Replacement Wheel

Tarp System Innovation
Since 1944
Wheels That Are
Not Steel Wear Out.
Now It’s Easy To Get Replacements.
Aero Industries Now Offers Replacement Wheels
For Roll-Tite Systems!
Wheels that are not steel routinely
wear out or get flat spots.
Now you can get quality replacement
wheels from Aero for your Roll-Tite
system. It’s simple and hassle-free!
Two Sizes Available:
• Upper track (smaller) wheel
• Lower track (larger) wheel
Roll-Tite is a trademark of Roll-Tite Corp.
Steel Wheel
& Track System
The Most Reliable Wheel
& Track System Period.
We guarantee it with a lifetime warranty.*
For the most reliable wheel and track system, look into the
Conestoga 2 from Aero Industries. Unlike our competitors who
use a large wheel for driving and a small wheel for guiding
their system, Aero’s patented wheel design does the job
with 50% fewer wheels to maintain. The steel wheels glide
effortlessly along the stainless steel insert providing smooth
operation with virtually no maintenance.
*Conestoga steel wheels are guaranteed for life.
Wheel & Track
eavy duty extruded
aluminum track
ressed bearing steel
• Stainless steel insert
For more information contact your
local Aero Industries Rep or visit us
Call 1-800-535-9545
• Built-in bump rail
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