Friday, February 6th, 2015
You can rent an igloo on Airbnb for 10 bucks
— Mashable
Feeling adventurous?
Don't mind sleeping in
coldish environments? We've got a cool Airbnb listing for
you: A guy in Cambridge, MA, is renting out an igloo in his
back yard for 10 bucks per night. Read more
Feds Warn That
Claims Of
Biodegradable Dog
Poop Bags May Be
Full Of… You Know
— Consumerist
There are several companies selling poo-collection bags
labeled “biodegradable” or “compostable.” But the Federal
Trade Commission is warning a number of the companies
that make and market these products that they may be
running afoul of laws against deceptive advertising. Read more
Unattended Bag That
Sparked Bomb
Investigation In NYC
Bus Station Actually
Filled With 1,000
— Consumerist
Do you ever get that feeling like you’ve left your bag filled
with over a thousand condoms in it somewhere you
shouldn’t have? No? Because somehow someone at a bus
station in New York City managed to wander off and leave a
bag fairly brimming with contraception unattended,
prompting a bomb investigation. Read more
Man Pulled
Building’s Fire Alarm
To Get Quicker Help
For Toilet Clogged
With Potatoes
Woman with baby
kangaroo in car seat
asked to leave
— Chicago Tribune
This police officer says
he's certain he's never responded to a call like the one he
handled recently at a McDonald's restaurant. said Tuesday
the woman had the baby kangaroo wrapped in a blanket and
tucked in an infant car seat. Read more
The Internet pays
tribute to its new
hero: Katy Perry's
Left Shark
— Mashable
Katy Perry's hapless
shark dancer — yes, the
one on the left — was the
clear breakout star of the Super Bowl. But that begs the
question — what's next for the Internet's new darling?
Clearly, #LeftShark fans aren't going to let this treasure swim
away into obscurity — and they have a few ideas for his next
move. Read more
World's first
cuddling convention
is so Portland
— Mashable
With Valentine's Day
coming around the bend,
people across the globe are gearing up to snuggle in pairs. Or are they? Read more
Cub Scouts’ hike
takes them through
nude beach
— NY Daily News
A pack of San Diego Cub
Scouts got a surprise
introductory lesson on the birds and the bees after
wandering onto a nudist beach — as did their leaders on
emergency response. Read more
— Consumerist
Read more
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