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For Immediate Release
Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat
January 31, 2015
Call to British Columbians to share Lincoln stories
VICTORIA – The Government of B.C. invites British Columbians to share their personal stories or
connections related to the legacy of former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln.
In 1865, there was widespread grief in B.C. at the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. On the
150th anniversary of his death, British Columbians are asked to participate in the international
commemoration of his life and legacy.
Sam Sullivan, MLA for Vancouver-False Creek, is engaging with British Columbians to consider
and share their stories about Abraham Lincoln. In particular, Sullivan invites submissions from
those whose heritage is linked with the legacy he created.
Submissions to the Province’s Abraham Lincoln Legacy engagement website will inform a letter
for the Abraham Lincoln online exhibit marking the anniversary of Lincoln’s death.
In the fall of 2014, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum asked Premier Christy
Clark to prepare a letter that reflects on the meaning of Abraham Lincoln and his legacy to
British Columbians. To ensure the letter is truly reflective of British Columbia’s unique
perspective, the Abraham Lincoln Legacy website is an engagement opportunity for all British
Columbians to collaborate and share their stories.
There are several ways to participate:
Comment on MLA Sam Sullivan’s blog posts through the Abraham Lincoln Legacy
engagement website:
Email stories, thoughts, comments or submissions directly to:
[email protected]
Mail a letter to: Lincoln’s Legacy, PO Box 9029, Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, B.C. V8V 9L9
Send a video or audio recording by email: [email protected]
Sullivan will be talking with British Columbians and collecting their comments and stories
throughout February, which is also Black History month.
Submissions will be accepted until end of day on Feb. 28, 2015.
MLA for Vancouver-False Creek Sam Sullivan –
“The Abraham Lincoln Legacy project is a wonderful opportunity for British Columbians to
share their stories and a slice of history with the rest of the province and with the Lincoln
Digital Library.”
“It’s important to recognize how the legacy of Lincoln, the civil war and the civil rights
movement affected British Columbians and helped shape our communities today. I hope that
everyone with a story to share will participate in this important dialogue.”
President of the Black History Awareness Society, Mavis DeGirolamo –
“British Columbia has a strong, historical interest in the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. This project
is an opportunity for British Columbians to share their stories and to learn how our black
pioneers helped to build the culture of diversity we enjoy today.
“The actions of one man 150 years ago are still felt in our communities. I look forward to seeing
history come alive through the stories of British Columbians within the Abraham Lincoln Legacy
Quick Facts:
Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, serving from March 1861
until his assassination in April 1865.
Lincoln led the United States through the Civil War and is known as the president who
preserved the union and abolished slavery, providing the foundation for the civil rights
movement in the U.S. nearly 100 years later.
On April 15, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, a confederate
Learn More:
To learn more or to submit your story online, please visit the Lincoln Legacy website:
If you have an event during Black History Month, please share the Abraham Lincoln Legacy
project poster:
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