Meet the Sun Safe Gang

Teacher Information
Foundation - Lesson 1
Serena, a seal, is the oldest and wisest of the gang and the
unspoken leader. She is fun-loving yet responsible and makes it
her goal to make sure everyone else is too.
Because of her flippers she is able to ‘SLOP’ on the sunscreen very
effectively and help others get a good thick application with the
right amount of sunscreen.
Reminder: ‘SLOP’ on sunscreen, thick and well.
Tano the turtle, is the ‘little brother’ of the gang. He is the youngest
and the others look out for him even though he is independent and
doesn’t really need looking after. He is highly curious and always
asking questions to help him learn more.
Tano is very careful to never go outside shell-less as his pink
unprotected body would be burnt very easily. He is always
encouraging others and reminding them to ‘SLIP’ on a shirt and
cover up from the sun.
Reminder: ‘SLIP’ on a shirt to protect your body.
Lilli is a Frilled-Neck Lizard who is incredibly energetic when it is
warm, but being cold-blooded, slows down when she is cold.
She needs the sun, but makes sure she is always sun safe.
She loves to sing and perform.
When it is hot outside she wears a hat that Manny made for her.
She adds additional shade for her body by putting out her frill.
She is always reminding people to ‘SLAP’ on a hat when out in the
sun as not everyone has a built in shademaker like her.
Reminder: ‘SLAP’ on a hat that provides lots of shade.
Manny the Meerkat is a nimble character with a nimble mind.
He is an inventor who always has projects on the go and is quick to
help solve problems.
Manny has built in sunglasses in the form of dark markings around
his eyes, that deflect the suns harsh rays. He still wears his
sunglasses when outside just to be safe and to help set a good
example. He is always encouraging the others to ‘SLIDE’ on
sunglasses when outside.
Reminder: ‘SLIDE’ on your sunglasses to protect your eyes.
Flynn, a flamingo, is the worrywart of the group. He is obsessed
with time and is always watching the clock to make sure the others
have applied enough sunscreen throughout the day, had enough
water to drink and that they ‘SEEK’ shade during the day.
Flynn burns easily and is never outside without sun safety but his
priority is making sure all the gang can play and have fun outside,
but in the shade.
Reminder: ‘SEEK’ out the shade when outside.