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The Norfolk Anglers Club
February 2015
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Leadership Notes...
Fellow Norfolk Anglers,
Although the coastal Rockfish season hasn't been ideal, the
Elizabeth River continues to provide great fishing. The Tautog bite
has been very good off the coast and Deep Dropping, when weather
permits, has been great.
The Annual Awards Banquet is at the end of the Month and plans to
be another wonderful event at the Cypress Point Country Club.
Our Anglers Club relies on our dues paying membership to fund our
community and club activities. So remember to renew your annual
membership at the February meeting.
We've also opened the Wireline to local advertising. If you have a
business and would like to share your business with our membership
and contacts please contact me.
Guest Speaker :
This month we've got another fantastic
speaker lined up for the club.
Zach Bowles, with Oceans East Bait &
Tackle will be joining us to share his
knowledge on rigging for a number of
different species. Zach will share his
rigging techniques on topics like Rigging
for live baiting Speckled Trout, Bobber eel rigging for Rockfish,
using Planer Boards for Stripers, and Live Tinker Mackerel for
Wendy Bransom
[email protected]
Will Bransom
[email protected]
Vice President
Iva Nicolo
[email protected]
Ned Smith
[email protected]
Ike Eisenhower
[email protected]
Events Coordinator:
Jason Nicolo
[email protected]
Awards Coordinator:
Zach's one of Oceans East's Product Specialists, has produced a
number of rigging videos for anglers, and crewed on High Hopes
w/Capt David Wright and Katherine Anne w/Capt Neal Taylor.
Tom Hubert
[email protected]
Join us on Monday February 9th and learn some great rigging
techniques that'll cover the ER, Coastal Virginia, and Offshore
Ben Capps
[email protected]
Past President
Neal Taylor
[email protected]
Date of next meeting - Monday February 9 at 7 pm
Teppanyaki Buffet - 7525 Tidewater Dr Norfolk VA 23505
Pat Hirsch
[email protected]
Come Join us for the Norfolk Anglers Club Awards Banquet at the
Cypress Point Country Club on 28 February 2015. Price is $20.00 for
members, $30.00 for non-members and free for children under 12.
Cocktails at 6:00 PM, Dinner at 6:30 PM
k 2 Entree Buffet: Beef Tips with
Mushroom Gravy and Chicken Picatta
k Mixed Roasted Vegetables
k Rice Pilaf
k Bread Pudding
5340 Club Head Rd
VA Bch, VA 23455
At the intersection of
Wesleyan Dr and
Cypress Point Blvd
Cash Bar Prices:
House Liquor: $6.00
Call Brand Liquor Selections: $7.00
Premium Liquor Selections: $8.00
Domestic Beer - Bottled: $4.00
Import Beer - Bottled: $5.00
Draft Beer Domestic $4.00
Draft Beer Imported $5.00
House Wine: $35.00 Bottle, $6.00 glass
House Champagne $30.00 Bottle, $6.00 glass
Coastal Virginia Deep Drop Fishing with Seaduction Charters
Fishing for Blueline Tilefish is similar to targeting Black Sea Bass. Rod & Reel setup
is the same with 65-100 lb braid. In fact, any rod & reel with sufficient line capacity to
fish in water depths 250-350 feet will work. You won't find Blueline Tilefish on the
wrecks like you do Black Sea Bass. Blueline Tilefish prefer a rocky or gravel bottom,
the sort of bottom that holds small crabs. Fishing with Braided line is important to
"feel" the bottom, with almost no stretch it's key in setting the hook once you feel the strike...from nearly 300ft
away. Captain Mike Avery uses a double bottom rig with a loop at each end,
for the sinker and main line snap swivel, and two loops for the hooks
(Gamakatsu 6/0 J-Hooks). The drops to the hooks don't have to be long, just
make sure the hooks won't foul during the drop and retrieve. For bait, any
meat or squid will work. When it comes to bait "Fresh is Best".
Captain Mike prefers the J-Hook over the Circle Hook for Blueline Tilefish,
though either will work. Likewise, jigging will also work just remember to tip
the hooks with bait to increase your success rate. When jigging for Bluelines
use a slow jigging technique, just lift it up and drop it.
Conditions are best when you can find a weather window that gets you safely out to the deep water and back.
Often traveling 60-70 nm each way can make for a very long day. Checking sites like windguru and fishweather can
help make an informed decision. Some of the best Blueline fishing is done with the sun high in the sky. More light
on the bottom betters your chance of a hook-up. Adding lights to your Blueline Tilefish rig really isn't necessary.
That will change when you target Golden Tilefish and Grouper. A slow drift (less than .5 knots) is ideal and winds
from the south will help counteract the natural current coming down from the north.
Seaduction Charters uses the Shimano Torium 30 with a 6.2:1 retrieve ratio and a
20-40 lb medium action rod for Bluelines. Electric reels can also be used however,
fish caught on an electric reel, even if manually retrieved, are not eligible for Virginia
Citations or State Records. Captain Mike prefers Jerry Brown 80 lb solid braid and
adds a wind-on leader of Fluorocarbon or Monofilament. For connecting Braid to
Leader a Bimini Twist, Sebile Knot, or Improved Bristol Knot are used.
Adding a rigging bead to your Braid
before attaching your snap swivel will
keep the swivel from jamming in the
rod tip eye.
Virginia State Record Blueline Tilefish
23 lb 5 oz Norfolk Canyon 2009 (Michael Adkins)
Virginia Saltwater Tournament Citation
Minimum Weight 10 lb - No release Citation
Targeting Golden Tilefish and Grouper will bring you to the deeper
waters, averaging 500-700 feet. Golden Tilefish prefer the softer mud or
clay bottom. They live in burrowed holes in the soft bottom. When you
drop your sinker into the soft mud and feel it "stick" you know you're in
the right area for Golden Tilefish habitat. The south wall of the Norfolk
Canyon is a good starting point in your search for Goldens. You'll want
to increase the leader you're using to 150-200 lb. Although J-hooks will work, switching over to Circle hooks
provides a better chance of landing your catch. Circle hooks don't require a "setting" of the hook during a strike.
Let's face it, trying to set a J-hook from 700 feet can be a challenge so it's best to let the Circle hook do its job and
work its way to the fish's corner of the mouth. Remember to keep tension on the fish the whole time during the
retrieve. You don't want your catch to have a chance of spitting the hook.
Along with heavier leader you'll want to dress up your Golden Tilefish
rigs a bit. The leader to the bottom hook is generally longer than the
upper hook. Hook size is increased to 8/0-11/0 Circle hooks but even
larger Circle hooks can be used if you prefer. Attaching a light near the
mainline snap swivel will help as there's little visible light that deep.
Anything that will attract fish to your bait will increase your chances.
Note: Many Glow Sticks or Cyalume Light Sticks, if not designed for
fishing, will not tolerate the pressure and rupture. Select one of the
many Deep Drop battery operated lights over light sticks.
Fresh bait is always best and frozen squid
will work but not as well as strips of fresh fish.
Try using long strips of False Albacore,
Skipjack Tuna, or Mahi. During the warmer
months you can sometimes find Dolphin
(Mahi) under floating debris, weed lines, or
around the commercial lobster buoys on the
way out to the Norfolk Canyon.
Jigs also work but must be heavy enough to
get down 700 ft and hold the bottom. A 750
gram jig tipped with a strip bait is typical.
Photo: Seaduction Charters (
Current Virginia Saltwater Regulations allow for 7 Tilefish per person
per day. That's seven total Tilefish whether they're Golden, Blueline
or a combination of both.
Virginia State Record Golden Tilefish
56 lb 8 oz Norfolk Canyon 2008 (Aaron Sledd)
Virginia Saltwater Tournament Citation
Minimum Weight 30 lb - No release Citation
Grouper and Wreckfish fishing uses the same bottom rigs and bait as Golden Tilefish; heavy leader and circle
hooks. Unlike Golden Tilefish you're looking for bottom that includes large rocks and/or steeper canyon walls. On
your chart plotter you'll be looking for depth contour lines that have little distance between them, signifying a
steeper incline. On the depth sounder search for a hard bottom and large rocks (bolders). This is the structure
where Groupers are found. The north wall of the Norfolk Canyon is known for this type of bottom structure. The
Virginia State Record Snowy Grouper was caught in the Norfolk Canyon in 98 fathoms (588 ft).
"How much weight is needed?" is a common question and that all depends on the current, wind, and speed of
the boat's drift. The simple answer is enough weight to hold the bottom as the boat drifts. On days when a
southerly wind works against the opposite Labrador current, not a lot of weight is needed as the drift is less than .5
knots. Those days are few in number. A full moon cycle will generally bring stronger currents = more weight.
Winds from the north = more weight. Come prepared with a range of sinkers, enough to get to the bottom and hold
during the drift.
Current Virginia Regulations allow for the taking of
1 Grouper per person per day. That includes any
species of Grouper including the Atlantic Wreckfish
(pictured above right). Vessels landing Grouper OR
Tilefish are also required to have a VMRC Tilefish
and Grouper Landing Permit. These vessel permits
are available free but must be obtained from a
VMRC Agent. There's also a required landing
report which must be filed with VMRC.
Photo: Seaduction Charters (
To learn more about Capt Mike & Seaduction Charters or to book
your next fishing charter visit his website or Facebook page at;
Captain Mike Avery holds a USCG 50 Ton Master’s License and is a member of both the Virginia Charter Boat Association and the
National Association of Charterboat Operators. Seaduction is a drug free vessel complying with USCG drug regulations.
February 14th...
...doesn't mean buy her
some fish hooks...
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Norfolk Anglers Club Canned Food Drive
The Norfolk Anglers Club is continuing our Canned Food Drive. So, please bring a nonperishable food item to the next meeting. We've got a labeled box at the entrance of the
Banquet Room to collect your donation. When you donate you get a free raffle ticket to
the evening's drawing.
Finfish Management Advisory Committee (FMAC) notes: Speckled Trout
The VRMC Finfish Management Advisory Committee met on January 13th to review the
Virginia Gamefish Tagging Program results for Speckled Trout and landing data for
Commercial and Recreational sectors. Two motions were made regarding Speckled Trout
management; the first motion is to increase the commercial quota by 10%, remove the term
by catch from regulations, and establish a 150 pound vessel limit once 80% of the quota is
reached. The second motion is to increase the Speckled Trout recreational possession limit
from 5 to 7 fish and allow two of the seven fish 24 inches or greater. from April 1 through
November 30. Both motions passed. Minutes of the FMAC meeting are available through the
VMRC website or
Elizabeth River Project Update
The VA Department of Environmental Quality and the Elizabeth River Project,
together with researchers at Duke University are conducting a study to test red
drum and speckled trout from the Elizabeth River for PCBs, a cancer-causing
chemical found in soil and sediment in the James River Basin. To find out how
you can donate red drum to the project check out their ERP website at They are also interested in finding out more about fishing behavior and knowledge of
fish consumption advisories for the Elizabeth River watershed. Completing their survey takes about 15 minutes and
may help influence how future health advisories are communicated. Their survey can be found on the ERP website
by clicking on the "Take this Angler Survey".
Tilefish and Grouper Landing Permit locations
A Tilefish and Grouper Landing Permit is required to possess or land tilefish or grouper
harvested recreationally in Virginia. The good news is they're FREE but can only be
obtained at a Marine Resource Commission Agent. The following Southside and Peninsula
agents can provide your permit.
Long Bay Point Marina, 2109 West Great Neck Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Chesapeake Bait & Tackle, 390 S. Battlefield Blvd. Chesapeake, VA 23320
C Tackle Shop, 1821 East Little Creek Rd. Norfolk, VA 23518
MRC Operations Station, 30 Jefferson Ave. Newport News, VA 23607
Port Messick Marina, 413 Messick Road Poquoson, VA 23662
Carrollton Hunting & Fishing Supply, 15268 Carrollton Rd. Carrollton, VA 23314
***For additional information and locations visit the VMRC Website at
Our Meeting Hosts, Teppanyaki Grill & Buffet at
7525 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, VA
Check them out at the next meeting! $15.00 for short sleeves and hats, $18.00 for long
sleeve. Ladies T-Shirts are in, bring your bucks to the meeting to get them!
Long Sleeve (4)L, (6)XL & (7)XXL
(1)M, (3)L, (2)XL & (1)2X
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