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January 2015
Thanks to Janet Walters
Welcome New Board Members
Linda Turner and Marily Floyd
Changes come with each new year. The Friends
of Lake Lure Flowering Bridge board has changes to
note as 2015 gets under way. Janet Walters is leaving
the board after serving as our first Treasurer. Linda
Turner joins us as Treasurer and
Marily Floyd joins us to fill an open
board position.
Janet was actively engaged
from LLFB's beginning and has
served with loyalty and integrity.
She insured that our funds are
handled with diligence and best
stewardship practices, including
outside auditing and strict adherence to appropriate
policies. As she steps back from Board service, she
assures us she will continue to volunteer in the
gardens. Hats off to Janet with our gratitude for laying
a firm foundation for us. She is a true Friend of LLFB.
Janet and her husband Jim have both been active
volunteers, so we're lucky they will be part of the
continuing development of the gardens.
Linda Turner assumes the
Treasurer's position, becoming a
voting Board member from her
previous role as an ex-officio board
advisor. We are thrilled to have
Linda's wisdom and experience. She
and her husband Woody have been
active volunteer leaders in the
Hickory Nut Gorge since they retired
here in 2002. Linda has served as a member of the Lake
Lure Town Council (2007-2011) and is now a member of
the Parks and Recreation Board and the Town's Land
Asset Management Task Force.
Linda says: Woody and I enjoy golf (he's SO much
better than I am), and I enjoy ringing and singing with the
Chapel choirs. Volunteering at the Library and the
Rutherford County Humane Society Thrift Shop bring me
pleasure and a great opportunity to
meet new people.
We welcome new Board
member Marily Floyd who has
devoted many hours to the LLFB
gardens as a volunteer. [Marily
also describes herself as "camera
shy," so she's represented by the garden hat at right rather
than by a photo of herself.] She and her husband have
been residents of Lake Lure since 1999. She describes
herself as "a nature nut" who loves everything about
our "paradise of beauty" in the Hickory Nut Gorge.
Marily now joins our Board as chair of the Membership
Committee. We look forward to having her energy and
enthusiasm on the Board.
Marily says: We discovered Lake Lure on a family
timeshare vacation exchange in 1988. We were living in
Greensboro and couldn't find soul who had even heard of
Lake Lure. One week in heaven and we knew we would end
up here eventually.
I love to work (plant, weed, deadhead, etc) on the
Bridge and welcome/answer questions for visitors. They all
have one thing in common...they leave with a smile on their
face and usually with a promise to come back. The Flowering
Bridge is a WIN for everybody. Does it get better than that?
The LLFB folks are a special breed, and I am honored to be a
part of that team. As you can see I'd rather talk about the
Bridge than me!
When winter comes, it brings a beauty all its own.
Alice Garrard recently shared an Arthur Ashe quote that
seems appropriate to the story of the LLFB:
"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what
you can."
Volunteers of the Month:
Bill and Paige Massey
honor Bill and Paige
Volunteers of the
"Whenever a new
volunteer joins our
team on the LLFB,
when they are enthusiastic and bring new energy and
ideas. Sometimes we get double the luck and receive
more 'bang for our buck' when it's a married couple.
This is the case with Bill and Paige Massey. They are
such fun people to get to know and work with."
Paige tells their story: Bill and I have loved the Lake
Lure area for over 30 years! An introduction at the South
Florida Fair enticed Bill, a native Floridian, to visit and buy
property in 1978 and we have been enraptured ever since. We
were just visitors until we retired as teachers after 37 years
and found a more permanent place in Lake Lure in 2012.
We have both shared a love for growing a variety of
plants from fruits and vegetables to orchids, hibiscus, and
frangipani but mainly in tropical settings. We have
experimented with hydroponics and created garden railroads,
but we were still eager to learn more. North Carolina plants
were quite different from those familiar to us.
As we were getting settled we became totally
mesmerized by the Bridge project as it took shape and we so
much wanted to help but we were still coming and going
from Florida. When we finally met the Friends of the Lake
Lure Flowering Bridge we found ourselves surrounded with
such an amazing group of people. We were impressed with
their knowledge, energy, and the time taken to create a
timeless masterpiece of beauty to enrich everyone that shared
it as a visitor or volunteer. We were struck by the possibility
of creating breathtaking beauty anywhere, even on a historic
bridge others thought had passed its usefulness and needed to
be demolished.
Knowing we had so much to learn, we asked if we
could volunteer. Much to our amazement we were told yes
and were introduced to the most wonderful group of friends.
We feel totally blessed to have been able share in some small
way in the creation of such a place of wonder, magic and
beauty which is the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge.
The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge has been recognized as
a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife
Federation. LLFB is a member of the American Public
Gardens Association.
Get Your LLFB Auto Plate
You can get a
Lake Lure Flowering
Bridge vehicle plate
for your car for a
donation of just $10.
Help spread the word about our special place wherever
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Ideas for Your Garden
One of the comments we hear often as visitors
enjoy the bridge gardens is "I could use that idea in my
garden at home." There are, of course, great tips on
how to help plants grow, but those extra touches are the
"the icing on the cake."
We recently shared a link on
our Facebook page from local artist
and LLFB volunteer Veryle Lynn Cox.
She found a wonderful article about
how to repurpose old doors in
gardens, adding shape and color
highlights, at Plant Care Today's
website. Take a look at their creative
We now have more than 1100 followers on our
Friends of Lake Lure Flowering Bridge Facebook page.
If you are not one of them, please join us to keep up
with developments on the LLFB.
2015 LLFB Calendars Available
As we
fast approach
few copies of
the 2015 LLFB
calendars are
still available.
Now you can
have a beautiful calendar to enjoy our blooms all year
long for a just a $10 donation. Contact Janet Walters
via email at [email protected]
"January is the quietest month in the garden. ... But just
because it looks quiet doesn't mean that nothing is happening. The
soil, open to the sky, absorbs the pure rainfall while microorganisms
convert tilled-under fodder into usable nutrients for the next crop of
plants. The feasting earthworms tunnel along, aerating the soil and
preparing it to welcome the seeds and bare roots to come."
~ Rosalie Muller Wright