Board Meeting Minutes 9.8.14 - Battle Creek Montessori Academy

Battle Creek Montessori Academy
Board of Directors
Organizational and Regular Meeting
Board Meeting Location:
339 N 20th Street
Springfield, MI 49037
6:00 PM
September 8, 2014
1. Call to Order
Board President Designee Mike Coykendall called the meeting to
order at 6:10 PM.
2. Roll Call
Board Members Present: Angela Kreger, Jennifer Beam, Mike
Coykendall, Odell Miller, and Shannon Calhoun.
Members Absent: Reba Harrington.
Present: Mike Wildey and Ann Gyllstrom (MIChoice), Art Willick, and
Laura Emschanov (FSU).
3. Public Comments
4. Ferris State University Comments
a. Art Willick reminded the board to submit any board activity
credits to Mindy Britton.
b. A brochure will be arriving via mail for the board members called
“Board Meeting at a Glance.”
c. FSU presented BCMA with a banner to hang in the school.
5. Approval of Agenda
It was moved by Member Angela Kreger and supported by
Member Shannon Calhoun to approve the agenda as posted.
5 Ayes, 0 Nays
6. Correspondence
a. Received a letter from Dr. Rizzo with FSU stating that they “nondisapprove” the board loan and that FSU urges the board to pay
off the loan as soon as possible.
b. Received a letter approving Lakeview School District as the
BCMA Lunch Provider.
7. Approval of Special Meeting Minutes of August 6, 2014
It was moved by Member Jennifer Beam and supported by Member
Angela Kreger to approve the minutes with the corrections noted
5dii: Discussion on seeking approval from Ferris and Treasury
for a loan to pay management fees that have been deferred.
VFG will loan up to $400,000. MIChoice will work with Board
Treasurer to negotiate interest rate, board seeks to have rate
capped at 9.5%, with a goal of 8%. MIChoice will make up the
difference of the interest rate up to 2 ½%. It was moved by
member Jennifer Beam and supported by Member Shannon
Calhoun to seek Ferris and Treasury approval, if needed, to
secure this loan for purposes of paying MIChoice LLC for first
year, start-up costs and reimbursable expenses.
5 Ayes, 0 Nays
8. Organizational Meeting
a. Election of Officers
i. President- Michael Coykendall
ii. Vice President- Shannon Calhoun
iii. Secretary- Angela Kreger
iv. Treasurer- Jennifer Beam
b. Adoption of Resolution Stating Board Compliance with Laws,
Rules, and Regulations
c. Adoption of Resolution Designating the Person Responsible
for Posting Regularly Scheduled and Special Board Meeting
Date Notice for the Academy Board
d. Adoption of Resolution Designating Public Places to Post
Calendar and Individual Meeting Notices of RegularlyScheduled and Special Meeting Date Notices for the Academy
e. Adoption of Resolution Designating Depository for Academy
f. Adoption of Resolution Designating Principal Print Media
g. Adoption of Resolution Designating Board Members and
Personnel Eligible to Sign Academy Checks
h. Adoption of Resolution Designating Personnel Authorized to
Negotiate and Implement Contracts with Service Providers
i. Adoption of 2014-2015 School Year Calendar
j. Appointment of Title IX, Freedom of Information, and Civil
Rights Coordinators
k. Appointment (or Reappointment) of Legal Counsel
l. Appointment (or Reappointment) of External Auditor
m. Appointment (or Reappointment) of Chief Administrative
n. Appointment (or Reappointment) of Electronic Transfer Officer
o. Adoption of Resolution Concerning Reimbursement of
Recurring Costs
p. Adoption of Resolution Concerning Contact Persons for
Sexual Harassment, Section 504 Requests, Asbestos Hazard
Emergency Response Act (AHERA), Playground Safety Act,
and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
It was moved by Member Jennifer Beam and supported by Member
Shannon Calhoun to adopt/approve items 8A thru 8P as written in
the agenda packet.
5 Ayes, 0 Nays
9. Student Achievement Report
a. The Annual Education Report (AER) is on the BCMA website,
also a letter went out to families with this information and
included information explaining NWEA, the new test being
used to measure student growth this year.
b. Student enrollment is currently at 191 students.
10. Treasurer’s Report
a. Jennifer Beam reported that we are waiting on June 2014 audit
to be completed.
11. Business Items:
a. Monthly Financial Report/June 2014 July 2014
i. The board reviewed, there were no questions.
b. Financial Plan Update Report/VFG Loan Resolution
i. Working with VFG. Option was presented for MIChoice
to forgive interest on fees owed to them and the board
assume the 2% (for 10% total) interest on the loan. Also
suggested a 45 month lease instead of 48. It is
understood that the Board of Directors is solely liable
for the loan. VFG needs a resolution and signed
proposal to proceed.
It was moved by Board Member Jennifer Beam and supported
by Board Member Odell Miller to move forward with this
5 Ayes, 0 Nays
c. Annual Education Report
i. It was moved by Member Angela Kreger and supported
by Mike Coykendall to approve the Annual Education
5 Ayes, 0 Nays
d. ESP Evaluation Process
i. Mike asked for clarification on how to score since it’s
only one year. Suggested, and agreed by rest of the
board, that Mike, Jennifer and Angela will meet to review
and provide input and it will be presented on the agenda
for the next board meeting for review and approval.
e. School Opening Report
i. 191 students, 5 preschoolers- need 9 more students to
reach goal of 200.
f. State Superintendent Actions Related to Charter Schools
i. Art Willick reported that FSU has a meeting on Friday
and will have more information after that meeting. This
doesn’t affect current schools that hold a charter
12. Business Manager Reports
a. School Leader’s Report
i. Staff is completing NWEA training Wednesday.
ii. Now using Montessori Compass and the new parent
portal, training has been completed on that as well.
b. MIChoice Report- none
13. Extended Public Comment
14. Closed Session
15. Confirmation of Next Board Meeting Date. Board Regular Meeting,
October 13, 2014, Academy Commons Area, 6:00pm.
16. Adjournment
It was moved by Member Jennifer Beam and supported by Member
Shannon Calhoun to adjourn the meeting at 6:54 PM.
5 Ayes, 0 Nays
The meeting was adjourned at 6:54 PM.
Certification by Secretary:
I certify to the best of my knowledge, the foregoing minutes of
September 8, 2014, Organizational and Regular Board meeting are
accurate and correct.
Angela Kreger
Minutes recorded by Angela Kreger.
Secretary of the Board