.
Cost: No registration fee – donations welcome.
To register for the free classes contact
Rhonda Buck, Administrative Assistant
to the President at:
[email protected]
Tel: 780-474-1468, ext. 225 Session One:
The Concept, Theology, and Practicalities
of Defending the Faith
What is ‘defending the faith?’ What is the
theological basis for defending the faith? And
how might we defend the faith most effectively?
Session Two:
The Case for God
How an understanding of scientific reasoning,
and a careful consideration of the world, provide
strong evidence of the existence of God.
Session Three:
The Case for Christ and Scripture
How the concept of God, and the historical
evidence, indicate that Jesus really was
God-in-the-Flesh. How Jesus’ teachings then
indicate that the Bible is the Word of God.
Session Four:
Dealing with Objections
How to respond to objections such as: ‘The evil
in the world proves that there is no such God.’
‘If God existed He would make his existence
obvious.’ And ‘Science has shown that
Christianity is not true.’
Guild News
The function of the Seminary Guild is to support
students. A simple mission; a simple goal. You are
invited to join in the work of the guild as a “friend
of the Guild” with your contribution.
From your gift, the Seminary Guild provides grocery
gift cards for seminarians and their families.
The Seminary Guild provides annual Christmas
gifts to our students. The Seminary Guild sends
students to unique ministries during their second
year of seminary in the “Take Wing” program.
Jason Legacy and his wife Amber participated in
this year’s Take Wing program November 11-16,
2014 to Trinity Lutheran Church in Vancouver, BC.
The Seminary Guild also provides funding for
building improvements that make the Seminary
a warmer and friendlier place for students to
learn and grow.
Please consider a donation through the Seminary
Guild. The suggested donation for Friends of the
Seminary is a minimal amount that allows anyone
on any size budget to be part of this venture. But as
a minimum, we also welcome – and often receive
– significantly more from many of you. Thank you!
We welcome you to use our electronic donation
process through Canada Helps. This safe,
secure method allows you more easily to provide
your support.
But above all, we ask for your prayers and support.
Pray for Aaron, Scott, Cody, Eric, Keith, Alexey,
Will, Jason, Scott, Kai, Ken, and Andrew –
and their families. They face many challenges,
but your support provides them with a powerful
message of support as they train to become
pastors of YOUR Churches throughout LCC.
dr. jonathan strand
This semester at CLS, once
again faculty and students
engage in several distance
education experiences.
Professor Kraemer teaches
The Pentateuch, a combined
class of Edmonton and
St. Catharines students;
Dr. Chambers uses
videoconferencing to share
his Pastoral Ministry Seminar
class for 4th year students
with a remote colloquy
student; and CLS students
attend both Dr. Winger’s
Pericope Seminar and
Dr. Stephenson’s History III
with CLTS students via
Contact Registrar
Jeffrey Nachtigall
for more details:
Tel: (780) 474-1468 ext 227
The Sacred Convocation
You are our precious partners in “forming servants
for Jesus’ sake.” This process culminates after
a student completes the academic requirements
and vicarage for earning a Master of Divinity
degree (MDiv) and receives a theological diploma
and call to serve the church as a pastor.
Thank you for being there with us throughout
our journey and theirs. See you then!
Please join us on Friday, May 29, 2015 at 7:00 pm
when our newest candidates will graduate
and be placed in their first congregation.
This is a time for thanksgiving and celebration.
Rev. Nolan Astley, father of one of our
candidates, is scheduled to be our preacher.
We also anticipate the awarding of honorary
degrees (and welcome your nominations).
You may join us in person at the Concordia
University College of Alberta Tegler Centre,
including the reception that follows, or tune in
to the live online electronic feed of this significant
event for the Church.
pizza night
On Friday, October 17,
CLS hosted a pizza night
for potential seminary
students in the Edmonton
area to meet the faculty
and students and enjoy
a time of fellowship and
foosball. Nearly a dozen
students from the area
attended the event, and
we’re looking forward
to larger class sizes
in the next few years.
If you would like to attend
an event like this, or know
someone who would,
contact Jeff Nachtigall at
[email protected]
The Deadline for the Entrance Scholarships
is Approaching!
If you or someone you know is planning to apply
to Concordia Lutheran Seminary for the 2015-16
Academic Year, now is the time! Five Entrance
Scholarships of $2,500 are available to qualified
students who submit their application to the
M.Div. Program by February 1, 2015.
Simply complete the MDiv. Application for
Enrollment form and submit.
The qualifications for the Entrance Scholarship
are the following:
• an undergraduate degree from
an accredited institution
• earned credit in both Greek and Hebrew
• a member in good standing of a congregation
of Lutheran Church—Canada
The Entrance Scholarships are sponsored in part
by the Concordia Lutheran Seminary Guild.
For more information see:
Or contact Professor Jonathan Kraemer,
Director of Financial Aid at:
[email protected]
Tel: 780-474-1468, ext. 223
have you ever
a church
work vocation?
left to right: scott, levi, elliot, michelle and kennedy gamble
Seminary Student
in Focus
Name: Scott Gamble
Year: 4
Home District: ABC District
I grew up in the small hamlet of Markerville, just
outside of Red Deer, AB. I was blessed with the
support of loving Christian parents and strong
role models in my home congregation, Christ
Lutheran Church, where I saw the love of Christ
in action within the church and community. It is
these relationships and examples that nurtured
my faith and eventually led me to pursue the
office of pastoral ministry.
I was attending Concordia University College
of Edmonton when I met my wife to-be, Michelle.
I graduated in 2008 and we were married that
summer. God has blessed me with an unbelievable
partner, and three little ‘angels’ who have multiplied
our blessings over the past six years. I entered
Seminary part-time in 2010 while Michelle was
on maternity leave with our first son, Elliot.
Seminary has rarely been easy, but it has always
been rewarding, with regular and abundant
blessings and support coming from God through
the Church. Last year we were on vicarage in
Calgary at Foothills Lutheran Church. The plethora
of lessons I learned and experiences I gained
were equally matched with the incredible
friendships we made with the saints at Foothills
– our family in Christ is ever increasing as we are
blessed to learn and grow in service. Being back
in Edmonton for one final year is again a great
gift – to be able to take time to grow as much
as I can, those gifts God has given me to serve the
Church, and to work on those weaknesses that
hold back my gifts (or maybe more appropriately,
to learn to see those weaknesses as points where
God’s strength shines through all the more).
God surpassed our expectations when moving
back to Edmonton by providing a great (and
reasonably priced) place to live, an incredible
part-time teaching job for Michelle, a fantastic
child care provider, ample financial support from
the Seminary Financial Aid, and wonderful friends
and family to support us. All of these gifts, from my
earliest days of hearing God’s Word to preparing
to deliver God’s Word to His people, have made
me the recipient of abundant blessings. I see all
this now as ‘fuel’ in preparation for going out, that
I may be a faithful servant that delivers the
abundant grace of our God to His people. Thank
you to everyone throughout the Church that has
played even the smallest role in helping me get
here; may God continue to provide workers for
the harvest, to serve His people through His
people, the Church.
Is God calling you to serve
as a Pastor, a Lutheran
Teacher or a Director of
Parish Services (DPS)? Or do you know of someone
who should consider a
vocation as a full-time
church-worker? We want
to challenge you and assist
you as you work through
these questions. We have
launched a website to help
answer your questions. The address is:
Financial News – Remembrance Donations
In Memory Of:
Remembered by:
In Memory Of:
Remembered by:
Albert Bauer
Kathleen Bauer
Rev. Carl Janzow
Terry & Jacquelyn Hagen
Frank Belden
Norman & Muriel Threinen
Delores Jensen
Alvin & Hertha Scheetz
Harold Bosche
Lorraine Parr-Pearson
Hulda Jansen
Tom & Karen Hutchison
Mr. & Mrs. Botschatzke
William & Lorraine Irwin
Laurel May Kalmbach
Redgie Kalmbach
Shirley Clemis
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Wayne & Bev Dahlen
Richard Dobel
Helene Dobel
Ulrich & Renate Hess
Henry Doell
Marie Doell
Doris Moore
Richard Donald Dyck
Inez Paap
Helen Eifert
John & Dorothy Bartlett
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church –
Dawson Creek, BC
I thank my God every time
I remember you. In all my
prayers for all of you, I always
pray with joy because of your
partnership in the gospel
from the first day until now,
being confident of this,
that he who began a good
work in you will carry it on
to completion until the day
of Christ Jesus.
Wayne & Bev Dahlen
Jack & Clara Schram
Wayne & Laurel Dahlen
Emmy Steinke
Philippians 1: 3-4
Susan Steinke
Florence Eifert
Lawrence & Gail Eifert
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Paul & Ruth Eifert
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Linda Nunweiler
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Ottilie Steinke
Doris Melick
John & Ruth Adam
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Bruce & Karen Broughton
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Arthur Nagora
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Dr. Russ Nelson
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Rev. Herb Heinemann
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Ed & Agnes Oldhaver
Denise Hind
Perry Hennig
Paul & Ellen Neyka
Randall & Diana Morgan
Darren & Karin Siegle
Damon & Helen Orsten
Shirley Reinbold
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Patricia Hergesheimer
Clorence Petersen
Ethel Petersen
Henry Pischke
Harold & Ruth Ruf
Andrew Vincent
Harold & Sharon Schmidt
Dale Pregizer
Rudolph & Edna Pregizer
Mr. & Mrs. Irwin
William & Lorraine Irwin
Violet Printz
Wilbert Printz
Rev. & Mrs. Reinhold
Gerardo & Marilyn Schmidt
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Armin & Margaret Rehbein
Carl & Melida Reutter
Eric Reutter
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Alma Ross & Dorothea Toole
Gordon & Marilyn Toole
Mr & Mrs S. Sawyer
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Remembered by:
Carol & Emil Bulas –
50th Anniversary
Darrin & Christina Bulas
Dr. James Gimbel
Robert & Margaret Mairs
Ken & Elsie Rodeman
Norman Threinen
John & Jennifer Maxfield
New treasurer/
Bookkeeper Team
Welcome to our new Treasurer/Bookkeeper
team, Amy Thera and Janice Godbout,
who began in November and are
helping address the complexities of our
financial profile.
Thanks to your generous support,
thumbnail figures indicate that we are
on track for achieving our balanced
budget for the year.
Gifts received December 2013 to November 2014
Yes, I want to make a donation
to Concordia Lutheran Seminary
Your Seminary exists to serve you and your
congregation. Out of love for the Lord’s church,
we invite you to sustain your Seminary with
your interest, your prayers, and your gifts.
So let each one give
as he purposes in his
heart, not grudgingly
or of necessity; for God
loves a cheerful giver.
2 Corinthians 9:7
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