DIAL Small Dairy Network
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DIAL Technical Workshops
Calendar for 2015
Wednesday, 25 February Dairy Manufacturers Sustainability Council
SME session on resource efficiency
Dr David Barr (DIAL)
Date to be confirmed closer
to the time
Thursday, 26 February
Milk Quality
Professor Michael Lewis
Reading University, UK
plus Guest Speakers
Thursday, 19 March
Friday, 20 March 2015
UHT Products and Processes
Two day workshop
Professor Michael Lewis
Reading University, UK
Professor Hilton Deeth
University of Queensland
Tuesday, 12 May 2015
Whey – From Waste to Value
Including SME networking event
Dr David Barr (DIAL)
Guest speakers & DIAL team
18 June 2015
Product Innovation – Yoghurt
Tuesday, 21 July 2015
Enhancing cheese flavour
and cheese attributes
with cultures
Thursday, 17 September
The Dos and Don’ts of
DIAL’s Product Innovation Team
Professor Eddy Smid
Wageningen University, NL
A/Prof Mark Turner, UQ
DIAL team & Guest speakers
Guest Speakers TBA &
DIAL’s Process Engineering Team
You will an invitation to RSVP your place about one month in advance Supported by the Victorian Government
under the Manufacturing Productivity
of each workshop
A booking fee of $95 per person applies to workshops, unless your
company is a member of DIAL or the DIAL Small Dairy Network,
except UHT workshop and DMSC workshop
Networks Program and by Dairy
DIAL Technical Workshop Preview
Dairy Manufacturers Sustainability Council – SME session on resource efficiency, Wednesday, 25 February 2015
For the first time, the Dairy Manufacturers Sustainability Council (DMSC) extends an invitation to small dairy companies – small
dairy processors as well as SMEs providing solutions to achieve better resource efficiency, waste reduction and sustainability
targets. Opportunity for networking with DIAL experts, guest speakers and service providers.
Milk Quality, Thursday 26 February 2015
How the quality of your raw milk affects the quality and shelf life of your dairy product? How do you measure milk quality
quickly, accurately and at reasonable cost? What do the required measurements mean? Hear about some commercially
available diagnostics methods and methods to extend shelf life of dairy products.
Focus topic: Hard cheese from raw milk in Australia? What do we need to know about raw milk quality?
Note: this workshop is not only about food safety, but also about the quality and shelf life of your dairy product.
UHT products and UHT processing, 2day workshop, Thursday 19 March and Friday 20 March 2015
This 2 day workshop will be delivered by Professor Michael Lewis from Reading University (UK) & Emeritus Professor Hilton
Deeth from the University of Queensland supported by DIAL experts, Dr Mike Weeks and Dr Ranjan Sharma.
Includes: Overview of UHT processes and techniques, overview of UHT products and markets, hands-on demonstrations in our
UHT pilot plant and laboratories, optional one-to-one sessions with the experts. A booking fee will apply to this workshop.
Whey – From waste to value! Tuesday, 12 May 2015
A workshop for cheese makers and for whey processors. For the first time, this workshop will bring small scale producers of
whey together with potential small scale processors of whey! Delivered by Dr David Barr, Co-ordinator of the Dairy
Manufacturing Sustainability Council (DMSC), and guest speakers.
Includes: Overview of whey streams and different types of whey, processing options for whey: From Ricotta to biodigester,
introduction to the Whey Economic Model, brainstorming: What is the right solution for your business? Explore pooling of whey
and collective processing. SME networking event included.
Product Innovation - Yoghurt Thursday, 18 June 2015
Learn about formulation and reformulation. See how your product performs as an ingredient in food recipes or how to
benchmark your product effectively. Compare sensory analysis with instrumental product analysis. Hear about some simple
measurements that you can do to make sure your products meets customer expectations.
The workshop will be delivered by the DIAL expert team in product and ingredient innovation led by Dr Martin Palmer, and use
yoghurt as an example case study.
Enhancing cheese flavour and cheese attributes with cultures Tuesday, 21 July 2015
Hear about the latest science behind fermentation and how this can be translated and applied to enhance cheese flavour and
other cheese attributes with cultures. This workshop will feature contributions from DIAL, the ARC Dairy Innovation Hub, and
from international expert Professor Eddy Smid from Wageningen University. Brainstorm with us about future strategies for
developing cheeses and yoghurts with Australian made cultures.
The workshop will be led by Dr Ian Powell, DIAL culture science manager and Donald Maxwell, DIAL culture development
manager. Visit our culture manufacturing facility, or attend one-to-one sessions with our experts.
The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning-in-place (CIP) Thursday 17 September 2015
This workshop will look at the critical factors for plant hygiene, how insufficient hygiene can affect the quality of various dairy
products, how do you know when you have a problem and how to get rid of it.
The workshop will be led by Dr Mike Weeks, and other expert guest speakers and include hands-on demonstrations in DIAL’s
pilot plant.
Workshops will be a full day, some with laboratory or pilot plant practicals and include lunch.