TO: All media FROM: UW-Stout Chancellor Bob Meyer DATE: Jan

All media
UW-Stout Chancellor Bob Meyer
Jan. 29, 2015
Immediate Cost Containment Measures
UW-Stout Chancellor Bob Meyer sent the following memo to the campus today:
The University of Wisconsin System has imposed three cost-cutting measures that President Ray Cross
says are necessary in light of Gov. Scott Walker’s announcement this week that he wants to significantly
reduce the amount of state aid the System receives. President Cross has encouraged chancellors across
the System to consider these measures. I have reviewed the provisions and have concluded they should
apply to our campus as well.
Effective immediately and until further notice:
Decisions on hiring non-essential positions are suspended. I personally will review each
request for recruiting and determine if it is absolutely essential to our central mission of
providing students with the best education possible. Please consult with the Human
Resources Department about positions that are currently in process.
Out-of-state travel is suspended. Rare or critical exceptions will require approval by the
divisional administrators. The Office of the Controller is developing a form that outlines the
exception process and will be made available shortly.
Salary adjustments are suspended. Again, please consult with the Human Resources
Department with any questions in this area.
I do not take these steps lightly; I understand that they will cause hardship and bad feelings across
campus. However, we are facing the worst budget cut in the history of UW-Stout, and we need to take
immediate steps to put us in the best position to handle that cut while preserving the quality of education
our students receive.
For more information contact Doug Mell, executive director of Communications and External Relations, 715232-1198 or [email protected]