The Messenger - Lakeside United Methodist Church

2333 Hilliard Rd.
Henrico, VA
February 2015
Lakeside United Methodist Church Mission Statement
We are a community of faith which strives to: worship God in all we say and do; recognize
and affirm the spiritual gifts of the Body of Christ; and, unite through sacrificial love in
service to God.
Greetings Lakeside Friends:
February is sometimes referred to as “Heart Month”.
Instead of it being just about valentines to sweethearts,
it can be an opportunity to share words of compassion
with a world in need of encouragement. Maybe we
could start locally. For instance, what “heart words”
would you like to share with the people who use our
building for meeting each week? Some of them
include: Alcoholics Anonymous, Girl Scouts, Cub
Scouts, Boy Scouts, a prayer group with Pastor Henry
Amedeke, SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now), Mountain
Top Pentecostal Church of God (Hispanic
Congregation), Narcotics Anonymous, Tai Chi (senior
exercise group), AIM (Athletes In Motion), Henrico
Pops (Chorus), Tutoring Program With Lakeside
Elementary School, Safe Harbor (residents at our
Gills/Hope House), Neighborhood Association,
Kiwanis. We will be putting this opportunity in our
bulletin. Submit your anonymous “valentine/heart
words” by filling out a paper heart provided in the
bulletin, place it in the offering plate and our O.N.E.
Committee will compile a “care list/valentine” to be
given out to everyone who meets here. You may also
pin your heart on the board provided outside the
sanctuary. This will be an opportunity to offer care
and compassion for others in Jesus’ name. It also
connects us in prayer and mission for many who are
at the heart of our church’s ministry.
May you find, like John Wesley, your own heart
“strangely warmed” by the knowledge that you are
held close to the very heart of God.
Love in Christ,
Rev. Rita Callis
February 15, 2015
Following Worship Service
Watch your weekly bulletin for the reservation and menu. This is a great time for fellowship with your church
family. You can't beat the price, $6.50 per adult and $3.00 per child. So come on down to the Fellowship Hall
and join us following the Worship Service.
On November 16, 2014 we celebrated the baptism of
William Robert Rumford, son of Andrew and Elizabeth
Rumford and grandson of Bob and Karen Friend.
Thought for February: The day the Lord created
hope was probably the same day he created Spring.
The Messenger – February 2015
Church Council Meeting
December, 2014
On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, the Church Council
was called to order by Chairman Chris White. Bill
Giese gave the devotion. Minutes from the last
meeting were read and approved.
Reverend Rita mentioned we were able to assist a
single mother with three daughters, by providing
them with Christmas gifts. She also expressed her
joy at the success of the Children’s service the
previous Sunday, featuring Rao, Sowmya, and
Sonoah Prathipati as Josesph, Mary, and the infant
Reverend Rita gave an update on the Gills House.
The requirements stipulated by the Safe Harbor
Insurance Adjuster have now been met, and the Gills
House is once again ready to receive new occupants
from Safe Harbor.
An update was given about the fundraising for our
new organ. At the time of the meeting, about
$12,000.00 was needed. (Since then, the gap has
lessened considerably). Results were still being
tallied from the well-attended fundraiser that had
taken place at Jason’s Deli on Friday, December 12.
The ministry focus for this meeting was Finance,
specifically the budget for the coming year. At the
previous meeting in November, Hal Costley had
brought a recommendation from the Finance
Committee, that the church council adopt the
amount of $330,000.00 for the 2015 proposed
budget. This would require cutting approximately
$9,052.00 and the council members were assigned
the exercise of making suggested trims before the
meeting. Hal consolidated the suggestions as a
starting point for the final adjustments. A motion
passed that we accept all our apportionments for
2015. After much fine tuning, the final budget
amount agreed upon was $333,491.94. Hal
motioned we accept this amount, Glenda Adams
seconded, and the motion passed. The members
were thanked for their work throughout this process.
Ministry Team Meetings
Tuesday, 2/3
6:30 pm - Children’s Ministry
7:00 pm – UMM Executive Mtg.
Tuesday, 2/10
10:00 am – Staff Meeting
7:00 pm – Finance
Tuesday, 2/24
10:00 am – Staff Meeting
Council Meeting
The meeting ended with a sharing of concerns, joys
and announcements, and was closed with a prayer.
This report has been submitted by Leslie Whitman
and is not the complete story or official minutes from
that meeting. This was the first time I attended a
budget meeting, and I feel compelled to say that the
final outcome has much to do with us patiently
working together and having the faith that our God
will accomplish what he desires.
Caritas is coming on April 18, 2015.
FOR 2014
Number of Churches contributing food and
volunteers: 40.
Number of volunteers: 4,499.
Number of lbs. of food donated by churches: 65.000.
(Markets donating food: Trader Joes, Martins, Food
Lion.) Number of people served: 20,414. Final
numbers: John 21:17, “Feed my sheep.”
The Messenger – February 2015
Thank You
We express our deepest sympathy to the family of Dr.
Carroll Cloninger who passed away on December 3,
2014. Expressions of sympathy may be sent to: Beth
and William Harper, 10713 Warren Road, Glen Allen,
VA 23060 or Cathy and Michael Biggs, 8395 Owl Lane,
Hanover, VA 23069.
We express our deepest sympathy to Rev. David
Hindman over the recent passing of his mother, Hilda
Hindman on December 8, 2014. Expressions of
sympathy may be sent to Rev. David and Terry
Hindman, 105 Heron Court, Williamsburg, VA 231181694.
We extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Anna
Pollard who passed away on December 29, 2014.
Expressions of sympathy may be sent to Mark Pollard,
18 Palmetto Lane, Southern Shores, NC 27949.
We extend our deepest sympathy to Katherine Asbury
over the recent passing of her brother, James Stables.
Expressions of sympathy may be sent to 2911
Lafayette Avenue, Richmond, VA 23228.
We extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Jean
Mahon who passed away on December 30, 2014.
Expressions of sympathy may be sent to Eddie Mahon,
2144 Vaughan Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23457.
Lakeside Family: Thank you for your prayers and
condolences for my father and our family. We are truly
blessed to have such kind and thoughtful friends.
Peggy and Steve Jennings
Cathy and I would like to thank you for your many kind
notes and visits after the death of our father, Dr. Carroll
Cloninger. We would also like thank Rev. Callis and
the staff for their assistance in planning his service.
Lakeside has been a part of our parent’s lives for fifty
years. They valued the many friends made over the
years. We greatly appreciate everything you did to
celebrate his life.
Beth Harper
A big thank-you to all the individuals and groups who
contributed to the organ fund. We appreciate all
donations, whether large or small; combined, they
helped us reach our goal! All of you have an "interest"
in this new instrument, whose primary function is
congregational singing. We thank everyone who made
this possible.
Caroline, Jeanne, and the Organ Committee
Children’s Birthdays
New Address
Komba Momarkoe
5911 Willow Oaks Drive, Apt. D
Richmond, VA 23225
Once a month, beginning in January, we will recognize
the birthdays of children in our congregation. They will
be called to the front of the church, receive a balloon
and a certificate, and the congregation will sing Happy
Birthday to honor kids who have a birthday in that
month. Each child will be notified in advance about his
or her special Sunday.
Vacation Bible School
Warming Thoughts! Vacation Bible School will be here before you know it. VBS will be in session June 14 to
June 21, 2015, from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. This year we will be exploring the life of David, the mighty warrior
and servant of God. We will have classes for children, preschool through fifth grade, and adults. Hope to see
you there. For more information, please contact Bob Friend at 672-8828.
The Messenger – February 2015
The Biblical precedent for using the organ as an
instrument for praising God is first mentioned in
Genesis 4:21, when Jubal was declared the father of
all who play the harp and organ, and again in Job
21:12, when Job declared “They take the timbrel and
harp, and rejoice at the sound of the organ.” Job
referred to the instrument again when he said the
organ turned into the voice of them that weep (30:31).
The wonderful exhortation of Psalm 150 tells God’s
children to praise him with timbrel and dance, with
stringed instruments and organs. The first organ
described in detail was the one used c. 250 B.C. It
was a hydraulic-pneumatic instrument wherein a small
reservoir was filled with water, and the water pressure
created air pressure which moved through the pipes
via a small bellows, creating musical tones according
to the size of the pipes. (The shorter the pipe, the
higher the pitch). These small organs were onemanual (keyboard), no pedal, and were portable. They
were put in a donkey-drawn cart, and moved from
place to place. The popularity of the organ increased,
and the size of the crowds dictated a larger instrument.
By the year 1500, a small pedalboard had been added.
For those unfamiliar with organ terminology, the
pedalboard is like a very large keyboard, concave and
radiating in design, and played with the feet.
From Jubal and Job to contemporary theologians, the
organ has been considered the main instrument for
leading congregations in worship. One clergyman
states, ”In our denomination, the organ is held in high
esteem, for it is the traditional musical instrument
which adds a wonderful splendor to the Church’s
ceremonies and powerfully lifts up the human mind to
God and to higher things.” The great preacher, Henry
Ward Beecher, pastor of Plymouth Church in Brooklyn
from 1847-1887, wrote considerably about the organ.
He thought the organ prelude was a transition from
ordinary thought and feeling into a higher and more
devout frame of mind, and that the organ
accompanying congregational singing produced a
unity of feeling and fellowship in the assembly. He
described the prelude as a screen of sound rolled
down between the congregation and the outside
The power of the organ needs no defense. No other
instrument has that range, that depth, that versatility.
Christianity chose the organ as its instrument
because no other instrument communicates such
power, grace, precision, beauty and strength. The
organ can lift us out of ourselves, and bring us into
the holy presence of God. How far the art of organ
design has come since that cart-drawn primitive
instrument! The organ of today can reproduce for us
not only the stringed instruments and trumpets of the
Old Testament, but the instruments of the modern
orchestra as well, in addition to creating that
marvelous sound that is unique to an organ.
Great Organ News
Phase 1 of the Organ Campaign is complete and we
will be able to pay the bill for it by the end of January
due to the generosity of many!! Some donations for
phase 2 (a cost of approximately $12,000) have
already been received.
Phase 2 involves the
redirection of several speakers to provide adequate
support for congregational singing, and to provide
better balance between choir and organ.
Donations are greatly appreciated.
Rev. Rita Callis
Tutoring sessions have begun! We currently have
twelve children from Lakeside Elementary, grades 2 5, and another from Laburnum Elementary who come
to our church on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 PM
to 7:00 PM. These students are being tutored in
Reading and Math by members of our congregation,
as well as three VCU students majoring in Education.
We serve snacks during the sessions and would love
to have donations of individually packaged drinks and
snacks for the kids. Please contact Dina Giese if you
can donate food or funds for snacks for the students.
The Messenger – February 2015
Finances and Other matters – A Word From Our Pastor
I come to you with a difficult report. For the first time, in a very long time, our church did not pay its Conference
and District apportionments. We came short of this first mile missional giving by the amount of $10,000 in 2014.
As a United Methodist congregation, these responsibilities are ours to meet before we can take on any other
giving to mission projects. Therefore, our church council voted to accept a 2015 church budget that did not include
funding a covenant relationship with our missionaries, Ms. Clara Biswas and Rev. Pat Watkins. We had to drop
our funding of these two covenant missionaries in order to be able to step out in faith to accept our full
apportionments for 2015, which again, is our first line of missional giving. We maintained our covenant relationship
with Rev. Nancy Robinson and Mr. Kip Robinson, whom we proudly support as missionaries from our own
congregation. Other cuts were made to the 2015 budget in order to keep our spending within the parameters of
our giving. (For more detailed information, you may contact our Finance Committee Chair., or our Church
Treasurer.) We cannot let these financial realities give us cause to despair, but instead find our way to lean on
God all the more. Please know that our support of our apportionments helps us do more than we could ever
imagine as an individual church. “As United Methodists . . . we are a people coming together to accomplish
something bigger. By combining several smaller gifts into a larger amount, we can effect change around the
world. As a connectional church, we can do big things, all in the name of Jesus Christ.” (-The United Methodist
Handbook-available in the church office. Each line item of apportioned amounts is outlined in this helpful guide to
our Denomination) .With the help of our Savior, we look forward to accomplishing our true desire to serve faithfully
in our mission as a church for 2015.
Rev. Rita Callis
Love in Christ
supper at 5:45 pm and a program to follow. Our church will provide supper on the first Wednesday and a sister
church will bring the food to our church for every other Wednesday evening. A free will offering will be taken to
cover the cost of food with all extra being donated to Lambs Basket, our church community food pantry. The short
program, which concludes with evening prayer, will be led by a different pastor each Wednesday night.
Participating Churches: Lakeside United Methodist, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic, Lakeside Presbyterian, Christ
Lutheran, Epiphany Episcopal. This a great tradition among our neighborhood churches as we share food for the
body and soul.
"Laissez les bon crepes rouler!"
Loosely translated, “Let the good PANCAKES roll!” Shrove Tuesday is February 17th and marks
the beginning of LENT. The United Methodist Men have helped celebrate the beginning of Lent by
serving Pancakes, Sausage, Apples, and Beverage. Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM and the cost
is a love donation with the proceeds going to The Summer Arts & Music Camp. We do need a head
count so that we are prepared to feed everyone, so please let us know how many will be coming.
Name: __________________ Count: ________ Adults / _______ Children: Coming to eat Pancakes.
You can also let us know how many are coming by calling the Church office; 266-7016
*(There will be no ‘To-Go’ provided.)
The Messenger – February 2015
Endowment Fund Report for 2014
The Endowment Funds as of the end of October have assets as follows:
Restricted for Maintenance & Repair$180,146
Unrestricted $75,093
The funds have increased by $12,250 through October 2014 and we have spent $3,636 as
Restricted Fund - $1,500 for annual $500 distributions to the choir, the UMYF and for church
school literature.
Unrestricted Fund - $105 for the remainder of the folding machine cost and $2,031 for the
repair of the bus.
The Endowment Committee has authorized $7,500 for the Organ fund from the Unrestricted
Endowment Fund in January of 2015.
You are ushering in another day
Untouched and freshly new
So here I come to ask You, God,
If you'll renew me too.
Forgive the many errors
That I made yesterday
And let me try again, dear God.
To walk closer in Thy way...
But, Father, I am well aware
I can't make it on my own
So take my hand and hold it tight
for I can't walk alone.
Helen Steiner Rice
(In memory of Helen Goodman, submitted by her family)
** UMM Meeting Schedule Changes **
Since our church is hosting the Lenten dinner and worship services this year, the UMM will change
our regular meeting night from Wednesday night to Monday night (February 23rd and March 23rd).
We will still have dinner at 6:30 PM. Our meetings are open to all the men of the church and
guests. We have great and informative programs on many different topics.
The Messenger – February 2015
Glenda Adams
Bernie Pomfrey
Alan Lobou
Michelle Robinson
Florence Tarley
Nina Teel
Thomas Rosen
Roland Tarley
Diana Peaco
Pattie Utley
Joy Nuckols
Kyle Giese
Beth Moses
Doug Walker
Larry Robertson
Rob Ward
Grace Mimbe
Mary Eckart
Delores Dale
Griffin Nettles
Bettie Sue Mills
Gwen Brannan
Gina Richardson
Becky Waters
Ray Pellegrin
Paul Davis
Doris Armstrong
Mary Ann Crisman
Sam Burruss
If your birthday does not appear in our monthly birthday list, please call the church office at 266-7016 and
leave your date of birth so we may record it and celebrate your special God-given day with you.
The Messenger – February 2015
Sunday, February 1
9:40 AM Sunday School
10:50 AM Worship Service
2:00 PM Seed Int. Worship
4:30 PM Children’s Choir
5:00 PM Youth Music
5:30 PM Youth Dinner /
5:30 PM Knit Wits
Monday, February 2
6:30 PM Cub Scouts
7:00 PM Girl Scouts
7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
7:15 PM Boy Scouts
Tuesday, February 3
6:30 PM Children’s Min. Mtg.
7:00 PM UMM Exec. Mtg.
7:00 PM Henrico Pops
7:00 PM North-Side Steps (AA)
8:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday, February 4
6:00 PM Tutoring
Thursday, February 5
9:00 AM Tai Chi Class
6:30 PM Adult Bells
7:30 PM Chancel Choir
Friday, February 6
6:00 PM AIM
Saturday, February 7
9:30 AM Brownies / Girl Scouts
5:30 PM Pack Blue & Gold
Sunday, February 8
Boy Scout Sunday
9:40 AM Sunday School
10:50 AM Worship Service
2:00 PM Seed Int. Worship
4:30 PM Children’s Choir
5:00 PM Youth Music / Bells
5:30 PM Youth Dinner /
5:30 PM Knit Wits
Monday, February 9
6:30 PM Cub Scouts
7:00 PM Girl Scouts
7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday, February 10
10:00 AM Staff Meeting
1:00 PM Musicians Meeting
7:00 PM Finance Meeting
7:00 PM Henrico Pops
7:00 PM North-Side Steps (AA)
8:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday February 11
9:30 AM Rich. Dist. Clergy Mtg.
6:00 PM Tutoring
Thursday, February 12
9:00 AM Tai Chi Class
6:30 PM Adult Bells
7:30 PM Chancel Choir
Friday, February 13
6:00 PM AIM
Saturday, February 14
Valentine’s Day
9:30 AM Girl Scouts
Sunday, February 15
Youth return home from Retreat
9:40 AM Sunday School
10:50 AM Worship Service
12:00 PM Luncheon
2:00 PM Seed Int. Worship
4:30 PM Children’s Choir
5:30 PM Knit Wits
6:00 PM MTPCOG* Prayer Vigil
Monday, February 16
President’s Day
7:00 PM Girl Scouts
7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday, February 17
6:30 PM Shrove Pancake
7:00 PM North-Side Steps (AA)
7:00 PM Henrico Pops
8:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday, February 18
6:00 PM Tutoring
6:30 PM Seed Int. Worship
7:00 PM Ash Wednesday
Thursday, February 19
9:00 AM Tai Chi Class
6:30 PM Neighborhood Watch
6:30 PM Adult Bells
7:30 PM Chancel Choir
Friday, February 20
6:00 PM AIM
Youth leave for Richmond District
Saturday, February 21
Youth Retreat
9:30 AM Brownies / Girl Scouts
Sunday, February 22
Youth Return from Retreat
9:40 AM Sunday School
10:50 AM Worship Service
2:00 PM Seed Int. Worship
4:30 PM Children’s Choir
5:30 PM Knit Wits
6:00 PM MTPCOG* Prayer Vigil
Monday, February 23
6:30 PM Cub Scouts
6:30 PM United Meth. Men
7:00 PM Girl Scouts
7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday, February 24
10:00 AM Staff Meeting
7:00 PM Henrico Pops
7:00 PM North-Side Steps
8:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous
Wednesday, February 25
5:00 PM LARCUM Lenten_
Dinner / Worship
6:00 PM Tutoring
Thursday, February 26
9:00 AM Tai Chi Class
6:30 PM Adult Bells
7:30 PM Chancel Choir
Friday, February 27
6:00 AM AIM
Saturday, February 28
9:30 AM Brownies / Girl Scouts
*Mountain Top Pentecostal Church of God
Please remember to check with the
Church Office before scheduling a
meeting or event.
Thank you.
Lakeside United Methodist Church
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Lakeside United Methodist Church
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Pastor: Rev. Rita Callis
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Organist: Caroline H. Fergusson
Administrative Assistant: Victoria L. White
Sexton: Dina Giese