ICAR-IVRI organized interface meet with the Veterinary Officers of

ICAR-IVRI organized interface meet with the Veterinary Officers of Uttar
Pradesh on 30th January 2015 at Lucknow
Interface meet between Veterinary Officers
of Animal Husbandry Department, Government of
Uttar Pradesh and Scientists of Indian Veterinary
Research Institute was held on 30th January, 2015
at Directorate of Animal Husbandry, Lucknow,
wherin, 130Veterinarians
officials from the state department of animal
participated. The programme was
inaugurated by Dr Rudra Pratap, Director, Animal
Husbandry Department, Uttar Pradesh. Four
Additional Directors of the SDAH of UP i.e., Dr
P.S. Gautam, Dr H.S. Malik, Dr A.P. Singh and Dr
Rajesh Varshney were also present. Dr Rudra
Pratap in his inaugural address emphasized on the
role of the research organizations in generation of
technology and the role of veterinary officials of
SDAH in transferring the technologies to the field
level. He was very much enthusiastic about the
Interface being organized and remarked that such
meets should be held frequently to bridge the gap
between technology generation and its transfer to
the field level. He was of the opinion that the
livestock farms maintained by the SDAH can be
used by the IVRI for extension of the ready to use
technologies developed by the institute.
technical session of the interface meet included
various presentations on technologies developed by the institute for better production,
reproduction and health care of the livestock. Dr Rudra Pratap stated that services and facilities
available at IVRI, especially various biologicals and diagnostics can be utilized by the
Department of Animal Husbandry of Uttar Pradesh. He also showed interest in the various herbal
technologies developed by the institute and its transfer to the state Department. He was also of
the opinion to hold interactive meeting of the IVRI scientists with the higher officials of the
SDAH to decide on the various administration and policy issues with regards to the disease
control, epizootics, quality issues, enforcement and animal welfare issues.
The technical session was followed by discussions between the Field veterinarians and
the scientists about the problems in the field and their solutions. Various issues were raised by
the field veterinarians on which they suggested that IVRI could intervene and suggest some
solutions either through research or by helping in formulation of appropriate policy. Major issues
highlighted in the meet were the standardization of the herbal products and the quality control
issue, antibiotic resistance in the various districts of UP and measures to control them, ethical
issues on the use of hormones for animal treatment, policy decisions on use of herd approach for
solving various animal problems, species specific studies for various diseases , difference in
symptoms and the drug doses for treatment, newer technologies for fast collection of serum
samples from animals in the field situation, technologies for accurate differentiation of meat
from various animals and birds, protocol/ research studies for identifying the meat from naturally
dead animal and slaughtered animals, determination of permissible level of various poisons in
the animal bodies and their effect, Quality control of feed ingredients and technologies related to
feed supplements being sold in the market besides check/control on export vis-à-vis use of feed
ingredients in other industries ( as country faces huge deficit of feeds and fodders).
It was also emphasized by the SDAH officials that IVRI should conduct such interface meet
regularly for sharing of technologies generated and for suggesting effective utilization of the
technologies at the field level.