Over 40 Hockey

Come join the Ice World Over-40 League. This is your chance to get in a great skate, enjoy the
company of peers, and most importantly, have fun! The Over-40 League starts at the beginning
of each month and is priced based on the number of sessions in that month.
1300 Governor Court
Abingdon, MD 21009
For Further information call
Ed Slusher, Hockey Director
@ 410-612-1000x106 or
[email protected]
Mondays: February 2, 9, 16, 23
Game Times:
Feb. 2,16, 23: 8:30-9:20 9:30-10:20pm
Feb. 9: 9:30-10:20, 9:45-10:35pm
Price: $30 for all 4 nights if paid by Feb. 2
$37.50 for Feb. 9, 16, 23
$14 drop-in
Game Length: 3 periods all 15 minutes with a running clock. Clock can be stopped for injuries.
Team Division: Captains/League board will divide players into 4 teams each week.
This will work like a draft to keep the teams even.
More game details on the back.
(Pre-registration and payment required)
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Upon entering events sponsored by Ice World and/or agents or affiliates, I agree to abide by the rules of Ice World as currently published. I understand and appreciate that participation or observation of ice skating constitutes a risk of serious injury or death. I voluntarily and knowingly recognize, accept and assume this risk and release Ice World, Ice Partners 1, LLC, Sponsors or event organizers and officials from any and all liability
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Team Division Process: Players will be asked after each Monday if they
will be attending the following week/months skate. Teams will then be designed based on the players that are attending the next skate. Players may
show-up early and if there is an open spot they may be asked to play and
the same applies for the later game as well. If a player does not contact
Mike or Joe before coming out to Over-40 they may not be able to play
that or week/month.
Refs/Scorekeepers: One ref for both games that is there only to call offside, icing and goals! Refs may call penalties that will result in breakaway
for the obstructed team. If the ref has an issue with a player he may ask
them to leave. If a player takes a penalty that results in him or her being
ask to leave the game he maybe suspended for more games. Captains will
need to collect 2 dollars from all players each night to pay the ref fees.
Player Responsibilities: Players must let Joe Rose or Mike Alban
(emails are provided below) know when they are going to miss by
Friday each week minus emergencies. Players will need to bring both
a dark and light jersey. If a player needs a light or dark they may take
one from the rink.
Joe Rose: [email protected]
Mike Alban: [email protected]