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Ministry for Ayush
Patanjali Yogpeeth is a synonym to Yoga-Ayurveda: Dr Mahesh Sharma
Yoga, Ayurveda, spiritualism and Vedas are identity
of India in the world. These identities were destroyed
by foreign rulers but Swami ji and revived them
through Patanjali Yogpeeth and got recognition for
these great cultural heritage of India. This is the
reason, Patanjali Yogpeeth is seen as a synonym of
yoga and Ayurveda in the world. Patanjali Yog Peeth has to be
developed as such a university so that needs of the whole world
could be fulfilled. With the efforts of Patanjali Yogpeeth, a strong
India will be built through yoga and Ayurveda and Government of
India is committed for it. Swami ji's leadership will earn glory
for Indian values and resolves globally and the responsibility to
ensure reach of yoga and Ayurveda to each and every village will
be taken by the Government of India. On India's proposal for
International Day of Yoga, the endorsement of 183 countries is
a great achievement. It will strengthen the way for International
Day of Yoga in the future. We are proud of the the strength of
Bharat Swabhiman Day.
Glory of Yoga and Ayurved will
make Indian farmers prosperous
Our martyrs sacrificed their lives with a dream
to build a divine India, however, even after
Independence it became difficult to maintain purity
of our air, water and our herbal medicines. Now it
can be possible only through Yoga and Ayurveda.
January 2015
In the coming five years, a lot of work is due to be done. Only then
India will regain its glorious place of Vishwa Guru or the mentor of
the world. Spread of Ayurveda will first of all make tribals, farmers
and backward sections of the society prosperous because only they
mainly produce herbs for medicinal purposes. Farmers will also
get their better return for their produce and this way the country
will attain prosperity.
If opening hospital is the solution to health related issues the US
would have been the world's healthiest nation. On the contrary, it
is faced with the side effects of English medicines. Now UNO too is
aware of the side effects of English medicines and want to get rid
of it. Other methods of medical treatments are used after a person
falls ill while Indian Ayurveda is used to protect a person from
falling ill. It is a matter of great pride for the whole world.
Now the country's air, water and
medicines will become purer
Patanjali's Amla juice, Aloe Vera juice, and other
such produces have become famous across the
world. These products have also restrained the profitdriven business foreign pharmaceutical companies.
Now Yoga-Ayurveda are not the optional but
mainstream and national way of treatment of diseases. It is really
amazing that whatever has to happen will happen now. Now or
Today's world's most important need is health, prosperity, peace,
harmony and brotherhood which is possible through the ways of
yoga, Ayurveda and the ways shown by our great ancient saints.
Days of waging wars are over, now India will become powerful
not through wars but through yoga and Ayurveda. Under the
supervision of Acharya ji, several projects are under way on world
herbal encyclopaedia, world herbal garden, etc.
January 2015
at Patanjali
These efforts will revive the ancient great knowledge of Indian
Yoga and Ayurveda, which have been suppressed for so many years.
A saint has been giving a call for this cause and now the Prime
Minister of India also has joined this drive. This is an important
move for the world system. Patanjali Yogpeeth has made head way
for the sake of these ideals, national values, etc and now it is the
need of the hour for all of us to work in this direction.
Independent India's first Ayush Minister Sripad Naik attended
Patanjali's fourth "Nishkam Seva awam Yog Sadhana Shivir"
(camp meant for selfless service and yoga) along with his wife.
They took blessings from respected Swamiji, delivered speech
and visited all the departments of Patanjali Yogpeeth with his
family. Moreover, he also planted an Amla tree at Phase I along
with Acharya Balkrishna and Bharat Swabhiman's Chief Central
It is important to note that at this Chatush Nishkaam Seva aur
Yog Sadhana Shivir, a slew of brothers and sisters visited here from
states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa and Rajasthan.
Union MoS for Small Industries at
State level camps in UP, Bihar
On the occasion of the launch of UP and Bihar camps at Patanjali's
Shraddhalayam Union MoS for Small Industries Giriraj Singh was
specially present. He took blessings of respected Swamiji. Acharya
Balkrisna ji, general secretary of Patanjali Yogpeeth, offered
him an Upavastra, to honour him. The Minister also practised
yoga under the supervision of Swamiji. He praised the vision of
Acharyakulam Education System and said that it has since been
been able to infuse national values in its children.
January 2015
MoS Culture, Tourism Dr Mahesh
Sharma at Patanjali Yogpeeth
MoS Culture, Tourism Dr Mahesh Sharma visited Patanjali
Yogpeeth and had elaborate talk with Swami ji over issues like
health, Indian culture, Swadeshi, tourism, etc. During talks, it
was also discussed how to encourage health tourism and to make
it eco-friendly and associate it with Indian traditions and basic
achievements of India. On this occasion, Swami ji said that health,
Swadeshi, culture and tourism are complimentary to each other.
The Minister termed the efforts being made by Patanjali Yogpeeth
in the fields of yoga, Ayurveda, Swadeshi, self-esteem, etc as a great
achievement for the country.
Industry Minister of the Government
of Nepal inaugurated medical camp
On December 09, Patanjali Yogpeeth's seven-day medical camp was
inaugurated by Nepal's Industry Minister Sri Mahesh Basnet. For
this, various teams of yoga experts were formed which monitored
various issues related to patients like their daily activities, their
food, their thinking, yoga, Asana, Pranayam and requirements
related to natural treatment.
On the occasion of inauguration of the camp, Swami ji said
that yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and treatment of pulses are
four pillars of treatment of diseases according to Indian way of
treatment. On this occasion, the Nepali Minister took blessings of
Swami ji so that he could implement these methods of treatment
in his own country. The Minister also talked to Patanjali's general
secretary Acharya Balkrishna ji and talked on improving the
condition of rural population.
January 2015
at Patanjali
On the first day of yoga camp, Swami ji surprised everyone by
running with all the participants of the camp.
Patanjali is laying foundation of a
strong India which will be capable of
providing a powerful leadership to the
world: Ashok Singhal
Haridwar, 04 December: International Working President of Vishwa
Hindu Parishad Ashok Singhal and Dr Luis Roset of Netherland
visited Patanjali Yogpeeth to meet Swami ji Maharaj. They had come
there to meet Swami ji regarding a seminar on Vedic Culture and
Knowledge to be held in Delhi hosted by Global Country of World
Peace. This will be held in February 2015. They had special discussion
with Swami ji on preset society and its challenges. Swami ji himself
accompanied them in taking a round of the various departments of
Patanjali like Acharyakulam and campus of Patanjali Gramodyog,
besides others. After reaching to Patanjali Gaushala (cow shelter)
Dr Luis and other visitors touched the cows and calf and they also
enjoyed the taste of fresh sugarcane. They praised the liveliness of
each of the leaves of the plants grown by Patanjali Gramodyog.
Praising Swami ji's organisational acumen and Patanjali's global
movement, VHP leader Ashok Singhal said that the initiatives are
laying a strong foundation to build a powerful India which will be
capable of providing an effective leadership to the world.
Union Agriculture and Food Processing
Minister Sanjeev Balian at Patanjali Yogpeeth
Way for prosperous India passes through villages and making
villages stronger is a pledge of Swami ji. Now for making a
prosperous India, Indian agriculture will move in the direction in
January 2015
which Swamiji will indicate.
RSS camp echoed with the pledge of
Yogic nationalism:
In the three-day camp held at Patanjali Yogpeeth, 300
young men and women enjoyed Suprabhatam, Sangh camp
was also organised.
RSS chief praised Acharyakulam Yojana and Patanjali's
organisational structure.
Practising yoga at the dawn is the discipline of Patanjali Yogpeeth.
Nearly 5000 Swaimsevaks (volunteers), workers and office bearers
performed this duty with great joy and enjoyed the company of
Swamiji at the Yoga camp. They also pledged to make all these
teachings a part of their life. They also pledged their dedication for
Yogic Nationalism.
RSS chief also visited Acharyakulam. He observed Acharyakulam's
each and every activity and had an elaborate discussion on these
tops with Swami ji and Acharya ji. They also went to each of the
classrooms and met the students, heard their experiences and
found it to be hilarious. At the end, he attended a meeting of the
students and teachers and while speaking there, he talked about
Rajsuya yagna and dream of King Janak and other such stories
and filled them with the inspiration of nation building. He said
that India's rich scientific achievements are found in abundance
in ancient and spiritual stories which can show us way of life.
He stressed that one's duty of life has to be associated with the
idea of nation building. He praised the works and achievements of
Patanjali Yogpeeth.
Impression of Athyoganushasan.
Respected Swami ji praised RSS chief for his efforts to preserve
and protect ancient glorious traditions of India. Addressing RSS
January 2015
at Patanjali
volunteers, Swami ji said that Vedas are the origin of all cultures
and civilizations of the world. Vedas are the symbol of a person's
bravery and courage which is Purusharth.
Purusharth is most important for getting achievement in any
field of life. Therefore, glory of past and Purusharth of present
have to be guiding force for the youth of the country.
On his arrival, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat ji received warm
welcome according to glorious traditions of the Ashram. On this
occasion, all office bearers and workers of Bharat Swabhiman
were present. After the welcome, Patanjali Yogpeeth's general
secretary Acharya Balkrishna ji held elaborate discussion with
Bhagwat ji on Indian culture, nation building, Swadeshi and
proper use of youth power.
In the meeting, RSS chief Bhagwat ji, Swami ji and Acharya ji
were present on the stage together.
World Herbal Encyclopaedia on
15000 medicinal plants is an
amazing blessing for humanity:
Dr Mark Watson
Dr Mark Watson, head of Menjor Florous, Royal Botanic Garden
of Edinburgh, England, talked in detail with Acharya Balkrishna
ji about the works being done at Patanjali Yogpeeth on medicinal
plants. Speaking on World Herbal Encyclopaedia based on
research on 15000 medicinal plants, Dr Watson said that it was
an amazing blessing for humanity. On this occasion, a workshop
was organised for research scholars where Acharya ji said that
the properties of the herbs described in the encyclopaedia have
the capacity to cure even incurable diseases. Dr Mark expressed
confidence that the work of Patanjali Yogpeeth will once again be
able to associate people with nature.
January 2015
Vivid pictures
Sangh Pariwar thrilled by the call of Patanjali Yogpeeth's movement
for building a self-dependent and prosperous India.
January 2015