Microsoft Bio - Marc Baraka Strauch

Marc Strauch | Microsoft Related Work +1.206.719.1420 | [email protected] | | Marc has worked as a business value marketing communications consultant to Microsoft Corporation since 1996 and through Microsoft to enterprise IT companies including Cisco, Getronics, Infosys, Tata, and Wipro as well more than 300 leading global enterprise and SMB brands. Market leading companies include AMD, Austrian Ministry of the Interior, Avanade, Aventis, AXA Financial Services, Bosch, British Petroleum, Cap Gemini, CIGNA, Credit Suisse | First Boston, Dassault Systems, Dell Computer, DuPont, EDS, Ernst & Young, Garanti Bank, Getronics, H&R Block, HP, Home Shopping Network, John Hopkins Nursing School, L&T InfoTech, Lexis-­‐Nexis, Marks & Spencer, McGraw Hill, Mercedes Benz, Meredith, Nabisco, Proctor & Gamble, Rhodia, Rohm & Haas, Samsung, Satyam, Spanish Ministry of Tourism, Suez Group, Tenrox, Travelers, Tyco Kunkle Valve, Unisys, University of Texas at Austin, Wipro, Xerox Global Services and many more . Marc was amongst the first at Microsoft in 1996 to advocate for the commercial use of the Internet and worldwide web when 24 of his CXO-­‐oriented articles on why and how enterprises needed to adopt the web for business was published by the Microsoft Developer Network. These articles, designed as level 100 primers on the WWW, remained on MSDN for many years and formed the basis for an ongoing educational series. From 1997 through 1998 Marc worked with the Microsoft Solutions Framework team where he wrote and produced the first iterations of Microsoft Deployment Planning Guides for Office 97, Windows NT, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Transaction Server and Microsoft Commerce Server. He also wrote the very first white papers on the then new Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool developed in association with The Gartner Group. This white paper was the foundation for Microsoft’s entry into new consultative sales models that utilized IT costs as the basis for developing a business case and helped form the basis for Marc’s later work in business value analysis. In early 1999 Marc was the team lead and book architect for the groundbreaking Windows 2000 Deployment Planning Guide, the critical book in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit that provided IT professionals with the business and financial tools to formulate a credible business case for deploying Windows 2000 Server and Client in enterprise environments. In 2000, Marc helped form the Microsoft Business Value team, a skunk works project that used off-­‐the-­‐shelf business modeling and stakeholder alignment tools to develop a very discreet methodology called the Rapid Economic Justification (REJ) Process. The REJ enabled IT professionals to make simple but compelling business cases using conventional GAAP financial metrics to financial and other C-­‐level executives. The REJ process was first applied on three different customer accounts – a Brazilian merchant bank, a British telecom, and a French pharmaceutical company – who were examining the business value of upgrading to Office 2000 from either Office 94 or Office 97. All three projects successfully used the REJ process to define the business value, rather than simply the features and benefits, of upgrading to Office 2000. Marc project managed these accounts, orchestrated third-­‐party audits of the process by The Gartner Group and Giga Information Group and wrote the first business value case studies published by Microsoft for any of its enterprise client-­‐server applications. The net financial result of these three REJ studies was $100+ million in new Enterprise Agreement revenue. In 2001, Marc’s writing and project management was applied in creating 15 business value-­‐oriented case studies based on the REJ methodology to enterprise customers wanting to deploy Windows 2000 Server and Client. These case studies were lauded by industry analysts as the best customer evidence that Microsoft had produced to date. The analysts said this because the case studies were based on real customer metrics that demonstrated measurable business success using industry standard financial metrics. The fifteen enterprise customers included the US Department of Defense, Bosch, Cap Gemini and many more global brands. Marc orchestrated and conducted third-­‐party audits with The Gartner Group and Giga Information Group (later absorbed into IDC) that validated the REJ process for business value analysis. From 2001 to 2012, Marc helped expand the Microsoft Business Value Team and became the go-­‐to marketing © 2015 Marc Strauch. All rights reserved. Marc Strauch | Microsoft Related Work +1.206.719.1420 | [email protected] | | communications expert in how best to verbally and visually present the business value of Microsoft technologies for enterprises and SMBs. Marc and his team worked with multiple Microsoft product groups on the launches of four versions of Microsoft Windows Server and Client and Microsoft Office as well as Windows Small Business Server, Windows Tablet PC and many specialized server and client applications such as Windows SharePoint Server, Office Forms Server, Enterprise Project Management and Office Business Intelligence. Marc’s focus on defining the financial value of technology to CXOs by helping IT and business thought leaders develop and present business cases to executive management is evident in the more than nearly 50 white papers he has written on the business value of various Microsoft technologies and on the more than 300 customer evidence case studies that he wrote and more than 10 video case studies that he wrote, directed and produced. Marc wrote the very first business value white paper published by Microsoft, Higher Yields: The Business Value of Windows XP that utilized customer metrics to support Microsoft’s product positioning and messaging. He also wrote the only business value white paper on Windows Tablet PC used at the launch of that product and he wrote the white paper, Total Cost of Value, co-­‐published with Intel on the business value of using Microsoft software technologies paired with Intel hardware technologies. In all of these and many other white papers, Marc pioneered the application of information architecture and visual information flow to design white papers that would visually appealing to read as well as providing substantive and compelling content. Marc was a guest speaker in 2001 at the first Microsoft Business Value Summit held in Los Angeles where esteemed management guru Peter Drucker delivered the keynote address. Marc spoke about how to apply the specifics of business value process and tangible financial metrics in customer evidence such as case studies, video case studies and white papers. Marc was the go-­‐to person for the groundbreaking Small Business Makeover contest sponsored by two iterations of Microsoft Small Business Server. These contests awarded a wide range of small businesses a complete suite of Microsoft technologies (Small Business Server, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Exchange) to help them grow their business. Marc applied the REJ and other business analysis methodologies with the small business owner to assess the current state of their business, the technology in use and how they planned on growing their business. The business and technology analysis resulted in an in depth set of recommendations on how specific Microsoft technologies could improve business workflow processes and help them lower or avoid costs or maintain or expand revenue as drivers for growing their respective businesses. The Makeover contest was overwhelmingly successful and helped shape newer versions of Small Business Server. Marc has applied business value concepts to the development of a wide range of product marketing collateral including executive sales guides, field sales guides, product brochures, Partner brochures, executive presentations, animated product demos and video promotions for Windows Server, Office, Enterprise Project Management, Windows SharePoint Server, Office Business Intelligence and more. Marc wrote the first customer-­‐facing case studies on the Microsoft Solution of Intranets, a precursor to Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Server. As a result, Marc was asked to write Microsoft’s vision white paper on Communications and Collaboration, the very first enterprise-­‐focused technology platform to address the then nascent server-­‐based collaboration technologies that would eventually become cloud-­‐based software-­‐as-­‐
a-­‐service systems. Marc also wrote, directed and produced the very first business value focused video case studies on Enterprise Project Management with Allianz and AXA Financial as well as the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Summit. Marc has written several white papers specifically detailing the Rapid Economic Justification process and was the writer and project manager for the REJ Guide and Workbook with REJ formulator Giuseppe Mascarella. This book was an instructional primer for Microsoft Partners and enterprise clients to understand and apply the REJ methodology in their own environments. © 2015 Marc Strauch. All rights reserved. Marc Strauch | Microsoft Related Work +1.206.719.1420 | [email protected] | | Marc also worked with the SMSGR team to develop business value-­‐oriented internal training curriculum for field sales teams. He wrote, creative directed and produced three online curriculums working with instructional designers, SMEs and a multimedia company. He also helped write an in-­‐classroom business value selling curriculum for field sales people and taught the two-­‐day class to Microsoft field sales personnel throughout the US and Canada. Marc also applied business value methodologies in writing a wide variety of white papers and executive presentations for the Enterprise Partner Group, go-­‐to-­‐
market collateral and executive presentations for Office and Windows, executive presentations for the EPG Tier 1 Partners including Tata Consulting, Wipro, Navigant, and Infosys and Tier 2 Partners such as Satyam, Cognizant, Knowledge Tree, HDSoft and more. During the economic downturn in 2008, Marc’s white paper IT Strategies for Uncertain Economic Times, put forth Microsoft’s position on using information technologies as tools to enable businesses of all sizes to gain competitive advantages by streamlining business processes to improve productivity and efficiency leading to lowering or avoiding costs or maintaining or increasing revenue. His white paper, Optimizing Server Infrastructure, explained how IT professionals can apply business value and TCO methodologies to designing enterprise IT infrastructure for optimal performance and ROI. More recently Marc helped write the internal business plan for Microsoft Academy (Microsoft Academy ROI), Microsoft’s pioneering effort at a YouTube-­‐style online learning platform that was first utilized for internal training and then, based on the business plan, rolled out as an online learning platform available to enterprise customers. Marc also applied business value methodology in writing customer-­‐facing collateral for the deployment of Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 (Mango) as well as for Microsoft’s inaugural efforts in cloud-­‐based computing with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Premier Maintained Application Services. Marc’s application of business value methodologies and frameworks, his marketing collateral, positioning and messaging and training and curriculum design have helped drive hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in revenue for Microsoft. For more details on Marc’s Microsoft engagements please contact him directly at [email protected] © 2015 Marc Strauch. All rights reserved.