Brave Smiles Poster - Center

4th Annual
February is
National Children’s
Dental Health Month
and we are inviting
all K-6 students of
Androscoggin County
to participate!
awarded in two categories:
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
4th Grade - 6th Grade
1st Place
This year’s theme:
2nd Place
3rd Place
$500* $250* $150*
The art
department of each
winner's school will
receive a matching
*Plus YMCA Membership
Rules and details:
1. One submission per student. (Please
write your name, grade, and school on
the back of the poster.)
2. Sizes of submission permitted:
8.5'' x 11'' (letter size) up to about
22'' x 28'' (standard poster size)
Dr. Rosemarie Sheline
Center Street Dental
Aimee Goodwin
3. Submissions can be dropped off at
Center Street Dental. (Posters
cannot be returned.)
Creative Director
The Brand Collective
Gabrielle Russell
4. Scholarship prize money will be
deposited into Education Savings
Accounts (ESA) created for the winners.
Platz Associates
5. Final deadline for submissions is
February 27 at 12:00 PM. Winners
will be announced in March.
Dan Marquis
Marquis Signs
6. Winning posters will be displayed
at Center Street Dental.
For more information,
please contact us:
26 Cross Street, Auburn
Rosemarie G. Sheline, DDS • Frederick J. Elsaesser, DDS