February Branch 2015 - Latham United Methodist Church

February 2015
Vol. 4 Issue 2
Connecting Generations to Grow Relationships with God, Others, and Creation
Youth Ministries—Behold
Mack Savage, Interim Youth Director
I just want to give you a little bit of
an update about how awesome
your youth group is, not that you
need to be reminded! As most of
you know, we Just got back from
Behold, an annual retreat held at
camp Sumatanga, and it was
AMAZING to say the least! As
expected the weekend was full of
great opportunities to get closer to
God, and our youth took full advantage of all of them! Peder Ide
led worship and Chris Jones was
the speaker, and both were truly
amazing. I cannot tell you how
amazing it was to see 700 young
people truly getting closer to God.
If you were not able to go this year I am sorry, but do not worry because we will be going back next year! So
keep that in mind, it is an experience worth going on!
I have one more big update: Confirmation is finally here! The first class will be held
Sunday February 1st at 3:30 in room 151 (the room across from the stairs leading to
the youth room). If you do not know, Confirmation is where the students get the
chance to learn about the history of the church, learn about what we believe, and
learn why it is important to have a relationship with Christ. There will be a retreat for
those students and their mentors February 27th-28th, and after they complete the
classes they will have the opportunity to be baptized and join the church.
Inside this issue:
Sermon Series
Leadership List
This is a great time for the youth here at Latham. We have so much going on to help In Reach
these students develop a strong relationship with God, and I want you to know that Calendar
we could not do this with out you! So Thank you so much!
Lifetree Café
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The Lenten Season
Chris Klaus, Minister of Music and Worship
Keep a Holy Lent? What will you do without during
this Lenten season? Perhaps you will begin to add
something or start something new in your life. Lent is
meant to be a season of self-reflection, a time for growing closer in your personal relationship with God. This
is a time to let go of the temptations of life and focus
more on what God is calling us to do. Ask yourself,
“What can I do or change about my life that will allow
me to grow closer to Him?” Will you begin a prayer
journal? Will you start a practice of silence or meditation? Lent is also about discipline. However, this is not
a self-discipline, necessarily. We are not alone. God wants to intervene, and we have to allow Him to take
hold of our burdens, our heavy loads, and our temptations of this life. He is there and waiting to hear from
you. May He help us all to be disciplined to take hold of the life that is truly Life and keep a Holy Lent.
Latham’s Ash Wednesday Service: Wednesday, February 18 @ 6:00pm, Sanctuary.
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February Sermon Series
By Hughey Reynolds
During February I will preach a series of sermons called Life Stewardship in the Morning Watch and Traditional Worship services.
The subject February 1 is Stewardship of Relationships. The sermon is titled “Am I My Sister’s Keeper?” Who
are the people in your life who have been given to your care? How are you managing those relationships or
are they managing you? What boundaries do you observe or have the boundaries faded to the point that these
relationships are draining you? We will examine and learn from Jesus’ teaching on the faithful and wise servant based on Matthew 24:45-51.
The subject February 8 is Stewardship of Time. The title is “No Time Left for You.” We will take a serious
and lighthearted look at ways guilt from the past and anxiety over the future crowd out the present moment
leaving us with no time to enjoy life. There is another way. The sermon is based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-11a,
Ephesians 5:15-20, and Colossians 4:5.
The final sermon in the series on February 15 is on the subject of Stewardship of Resources and titled
“Possessions.” It is a reflection and teaching based on Matthew 19: 16-30 that reports Jesus’ interaction with a
rich young man who asked what good deed he must do to have eternal life and with the disciples who ask what
they will get in return for leaving everything to follow him. Does following Jesus leave us with no possessions
or many?
On February 22, the first Sunday in Lent, we will revisit the Temptations of Jesus. This is a stand-alone sermon intended to guide us in the discipline of self-examination during Lent. It is based on Matthew 4:1-11.
Orchard Sermon Series - “This We Believe"
By Chris Martin
The Apostles’ Creed has been part of our historic Christian faith since around the 2nd century. It
truly captures the basic tenets of the Christian faith and
it has long been used as a guide to instruct new believers in the faith. Over the next seven weeks in the Orchard, we are going to be thinking together about the
purpose of the Apostles Creed, as well as what it says
we believe and why we believe those things. I pray that
it will be a great learning opportunity for all us as we
seek to understand our faith in a fuller sense.
- 2/1/15
- 2/8/15
"I Believe in God, the Father Almighty,
Creator of Heaven and Earth"
"I Believe in Jesus Christ, His Only Son,
Our Lord"
"I Believe in the Holy Spirit"
"...the holy catholic Church"
"...the communion of saints"
"...the forgiveness of sins"
"....the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting."
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Operation Christmas Child—Our Best Year Yet
Carolyn Glaese, OCC Coordinator
In the 10 years Latham UMC has served as a Relay Center for Operation Christmas Child, 2014 has been our
best year yet. We processed 4200 shoe boxes from churches, organizations, and individuals in Southeast
Huntsville. Latham donated 225 shoe boxes.
A big “thank you” goes to all who packed shoe boxes, made monthly donations, donated shipping money, or
worked at the Relay Center and packing party. Thank you to UMM for buying the plastic shoe boxes for the
packing party and to Bryan Bentley of PODS for the free use of 2 pods and transportation to the collection station in Madison. Also a big thanks to Michelle Rutherford for serving as the packing party chairperson and
Carolyn Peters for being co-chairperson of the Relay Center as well as the staff for help in promoting this program.
Carolyn and I have decided not to serve as coordinators of the Relay Center for this coming year. We are actively seeking someone to take over this out-reach program so Latham can continue its tradition as the “the
shoe box church.” Michelle Rutherford will continue to promote the monthly donations and packing party.
There is also an opportunity for someone to work along with Michelle to coordinate Latham’s printed shoe box
collection. I know there are many individuals at Latham who love OCC. Please consider leading one of these
ministries. Training and resources are provided through Samaritans Purse.
Operation Santa Clause
Donna Whitacre
A thank you from Operation Santa Clause!
You were most generous
and it was greatly appreciated. My thanks to all of
you. The thank-you below
is from Susan Smith.
Operation Santa Claus was
a huge success in 2014,
thanks in large part to your
generosity. With you help,
OSC was able to fulfill the
wishes of 122 group home
residents and provide toiletries, sweat suits, hats,
gloves, and leisure-time
items for 46 patients being
treated in psychiatric hospitals and crisis facilities at Christmas time. We couldn’t have done it without you!
We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015, secure in the knowledge that you showed God’s love to
some of His needy “children” in our community.
With Gratitude, Susan Smith, Operation Santa Clause Coordinator
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United Methodist Women
Judy Gillespie, UMW President
Carol Gullatt will be our guest speaker at UMW general meeting
to be held on February 4th at 10:00 in Farley Hall.
Carol is a Huntsville native who served as an active Deaconess in
public education from 2005 to 2014. She recently left teaching to
continue her education at Asbury Theological Seminary in preparation for ordained ministry. Carol finds joy in walking alongside
others in times of transition through the ministry of discipleship,
small group facilitation, and her work as coordinator of the
Network for
Ministries in
United Methodist Men
Michael Gris, UMM Secretary/Treasurer
Our next meeting will be the 1st of February and our speaker is
Linda Putnam, owner of Restore Your Niche, who specializes in
helping people get their lives back together after a fire, tornado or
other disaster and also helps people plan for disasters before they
happen. This presentation will be followed on March 1st by Joe
Sims, who is a Red Cross volunteer disaster response team leader.
He will talk about emergency services provided by the Red Cross
and how we can be involved. We hope that these two topics will better prepare our congregation for the trials of life here in Huntsville.
If you are not receiving an email invitation, consider this memo to be your invitation to come. Bring your
spouse, significant other or neighbor to share in our fellowship and possibly gets some hints on disaster preparedness.
Again, we meet the 1st Sunday of each month for a fellowship breakfast at 7 a.m. A donation for the breakfast
of $3 is suggested in order to cover the costs. If you wish to be added to our email distribution please contact
President Howard Trowbridge ([email protected]), Vice Presidents Jim Cape ([email protected])
and Joe Martin ([email protected]) or myself ([email protected]).
If you are new to attend or are not a regular member, please RSVP so we can prepare the meal and seating accordingly. Thank you. We hope to see you at the meetings.
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2015 Administrative Leadershipship
Finance Committee
Staff Parish Relations
Marty Martin, Chair
Nominations & Leadership
Larry Weaver
Rev. Hughey Reynolds
Chris Hazelrig
Johnnie Hanson
Rev. Chris Martin
Jackie Langhout
Jackie Simpson
Susan Terry
Jim Gatherer
Angela Langston
Traci Loveman
Delores Padgett
Gerald Smith
Jim Gillespie
Shirley Fugit
Debbie Ingleright
Alice Shipman
Laura Emerson
Rob Terry
Tasmen Yauney
Ernie Young
Don Lambert
Jennifer Wood
Sherri Ryan
Richard Hutzler
Dave Stone
Jim Williams
Marty Bryan
Tracy Manush
Dean Stone, Chair
Lillie Latham
Scholarship Committee
Genette Stephens, Chair
Jeff Langhout, Chair
James Cope
Roger Beck
Lori Hazelrig
Alice Vosahlik
Library Committee
Ben Stone
Lyn McCarter
Rosemarie Bishop, Co-chair
Sally Gore
Neal Porter
Pat Purushotham, Co-chair
Freddia Scott
Candy Trowbridge
Freddia Scott
Paula Stutts
Jack Matheney
Damon Nolin
Bernice Sutton
Richard Peters
Elaine McClure
Betty Langston
Charlie Warren
Buchanan Memorial Scholarship Committee
Catherine Beck, Chair
Jo Hanson
Director of Youth Ministries
Audra Prefling
Youth Coordinator
Heather Porter
Senior High School SS Teacher
Marcellus Graham
Senior Pastor, Hughey Reynolds
Michelle Rutherford
5 Church Members Selected by Committee
Lori Gray
Buchanan Family Representative, Ginny Green
Paul Stutts
Trustee Representative
Mary Cope
Page 7
Officers of the Board of Stewards
Chair, Buddy Bishop
Vice Chair, Mike Gris
Secretary, Amma Barnes
Lay Leader, Ken Stephens
Lay Members to Annual Conference, Alice & Eric Vosahlik
Alternates, Richard & Dale Peters
Treasurer, Donna Whitacre
Assistant Treasurer, Richard Peters
Finance Chair, Marty Martin
SPR Chair, Dean Stone
Trustee Chair, Jeff Langhout
Library Co-chairs, Rosemarie Bishop, Pat Purushotham
CDC Chair, Catherine Beck
Lillie Latham Scholarship Chair, Genette Stephens
Buchanan Scholarship Chair, TBD
Communications Coordinators, Frank Barger, Jana Seikel (apprentice)
Connect Coordinator, Ginny Bentley, Celia Seay
Children’s Coordinators, Ben Stone, Cherry Keeton, Jennifer Barger
Discipleship Coordinator, Joe Martin, Lauren Stiles (apprentice)
In-Reach Coordinator, Liz Hall Zeman, Windy Geisinger (apprentice)
Out-Reach Coordinator, Doug Seay, Jeremy Och (apprentice)
Worship Coordinators, David Gore, Rosemarie Bishop, Jim Geisinger
Youth Coordinators, Sam Lasseter, Grace Langhout
Farmer’s Market Director, Jane Smith
Lifetree Director, Andy White
Membership Secretary, Roy Willis, Rhonda Ryan (apprentice)
UMM President, Howard Trowbridge
UMW President, Judy Gillespie
Youth Representative, Baxley Porter
Page 8
Leadership Continued
Members at Large of the Board of Stewards
Farmers Market Board
Gerald Smith
David Gore
Buddy Bishop
Jane Smith, Chair
Charles Rowden
Eric Vosahlik
Lyle Langston
Carolyn Peters, Asst. Manager
Bill Vosahlik
Jeremy Och
Elizabeth Cantley
Carolyn Glaese, Asst. Manager
Judy Moore
Mike Gris
Amma Barnes
Shirley Fugit
Jackie Langhout
Phil Ryan
Ann Askew
Betty Kilpatrick
Jan Weaver
Roger Gray
Eleanor Hollobaugh
Lee McBride
Mary Cope
Lou Rau
Nikki Bailes
Kim McFadden
Cal Blevins
Stacey Stone
Jim Williams
Audra Prefling
Jack Rogers
Ministry Teams
Charles Rowden
Children’s Ministry-Susan Terry
Doug Seay
Ben Stone, Cherry Keeton, Jennifer Barger
CommunicationsFrank Barger, Jana Seikel
Connect-Susan Terry
Celia Seay, Ginny Bentley
Discipleship-Chris Martin
Joe Martin, Lauren Stiles, Marty Bryan, Elaine Parker
In-Reach-Marvene Borntrager
Liz Hall Zeman, Windy Geisinger
Lifetree-Andy White
Out-Reach-Chris Martin
Doug Seay, Jeremy Och
Worship-Chris Klaus
David Gore, Rosemarie Bishop, Jim Geisinger
YouthSam Lasseter, Grace Langhout
Terri Sims
Diana Underwood
Bernadette Williams
Jim Williams
Mary Jane Williams
Page 9
In Reach Ministries-Mysteries of Casseroles Explained
Liz Hall Zeman, Lay Leader
Where do the casseroles, soups come from?
Casseroles and soups are made by any generous members of the congregation that wish to participate. An easy way to help is to remember: “When
you make it for your family, make a little more” for a member of the
What is the purpose of the Casserole Ministry?
Casseroles are available for church members during an emergency. Emergencies may include hospitalization, death, or other events of this nature.
This food is intended to provide immediate support until other groups
(Sunday school classes, Circles, Small Groups, etc) have time to organize.
How do I get a casserole?
Requests for a casserole can come from you, a friend, or a fellow class member – anyone who may be familiar
with your emergency circumstances. All that needs to be done is to place a call to Marvene in the church office. She will contact that month’s casserole “runner” who will contact the family about the need and make
arrangements to deliver the casserole.
What is a casserole worth?
A casserole is concrete evidence of the love of Latham’s congregation. That’s the answer I used to give – before I received one when I had knee surgery. Now I know that a casserole means help when you need it, a
feeling of warmth that people thought of you, and a sense of belonging to a caring family. Please think to prepare a casserole (or soup) and let us know when someone may need one!
Elderberries Note
Bill Barnes
Elderberries and guests will be treated to a presentation of the spiritual experiences of noted author Marian Powell at the February 19
meeting at ll:30 am in Farley Hall. Mrs. Powell will discuss her experiences from being placed in a home for children in Birmingham as
a young child to becoming a successful business owner, matriarch of
a large Christian family, world traveler and recipient of the National
Colliers’ Award in New York City for her book based on Alabama
history. Lunch will be served at 12:00, followed by the program at
12:30. Please call Dot Coombe for lunch reservations if you are not
on the regular caller list. You may come to the program without having lunch if you so desire.
Page 10
In Reach Ministries
Liz Hall Zeman, Lay Leader
Women’s Retreat on March 13, 14, & 15!!
Women of all ages are retreating from their busy worlds to spend time in rest, reflection, and refreshment. The
retreat will be held at Camp Sumatanga with bus transportation available for a small fee for those who may
need it. Carpooling is also encouraged.
We hope everyone will arrive for a welcome and mix and mingle Friday evening. The retreat will end around
11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. In between we will enjoy interesting presentations, good conversations and
This is an opportunity to recharge your spiritual center in order to live a simpler and more joyful life. Please
join us!!
Retreat from life’s concerns
and hectic schedules…
Rest your body and spirit…
Reflect upon joyful spirituality…
Return home refreshed!
“Joyful Spirituality”
L.U.M.C Women’s Retreat
at Camp Sumatanga
March 13-15, 2015
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February 2015 Event and Birthday Calendar
Blood Pressure
1p Morris Tutoring 5a Discipleship
7a UMM Breakfast
3:30p Confirmation
6p Discipleship
6:30p CDC Board
Becky Richardson
Jane Ellen
Billy Martin
Robert Wyne
10a Alzheimer’s
Support Group
9a Bob Ross
12p Discipleship
Mary Cope
Jim Williams
10a UMW
1p Morris Tutoring General Meeting
6p Discipleship
Windy Geisinger
6p Discipleship
Leisa Teed
Charles Myres
Stacy Stone
Don Lambert
David Berry
Food Pantry
1p Morris Tutoring 5a Discipleship
2p Jo Walton
Literary Group
3:30p Confirmation
6p Discipleship
Aaron Sumner
Herschel Moore
Gabe Carmichael
Cheryl Clausen
9:30a Circle 3
6p Discipleship
10a Circle 5
Tony Martin
6p Valentine’s
Gary Taylor
10a In Stitches
1p Morris Tutoring Charles
1:30p Circle 1
12p Discipleship
Virginia Esslinger
Marvin Yost
Mary Ann Wear
Elaine McCormick
6p Discipleship
2p Buchanan
1p Circle 6
5a Discipleship
Scholarship Meeting 1p Morris Tutoring 9:30a Circle 4
3:30p Confirmation 6p Discipleship
1p Morris Tutoring
Candy Trowbridge
Mary Webb
10a Circle 2
11:30a Elderberry
Laura Terry
6p Ash Wed.
12p Discipleship
Mildred Stephenson
3:30p Confirmation
1p Morris Tutoring 5a Discipleship
Shirley Fugit
Alice Bennett
10:30a Elderberry
Gail Patton
7p Circle 7
9:30a UMW
1p Morris Tutoring Board Meeting
6p Discipleship
6p Back Packing
10a In Stitches
6p Discipleship
Wes Smith
Betsy Ledbetter
Brian McCormick
Marty Martin
12p Discipleship
Jim Geisinger
6p Discipleship
Jack Martin
Alan Richardson
Sylvia Mitchell
Raina French
Every Sunday:
7:45a Band Rehearsal
8:30a Morning Watch
8:55a Orchard Service
10:05a Sunday School
11:05a Liturgical Service
5:00p Pastor’s Bible Study
5:00p Treehouse-Children
5:00p Youth
5:30p Celebration Choir
6p Discipleship
Tom Langhout
Every Monday:
8:30a Bend & Stretch
6:00p Just Faith
6:00p Praise Band
Every Tuesday:
7:00p Tutoring
Every Thursday:
8:30a Bend & Stretch
6:30p Lifetree Café
10:00a Ladies Bible Study
10:30a Staff Meeting
1:30p Wesley Singers
6:00p Boys Scouts
6:00p Jubilation Handbells
7:00p Ladies Bible Study
7:00p Chancel Choir
Bill Barnes
Ashley Chrisman
Jamie Cope
Latham United Methodist Church
109 Weatherly Road
Huntsville, AL 35803
Phone: 256-881-4069
Fax: 256-880-0305
On the web: lathamumc.org
Connect with the Staff
Rev. Dr. Hughey Reynolds, Senior Pastor
[email protected]
Chris Martin, Minister of Discipleship
[email protected]
Susan Terry, Minister of Connect & Children’s Ministries
[email protected]
Chris Klaus, Minister of Music & Worship
[email protected]
Marvene Borntrager, Staff Coordinator for Inreach
[email protected]
Anita Banks, Business Administrator
[email protected]
Traci Harris, Director of Child Development Center
[email protected]
Cherry Keeton, Organist
Joey Evans, Pianist
February 19th
February 26th
February 12th
February 5th
Lifetree Café
Join the conversation each Thursday Night at 6:30 PM.
An hour long experience is packed with
interesting stories, fascinating people, and lively conversation that will feed your soul.