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February 2015
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God’s Love
Grandma’s House Update — 2
Texting Dictionary Items — 2
Help Wanted — 3
Many Thanks—3
Sewing Day for Grandma’s
House –3
Church Council Update—4
Thank You from Finance Committee—5
Please Conserve—5
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Bible Quiz—6
Christian Symbol—6
Could we with ink the ocean fill,
were the whole sky of parchment made;
were every stalk on earth a quill
and every man a scribe by trade;
to write the love of God above
would drain the ocean dry;
nor could the scroll contain the whole,
though stretch’d from sky to sky.
-Meir Ben Isaac Nehorai
(adapted modern version)
February 21
Grandma’s House Update
by Leona Beezley
I am not on their board any longer, but I still am responsible for seeing that they get needed
items such as personal items, quilts, tote bags and personal bags, so thought I would give you
an update.
Children served 1/1/14 to 12/31/14
Ages involved
7-12 93
13-18 58
220 (150 females and 70 males)
On the front end, they help families with gas cards to make the trip to the center and any other emergency as well. As far as follow up is concerned, we refer families to communal resources and other agencies to help with other issues that arise for them (i.e. food stamps, family services…)
They try to get every child they see in for a trauma-focused therapy assessment with our inhouse counselor, and for many we do continued weekly therapy.
Just a remainder that I have a box in the old kitchen marked “Grandma’s House” if anyone has
any donations to give to them. I get items from various other churches, individuals, and quilters so regularly take items to them when we get a car load.
A Few Senior Texting Dictionary Items
by Leona Beezley
For those of you who text thought you might like these abbreviations and what they mean…..
These are from www.textingdictionaryofacronyms.com.
At the doctor’s
Bring your own teeth
Can’t remember stuff
Driving while incontinent
Friend with beta blockers
Forgot where I was
Lost my glasses again
Talk to you louder
Who am I talking to?
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A new year is dawning. We need
lectors, communion servers, and
ushers for All Faith Worship Services for this coming year. Sign-up
sheets are on the narthex bulletin
Sewing Day for Grandma’s House
by Leona Beezley
The Tabitha Circle is going to concentrate on doing more community mission work this year.
So at the first meeting of they ear (January 13) the ladies decided to do
our first project in February.
When? Saturday, February 7, starting at 9 am and continuing until everyone is tired or the projects are completed.
Bring your sewing machines and supplies. Even if you don’t sew,
come...we will have things for everyone to do. Also if have fabric that can
be used to make personal bags (approx 20x20) someone can cut, while
others sew. Leona will bring some kids’ quilt kits (4 that a friend made
up for her and others she makes up, if can get them put together). If you
have quilt fabric you want to bring to sew into quilts feel free to do so.
We also need the rope to string the personal bags – nylon 1/8 inch. One I
have used is package of 40ft. Think can make 15 bags with a pack of 40 ft.
Think will need about 4 – 5 40ft packets or total of 160 ft or more of 1/8
inch nylon rope.
For those that knit or crochet – Grandma’s House always need hats,
scarves, gloves for all sizes of kids.
Goal for the day – make 100 or more personal bags, as many quilts as have fabric available
and as many other items as anyone can make!
SO come, enjoy the day, invite your friends to help too and make items for Grandma’s House.
Lunch and snacks will be available. Feel free to bring snacks to share. More details on lunch
as the day gets closer!
Church Council Update
Once again, Caleb and I are so grateful to be a part of the All Faith family. Thank you to
everyone who supported us with prayers, visits, calls, cards and delicious meals. Thank you
to Pastor Karen for helping me to stay calm during some very anxious moments in the ER
and during surgery. We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives.
Since I missed the January newsletter – I am going to pretend that this is the first one of the
year! The Council’s focus will be on mission and ministry in 2015, particularly local mission. We are evaluating our current efforts to see where we can improve and to make sure
that the mission projects we plan will fit with our mission statement – To know God and to
make Him known.
Per our vision statement, we strive to be a loving congregation and to accomplish our mission through worship, relationships, mission and service. The Council will be looking at several options for mission and service so that everyone, even those of us with some physical
limitations, will be able to contribute to our mission efforts. We believe that each of us
wants to experience the joy of being the “hands and feet of Christ” in serving others.
Prayer Works! How many times have we heard this during joys and concerns, or felt it in
our own hearts? Here are some quotes from the book Discovering Hope: Building Vitality in
Rural Congregations:
Prayer is a crucial ingredient for effectiveness in congregational mission and ministry.
A praying church is a vital church. A vital church is a church meeting the needs of its members and a church in mission to its neighbors.
It is clear that if a God-centered focus brought alive through active prayer is not present,
healthy growth simply does not happen.
The Council is asking everyone to pray regularly for All Faith – for us to accomplish our mission to bring the love of God to others and make a difference in their lives.
Remember Psalms 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.
Thank you, Pastor Karen, for the wonderful sermon series on “Becoming Christ’s Disciple”.
What an inspiring message to start 2015!
EJ Adams
Thank You!!
All Faith is very blessed to have had an extremely generous donation that surely brightened
the year’s end financially. We appreciate the generosity of this person, and of all of you who
made every effort to help us meet our obligations. As a result, we were able to pay all of our
apportionments and to contribute $250 each to the Ozark Council of
Churches and to the Ozarks Food Harvest, our vital ministries donations for 2014.
Thank you!
From the Finance Committee:
Please Conserve!
We have already experienced an $800
electric bill this winter – which is the
highest we have ever had. It is imperative that we conserve as much as possible to keep our utility costs at a reasonable level. Turn off lights when
you leave a room or the building,
and do not adjust the thermostats
in the sanctuary or the Family
Life Center. We know that these
spaces may be a little cool for some of
you, but please wear a jacket or a
sweater so that you will be comfortable. Lap blankets are available in the
sanctuary – just ask.
+Christian Symbol +
Ruby Shafer
February 3
Robin Kier
February 12
Kevin Callahan
February 14
Raven Spencer
February 14
Donna Kay Standlee
February 26
Robert & Janet Zey
February 19
Bob & Ginny Ricky
February 20
Bible Quiz
Which Jericho woman hid the two Israelite spies, and where did she hide
A. Joanna, in her stable
B. Bathsheba, at her neighbor’s house
C. Milkah, under a pile of blankets
D. Rahab, on her roof
A scroll may symbolize the writings of Scripture,
particularly the Old Testament. In Luke 4, Jesus
read from the scroll of Isaiah at his home synagogue at Nazareth. A scroll may also symbolize
the Day of Judgment, with the names of the
elect, or saved, written on it. In Revelation 5, the
creatures and elders around God’s throne sing to
Christ the Lamb: “You are worthy to take the
scroll and open its seals, because you were slain,
and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people
and nation” (v.9, NIV).
Answer: D (See Joshua 2:3,6.)
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