Hackettstown NJ Gazette 1961-1962

leaders arc published in this issue
on the sports page.
Leading the-.assembly with the
Bible reading. Lord's Prayer and
flag salute was John Calandi. president of the fre»hman class. Principal Charles A. Keister offered reAwards for academic athletic marks, and music was provided b\
and extra-curricular achievement the School Band and chorus
were presented in an assembly pro•,Tam last Friday at Hackettstown U a s s Wficers
High School.
Certificates were presented to
Dr. Charles E. Kwartlcr. presi « * c l a s s ? " ' « * * b>' M » - M a t b e l
dent of the board of education, and lonrenee. William Voorhees. Jertwo students. Bruce Frutche> unci nine McDonnell and Mrs Dorothy
Carl Clark, made the presentations Hart. They are.
Seniors — Ste\ en Toraeo. presiof cash prizes earned at the an
nual Science Fair held in the win- lent: Eileen Johnson, vice presiter. Doners were Camma Chemica" dent. R;ta Althuis. secretary; KathCorporation.
llack"tt>io\\n leen Sickle, treasurer; Loretta GiaRotary Club and the Bio-Kx and mmalvo. Historian.
Science Clubs of the school
Juniors — Leonard Hale, presiWinners were P h w c a l Science dent: Car! Clark, vice president;
-Mark Lipman. 1st. S1U. Jeanne Yolan \a«>. secretarx; John Furda.
Kwartler. 2nd. So. d r i Clark. 3rd treasurer: Martha Mills. Historian.
$2.50. Biological Science — Bruce
Sophomores — David Palmer.
Birchard and Patricia Donche-k;. president: Bruce Beatty. vice presitie for 1st. S10 each: Donna Wells dent: Denise Xagy. secretary:
2nd. S5 Joan Lull. 3rd. S2 50 Michael Varj.a. treasurer: Mary
Freshman Division—George Bald Jean Rivers. Historian,
win and Douglas Schlak. joint pro- Freshman—John Salandi. presilect. 1st. S10. John Salandi. Glenn dent: Richard Pool, vice president:
Van Buskirk and Donald Burk. Gerakhnc Sinisi. secretary: Betty
toint project. 2nd. S5. Alfred San \\ v ber. treasurer: Joseph Mills,
delli. 3rd. S2.50
Honor Certificates
student Council
Guidance Director Joseph A
Student Council certificates were
Misklow gave certificates to >tu presented by Charles Wysocki as
dents who ha\e made the honor follows:
roll three times this > ear. The com- Seniors — Rita Althuis. Loretta
plete list will be announced after Giammaho. Eileen Johnson. Linda
the final marking period
Kitchen. Steven Tomeo.
Letters awarded to the baseball Juniors—Carl Clark. Vince Domand track teams and the cheer- eraski. Martha Mills. Yolan Nagy.
Charter Rite Tonight
For New Lions Club
Awards Assembly
Is Held^At H.H.S.
ST. MARY'S PAROCHIAL SCHOOL students of the eights grade e l a n who will he graduated Sunday afternoon, Jane 18. Left to right la the front row are Beverly
Vreeland, Dianaa HoUtbowkx, Patricia Dougherty, Maryanu Csepkiewkz, Kathleen Higgns, Barbara Malaaka, Diane Shimanski, Pamela Hosking, Mrgaret Foulk, Margaret DoncbeskL Barbara Sharp, Nancy Davit, Marjorie Lee, Meudgaor Joseph P. SergeL Second row—left to right: Karen Bark, Biargaret Hurley, Carol Malaaka,
Jean Lake and Patricia Hardart Third row—left to right: Doyle Cooper, Joseph Slachetka, William Hug, William Salandi, John Wyker Nicholas D'Amato, Joseph
Zokaitis, Robert Wyker, Eugene Kishpaugh, Michael Greeay, William Page and James Meeker. Fourth row—left to right: Michael Casey, William Burger, John
Bernaski, Bruce Long, Donald Amenson. Gregory Hutton, Gerald Mttirhead, James Flaherty and Lawrence Mahaffey.
(Niper Photo)
Sophomores — David Palmer../"*
Joyce Seber. Larry Ries. Mike Var X ^ U U O n S
ga. Donna Wells.
Freshmen — Sharon Curl. Jane
Frutchey. Jane Gardella. Ronnie
Steinmann. Bettv Weber.
On Fake
Press Credentials
Blair Valedictorian
The inaugural ceremony for charter officers of the Hackettstown
Lions Club will be held at the
Musconetcong Country Club tonight at 7:15.
The following will be inducted:
Fred Stehman, president; Andrew
Van Buskirk, first vice president
and secretary: Herbert W. Davis,
second vice president and treasurer: Ned Mardenly, third vice president: Lee \V. Fish. Paul Rotermund, Tony Vandre. Andy Vorwicek. Board of Directors: Frank
Sickle. Jr.. Tail Twister: and Tom
Adams. Lion Tamer.
Other charter members are Ralph
Groover. Kenneth GusUfson. James
McKeon. William Putz. Don Ramp-\
Paul Mallon. Robert Chesnev.
Michael Wagner. John Boggetti.
Al Baetz. Jack Wright. Floyd McNeil. Gene Glennon. Sid Henr\,
Herb Ackerman and Ogden Schureman.
Mayor Frank L. Fowler has been
! invited to address the club. Other
guests will be George McClurey,
International counselor, as toastl master: Samuel Voltaggio. International counselor: Norman Spraguc,
district governor, and Herbert J.
Birum Jr.. past International director.
Six uncontested divorces granted in Superior Court at Morris'town last week included that to
William Carr. defendant, and
Mackenzie. Gwendolyn C a r r . plaintiff, of
business.Stonewall Road. Budd Lake, for
reasons of extreme cruelty.
Enters Guilty Plea '.£ J£ JEff"-**.
To Theft Of Autos "^^±
i Howard Wydner of 7 Kenvil Av-,
ienue. Succasunna. entered guilty
'pleas to two auto theft charges in :
Warren County Court last Friday.
He will be sentenced later.
>|ydner was charged with taking
ia truck belonging to William Doujma of Mansfield Township and a
jcar belonging to George Metz.
'Washington Boro. both on last
i March 2.
Wydner was arrested May 24 by
] Trooper Verne Steinmann of the
Washington State Police station.
According to police. Wydner'
istole Metz's car in Washington last
[March 2 and drove to the Pequest
•section on Route 46 where he was
j involved in an accident. Wydner
i drove away, abandoned the car
land stole a stake body truck beSamuel Lee SeUager, sea of longing to Douma. police said.
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Seliager of
^ i rinrha n
Alerted by the National Press
presented by Mrs Elaine Caraatan p h o t o g r a p rh e r s Association that unto
Hotel Clarendon. Hackettstown
vendors, offering press
Georgine Bargiel. vice president: credentials for sale, have been re-j
Holy Name Society
Gwendolyn Jackson, recording sec- ported to be operating in several;
retary: Mildred Spinelli. corres- parts of the nation. Colonel Joseph]
Our Lady of the Mountain Church
ponding secretary: Carol Dannaf. D. Rutter. Superintendent. New JerSchooley*s Mountain. V J.
treasurer: Susan Good
, - , . c„;«-n; f^!fi/.;»,.; se y State Police, today warned the.
Donation S3.T5 treasurer: pEdith•Spinelli.Publicity
Danqing 9 to 1
. . t a k e n i n - if t h e ;
pJblic not t0 ^
Ticke'us at Helen's Plavland
chairman: Marietta Hoffman, ser- ^ndms
^ . ^ ^
[n > > w J e r
39-2 geant-at-arms.
'Chorus Seniors
The Colonel added. "Press cre-i
—or any place else m the Sacramento. California area. Just dial
Senior Chorus certificates w e r e . d e n t i a l s are issued bv some press!
Area Code Number 916, then the number you want. Area Codes
to Patricia Gardner. Judith Henry. i p a p e r s within New Jersev, but the
are the i'ey to easy telephoning to arv place. Every area has a
Nancy Leh. Nancy McMurtne. J p - ; a c c e p t e d official press cards issued
code You'll find them m the f-c-t pages of -.our phone book.
Carole Noonan. Helen 01enick.| b v t h e D i v i s i o n o f state Police to
Pleas* use them for out-of-state ca:^.
Diane Reed. Elaine Rewiski. Linda a l l r e g u l a r l v emploved members of
Sabin. Kathleen Sickle. Judy Spin- t h e n e w s m e d i a are co-sponsored bv
elh. Joanne Stephens. Susan Wal- t h e N e w j e r s e v Association of
ker. Marj^Wildrick. J]"£d_£op^ey.J C h i e f s o f P o l i c e ^ t h e S o u t h J e r
Gene ™_
Robert,. Edwards. Bar- ^
^ i,
Chiefs Association and are
ry Tuxhorn. Robert Sayre.
^ thruout the state." He
- T h e following money - awards | c o n tfnued. ' T h e r e is no charge for! the valedictory address Sunday
were given for highest ticket s a l e s | t h e
^ identification cards we! at the graduation exercises of
Giving Three-Act Comedy
for the recent Chorus Festival: Tim; issue. afrr applicants are approved * Blair Academy, where he receivThe Flanders eighth grade will
>> ;r.e New Jer>e> ^\.:r..r.:".:oc or. ed six awards- He was present- rre:-er.t s throe act err-.e'v. "O^p'i
Susan Walker, third
Public Information."
ed with the Rensselaer Medal S'ite. Uncle George." at the school
in mathematics, the Dumont on Friday evening at 7:30.
Seek Authority
Lane Eckroth Is Engaged
Fifteen members of the grade
The National Association, in their Prize i s English and course
T o G i r l F r o m P i t U t O W n effort to stamp out the illegal uis-j prises in V. S. history, physics, make up the cast with the remaintribution. advise that the- "victims"' English and mathematics. He der of the pupils handling the stage
Announcement is made of the are usually persons who lack the also maintained his membership duties, make-up. sound effects, etc.
LB the Cum Laude academic
In the cast are as follows:
engagement of Miss Judith Edna;necessary qualifications, but who;
society to which he was Elaine Burgher. Charlotte McCon-<
Moebus. daughter of Mr. and Mrs.;desire to seek a "badge of author-!
George Moebus of Pittstown R. D..'ity" to get them thru police lines at : elected in his junior year. Sam- ;nell. Martha Paules. Donna Graber.j
\ ib. L i t t l e A m b a s s a d o r s
$2.00 to Lane W. Eckroth. son of Mrs. disaster scenes and gain entry to| uel is entering Princeton Uni- Karen Bonner. Myra Davis, Beverly S
Clarence Eckroth of Washington;places not normally accessible to! versity in the fall to major in ;Wyckoff. Man. Hildebrant. Richard
William De Vries, Alan Mc$4.00 and the late Mr. Eckroth. who the average citizen. Such a card in: mathematics and physics and to ,Bryan.
ib. L i t t l e A m b a s s a d o r s
Murtrie. Robert Haeussler. Harvey
was a Linotvpe operator for a num-jthe hands of an unlawful person- do pre-medkal work.
— Shaw and Allan Raffay.
$1.30 ber of vears at The Gazette. A-vould misrepresent the legitimate — • •
I ib. A s s o r t e d C h o c o l a t e s
Route 46 at Budd Lake Sundav eve- Admittance to the performance
fall wedding is planned.
nembers of the working press.
will be by guest tickets only.
ib. A s s o r t e d C h o c o l a t e s
The bride-elect is employed by
Colonel Rutter stated that he h a s ' n i n ?
Mt. Olive Police Sgt. Roger
Radio Station WCRV. Washington.:not received anv reports of at
$1.30 She was graduated from North tempted sales of press cards t o ' 8 1 ^ 1 1 * 1 1 5 reported cars driven by W. S. C. S. CHANGES
i ib. H o m e F a s h i o n e d F a v o r i t e s
.»—-»,, „ „ - , . . Hunterdon Regional High School,date, but fears that the vendors, ex- Ear; C H o t b e m of Stone Creek..
$2.93 and Averett College. Danville. Va. oosed in other areas, mav miiirate Ohio, and John R. Wilkins. Jr.. 58. The Women's Society of Christib. H o m e F a s h i o n e d F a v o r i t e s
Her fiance attended East Texas to New Jersey. He u r g e s t h a t any- °.f E«ston. Pa., wer e halted in a<,ian Service of the Flanders Metho$1.50 State College after his graduation'one possessing knowledge of such line of eastbound traffic.
ib. A s s o r t e d C r e a m s
dist Church will hold their June
from Hackettstown High School.':sales within the State report it to. Grossmith's car struck the rear 1 meeting next Wednesda> instead of
$1.30 He is employed in Kenvil by the the nearest State Police Station. of Hothem's. pushing it forward the regular date. The change was
ib. N u t C h e w y a n d C r i s p
Hercules Powder Company. Pre.
into Wilkins* vehicle. No one was made because of the Daily Vaca12 o z C a n d y J a r C h o c o l a t e s
$1.00 viously he served four years in T i c k e t G i v e n T o D r i v e r
injured, and all three cars were tion Bible School.
the Air Force.
_ „. .
driven from the scene. Grossmith The all-day meeting will begin at
.—I n T h r e e - C a r C o l l i s i o n was summoned to appear in Mt. 11 a.m. at the Church with Mrs.
8 oz. P e c a n Delights
M t OKvit PA1M>* R«n/M+
iOIiv e Court June 15 on the traffic.Harold Stout as hostess with Mrs.
.73 i m . v / u v e ^ r - o u c e rveporr
8 oz. M i n t Patties
^ ^
^ of B a s k . c h a r g e
iClifford Lewis as co-hostess. A
O n A c t i v i t y D u r i n g M a y ing Ridge, was charged with follow.covered, dish luncheon served at
ing too closely after his car touchYou save $1.20 a year by sub-noon. Mrs. John Sims will be in
The Mt. Olive Township Police.ed off a three-, ehicle collision onscribing to The Gaaette.
Adv.'charge of the devotional service
Department made 153 investiga-! — ———
tions during May. according to the
monthly report of Chief John D j
Hackettstown, N. J. Connelly.
141 Main Street
The department received
175 radio calis and 77 complaints.
Officers made six motor vehicle
arrests, five disorderly person arr e ^ . two criminal arrests and filed
four juvenile complaints.
The department covered seven
accidents, three fires, two dog bite
cases and four emergencies.
Mt. Olive cooperated with other
departments 36 times during the
Cadillac's excellence has gone unchallenged for 60 years. this excellence more substantially than Cadillac's unsurmonth, furnished bank escorts 12
passed reputation for economy of operation and extraorIt is primarily evident in quality, luxury and comfort.
times and reported street lights out
on three occasions. The patrol car
It is eloquently defined in quiet, effortless response to dinarily high resale value. As a sound motor car invest'.M^-'A
was driven 6.174 miles during the
every performance demand. And nothing emphasizes ment, the "car of cars" merits your personal evaluation.
Saturday, June 2 4 , 8 P. M .
S L2SS J?^£!! h2!! &* ** G""**
'Have you tried I C W E E S t e v ^
Miniature Chocolates?"
Jim & Helen
169 Main St
Call GArden 5-9065
Paint &
Shades — Blinds — Housewares
True Temper
= 3 16.
ReC. 4-49
3 98
1 Quart
Charcoal Lighter
Regular 59c
Full line of
Torf Builder — Halts — Bonus — Cope — Scut!
1M Main S t
52 N . Snstex S t
GA 5-5615
FO 6-0119
The Lebanon Township Civil Defense and Disaster Control unit
will show the controversial film.
"Operation Abolition." Friday at
8 p. m. at its headquarters, the
former school building at Woodglen.
The guest speaker will be a representative of the Federal Bu
reau of Investigation, who will
comment on the film. This film is
said to depict operation of subversive groups in San Francisco and
i elsewhere in the United States.
The program will be open to the
Miss Esther Bartlett partly
sponsored by the Women's Association of Lower Valley Presbyterian Church, is arriving today at
Idlewild Airport for a furlough.
:A missionary in West Africa since
February of 1931. her home
church is Christ Presbyterian in
T r e n t o n . She will come to Lower
Valley during her furlough to
meet h e r sponsors.
We wish to thank the children
who p u t on the minstrel at the
Legion Home, the proceeds donal-j
ed to our daughter, Debbie, and to
Mrs. John Hurley and Mrs. How-1
«rd Housel for assisting the ctail !
dren for the minstrel.