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Experimental Narratives
From the Novel to Digital Storytelling
An interdisciplinary conference at the Institute of Modern Languages Research,
University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU
Thursday, 26 February 2015
9.15 Registration
9.45 Welcome and Introduction
10.00 Keynote Lecture 1: Florian Mussgnug (London): Literature
Machines: Mapping Europe’s Long Sixties
10.50 Coffee
11.15 Plenary Session: Hybrid Narratives
Matthias Uecker (Nottingham): Experimental Fiction or
Classical Storytelling? Alexander Kluge’s Multi-Media
Tomislav Zelic (Zadar): Hybrid Genre: Snapshot, Ekphrasis
and Palimpsest in W.G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn (1995)
Hannah Westley (Paris): Picking Up the Pixels: Narratives
of the Self across New Media
12.35 Lunch (own arrangements)
14.00 Keynote Lecture 2: Claire Taylor (Liverpool):
From the Baroque to Twitter: Tracing the Literary Heritage
of Digital Genres
14.50 Parallel Session: Narrative Structures
Elise Hugeny-Léger (St Andrews): Innovation and Disorientation in the Works of Jean-Philippe Toussaint
Stefano Rossoni (London): Erotics of Form: Textual Juxtaposition in J.M. Coetzee’s Diary of a Bad Year (2007)
Parallel Session: The Graphic Novel
Stefan Höppner (Calgary/Freiburg): Putting the Novel into
Graphic Novels
Helena Hoyle (Bristol): Orpheus in Death’s House: Canon
to Comic
15.50 Parallel Session: French Experimental Writing
Andrew Hodgson (Paris/Lyon): Reading Experimentalism
in the French Novel through ‘Ecrits Bruts’
Franziska Humphreys (Paris): Forms of Formlessness:
André Gide and the ‘Roman Pur’
Parallel Session: Multi-Modal and Performative Fiction
Lucia Esposito (Teramo): The Experiment of Experience.
Ronald Sukenick and Mark Amerika’s Performative Writing
Isabel Waidner (Roehampton): Reinventing Experimental
Writing: Queer Imaginaries, Hybrid Agencies and the
Interdisciplinary Co-Production of the Novella Gaudy
16.45 Tea
17.15 Plenary Session: Writing Digital: New Forms of Fiction
The Bath Spa Group (Tania Hershm an, Kathryn Lackie,
Chris Meade, Kate Pullinger and Christine Wilks) present
their work at the bleeding edge of new and hybrid digital
forms of literature
19.30 Conference Dinner (optional extra)
Advance registration required by Friday, 13 February 2015.
Conference fees: 2 days: £50 (standard); £45 (Friends); £20
(students); 1 day: £30 (standard); £25 (Friends); £15 (students).
Registration form at: www.modernlanguages.sas.ac.uk > events or
contact [email protected] (tel: 020 7862 8966).
Conference organisers: Jordana Blejmar, Emanuela Patti, Godela
Weiss-Sussex (IMLR).
Background image: Alfabeto Colore by Eddi Milkovitsch
Friday, 27 February 2015
9.15 Keynote Lecture 3: Marie-Laure Ryan (Colorado):
Digital Narrative: Negotiating a Path between
Experimental Writing and Popular Culture
10.05 Parallel Session: Reader Focus
Kirsty Boardman (St Andrews): Christine Montalbetti’s
‘Charismatic’ Narrator and Engaged (Imagined) Reader
Sabine Zubarik (Erfurt): Choosing is not an Option (but a
Necessity)! Paradigmatic Narratives and the Impossibility
of Reading Simultaneously
Giulia Iannuzzi (Trieste): Science Fiction Fandom in Italy:
Critical, Creative and Socialization Practices from the
Cyclostyle to the Internet
Parallel Session: Transmedia Storytelling and TV
Jonas Nesselhauf (Vechta) & Markus Schleich (Saarbrücken): A Study in Narrative Complexity: Strategies of
Transmedia Storytelling in About: Kate
Emanuela Piga (Bologna): Remediating the Classic Novel:
From ‘Feuilleton’ to Modern Serial
Nina Shiel (Dublin): Representing Code: a Novel Ekphrasis
11.25 Coffee
11.50 Parallel Session: Readership of E-Novels
Astrid Ensslin (Bangor) & Alice Bell (Sheffield): Studying
‘Readers’ of Digital Fiction
Hanns Christian Schmidt (Cologne): Lensflares of Literacy:
Inter-, Trans-, and Remedial Approaches to J.J. Abrams’s
and Doug Dorst’s Novel S
William D. Halbert (Liverpool): Gameplay Literature: Concepts of the Ludic in Ana María Shua and Belén Gache
Parallel Session: Interactive Storytelling
Anna Weigel (Gießen/Helsinki): Narrative Experiments in
the Digital Age: Analyzing Transmedial and Interactive
Electronic Books
Antonia Kampa (Wiesbaden) & Susanne Schmidt (Weingarten): Interactive Digital Storytelling Meets Augmented
Stella Wisdom (London): Lines in the Ice: an Interactive
Writer-in-Residence at the British Library
13.10 Lunch (own arrangements)
14.30 Plenary Session: Material and Digital Cultures
Kristin Veel (Copenhagen): Navigating the Narratives of
the Data Stream: the Hermeneutics of the Big Data
Kaja Marczewska (Durham): GoogleAd, a Novel: Towards
a Rematerialization of a Literary Project
Tom Abba (Bristol): Circumstance – Between the Book
and the Screen
15.50 Keynote Lecture 4: Bronwen Thomas (Bournemouth):
Narrative and Social Media
16.40 Tea
17.00 Transmedia: History, Memory and Storytelling across
Milosz Rosinski & Rafael Dernbach (Cambridge):
Anthroposcale: a Transmedia Essay
Roundtable discussion with Clodagh Brook, Em anuela
Patti, Emanuela Piga, Alessia Risi, Marco Amici
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