FLNS and UNICEF extend their contract

30th January – 1st February 2015
FLNS and UNICEF extend their contract
30 January 2015 – On the occasion of the opening Press Conference held at The
Coque, FLNS President Marco Stacchiotti had the pleasure to welcome Ms. Sandra
Visscher, Executive Director of UNICEF-Luxembourg.
So far, FLNS collected 9,000.- €uros of donations for UNICEF in favor of its
campaign « We care about water »
Ms. Visscher and Mr. Stacchiottii signed a new three years contract covering 2015,
2016 and 2017.
Mr. Stacchiotti presented to UNICEF a cheque of 2,000.- €uros to close the previous
2011-2014 contract period, and said : «We are very poud to have taken this decision
in 2011, and to extend this relationships for another three years. Each club and each
swimmer in Luxembourg contributes to this effort »
« Safe water is still one of the major issues is the world. Every 21 seconds, a child
dies due to unsafe water » Ms. Sandra Visscher said. « Both FLNS and UNICEF are
busy within the water, but each one in another manner. The Euro Meet is a splendid
tool to promote our activities »