VHS English Programme Aug - Dec 2014

English Programme
2nd term 2014
vhs Bonn
Bengali Cooking
Bengali food is little known in Germany. Most
people associate it with the cuisine developed in
Indian restaurants in the UK and believe it to be
rather heavy and hot. However, authentic Bengali
cuisine is healthy and light, relying on fresh vege­
tables and different types of lentils and herbs and
subtle spicing, with any heat tailored to individual
tastes. It is also highly suited for vegetarians as it
uses a wide variety of pulses.
Tuesdays, 2. ­ 9.9.2014, 6 to 9 pm
Masud Khan
Realschule Beuel, Rölsdorfstraße 20
Building F (Room F­104/Kitchen)
Fee: 42,90 € (reduced fee: 34,86 €)
Sicilian Cooking
Sicilian cuisine reflects the varied history of this
island and therefore stands out from the normal
Italian cooking. The wide use of aubergines bears
witness to the Turkish Empire while the taste for
sugar, spices and almonds was established du­
ring the Saracen. The Spanish then introduced
chocolate and tomatoes, while the French expan­
ded the cooking skills. In this class we will explore
this rich landscape with 4 simple and tasty dishes
that will enrich your everyday meals.
Wednesday, 3.9.2014, 6 to 9 pm
Alessio Fangano
Realschule in Beuel, Rölsdorfstraße 20
Building F (Room F­104/Kitchen)
Fee: 30,50 € (reduced fee: 26,48 €)
Visit of the Chancellor Bungalow
The Chancellor Bungalow is the former residential
building of the German Chancellor. It was desi­
gned by the Architect Sep Ruf in 1963. Between
1964 and 1999 it was used by the Chancellors as
accommodation and for representational purpo­
ses. Every Chancellor changed the interiour to his
taste and left traces. The Haus der Geschichte
Bonn offers a guided tour of the building. It gives
an insight into the representational and private
Saturday, 6.9.2014, 12.45 to 2.30 pm
Meeting Point: Dahlmannstr. 4, Bonn
Admission free
Anatomy of Pasta
Soon after its introduction in the Italian peninsula,
pasta became a staple food of everyday´s diet.
Originally available only as "maccaroni", pasta
came soon in a variety of shapes, colours and
lengths. It can be both dry and fresh, with or wi­
thout eggs. Nowadays it is easy to feel overwhel­
med by the variety of types that we can find at our
markets. Every shape of pasta is matched with a
particular kind of sauce, and only the right choice
will delight your taste buds.
In this class the cooking instructors will introduce
you to the world of "pasta corta" (short pasta ty­
pes) and "pasta lunga" (long pasta types). We will
prepare together thinner, delicate, thicker and ro­
bust sauces which we will pair with different types
of pasta.
Wednesdays, 10. ­ 17.9.2014, 6 to 9 pm
Alessio Fangano / Carla Carlucci
Realschule in Beuel, Rölsdorfstr. 20
Building F (Room F­104/Kitchen)
Fee: 61,90 € (reduced fee: 53,86 €)
Food and Lifestyle Photography for
Beginners and Bloggers
In these days of foodblogs, Instagram and Face­
book, we are surrounded by images of meals en­
joyed by friends or perfect strangers from all
around the world. In this workshop you will learn
many of the secrets behind those mouthwatering
images that often make you hungry.
You will understand the different types of light,
what props are and how to choose them to high­
light your food, what food­styling is and how it can
help you.
To finish, we will touch upon post­production work
and how you can improve your images using soft­
ware like Lightroom and Photoshop.
Please bring your camera.
Saturday, 20.09.2014, 10 am to 4 pm, Room
Saturdays, 25.10. & 6.12.2014, 10 am to 4 pm,
Room 1.06 (Studio)
Alessio Fangano
VHS, Wilhelmstr. 34
Fee: 102,07 € (reduced fee: 73,28 €)
Red Wine and Cold War
Excursion to the Ahr Valley
In the days of the cold war, when Germany was
on the front line between NATO and the Warsaw
Pact, the need for a Government Bunker was felt
in the case of a nuclear attack on the then­capital
Bonn. In 1960, two abandoned railway tunnels in
the Ahr Valley were selected to house the massi­
ve underground complex. The once best kept se­
cret of West Germany can now be visited. Under
more than 100 meters of shale the temperature is
about 12° Celsius. Not suitable for persons with
claustrophobic problems.
The Ahr Valley is also known to be the northern­
most continuous red wine growing region in Ger­
many. Therefore, we will visit the Ahrweiler
Winegrowing Cooperation, a short walk away
from the bunker. The historical vaulted cellar
where the wine matures in peace, is a perfect
setting for wine tasting and having a traditional
Vesper Platter.
Saturday, 25.10.2014, 8.30 am to 3.30 pm 1984
Britta Krollmann
Meet at Infostand Main Railway Station Bonn
Fee: 35,10 € (no reduction possible)
Tenants’ Rights and Duties
Selective legal aspects of renting property in Ger­
What exactly is a “Nebenkostenabrechnung” and
how can I check it? Who is responsible for fixing
damages in my flat? Is my landlord entitled to rai­
se the rent annually?
Mirco Theiner, lawyer and director of the local
Union of Tenants in Bonn, is going to answer your
questions throughout this lecture.
Monday, 27.10.2014, 8 to 9:30 pm
Mirco Theiner
VHS, Wilhelmstraße 34, Room E.09
Admission free
Start Up Your Business in Bonn
Starting your own business in Bonn is not just
about having a dream. There are real steps to en­
sure your business a successful start. Stefan
Sauerborn, Manager of the Service Center of
Bonn’s Economic Development Department, will
give you an overview about the consulting ser­
vices offered by the Department and will answer
your questions about becoming an entrepreneur
in Bonn.
Tuesday, 4.11.2014, 6 to 7.30 pm
Stefan Sauerborn
Stadthaus, Berliner Platz 2, floor 12b
Office of the Lord Mayor of Bonn
Admission free
Learn basics of French perfumery including histo­
ry, composition, historical perfumes, trends, and
the basic accords of
each family (Citrus,
Floral, Chypre, Woo­
dy, Oriental). Then
create some formulas
of the above mentio­
ned fami­lies on our
own. Get the opportu­
nity to smell raw in­
gredients difficult to
find in the daily life
and learn how it is
your favorite scent which matches your personali­
ty. The costs for perfume ingredients of 30,00 €
are included.
Wednesdays, 5. ­ 26.11.2014, 7 to 9 pm
Reina Maruyama
VHS Bonn, Wilhelmstraße 34, Room 1.06 (Studio)
Fee: 84,48 € (reduced fee: 71,68 €)
Sicilian Cooking
for Vegetarians
Placed at the center of
Sea, the island of Sicily
has been fought over
by many of the most
powerful empires in
history. Thanks to this,
its cuisine is a rare and
unique melting­pot of
tastes and traditions. Always praised for its fertili­
ty, Sicilian cuisine is rich in peculiar vegetarian
dishes that benefit from its varied cultivated and
wild flora. In this class we will go through a few
examples of this historically rich creativity with
dishes that will surely serve as a guide for your
everyday creations.
Wednesday, 5.11.2014, 6 to 9 pm
Alessio Fangano / Carla Carlucci
Realschule in Beuel, Rölsdorfstr. 20
Building F (Room F­104/Kitchen)
Fee: 32,50 € (reduced fee: 28,48 €)
Income Taxes for Self­Employed
Working on a self­employed basis in Germany ­
either as a freelancer or as a tradesman ­ implies
a number of obligations. This ranges from the re­
gistration at the financial authorities respectively
municipality and the commercial register to the
requirement to contribute prepayments on tax.
The presentation addresses frequently asked
questions concerning these issues.
Monday, 10.11.2014, 8 to 9.30 pm
Prof. Dr. Carmen Griesel and Jens Köhlhoff
VHS Bonn, Wilhelmstraße 34, Raum E.09
Admission free
Indian Cooking
Indian cuisine has an extensive and varied reper­
toire, influenced by all the regions of this vast sub­
continent. In our course you will learn how to pre­
pare Tandoori chicken, meat in coconut milk,
various vegetables cooked with seeds and spices,
as well as different types of Pakoras and the fa­
mous Lassi drink. We will also explore fusion food
by learning about the origin and preparation of
Balti dishes. Also, you are going to experience
different cooking techniques and experience a
variety of exciting tastes.
Tuesdays, 11.11. ­ 18.11.2014, 6 to 9 pm
Masud Khan
Realschule in Beuel, Rölsdorfstraße 20,
Building F, (Room F­104/Kitchen)
Fee: 42,90 € (reduced fee: 34,86 €)
Northern Italian Cuisine: RISOTTO
Risotto is a dominant staple in some northern re­
gions of Italy, where it is often preferred over pas­
ta. It can be successfully prepared by using the
right type of Italian rice, a good stock (instead of
bouillon cubes), fresh ingredients, and by followi­
ng a few basic techniques of cooking. In this
course we will learn the basic procedure for coo­
king any risotto dish, how to make a perfectly cre­
amy and tender risotto dish any time "all´onda",
and how to make different stocks for our risotto
dishes. Together we will prepare some authentic
Italian risotto recipes, from traditional to innovati­
ve and creative.
Wednesday, 12.11.2014, 6 to 9 pm
Carla Carlucci
Realschule in Beuel, Rölsdorfstr. 20
Building F (Room F­104/Kitchen)
Fee: 33,50 € (reduced fee: 29,48 €)
Income Taxes for Employees
Taking up vocational work in Germany as an em­
ployee, in short term or on a permanent basis ­
involves many taxation questions, in particular for
fellow citizens coming from abroad. For there is
no taxation legislation in the world which is as
complex as the German one. The presentation gi­
ves a summary, addresses frequently asked
questions, and outlines the main features of social
insurance legislation.
Monday, 17.11.2014, 8 to 9.30 pm
Prof. Dr. Carmen Griesel and Jens Köhlhoff
VHS Bonn, Wilhelmstraße 34, Room E.09
Admission free
Seafood: A Gourmet Italian Dinner
This course is dedicated to the art of preparing
seafood dishes. We will learn how to cook like a
chef in a relaxed and fun environment. Particular
attention will be paid to the presentation of our
Wednesday, 19.11.2014 6 to 9 pm
Carla Carlucci
Realschule in Beuel, Rölsdorfstr. 20
Building F (Room F­104/Kitchen)
Fee: 34,50 € (reduced fee: 30,48 €)
Bengali Vegetarian Cooking
Nowadays, more and more people wish to decre­
ase their consumption of meat for both ethical and
health reasons. With a combination of garlic, oni­
on and ginger at the base and the use of spices,
aromatics and chillies adapted to individual tas­
tes, Bengali dishes can be prepared for anyone.
All varieties of pulses with their high protein con­
tent are used, such as chick peas, mung beans
and all the variety of lentils. Familiar vegetables,
as well as newcomers such as aubergines reveal
a surprising delectability. We will be cooking with
exotic vegetables, such as Korolla (bitter melon),
famed for its health benefits. They are mainstays
of Bengali cooking and widely available in Bonn.
Altogether, this is a cuisine particularly suited to a
palate that requires real taste and freshness in
healthy eating.
Tuesdays, 25.11. ­ 2.12.2014, 6 to 9 pm
Masud Khan
Realschule in Beuel, Rölsdorfstr. 20
Building F (Room F­104/Kitchen)
Fee: 42,90 € (reduced fee: 34,86 €)
Cooking with
Commonly used in
late is a very ver­
also in savory reci­
pes. As
chocolate can ea­
sily be used to fi­
nish sauces that
flavorful meats or
shellfish. Used as highlight, chocolate can even
be added to risotto or pasta dishes with very ele­
gant and satisfying results. In this class, we will
explore the possibilities of chocolate in your kit­
chen with a selection of easy and creative reci­
Wednesday, 3.12.2014, 6 to 9 pm
Alessio Fangano
Realschule in Beuel, Rölsdorfstr. 20
Building F, (Room F­104/Kitchen)
Fee: 33,50 € (reduced fee: 29,48 €)
An Italian Christmas
With its 21 regions, Italy has different and varied
traditions when it comes to the Christmas table.
From North to South, the different cultural influ­
ences through the centuries and the nature of lo­
cal products have shaped the festive tables
across the boot. In this class I will propose you 4
simple and tasty recipes that will make your
holidays even tastier.
Wednesday, 10.12.2014, 6 to 9 pm
Alessio Fangano
Realschule in Beuel, Rölsdorfstr. 20
Building F, (Room F­104/Kitchen)
Fee: 30,50 € (reduced fee: 26,48 €)
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