Specification forming part of Letters Patent'No. 69,259, dated September 24, 1867.
To all 'Lohom it may concern: ,
in a metal socket, j", inthe lower edge of the`
Be it known that LH. SEEHAUsEN,of Mein-= mortis'e a", andthe frame B‘îs provided. at
phis, inthe Vcounty of v_Shelby and. State of each sideof its back or rear part 'witlrpro
Tennessee, have invented a new and Improved jecting arms or guides g`,-which` bear against
TuningAttachinent for Guitars, Banjos, and the rear of theìhead A at each sideof the
similar String Instruments; and-_Ido hereby‘.V mortise a', and prevent the frame B from t.urn-,
declare that _the following is a full, clear, and ing when the" screw D is turned. n
exact ,description thereof, which will enable
In tuning -the. instrument, the frame B, by.
others skilled _in the art to make and use the .turning the screwD, is adjusted in the mor
same, reference beingliad to the aecompanyin g tise a? as high as it'ean be, the upper end of
drawings, forming partv of this specitieation.-- - B being closed against the upperedgeof the
The object _of _this inventionëis to obtain a inortise af', and the strings are strained irntil'
Very simple -meansv‘whereby the strin'gs of a brought in tuneby turning the arbors or rods
guitar, banjo,'or Othersimilar string instru a through the medium _of the worm-'wheels and;
ment maxai'ter being` used, be relaxed with. vscrews b c. After use the strings are relaxed
>greater facility than hitherto, and when re'-_ by screwing Vdown theframe B a trifle-say
quired for usev be morereadily tightened and Vfrom, six toeight turns of the screw D'-the
rods or arbors .a of the several strings not be-V
In the accompanying» sheet of drawings, ing touched. In tuning'tlie instrument again,
Figure l is _a front view of arguita-r-head hav the frame B is raised toits former position,
ing niy improvement applied to it; Fig. 2, al andthe strings will be stïrainedas before, and
side sectional view'of the. same, taken in the the instrument brought nearly in tune by' one
line-œ œ, Fig. 1. - .
single nianipulatioma *very slight adjustment
_ Similar letters of reference indicate like of the strings individually being required in
ì A representsa guitarhead, havinga rectan gular hole or m ortise, af, made en ti rel y' through ~
order to bring the-instrument into perfect
It will be seen, therefore, th'atmy improvel
it, inì‘which a.'inetallic frame„B," is fitted, the> .-_rnent admitsof all the strings being'r'elaxed
fram'ebeing somewhat shorter-than the mor-_ and tightened simultaneously, and renders. it
tise, in order _to admit oil-¿the former having la capable of being tuned'withifar- greater facility.
certain degree of play or movement in the
than heretofore.- ‘
. . Having thus described my invention, I'claim
The frame 'B is provided with the usuai-arf as' new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
bors or rods 4t, to which one end of the 1- se'v- ~
eral 'strin gs of the'implement is attached, and
Placing- the ordinary tuning mechanism or'
each strained 'by turning its'arbor or ,--rod a afguitar, banjo,_or other Isimilar string in
through the medium of' a,worm-wheel,V b, and.A strumentï in an adjustable frame,-B','ñtted.in
screw c.- -This tuning mechanism is the vsame the head of the instrument, and all arranged
as-»usuah and therefore does not require a _ substantially in the manner as and for the pur
special description.v _
_ v.
D isa serew,_which'passes through a hole, '
d,.in the _.end ‘off _the head A and through the
frame„B,'and Worksfininternal screws ethere
in. - The lower end of the screw Dl _is stopped
pose set forth.v
R. LooKwooD.