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The 100 Episode Guide
Episodes 001–023
Last episode aired Wednesday January 28, 2015
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Season 1
Pilot . . . . . . . . . . . .
Earth Skills . . . . . . . .
Earth Kills . . . . . . . .
Murphy’s Law . . . . . .
Twilight’s Last Gleaming
His Sister’s Keeper . . . .
Contents Under Pressure
Day Trip . . . . . . . . . .
Unity Day . . . . . . . . .
I Am Become Death . . .
The Calm . . . . . . . . .
We Are Grounders, Part 1
We Are Grounders, Part 2
Season 2
The 48 . . . . . . . . .
Inclement Weather . .
Reapercussions . . .
Many Happy Returns
Human Trials . . . . .
Fog of War . . . . . . .
Long Into an Abyss .
Spacewalker . . . . .
Remember Me . . . .
Survival of the Fittest
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The 100 Episode Guide
Season One
The 100 Episode Guide
Season 1
Episode Number: 1
Season Episode: 1
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Tuesday January 21, 2014
Jason Rothenberg
Bharat Nalluri
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane), Kelly
Hu (Cece), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Paige Turco (Councillor
Abigail Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Christopher Larkin (Monty), Devon Bostick
(Jasper), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha)
Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Sachin Sahel (Dr. Jackson), Terry
Chen (Commander Shuwoy), Alessandro Juliani (Sinclair), Aaron Miko
(John #2 (John Mbege)), Reese Alexander (Guard #1), Kett Turton (Apprentice), Tatiana Szalay (Angry Parent #1), Shaw Madson (Angry Parent #2), Conrad Whitaker (Tranq Gun Guard), Genevieve Buechner
The remnants of human civilization have escaped Earth to an orbiting
space station after a nuclear holocaust devastated the planet. Ninetyseven years pass and resources are running out, so one hundred
young prisoners are returned to the planet as guinea pigs to see if
survival is possible. Back in space, a political power struggle is going
on to see who controls mankind’s destiny.
Ninety-seven years ago a nuclear apocalypse killed nearly everyone. Now everyone lives on the ark, a space station
forged from the original 12. On the Ark,
every crime is punishable by death unless you’re under 18. Juvenile offenders
are put in the skybox.
Clark, a girl in the skybox is approached by guards and she freaks out
because she thinks that all the juvenile
offenders are being killed off to reduce
the population, but her mother, Dr. Abby
Griffin, tells her that they’re being sent to Earth.
Clark is knocked out and wakes up on a dropship, she finds out that her friend, Wells, got
himself arrested so he can go with her. Wells, dad, the chancellor, comes on the screen and
informs the prisoners that they are being sent down because they’re expendable. Meanwhile,
parents on the Ark are upset that their kids were sent without their permission.
Clark talks to another prisoner who reveals that Clark is a traitor and has been in solitary for
a year. Then, the dropship goes out of control. A couple prisoners think it would be cool to take
off their seatbelts and float around, but they’re mistaken.
Thinking that they’re going to die, Wells apologizes for getting Clark’s father arrested. She tells
him that he wasn’t just arrested, he was executed and she hates Wells. Then, they finally land
and already two prisoners are dead.
Octavia Blake, a girl whose known for having hid on the floor is reunited with her brother,
Bellamy, when he stole a guard’s uniform and snuck onto the dropship Finally, they walk onto
The 100 Episode Guide
The group is supposed to be on Mt. Weather, it’s where their next meal is. But, they were
dropped onto the wrong mountain.
The leaders on the Ark go over what’s happening on Earth due to the prisoners’ wristbands.
Back on Earth, groups are starting to form and tension is already starting to arise. People don’t
like Wells and Clark because they come from privilege. Clark and Wells want to go to Mt. Weather,
but nobody will listen. A fight between Wells and another breaks out, but another guy, Finn, steps
in. Octavia notices Finn, but Bellamy doesn’t like it. He tells Octavia that he did something to get
onto the dropship that the others will kill him for.
Clark, Finn, and a couple others including Octavia decide to go to Mt. Weather. Clark notices
that Finn was trying to take his wristband off, but she says not to because it will make it look
like they’re dying off and the rest of the people on the Ark won’t come for them. Octavia then tells
Clark that Finn’s hers, but Clark claims she doesn’t care.
Dr. Griffin rushes off because the Chancellor’s been shot. Clark and the others walk around
and talk about their crimes. They talk about how pretty Earth is, but Clark thinks their situation
is much more serious. They find a deer, and Clark seems to be coming around, but after they
initially thinking it’s cute, they soon realize they’re wrong as it turns around to show it has two
Dr. Griffin is breaking the law to save the chancellor. But, they do find out who the shooter
was: Bellamy. They also find out that Octavia’s mother kept her hidden for 16 years (you can
only have one child). The leaders are also discussing the option of decreasing the population.
Wells is being threatened by some of the others because of who his father is. His father has
executed a lot of people. Bellamy jumps in and changes the subject. He wants people to take
their wristbands off so that the people on the Ark won’t come and they’ll be alone and safe on
Clark’s group wonders why they were sent down now. Clark knows: the Ark is dying and they
only have 3 months left. Clark was in solitary because she knew and Clark’s dad was executed
because he wanted to go public.
Octavia then decides to jump into the water, and the rest are quick to follow, but they see
something in the water. They warn Octavia, but it’s too late. Something grabs her, and they rush
to save her. Jasper, one of the kids in the group who stole plants with his friend, jumps in and
saves her.
Meanwhile, the rest of the prisoners are getting rowdy. They’re all taking their wristbands off,
and Wells tries to convince them to stop. Bellamy and Wells end up pitting themselves against
each other, and Bellamy has quite a few followers. He describes the inequality on the Ark and
Wells seems to back down.
The leaders of the Ark see that more people appear to be dying, though it’s just the wristbands,
but that they’ve also found water. The new chancellor, Kane, who appears to hate Dr. Griffin and
her family, then arrests Dr. Griffin. He was responsible for her husband’s death and Clark’s
Dr. Griffin is taken to her daughter’s cell and she sees all of Clark’s drawings that she did on
the walls and floor. Meanwhile, Clark wakes up on the ground and sees that Earth is beautiful
at night. Things glow in the dark. Finn follows her, and they bond. He shows her a footprint of
what seems like an animal that walks on two feet.
Dr. Griffin’s best friend, who appears to be involved with Kane begs Kane to show mercy, but
he refuses. On Earth, Bellamy wakes Wells up with a gun in his face. He tries to get Wells to join
him again, but he refuses. So he sets other kids on him and they force the wristband off of him.
Dr. Griffin is being brought to her execution and her friends are distraught. She gives final
advice on how to help the 100 and is about to be sent off to her death when the chancellor rushes
in to pardon her and he is not pleased with Kane. He asks about the 100.
Jasper decides to lead the group across the water in order to impress Octavia. He makes it
across and finds an old sign for Mt. Weather on the ground. They’re celebrating, but suddenly a
spear hits him from out of nowhere. The others hide as they realize they’re not alone.
The 100 Episode Guide
Earth Skills
Season 1
Episode Number: 2
Season Episode: 2
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday March 26, 2014
Jason Rothenberg
Dean White
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane), Kelly
Hu (Cece), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Paige Turco (Councillor
Abigail Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Christopher Larkin (Monty), Devon Bostick
(Jasper), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha)
Lindsey Morgan (Raven), Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Sachin Sahel (Dr. Jackson), Rhys Ward (Atom), Aaron Miko (John #2 (John
Mbege)), Ben Cotton (Red), Freda Perry (Council Member #1), Sharon
Taylor (Council Member #2), Hiro Kanagawa (Council Member #3),
Jake Croker (Rough Looking Boy), Bill Marchant (Senior Council Member), Nicole Hombrebueno (Satisfied Girl), Dalias Blake (Other Tech),
Joleigh Schultz (Hard Looking Girl)
Discovering that Jasper may still be alive, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia,
Finn and Monty set out to locate their friend and are shocked at what
they find. On the Ark, Abby is determined to get to Earth, and enlists
Raven to craft an escape pod.
This week’s episode of 100 begins right
where the first episode ended. Clarke and
her group are running for their lives. One
of them trips and they find a skeleton.
Just then they hear Jasper screaming.
He’s alive! They run back to him, but
he’s gone. He’s been taken and is being
dragged away as a bloody mess.
Back on the Ark, Abby and the others
monitoring the 100 are growing worried.
It looks like more people are dying and
there are rumors on the Ark about the
drop ship. The Chancellor comes in to see
that his son has died, though we know
that’s not true. People think that the mission has failed, but Abby pleads that there could be other explanations and that things could be
fine. She wants to continue and not give up hope.
The rest of the 100 are reveling in their newfound freedom, but Wells is grimmer. He thinks
there should be rules just like on the ark, but Bellamy argues with him. He thinks there should
be chaos. Soon a fight breaks out and Wells seems to win. The guy he was fighting threatens
him, but Bellamy says it should be a fair fight and hands Wade a knife. Wells has the knife to
the guy’s throat when Clarke and the others show up. Then they tell the others that there are
survivors on the land. They call them ”grounders.” This means they can survive there, but they
also have enemies.
Clarke finds out about the wristbands and she’s pissed. She tells them about the life support
failing on the Ark. Bellamy speaks to the crowd and says that they should continue on and that
The 100 Episode Guide
Clarke is just privileged. She won’t have problems if the rest of the population comes down.
They’re not really criminals and the grounders should worry about them. Clarke decides to go
look for Jasper.
Abby talks to the Chancellor about reducing the population. He says that otherwise everyone
will be dead in four months. Things don’t look good on the ground. 24 people seem to be dead.
Abby is not pleased with the way things are headed because everyone’s acting so bleak. Kane,
meanwhile comes in just as Abby leaves. He tells him that Bellamy shot him. But the Chancellor
thinks Kane had something to do with it. Kane says that he thinks he’s weak, and that others do
as well.
Clarke has an emotional moment, but Wells comes in. Wells wants to go with them to find
Jasper, but Clarke doesn’t want him. She won’t let Monty, Jasper’s best friend who was with
Clarke and the others, either because he can be more help by the drop ship. Finn, on the other
hand doesn’t want to go. He thinks it’s a suicide mission. Clarke and Bellamy won’t let Octavia go
because of her leg, but Clarke wants Bellamy to come because he has a gun. She convinces him
that it’ll make him look like more of a leader. Bellamy has a hidden agenda, though, he wants
Clarke’s wristband.
On the Ark, more rumors are swirling about the missing drop ship. A woman named Raven
is asking about it. She’s going to visit her boyfriend in the prison, but is informed that lockup is
The remaining of the 100 are trying to build a wall, but Octavia is stirring up trouble. She
ends up getting locked in the drop ship, but she’s not alone. Monty’s there trying to regain
communications with the Ark.
On the Ark, people are lobbying for their positions on the population control issue. Raven
confronts Abby about what’s going on and says she’s going to get to the truth.
Bellamy stops Clarke and tries to get her wristband. Just then Finn shows up and says they
should split up. They team up together, thus saving her from Bellamy.
Bellamy tells Wells that they have a lot in common: they both came down on the drop ship to
protect someone they love. Finn’s in Wells’ way, though.
On the drop ship, Octavia bonds with Monty over Monty’s bond with Jasper and how Octavia
made it through being locked away her whole life. She decides to help him try to reach the Ark.
He gets her wristband off, but it’s dead. But, he’s going to try to turn it into a radio. Just then
she’s let out and leaves. Bellamy’s henchman, Adam, who had locked Octavia in tells her that
she made it through her traumatic life because Bellamy loves her.
Finn and Clarke realize that they were attacked because they crossed the river. It’s a boundary. That means they can’t get to Mt. Weather and can’t get food. They forget about it for a while,
though, when they find water to play in. They don’t seem to be so scared about that snake thing
from last week. Finn analyzes Clarke in the water. He says she’s so determined to find Jasper
because she couldn’t save her father. Clarke can’t respond, though, because she finds rocks
covered in blood and bloody handprints. Then she finds Jasper’s goggles. They’re close.
The council vote is coming up and Abby and her coworker are working frantically to prove
that the kids are still alive on Earth. They find Raven spying on them and trying to escape. She
tells them that the 100 aren’t dying, they’re taking the wristbands off. Abby gets it.
Octavia and Adam are bonding. He gives her water and then she sees a neon butterfly. She
chases after it. He sees that she’s gone and runs after her. She finds hundreds of butterflies in
the woods. He shows up and they kiss. He’s sweet and says they have nothing but time.
Clarke and the rest of the group track Jasper, but they’re being watched. They hear a moan
and follow it. They see Jasper tied up in a tree.
They rush to help him and Clarke falls in a trap. Surprisingly, Bellamy’s the one to save her.
Finn and the guy Bellamy brought go to help Jasper, and they all see he has medicine on. They
think this may be a trap.
Abby tells the council about the kids taking the wristbands off. She says they need more time,
but Kane says they don’t have any. They take a vote and it’s a tie. The Chancellor has to decide.
He abstains, so they have to vote again in 10 days. He does this to give Abby time.
Clarke and the group’s rescue is interrupted by an animal trying to attack. Clarke calls at
Bellamy to shoot it, but Wells took his gun. He shoots it and Bellamy says, ”now she sees you”
as Clarke watches on shocked.
The 100 Episode Guide
Abby calls Raven in. They need to talk. She tells her that she’s not in trouble. She tells her
about the Ark dying and about how she has 10 days to prove Earth is livable or else people will
die. She needs Raven to fix a drop ship so that Abby can go down. Raven demands to go with
Clarke and the others come back with Jasper. And they bring the animal to eat. Clarke tends
to Japer and Finn comes in and gives her a makeshift two headed deer.
Meanwhile, Raven’s working and wears her necklace that is shown throughout the episode. It
looks like Finn could have made it. Is he her boyfriend? Is that why she wants to go down?
Everyone on the Ark watches more and more people die on the screen tracking the 100. On
Earth, people are taking off their wristbands for food. Finn and Clark aren’t happy and take food
anyway. Bellamy walks in on Octavia and Adam. He has Adam tied dangling from a tree and left.
He won’t be disobeyed.
A creepy masked person is watching all of them.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
Earth Kills
Season 1
Episode Number: 3
Season Episode: 3
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday April 2, 2014
Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain
Dean White
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane), Kelly
Hu (Cece), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Paige Turco (Councillor
Abigail Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Christopher Larkin (Monty), Devon Bostick
(Jasper), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha)
Chloe Babcook (Trina), Chris Browning (Jake), Genevieve Buechner
(Fox), Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Zach Martin (Pascal), Lindsey
Morgan (Raven), Shane Symons (Jones), Valerie Tian (Girl), Izabela Vidovic (Charlotte), Rhys Ward (Atom)
In a desperate attempt to treat Jasper’s festering wounds, Clarke, Finn
and Wells set out in search of a seaweed antibiotic. Bellamy and his
crew go hunting for food, and are joined by Charlotte, a lovable 13year-old, who feels safe under Bellamy’s protection. A thick, acidic
fog appears, forcing Clarke, Finn and Wells to seek shelter inside an
ancient van. While they are trapped, Clarke confronts Wells on his
betrayal that resulted in her father’s death.
One year ago on the Ark, Clarke, her dad,
Wells, the Chancellor and other important Ark people are happy and watching sports. Abby comes home and talks
to Clarke’s dad about a systems analysis
her dad had asked for. His mood changes
and he abruptly leave.
In the present day on Earth, Jasper
isn’t doing too well. Clarke steps out from
tending to him and hears a scream. A little girl, Charlotte, is having a nightmare
and Clarke talks her through it. Charlotte’s parents were ”floated” into space
as an execution. Clarke gets it; her dad
was floated too. Charlotte lost it after her
parents were floated and apparently attacked a guard and ended up as a prisoner. Clarke thinks
that being on the ground might be their second chance.
Two other kids have been lost for two days. They start to make out but there’s a crazy noise
and a fog comes out at them. Something says this is not going to end well for them.
Adam’s back now that he’s had his punishment. He talks to Bellamy about how people are getting scared. People are lost and Jasper’s screaming and dying. Bellamy leaves with the everyone
but leaves one of his lackeys behind who is not pleased.
Clarke is still trying to help Jasper. The grounders cauterized the wound, but he’s not doing
well. And they still can’t reach the Ark. Wells wants to help, and Clarke gets an idea. She tells
Wells to hold Jasper down and sticks her knife in the fire.
Adam has grown distant towards Octavia. He won’t even respond to her when she talks.
She heads straight to Bellamy and demands an explanation. They argue, but she hears Jasper
The 100 Episode Guide
screaming and rushes away. She runs to Clarke to stop her and Bellamy follows. Clarke is trying
to cut out the infected parts. Bellamy wants her to stop. Jasper’s a lost cause and is unnerving
everyone else. Clarke says she can save him. Bellamy says he’ll kill him if he’s not better by
tomorrow. Octavia decides to stay to help. Finn, surprisingly agrees with Bellamy even though
he agrees that Bellamy’s no good.
Back in the past, Abby and her husband talk about how the Ark has one or two years of
oxygen left. She thinks he can fix it, but he can’t. He wants to tell the public, but she thinks that
will create panic and anarchy. She begs him to promise to obey the council’s orders to keep it
quiet and he says he can’t. She says to do it for Clarke and he says he is. She says they’ll float
him and she won’t be able to stop it. Clarke overhears.
Finn tries to make up with Clarke after saying he agrees with Bellamy and Wells comes over
to help figure out to use to help Jasper. Wells, a great botanist, realizes they need seaweed and
Finn knows where to find it. They all decide to go. Wells tries to convince Clarke to be friends
with him again, but she’s not having it. Then Wells and Finn bicker about Clarke until Finn finds
a car buried in the ground. Finn and Wells are excited, but Clarke wants to move on to help
Bellamy and his group go hunting. Bellamy hears a noise and throws an ax barely missing
Charlotte. She doesn’t want to hear Jasper crying anymore. Bellamy decides to let her come
hunting and gives her a knife.
Clarke and the others find the seaweed and Clarke goes right in and grabs it. Just then, a
flock of birds rushes towards them. Then they hear a noise. Is it a war cry or a warning? It’s the
strange fog! They run.
In the past, Clarke is too overwhelmed to pay attention to Wells. He notices and says she can
talk to him. So, she tells him everything. She tells him not to tell anyone and he promises he
Clarke, Finn, and Wells go in the car to avoid the fog. Bellamy, Charlotte, and Adam are
running too. Bellamy hears Adam calling for him. People are also running into the drop ship.
Their skin is burning. Clarke wants to keep going to help Jasper, but they can’t. Finn finds booze
in the car. Wells doesn’t want to take it says he and Clarke won’t drink it, so Clarke takes it to
spite him.
Bellamy hides with Charlotte. They’re sleeping and Bellamy hears her screaming in her sleep.
He says her fears don’t matter; all that matters is what she does about them. He says she can’t
be weak or afraid down here. He tells her to hold her knife and say, ”Screw you. I’m not afraid.”
Finn assures Clarke that Octavia will help Jasper. A drunken Clarke wants Finn to admit
she’s fun. Wells wants to join in and tries to reminisce about the fun they had, but Clarke won’t
get over what he did to her father. He tells her he made a fogake, but she won’t accept that. He
thought he could trust his father, and she thought she could trust him. After Clarke says Wells
should go into the fog, Finn steps in. Wells, on the other hand, starts drinking. Finn asks, ”Are
we having fun yet?”
People on the drop ship are losing patience with Jasper’s screaming. Bellamy’s lackey that got
left behind, Marcus, decides it’s time to kill Jasper. Octavia and Monty fight him off.
In the past, Clarke’s dad records a message telling the public the truth. Clarke walks in and
tells him that she knows everything. At first he tries to explain himself but she stops him and
says his plan is stupid. She wants to help him, but he says no. He reassures her, but guards
storm in and grab him. She promises to warn the public for him, but he tries to tell her not to as
he’s dragged away.
Clarke and the others finally get out of the car. She wants to rush to help Jasper. Meanwhile,
Finn asks Wells about his relationship with Clarke. He also asks Wells about why he did what he
did to Clarke’s dad. Wells tells him he made the right choice.
Bellamy and Charlotte come out of their hiding space. They find the others, but Adam isn’t
with them.
Finn talks to Clarke about what had happened the night before. He tells her that Wells loves
her. He also says that Wells never gives her a straight answer whenever her dad comes up. Is
he hiding something? He’s the only one she told, but was he the only one who knew? Maybe he
didn’t tell after all. They stop talking when they hear screams.
Charlotte found Adam. Bellamy goes up to him. His skin looks like it’s bubbling and he’s
bleeding among other things. He’s in bad shape and he asks Bellamy to kill him.
The 100 Episode Guide
Charlotte gives Bellamy her knife, then Bellamy sends her back to camp. Bellamy’s about to
kill Adam when he sees Clarke watching behind him. She comes up to him. They look at each
other and struggle with what to do for a moment, but Clarke tells Adam she’s going to help
him. She hums to him while he gasps for breath and she kills him. Then she strokes his hair
while Bellamy watches. He’s not the only one who watches, though. Charlotte was hiding and
watching; and she’s terrified.
Everyone gets back to camp. Bellamy says to get Clarke whatever she needs. Octavia comes
out and tells Clarke that they need to help Jasper and that they were trying to kill him. She then
runs up to Bellamy to see what he has. It’s Adam’s body. Bellamy ties to explain, but she won’t
Marcus updates Bellamy and calls Octavia psycho. Bellamy loses it, but it looks like Marcus
is getting more unstable.
Back in the past, Clarke’s dad is taken to his execution. He says goodbye to Abby. He tries
to tell her to warn them, but she says there’s another option: Earth. He gives her his wedding
ring and tells her to give Clarke his watch. Clarke storms in and the Chancellor lets her come.
She hugs him and he gives her his watch. They say they love each other and he walks into the
chamber and is floated. Clarke cries to her mother and apologizes, who says it’s not her fault.
Clarke and the others help Jasper. Clarke apologizes to Octavia about Adam. Octavia says
Jasper’s not allowed to die.
Wells is out digging and Clarke approaches him. She says she needs to know the truth. Her
mom’s the one who told his dad. She begs him to admit it and he finally does. He wanted to
protect her. She asks for his forgiveness and he’s ready to forgive.
Octavia and the others who were helping Jasper drink on the drop ship. Just then, Jasper
wakes up. Clarke comes in and thanks him for not dying.
Wells is outside and Charlotte comes up to him. She couldn’t sleep. She talks about her
nightmare. She says she found a way to make them stop and she stabs him saying, ”I’m sorry.”
She talks about how his father kills her parents in her nightmares and then she wakes up and
sees Wells. She slayed her demons like Bellamy said. Then, she hums Clarke’s song.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
Murphy’s Law
Season 1
Episode Number: 4
Season Episode: 4
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday April 9, 2014
T.J. Brady, Rasheed Newson
P.J. Pesce
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane), Kelly
Hu (Cece), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Paige Turco (Councillor
Abigail Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Christopher Larkin (Monty), Devon Bostick
(Jasper), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha)
Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Izabela Vidovic (Charlotte), Sachin Sahel (Dr. Jackson), Saidah Arrika
Ekulona (Nygel), Christine Willes (Vera Kane), Aaron Miko (John #2
(John Mbege)), Reese Alexander (Guard), Joshua Ssettuba (Connor),
Manny Jacinto (Boy Bullied by Murphy), Brad Kelly (Harris)
Clarke and Finn grow closer as they try to communicate with the Ark.
Meanwhile, Bellamy maintains order within the group.
Clarke visits Wells’ grave. She pulls a
knife when someone comes up behind
her. It’s Finn. They talk about how
they have to be more responsible. She
shouldn’t be alone and he shouldn’t wander the woods like he does. He brought
her a gift: a pencil. Clarke tells him that
Wells used to trade his own stuff to give
her art supplies. It’s another thing he
didn’t want her to know. He covered for
Clarke’s mom who sold out her dad. She
talks about how her mother killed her father. Then with determination she says
she’s going ”to make her feel it.”
On the Ark, Abby loses it when it looks
like Clarke has died. It’s the first terminated symbol in over a week. Abby still wants to believe
that things are safe on Earth. So she wants Clarke’s records.
Monty takes Clarke’s wristband. She gets to punish her mother, but they can still work to get
communication with the Ark.
The 100 are building up a wall to keep the grounders out. Meanwhile, Bellamy is bonding
with Charlotte. And Murphy is getting more unstable. He pees on a guy and takes a power trip.
Octavia is trying to get Jasper over his fears. But she screams and is pulled away. Jasper
rushes to her, but it’s just some guy messing around. She tries to tell Jasper there’s nothing to
be afraid of, but he trips and sees someone’s fingers on the ground.
Kane is getting suspicious of Abby. He wants to see what she’s up to, but she scares him off
by saying that he might get strep if he follows her. She goes to see Raven. She wants to launch
as soon as possible. She’s upset about Clarke and Raven understands. She can hurry, but she
can’t tell Abby how.
Octavia and Jasper show Bellamy and Clarke the fingers and knife they found. It wasn’t the
grounders that killed Wells; it was one of them. Bellamy wants to keep this quiet. If people will
The 100 Episode Guide
are still scared of the grounders, they’ll keep working and following him. However, Clarke sees
Murphy’s initials on the knife. She goes to confront him but he swears he didn’t do it. She’s upset
and tries to motivate people into building a better society.
Things get out of hand for Clarke when everyone starts chanting, ”float him.” This wasn’t
the outcome she had in mind. Then they attack him. They hang him from a tree. Clarke begs
Bellamy to stop them, but they start chanting his name. Just then Finn sees what’s happening.
He rushes forward as Bellamy kicks the box out from Murphy’s feet saying it’s Clarke’s fault for
not staying quiet. Charlotte comes forward and confesses and Clarke cuts Murphy down.
Raven, who goes by ”little bird,” deals with some shady people to get some equipment for the
drop ship. She needs to sleep with the chief of electrical in order to get what she needs, though,
and she refuses. The women she’s talking to, Nigel, starts talking about her mom and she loses
Murphy and others are calling for Charlotte. He wants her punished. She’s in a tent with
Bellamy, Clark, and Finn. She says she was just slaying her demons like Bellamy said. That’s
not what he meant. He’s pissed and says it’s Clarke’s fault for telling everyone about the murder.
Bellamy tells Charlotte to stay with Clarke and Finn. He goes out to talk to Murphy. Murphy
asks the 100 if they want to hang the real murderer. Hardly anyone raises their hand. And he’s
pissed. They were ready to kill him, but not her. He punches Bellamy and some others and goes
with his allies to grab Charlotte, but she’s gone with Clarke and Finn.
People are sick on the Ark and Raven sees it. She goes to Abby pretending to be sick. Abby
tells them they’re all sick from Oxygen deprivation. Raven tells her about Nigel. Abby already
knows about Nigel and says she’ll take care of it, but, like Raven, won’t say how. She goes to
Nigel. She trades morphine for the equipment, but Kane’s there looking suspicious.
Clarke and Charlotte follow Finn who says he has a plan. Charlotte tries to hold Clarke’s
hand, but Clarke won’t forgive her. Finn tries to tell Clarke that Charlotte’s only a kid. They hear
people calling for Charlotte. Clarke wants to run, but Finn found an underground bunker to hide
in. It’s full of children’s stuff and Finn says, ”for now it’s home.”
Clarke’s upset that Finn didn’t tell anyone about the bunker. They could have used and shared
the stuff in there. But he charms her with colored pencils. They don’t think the people that were
supposed to stay there ever made it there. Clarke thinks they’re lucky. It would have been worse
to go crazy down there and then die. Clarke feels guilty about what happened. Bellamy knew
what would happen if she talked. She and Finn say they can’t allow people to kill each other.
They don’t know what to do about Charlotte and about Murphy hunting them down. Charlotte
has been pretending to sleep and overhears them talking about her and the situation.
Raven and Abby keep working. Meanwhile, Kane goes to talk to Nigel. He overhears someone
preaching about going back to Earth. Nigel rats out Abby. She also talks about his mom. Why
does she know everyone’s mom?
Clarke wakes up from sleeping on Finn’s shoulder and finds Charlotte gone. She wakes Finn
up. Charlotte’s running through the woods and Bellamy grabs her.
People are still hunting Charlotte down. Bellamy’s dragging her through the woods, but she
says to leave her alone. She’s trying to turn herself in and he won’t let her or leave her. Clarke
and Finn, meanwhile, are trying to track her down. They hear her scream and think Murphy has
On the Ark, Abby’s friend tells her that Kane knows about the morphine and is on his way to
arrest her and Raven. Abby tells her that Raven has to leave without her if necessary. She needs
to radio back as soon as she finds the 100. Abby is prepared to be floated. They say a tearful
goodbye. And Abby tells her to tell Clarke she loves her.
Bellamy and Charlotte wind up on a cliff. Everyone else shows up. Clarke tells Murphy to
calm down and they can talk, but Murphy grabs her and holds a knife to her throat saying he’s
sick of her. Charlotte yells out not to hurt Clarke but Murphy says he’ll let her go if Charlotte
comes with him. She tries to go with him, but Bellmay holds her back and Clarke tells her not
to. Charlotte says she can’t let them be hurt for what she’s done. She decides to save them all by
jumping off the cliff.
Bellamy’s enraged. He attacks Murphy. Clarke pulls him off him. She says, ”we don’t get to
decide who lives and dies. Not down here.” She says he was right. People don’t need to know
everything. But they need rules. And they’re going to make the rules. Bellamy doesn’t want to let
Murphy back in and Clarke says they should banish him. Bellamy holds him over the cliff and
The 100 Episode Guide
says that he’ll throw him over if he shows up back at camp. Finn throws Murphy his knife. And
Murphy is alone.
On the Ark, Kane is on his way and Raven is having problems with the drop ship. Nigel gave
them a bad part. She looks at a space suit.
Kane finds Abby. He asks for an explanation and she says it’s her daughter. He apologizes,
but she says she still believes. He asks about the equipment and Raven. Raven has the spacesuit
on and is getting ready to leave.
Kane tells Abby that Raven’s boyfriend, Finn was one of the 100. He tries to get Abby to talk
saying he’ll save Raven, but Abby says she’s trying to save them all. He has Abby arrested and
they hear a noise. Raven has launched. Kane asks Abby what she’s done and she says, ”we have
to know the truth.”
Clarke and Bellamy tell the others about Murphy’s banishment. Monty ahs finished setting
up and lets Jasper make the first communication to the Ark. It terminates everyone’s wristband,
though. They did it wrong, and now they’re out of options. The Ark thinks they’re all dead. Jasper
thinks he’s cursed, but Octavia calls him brave. She kisses him. Meanwhile, Finn is in a rage.
Clarke tells him he’s not alone and they kiss and start losing clothes. But Raven’s still on her
way. And she’s looking at the gift Finn has made for her.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
Twilight’s Last Gleaming
Season 1
Episode Number: 5
Season Episode: 5
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday April 16, 2014
Bruce Miller
Milan Cheylov
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane), Kelly
Hu (Cece), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Paige Turco (Councillor
Abigail Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Christopher Larkin (Monty), Devon Bostick
(Jasper), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha)
Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Terry Chen (Commander Shuwoy),
Alessandro Juliani (Sinclair), Sachin Sahel (Dr. Jackson), Lilah
Fitzgerald (Reese), Mac Brandt (Tor Lemkin), Ricky Whittle (Grounder),
Bill Marchant (Senior Council Member), Shane Symons (Jones),
Genevieve Buechner (Fox), Celia Reid (Roma), Alyson Bath (Bree), Dean
Redman (Guard), Troy Everett (Volunteer), Jane Craven (Miss Lucy)
Raven makes it safely to Earth where she is reunited with Finn, to
Clarke’s dismay. In space, the council has approved the culling and
Abby decides to take drastic action. Raven and Clarke devise a plan to
let the Ark there are still survivors on Earth.
Clarke and Finn are basking in their love.
We know that this can’t last long with
Raven on her way. Clarke says they can’t
just lie around in bed all day, but that’s
exactly what Finn wants to do. Clarke
says that last night wasn’t just about
needing someone, she needed him. Finn,
on the other hand, says it wasn’t really
about her, he just wanted his first Earth
sex. They laugh and have sex again.
Abby’s in her cell when the Chancellor comes in with two guards. He tells
them to leave them alone. The Oxygen
is really low. The projections were wrong
and things are getting worse. He also says
that Abby has been given work-release. The prison has been on half-air, so the Chancellor offered
her oxygen but she refuses. Nobody should get special treatment. The council voted without her
and unanimously approved Kane’s plan. Over 320 people will be killed. Abby wants to wait for
Raven. But the Chancellor said she killed her with her mission. He makes her take the oxygen.
She says she’s confident that Raven will make it as she takes the oxygen.
Raven is still trying to get to Earth. It’s a shaky ride.
Clarke and Finn talk about the bunker. Clarke wants to share the stuff in there. But Finn
says they need it to be a secret in case they ever need to hide again. He finally whispers that
he wanted it to be her too and they kiss. Clarke notices something in the sky. Finn says it’s a
shooting star, but we know better. Finn says to make a wish, but Clarke won’t play along. Then
they realize what it actually is.
Bellamy wakes up between two women to see the drop ship coming down. Everyone thinks
that it’s someone coming to help them, but Bellamy’s not happy.
The 100 Episode Guide
In the Bunker, Clarke and Finn try to guess what’s coming. They think they can contact the
Ark now. Clarke’s upset that it’s too late for anyone who’s already died.
Bellamy doesn’t want anyone to go looking for it while it’s dark. Octavia’s worried that the
grounders saw and will go for it first, but he won’t give in.
Abby’s testing a girl’s eyesight. She’s blind in one eye because of the oxygen. Her dad asks
Abby if they’re going to fix the air. But he gets upset. Her friend talks to her. She’s pissed that
he’s not listening to the radio waiting for Raven.
Raven’s unconscious as a radio goes off.
Finn and Clarke come back to camp. They look for Bellamy, but he’s gone. He’s gone to the
drop ship himself. So they go after him. Clarke’s mad that she got distracted and let Bellamy go
after the radio without her realizing it.
Octavia runs after Bellamy. He finally tells Octavia that he shot the Chancellor. He made a
deal that if he did it he’d get to go on the drop ship. He did it to go with Octavia. But now, if
people from the Ark come, they’ll kill him. Octavia says she didn’t ask for any of this and leaves.
Kane briefs the Chancellor on the plan. It’s going to looks like an accident and it should be
painless. He needs the Chancellor to give his approval. He gives it but he wants Kane to be the
one to give the order. Kane’s going to be the chancellor because the Chancellor decided to die
with them. He says Kane has a ”strength that is not weakened by sentiment.”
Bellamy finds Raven in the drop ship and pulls out a knife. He cuts off the radio and flings it
into the water. Finn and Clarke split up. Raven wakes up and Clarke finds her. Raven is really
excited to be on Earth. Finn finally sees her and they run into each other’s arms. Things get
awkward when Clarke watches them kiss.
Raven talks about how she and Finn would do anything for each other. Raven’s hurt and he
has her sit down. He runs to Clarke to get a bandage and he apologizes to her but she doesn’t
want to talk about it. Finn introduces them, and Raven realizes who she is. She says this is
all because of her mom. Raven says the council’s voting today and they have to let them know
Clarke’s alive. They run over but the radio’s gone. Raven thinks it fell out when she landed, but
Clarke says she knows who took it. They run to find Bellamy
Abby’s pissed at the Chancellor and that he’s leaving things to Cane. She begs him to reconsider other options. He says he’s doing the right thing, but she says he’s running away and calls
him a coward. She asks how he’s going to explain it to Wells. Too bad Wells is dead, though. It
did make an impression anyway.
Abby goes to a drawer and takes out a flash drive. It’s her husband’s video revealing the truth.
Octavia hears noises and starts running away. She ends up on a hill, trips and rolls down.
She hits her head and passes out.
Clarke catches up to Bellamy. She asks where the radio is and tells him about the population
control plan. They’re not going to be killing the council people there like he wants, they’re killing
working people. Finn catches up and pushes him. Then Raven tells them that everyone’s looking
for him. He shot the Chancellor. He and Raven get into each other’s faces. Raven then tells him
that the Chancellor isn’t dead. Clarke says that he’s not a murderer; he’s always been a protector.
And he can protect others. She asks for the radio, but he says it’s too late.
Clarke’s dad’s video plays on the Ark. Abby starts talking to the people of the Ark calling for
action as Kane and his guards rush in and shut her down.
Everyone searches the river for the radio. Finn tries to talk to Clarke about Raven. She says
he wouldn’t take off his wristband because he had hope. She gets it. They find the radio. Raven
says it will take a long time to fix it. Clarke starts yelling at Bellamy. But Raven says they don’t
have to talk to the Ark, just let them know that they’re down there.
The Chancellor says Abby might start a riot. She’s happy about that. Kane says people are
gathering. They need time. Everyone’s going to die, either by uprising or suffocation because of
Abby. The people outside are sending someone to talk to her. It’s the dad of the girl she was
checking out. He said he wants to volunteer to be one of the ones to die. This is the only way
he can help his daughter. More people come in to volunteer. Clarke’s father said the news would
bring out the best in them, and the Chancellor says he was right.
The 100 are working to contact the Ark with Raven giving orders. She calls Clarke over to help
her. She asks Clarke what the problem is but moves on. She says she’s never seen someone love
someone like Abby loves Clarke. Clarke says it’s complicated.
The 100 Episode Guide
Kane brings the Chancellor the list of volunteers. They rejected over 100 people such as
essential personnel and minors. Kane still wants to volunteer. When Kane says he inspires the
people, he says that Clarke’s dad is the one who inspired people and he killed him, but Kane
says he’s the inspirational one. And he’s more inspirational than Kane too.
The dad tells his daughter he has to work the double shift. Then he says a tearful goodbye to
his daughter, who, not understanding the gravity of the situation, wants to move on. Kane walks
up to Abby who asks if they’d heard from Raven. He says no as the 100 keep working. Kane and
Abby talk about how the Chancellor changed his mind. The 100 keep working and Kane gave
clear orders to let them know if Raven makes contact. The Chancellor thanks the dad for his
sacrifice but he says it’s for his daughter and to just do right for the others.
The volunteers gather and prepare to die, crying, hugging, and sitting as the 100 keep working. Everything’s ready, but the Chancellor hesitates on giving the order. He finally presses the
button himself. The gas starts as the 100 send rockets into the air. The volunteers start falling
asleep and dying.
Abby and the council members think about the gravity of the situation as they look at the
dead volunteers. She finds the daughter’s barrette that the dad had been holding and dropped.
The 100 watch their rockets launch. Clarke and Bellamy talk about shooting stars. Bellamy
doesn’t know what he’d wish for, but Clarke looks over at Finn with his arm around Raven.
Octavia wakes up to see a grounder with the rockets going off in the background.
The Chancellor goes to Abby and tells her she should sleep. She asks how. The Chancellor
starts drinking and shares with Abby. He says they do the best they can and put their faith in
a forgiving God, but Abby doesn’t think they deserve to be forgiven. Then Abby sees the rockets
through the skylight and points them out to the Chancellor.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
His Sister’s Keeper
Season 1
Episode Number: 6
Season Episode: 6
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday April 23, 2014
Tracy Bellomo, Dorothy Fortenberry
Wayne Rose
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane), Kelly
Hu (Cece), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Paige Turco (Councillor
Abigail Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Christopher Larkin (Monty), Devon Bostick
(Jasper), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha)
Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Terry Chen (Commander Shumway),
Ricky Whittle (Lincoln), Olivia Steele Falconer (Young Octavia),
Monique Ganderton (Aurora Blake), Aaron Miko (John #2 (John
Mbege)), Celia Reid (Roma), Katie Stuart (Monroe), Spencer Drever
(Young Bellamy), Andrew Francis (Boy in Mask), Giacomo Baessato
(Diggs), Victor Ayala (Horace), Fulvio Cecere (Inspector Grus), Darren
Mann (Kid #1), Quinn Lord (Young Member of the 100)
Bellamy leads a rescue party for Octavia that crosses the boundary
into Grounder controlled forest. Flashbacks document Octavia’s life
aboard the Ark and Bellamy’s responsibility for her. The flashback also
reveals the traitor behind Bellamy’s attempt on Chancellor Jaha’s life.
On the Ark 17 years ago, Bellamy’s mom
gives birth to Octavia. She’s not allowed
to have more than one baby because the
Ark wouldn’t survive. She’ll be floated if
anyone finds out. Bellamy doesn’t understand. He gets to name her and he
chooses Octavia because that was Augustus’ sister’s name. Bellamy thinks the
Chancellor is like Augustus. Then his
mom drifts off saying that she is his responsibility. He takes care of her and
promises he won’t let anything bad happen to her.
Back in the present Bellamy finds out
Octavia is missing. He goes to Clarke.
She’s worried about what’s happening on the Ark but he tells her about Octavia. She says she’ll
help him but she’s not doing it for him.
Octavia wakes up in pain and in unfamiliar surroundings and it looks like there are books
piled up. Something’s wrong with her leg. Someone’s coming and she tries to get away. She begs
him not to hurt her but he stabs her with a burning knife.
Bellamy organizes a search party. Octavia’s been gone for 12 hours. Clarke says Jasper
doesn’t have to come, but he says he needs to. Bellamy calls Finn but he’s busy. Raven’s cutting
his hair. She asks what he wanted to talk about, but he avoids it and says nothing. She doesn’t
buy it. Finn leaves with the search party and runs into Clarke. He wants to talk, but there’s
nothing to talk about. She says they can stop what they started. He asks if she’s sure because
he’s not.
The 100 Episode Guide
The crowd gathers in amazement. There’s a meteor shower. But it’s not really a meteor shower.
It’s a funeral for the people that were killed on the Ark. They didn’t get the message they sent.
This is Bellamy’s fault. Clarke says they need to contact the Ark. They’ll keep killing people if
they don’t. The group leaves and Raven is taxed with fixing the radio. She needs supplies and
Clarke knows where to get them. The two have to go together, but Finn has to go with the search
party because he’s a great tracker. Raven won’t leave until they kiss and say I love you. Things
are about to get awkward with Clarke and Raven.
Octavia wakes up again. She calls out to see if anybody’s there but doesn’t get a response.
She sees that the Grounder fixed her leg. She gets up and tries to escape but she can’t. She looks
at the moon.
The search party finds Octavia’s wristband. Jasper’s the first to follow Bellamy down the hill
they found the wristband on. Bellamy also finds her blood. They see footprints and realize that
someone else was there. And that he was carrying her. Jasper says, ”If they took her she’s alive.”
He would know.
Octavia finally manages to move some rocks and starts to crawl through the hole. The group
finds skeletons hanging. ”I don’t speak Grounder. But I’m pretty sure this means keep out,” Finn
says. Bellamy says people can leave if they want. Finn and Jasper go along. They think they’ve
found her.
Back in the past Bellamy and Octavia play around. Octavia says she wants to see the Ark.
Their mom says it’s time for her to hide. She magically knows when there’s always a surprise
inspection. Her mom tells her to tell herself that she’s not afraid. Then she gets into a hidey-hole
to hide with her stuffed animal. Their mom opens the door for the inspection. Bellamy notices
that part of the stuffed animal is on the floor so he sits and covers it with his foot. His mom
had made a deal that he’d be in the guard if she had sex with the inspector. This is presumably
how she also knew about the inspection. The guard tells him to come and show his skills, but
Bellamy won’t get up so they won’t see the stuffed animal. He gets up and ”accidentally” drops
stuff on the floor.
In the present Octavia chants ”I’m not afraid” again as she crawls through the hole and
Clarke and Raven go on their mission. Clarke doesn’t want to dawdle and Raven says she’s
just like her mom, but Clarke’s not happy about that. Raven’s mom wasn’t a good mother either.
She didn’t take care of her. Finn did though. Clarke takes her to the bunker.
The group lost the trail. Finn can’t find it. Just then someone drops down from a tree and
takes John. The group notices. They go to look for him, but he falls down dead at their feet.
Finn realizes that the Grounders used the tress. They shouldn’t have crossed the boundary.
The others want to go back but they’re surrounded by Grounders. ”We should run,” Finn says.
They run and the Grounders chase.
Raven and Clarke keep working. Clarke says that Finn’s the one who found the bunker. They
find what they need. Raven also finds the animal that Finn had made. It’s like her necklace.
One of the people in the group can’t run anymore. One guy sets off a trap and is killed.
Jasper realizes that they were being led there. It’s the only direction they could go. Octavia’s also
running, but a Grounder grabs her. She watches a girl from the group die and is carried away.
Back in the past Bellamy’s a guard. He’s really excited about something, but she’s bitter about
not getting to see anything. Bellamy says that he’s not there to brag. There’s a masquerade. She
can wear a mask and come out. He’ll watch over her. She’s really excited about it. He leads her
out for the first time. She sees the moon and she quickly joins the others at the party. Jasper
sees her for the first time and is instantly smitten.
In the present, Octavia is weak and following the Grounder. She says she needs to rest, but he
just carries her. She thanks him for saving her life. She says her brother’s in the group looking
for her and that he has to help her or the other Grounders will kill him. He doesn’t understand
her. He puts her down and brings her back down to the hole she was in. She asks why he’s
taking care of her, but he suddenly grabs her, chains her up, and leaves. She begs him not to
and cries out.
Bellamy and the others find the group member that Octavia watched die. The group realizes
that the Grounders are playing with them and can kill them any time they want. Jasper loses it
and provokes the Grounders yelling at them to come and finish it. They come running at them
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until they hear a horn and run away. Finn realizes the horn means acid fog. He says there’s no
time to run and opens up a sheet.
Back on the Ark in the past, Octavia is having a great time at the party. But there’s an alert
and Octavia freaks out. Bellamy tries to help her escape. Everyone has to take their masks off
and take out their ids. Bellamy begs another guard to let them leave, but he won’t help. They’ve
been caught. She tries to run, but is grabbed.
Bellamy and the others are hiding under the sheet in the present. Bellamy realizes there’s no
fog. They get out and see a Grounder. Bellamy wants to go after him and catch him, make him
tell him where Octavia is, and kill him. This might be a trap.
Raven’s working and Clarke checks in on her. She asks if she’s okay because she barely
talked since the bunker. Raven confronts her about the animal Finn made and about her and
Finn. Clarke admits to it. She didn’t know about Raven and said that Finn thought Raven was
dead or about to die. Raven said he could have waited longer than ten days. She came all this
way for him. Clarke starts to leave and Raven asks if she loves him. She says she hardly knows
him. Raven tears her necklace off.
The Grounder comes back to Octavia. She punches him in the face. She knocks him out
and grabs the key. She tries to unchain herself, but someone’s coming. She hurries up, but it’s
Bellamy! They followed the Grounder and found her. She hugs Bellamy, but the Grounder wakes
Back in the past, Bellamy is upset about Octavia. There’s a knock on the door. The guard
that he asked for help is there. It’s a year later. He was promoted and Bellamy is a janitor now.
He was the one that floated his mother. He said he was following orders. He came to talk about
Octavia. He tells him about the plan to send the 100 down. He knows Bellamy would do anything
for Octavia. He said he’d get him a seat on the drop ship if he kills the Chancellor. Bellamy says
he’ll kill him instead, but he convinces him that he has to go through with his plan.
Octavia says they need to go before the Grounder wakes up. Bellamy wants to kill him, but
Octavia tries to stop him. Finn looks down and sees that the Grounder has a horn. The Grounder
stabs Finn. Bellamy and the Grounder fight and the Grounder is about to kill Bellamy. Octavia
yells out to stop and that that’s her brother, but Jasper hits him by hitting him in the back of
the head.
They come back and bring a severely injured Finn to Clarke. She needs to help him. Raven
says she has to save him, but she can’t without talking to her mom. Raven has to fix the radio.
Bellamy’s mad about Octavia for trying to save the Grounder. But Octavia says that everything’s
Bellamy’s fault. They argue over whose fault it is that their mom died. He says that his life ended
the day she was born. She wants to leave saying that he can’t keep her locked up forever. She
goes back to the camp and he locks the door. A storm’s coming.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
Contents Under Pressure
Season 1
Episode Number: 7
Season Episode: 7
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday April 30, 2014
Akela Cooper, Kira Snyder
John Showalter
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane), Kelly
Hu (Cece), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Paige Turco (Councillor
Abigail Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Christopher Larkin (Monty), Devon Bostick
(Jasper), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha)
Alessandro Juliani (Sinclair), Christine Willes (Vera Kane), Kate Vernon (Diana Sydney), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Ricky Whittle (Lincoln), Sachin Sahel (Dr. Jackson), Jarod Joseph (Miller)
Clarke and Raven make contact with the Ark, and Abby guides Clarke
through a dangerous procedure in a desperate move to save one of
their own. Meanwhile, on the Ark, Abby is removed from the council,
and former Chancellor Diana Sydney takes her place. Jaha reveals to
Abby that there are not enough drop ships for everyone on the Ark
to go down to Earth, and Kane begins to deal with his guilt over his
recent decision.
On the Ark, Abby is facing the consequences for her crimes. They said that
she could be killed for them, but she
won’t be because they need her medical
expertise. There was a nearly unanimous
vote. They hear the radio, but they think
it’s nothing. Abby wants to talk about
the flares they saw, but nobody else on
the council is buying it. Plus, she’s not
on the council anymore. She gives in her
council pin just as Raven’s voice comes
through. Abby runs to the radio. Everyone on the Ark can hear Raven. She finally gets through and asks for Abby.
Abby tries to talk to Raven, but Clarke
comes on. Finally the family is reunited.
She needs help. She says that one of their people was stabbed by a Grounder. She confirms that
there were survivors on Earth and that Earth is livable. Clarke also has to tell the Chancellor
that Wells died.
Abby is going to talk Clarke through helping Finn, but the storm gets worse and they’re losing
the connection. It’s a hurricane right on top of them. Clarke wants to close the doors, but people
are still out there. They come back and Bellamy has the Grounder who had Octavia with him to
interrogate. Clarke and Octavia disagree with him, but he won’t be dissuaded.
Abby helps Clarke with Raven helping too. Everyone’s around and a fight breaks out. Clarke
has Raven clear the room. Things get awkward with Clarke and Raven both helping Finn.
Bellamy is violently ”interrogating” the Grounder when Octavia comes in. She defends the
Grounder. He was protecting her. She begs him to stop. But he has his minions take get her out.
She says that he doesn’t speak English. But Bellamy will make him understand.
The 100 Episode Guide
The Chancellor is very upset about Wells. Someone comes by to talk to him. He thinks she
wants the open council seat. She used to be Chancellor. Her name’s Diana. She says they need
to talk. Her people, the workers, are angry and confused. People think that people died when
there was another way. He needs to deal with the rumors. He says that his people voted her out.
Then she sees that he activated ”Project Exodus.” He’ll be known as the man who brought them
back to the ground. She says she’s here as a friend and that the Ark needs unity.
Abby and her friend realize that Clarke’s situation with Finn is more dangerous than expected.
Everything needs to be exact. She’s assisted Abby on tough procedures before, though, so she
can do this. She starts pulling the knife out, but Finn wakes up. She tells him not to move. She
gets the knife out, but there’s a jolt and everyone falls. Finn’s okay though.
Bellamy can’t tell if the jolt was from an attack. It was storm damage. He continues to question
his hostage. One of his lackeys finds vials and a book that the Grounder had. The Grounder gets
upset. The book is full of drawings, including a drawing of Octavia. There’s also a count with ten
crossed out. It’s a count of all of them. They’ve been watching since they arrived.
Clarke finishes and Abby reassures Raven. But Finn’s feverish. Abby’s not concerned. Clarke
needs a break and wants to leave, but Abby wants to talk. Clarke leaves anyway.
Bellamy finds a drawing of some kind of monster. Clarke comes up. Clarke says, ”Well, if he
didn’t hate us before, he does now.” She also says that his people will come looking for him.
Bellamy says they’re fighting a war. But Clarke says they can’t win. Bellamy says she’s right,
if they don’t’ fight. Finn starts seizing, so Clarke has to rush off and leave Bellamy to his own
devices. She tells Raven to get her mom on the radio, but the radio’s dead from the storm. They’re
on their own.
On the Ark, people are mourning the dead. Kane shoes up and his mom comes up to him.
She says he shouldn’t be there, but he says he should. Someone comes up to him and confronts
him. He apologizes. But he admits that those people died for nothing. He knew that the kids were
on the ground. They start shoving him, but the Chancellor comes and breaks it up. He decides to
have a general assembly and to come clean. ”No more secrets,” he says. The Chancellor accuses
Kane that he’s been drinking. He feels so guilty about those people’s deaths. He should have
waited. He wasn’t the only one who voted, but he pushed. The Chancellor tells him to get his act
Raven and Clarke are trying to save Finn. Clarke realizes that Finn was poisoned. There was
poison on the knife. She goes up to Bellamy, but Octavia says they locked the hatch. Clarke
bangs and bangs. They let her in and she questions the Grounder. Bellamy remembers the vials
they found. One has to be the antidote, but they don’t know which. Bellamy goes to beat it out
of him, but Octavia tries to stop him. Clarke tells him to do it. So he does.
The Ark has a meeting. The chancellor comes clean to the station reps. But, he also says
that Earth is survivable. The people who died gave them time to get home. Someone asks how
they know he’s not still lying. He says that he doesn’t know how they feel, but the Chancellor
breaks down and screams, ”I lost my son.” Diana comes up to him and apologizes. She gives an
impassioned speech about how their deaths were not in vain. But the man says they can’t trust
them. The Chancellor says that they need unity and the people can trust Diana. She gets the
council seat. Something says that that was a scheme.
Bellamy’s still working on his hostage. Octavia’s upset, and Raven calls to Clarke that Finn’s
getting worse. Bellamy has a new plan. He says that Clarke can leave, but she won’t. Bellamy
stabs the hostage in the hand. Raven comes in and says that Finn stopped breathing. He started
again, but won’t anymore. Raven decides to take matters in her own hands. She electrocutes the
Grounder. Octavia cuts herself with the poisoned knife. The Grounder won’t let her die. He finally
says which vial it is. Clarke runs to Finn. Bellamy tries to help Octavia up, but she won’t let him
touch her.
Clarke gives Finn the antidote. They’ll know if it works when he wakes up. She sends Raven
to get him water. When she’s gone, Clarke starts to cry. She says, ”I can’t do this without you.”
Then her mom came back on the radio. She tells her how proud she is and that her father would
be too. Clarke finally confronts her about Abby turning her dad in. She tries to explain herself,
but Clarke hits the radio and it loses the connection.
Kane’s mom finds him tending to a plant. He starts crying and says, ”I don’t know who I am
anymore.” She comforts him.
Clarke takes care of the hostage, but he doesn’t want her help. Octavia does it instead. He lets
The 100 Episode Guide
her. And she’s pissed. Octavia apologizes to the Grounder. He holds his hand and says, ”Thank
you.” He knows English! Bellamy’s lackey asks if he spoke, but she covers for him. Then she has
to go.
Finn finally wakes up and Clarke’s right by his side; Raven’s sleeping. He says, ”Good save.”
Then Clarke says that Raven needs him and wakes her up. People are cleaning up after the
storm. Bellamy tells Clarke, ”Who you are and who you need to be to survive are very different
things.” They can’t let them go. Bellamy and Clarke realize that it’s not easy being in charge.
On the Ark, Diana is sworn in. The Chancellor reveals that not everyone’s going down to the
ground. There are 2,237 people on the Ark and only enough drop ships for 700. ”We are on the
Titanic and there aren’t enough lifeboats.”
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
Day Trip
Season 1
Episode Number: 8
Season Episode: 8
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday May 7, 2014
Andrei Haq, Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain
Matt Barber
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane), Kelly
Hu (Cece), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Paige Turco (Councillor
Abigail Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Christopher Larkin (Monty), Devon Bostick
(Jasper), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha)
Kate Vernon (Councillor Diana Sydney), Terry Chen (Commander
Shumway), Jonathan Alexander (Deek), Artine Brown (Lt. Graco),
Chris Browning (Jake), Jarod Joseph (Miller), Murry Peeters (Laughing
Kid), Jessica Racz (Sobbing Girl), Josh Ssettuba (Connor), Katie Stuart
Clarke and Bellamy go on a mission to find supplies for approaching
winter. Some of the 100 accidentally eat nuts with powerfully hallucinogenic properties and lose their grasp on reality. Meanwhile, Octavia seizes the opportunity to help a friend escape, and a terrifying event brings Clarke and Bellamy closer. On the Ark, Commander
Shumway secretly assigns one of the 100 to kill one of his own, and
the treacherous actions of Diane Sydney are revealed.
Bellamy needs to figure out what to do
with the Grounder he took last week on
The 100. Meanwhile, The council is asking Clarke about whether the Grounder
can help them or not. They don’t know
what they’ve actually done to him. Clarke
says they might die from the cold, but
the council has a fix for that. They give
coordinates for an aid depot from the
war. The Chancellor then asks to talk to
Clarke alone. He wants her to reconcile
with Abby. She said no and other kids
should take a turn to talk to their parents instead because they actually want
to. A kid named Dax gets his turn, but
the guard that hired Bellamy to kill the Chancellor comes on. He has a job for Dax and if he does
it, his mom will be on the first drop ship to Earth. He needs to kill Bellamy.
Octavia has decided to camp out outside the door of the room with the Grounder until Bellamy
lets her see the Grounder. He won’t let her. He let him live though. He also refuses to talk to the
Chancellor. Clarke tells him about the spot with the supplies. She asks Bellamy to go with her
because she doesn’t feel like being around anyone she likes.
Jasper’s worried that the other Grounders will come looking for their friend. Meanwhile, Finn’s
still recovering, and things are still awkward between Clarke and Raven. Clarke tells them about
her trip and Finn’s worried about her leaving.
The 100 Episode Guide
Bellamy and Clarke leave. Bellamy takes a lot of rations even though it’s a day trip. He says
that a lot can happen in a day. He may be planning something though. They leave, and Dax gets
up and creepily follows.
Octavia sneaks in to see the Grounder when he’s alone. She brought him water. She talks to
him and he laughs when she calls Bellamy a dick. He can understand her. She cleans him up
and says she blames herself for what’s happened. She freaked out when he locked her in the
cave. She says that he’d get it if he knew how she grew up. He says his name is Lincoln and that
it’s not safe for them to talk. He wants her to remember him after he’s dead, though. She wants
him to tell them he’s not the enemy, but he says, ”I am.” Octavia is quickly kicked out of the
Clarke talks to Bellamy about how the first drop ship is coming soon and how he can’t avoid
the Chancellor forever. He says he can try. Clarke thinks that he might forgive him. Bellamy
doesn’t think so. He’s probably right, he did shoot him after all. They can’t find the site and split
up. Dax is watching.
Octavia confronts Raven about the Grounder. Then she hits a low blow by talking about Finn
being into Clarke. Raven goes back to Finn. She wants to have sex, but he wants to talk first. She
doesn’t want to talk about what happened though. She asks if he loves her and he says ”always,”
so they go on.
Clarke calls Bellamy right when Dax is getting close to him. She found a door. It’s rusted
though, so Bellamy has to use an ax. They go down. There’s a skeleton down there. It’s really
gross. There’s nothing usable. Bellamy’s pissed. He kicks over what looks like dirty water, but it
actually happens to have guns. Now he’s a happy guy.
Monty is loving the nuts that he and Jasper were cleaning earlier. It turns out that he and
Jasper are actually tripping. Jasper starts seeing Grounders.
Jasper runs to Octavia. He’s losing it. He’s hallucinating. She asks him if he’s on something.
He tells her he loves her. She needs to know because they’re all going to die. She realizes the
nuts are making him hallucinate. She gives him an ”anti-Grounder stick.” She grabs some nuts
and gives them to the Grounder’s gaurd as a ”peace offering.”
Clarke agrees to get bring the guns, but she’s not happy about it. Bellamy convinces her she
needs to learn how to shoot. So he helps her. She loved it. They have a heart to heart. Bellamy’s
training Clarke and is telling her how to run the camp. Bellamy’s planning on running away.
He doesn’t want to be around when the Chancellor shows up and Octavia’s mad at him anyway.
He tells her to keep practicing and goes out for air. That’s when he starts hallucinating the
The Chancellor starts bleeding out while letting Bellamy have it. He said that it’s Bellamy’s
fault that all the people on the Ark died. He ruined the radio. He starts hallucinating all those
people too and they start chanting murderer. He runs away.
Clarke’s hallucinating too. She thinks she’s back in her cell on the Ark. She sees her dad.
They hug.
Everyone’s tripping back at camp. And Octavia has a plan. She’s collecting clothes that people
are throwing around.
Monty walks in on Finn and Raven. He’s hilarious and is losing his mind and Finn kicks him
out. Raven goes out to see what’s going on. Everyone’s going crazy. She tells Finn to come out.
Clarke knows that her dad isn’t real. She tells him she misses him, but he thinks she’s
hallucinating him for a bigger reason. She realizes he wants her to forgive her mom. She talks
about how hard it is that everyone’s counting on her and how hard she’s trying. She tells him
about how she let someone get tortured. She says her mom doesn’t deserve her forgiveness. He
says, ”Forgiveness isn’t about what people deserve.” But she can’t forgive her. All of a sudden his
voice changes and Dax hits her in the back of the head in reality.
Octavia brings the clothes to Lincoln and cuts him loose. He doesn’t want to put her in danger.
He says that people will notice him even with the new clothes, but she said that people are seeing
things already. He says the nuts will wear off, so she says he has to hurry. He kisses her and
Raven and Finn are stuck babysitting everyone. Finn’s dumping the nuts in the fire. He then
goes to take care of a crying girl, but sees the Grounder trying to escape. He actually lets him go.
Bellamy’s still freaking out. He begs the Chancellor to kill him. He imagines he has a gun and
tries to give it to the Chancellor. The Chancellor starts beating him up. He says he can’t fight
The 100 Episode Guide
anymore, but the Chancellor says life is a fight. He needs to keep living and has to earn the peace
of death. He wants Bellamy to fight back. Bellamy wakes up with Dax pointing a gun at his face,
but Clarke shows up with her own gun. Dax tries to kill Clarke and Bellamy attacks him. They
fight for the gun. Bellamy ends up stabbing him. Bellamy goes to Clarke. She says that he’s okay,
but he says, ”No. I’m not.” He thinks he’s a monster, but he saved Clarke’s life. She says that
she needs him and that everyone needs him. She says he has to face his situation and he says,
”Like you faced your mom?” She says he’s right. He says the Chancellor’s going to kill him and
she says that they’ll figure something out. They’re going to think about it later though.
Octavia pretends that she was tripping too. They all find out that the Grounder’s gone. They
start freaking out, but Clarke and Bellamy come back. Bellamy says they don’t need to be afraid
anymore. They brought the guns. It’s time to get ready to fight the Grounders.
Bellamy tells Octavia that she doesn’t need to forgive him, but she needs to find a way to live
with him because he’s not going anywhere. He asks her about the Grounder, but she denies it.
Clarke calls him over.
He gets on the video chat with Clarke to talk to the Chancellor. Clarke speaks up for Bellamy.
He kept them all alive. Bellamy also has information for him. He’ll give it if he’s pardoned. The
Chancellor pardons him and Bellamy tells him who gave him the gun. That guard who was
behind it all is arrested. Kane says that he’s a disgrace, but he says he’s fighting for what he
believes in. He won’t say what that is though.
Finn tells Clarke that he’s not happy about the guns. Clarke defends it. She also defends
Bellamy. They start talking about their other issues, but Raven comes in.
Back on the Ark the old Chancellor comes in. He says he’s happy it’s her because he did what
she asked him to do and he thinks she came to save him, but she has one of her guards kill him
and make it look like a suicide.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
Unity Day
Season 1
Episode Number: 9
Season Episode: 9
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday May 14, 2014
Kim Shumway, Kira Snyder
John Behring
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane), Kelly
Hu (Cece), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Paige Turco (Councillor
Abigail Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Christopher Larkin (Monty), Devon Bostick
(Jasper), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha)
Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Christine Willes (Vera Kane), Kate Vernon (Councillor Diana Sydney), Ricky Whittle (Lincoln), Alessandro Juliani (Sinclair), Jarod Joseph (Miller), Dichen Lachman (Anya), Catherine Lough Haggquist (Council Member #1), Sharon Taylor (Council
Member #2), Hiro Kanagawa (Council Member #3), Genevieve Buechner (Fox), Teach Grant (Ridley), Artine Brown (Lt. Graco), Ben Cotton
(Red), Keenan Tracey (Sterling), Rob Hayter (Chief Guard), Dalila Bela
(Child / Leigh), Patrick Sabongui (Rebel Gurad)
While Clarke and Finn attempt peace talks with the Grounders, Diana’s implements her traitorous plan during Unity Day aboard the
The 100 are watching the Chancellor talk
to the Ark about how they’re going to
go to the ground. They’re resentful because they did all the work. It’s Unity
Day. Finn says that it’s a lie, but Clarke
thinks it gives people hope. Raven doesn’t
like them talking to each other.
Jasper and Monty have made ”unity
juice” and people are loving it. Octavia
sneaks off in the excitement, though, but
Finn sees her. They all stop paying attention to the Chancellor who announces
that help is on the way.
Diana sneaks over to talk to Abby on
the Ark. She took her council seat. Abby’s
not upset, though, because she’s going to see Clarke soon. Diana’s upset that the Chancellor is
cutting his speech short. It seems like she has a reason for that. Kane’s going to Earth with the
first trip. His mom wants him to take the tree with him, but he won’t.
Some kids tell the story of Unity Day. There were 12 stations at war, but they all joined
together. There’s an explosion in the middle of the little girl’s story. Chaos ensues. The Chancellor
tells Kane to find out who did it, but he’s overcome because his mom’s dying. Abby tries to help,
but she can’t. The Chancellor’s in danger. This was a coup. He would have died if he didn’t cut
his speech short. He puts the Ark on lockdown, but he still wants the launch to continue.
Someone runs to Diana and some other guy. People think the bomb was her. They either need
to fight back or take the launch ship themselves. People will die no matter what they do. Diana
says to take the ship and that they should have built a bigger bomb.
The 100 Episode Guide
People are still celebrating back on Earth. Clarke and Bellamy talk. She’s worried about the
Grounders, but Bellamy tells her to relax. She needs a drink, or more. They only have a little
time to have fun now that the people on the Ark are coming down.
Raven’s wallowing in her tent. She’s making bullets. Finn goes to talk to her. He wants to talk
to the Grounders, but she thinks they have to fight.
Octavia follows a trail of flowers that Lincoln left her. He’s teaching her to fight. They have sex
and they’re clearly in love. Finn finds them right when Octavia’s leaving. They’re about to fight
each other, but Octavia stops them. Finn has a knife and says, ”I think you forgot this.”
Finn realizes that Lincoln blew the conch earlier and saved their lives. Finn wants them to
call a truce despite all that they’ve done to each other. Lincoln doesn’t have that power, but Finn
wants him to bring him to someone who does. The Ark is sending soldiers. They need to come
up with something fast or there will be a war. Finn doesn’t want that, and believes that Lincoln
doesn’t either. They need to prove to the Ark that there can be peace. Lincoln says okay. They
each need to bring their leaders. Finn needs to bring Clarke.
People are still working at the Ark. Diana says that they should delay the launch. She says
she knows who set the bomb. It was her friend from earlier. He turned himself in. Kane’s a little
suspicious of her too.
People are still partying back on Earth. Clarke’s having a great time, but Finn comes to ruin
it all. He needs to talk to Clarke. He said he set up a meeting with the Grounders. Clarke’s wary,
but Finn convinces her. She wants to bring backup, but he says no. She says okay, but she goes
and tells Bellamy what’s going on. She wants him to follow them but not tell Finn.
Jasper goes to bring Raven in on the fun. She’s working and he asks her if she knows what
she’s doing. She says yes just as something blows up. So Jasper insists on helping. Jasper talks
about his parents coming down, but Raven’s only family is Finn. Jasper says that they all have
each other now. Bellamy comes in and tells them that they need to go. Finn’s being an idiot.
Jasper says they need to get Clarke, but Raven realizes that she’s with Finn.
Clarke says this might be a trap. Finn says it’s Unity Day, so he’s going to have hope, throwing
her words back in his face. His wound hurts and Clarke says he’s trusting the guy that did that
to him. Finn says that she’s turning into Bellamy. They’re both just trying to keep everyone alive.
Clarke leaves a trail for Bellamy and the others. Things get awkward when Jasper keeps bringing
Clarke up to Raven.
That man Riddle is being interrogated. His wife died in the culling, but he also talks about
how the workers keep getting screwed over. The whole interrogation was a ruse though. Riddle
escapes and Kane gets locked in.
Something’s happening on the Ark. They’re losing power. People are going to die. The Chancellor realizes that Kane’s in trouble. He goes to get him and they realize what Diana’s doing.
She’s taking her people on the drop ship to Earth. Abby’s still there working. She watches as
Diana and the others take over the drop ship. She hides on it.
Octavia waits as Clarke and Finn arrive. Then the Grounders arrive. Bellamy and the others
hide as they see Octavia and Lincoln embrace. Things are awkward between Clarke and Lincoln,
so Finn grabs her hand ad Raven sees. Bellamy’s about to shoot Lincoln when some Grounders
show up on horses. They brought weapons. Lincoln didn’t know. Clarke’s the only one who’s
allowed to go. Finn doesn’t like it, but she goes. She meets a Grounder woman in the middle.
The Grounder woman’s name is Anya. Things are tense between them and everyone else is
tense too. Anya says that the 100 started a war. The flares they sent burnt a village to the ground,
they’re invaders, and they came and took and tortured Lincoln. Clarke gets it, and it needs to
The Chancellor and his people go to the drop ship. They need to open the door to stop them.
Abby’s still hiding, but Riddle finds her. Diana wants her to go with them, they need a doctor on
the ground. She tries to convince her to join them, but she says she’s nothing like her. She opens
the door, but is attacked and dragged away. They get the door closed again.
Anya and Clarke talk about how others are coming down from the Ark. Clarke thinks that
they can help each other, but she can’t promise that the people that are coming will follow the
terms that they set. She’ll do her best. That’s not good enough for Anya. Clarke says that her
people can wipe them out, but Anya says they wouldn’t be the first to try. Jasper notices that
there are other Grounders hiding like they are. Something’s about to happen, and it’s not good.
The 100 Episode Guide
Bellamy and Raven don’t see the other Grounders, but Jasper says the Grounders’ are going
to shoot. He yells for Clarke to run then starts shooting like crazy. Everything gets messed up.
Lincoln ends up getting shot by an arrow. They have to leave without him.
Everyone’s at a standstill on the Ark. If the drop ship leaves, everyone on the Ark will die.
Diana says the Chancellor is a liar. She announces that there aren’t enough drop ships. The
people helping the Chancellor are upset. One runs onto the drop ship and gets the door closed.
The drop ship leaves and there’s an explosion.
Clarke and the others run back to the camp. They’re all mad at each other. Now they’re really
at war. Everyone but Clarke and Bellamy goes back into camp, and they notice the drop ship
is coming, but it’s coming too fast and there’s no parachute. Something’s wrong. It crashes and
Clarke breaks down.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
I Am Become Death
Season 1
Episode Number: 10
Season Episode: 10
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday May 21, 2014
T.J. Brady, Rasheed Newson
Omar Madha
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane), Kelly
Hu (Cece), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Paige Turco (Councillor
Abigail Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Christopher Larkin (Monty), Devon Bostick
(Jasper), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha)
Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Ricky Whittle (Lincoln), Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Joshua Ssettuba (Connor), Jake Croker (Healthy
Kid), Manny Jacinto (Boy #1), Genevieve Buechner (Fox), Dejan Loyola (Chivalrous Boy #2), Darren Mann (Chivalrous Boy #3), Wesley
MacInnes (Derek), Chelsey Marie Reist (Harper), Osric Chau (Red Eyed
Murphy returns to camp claiming to have been held captive and tortured by the Grounders, and Clarke and Bellamy have very different
opinions on how to handle his return. Octavia sneaks away to find
Lincoln and returns with a serious warning for the 100. Meanwhile,
a mysterious virus strikes camp forcing many to be quarantined, and
Jasper pulls off a heroic move.
The episode starts when Exodus crashed
and Clarke is walking around in the ruins
with Bellamy and the others. It doesn’t
look like there are any survivors. Finn
says that Clarke shouldn’t be there because her mom was on the ship. Raven
says the only way to find out what happened is to find the black box. They’re
all still bitter about what went down with
the Grounders. There’s rocket fuel everywhere and it could explode, so they leave.
Everyone’s on watch at camp. Octavia
has something else on her mind though.
She spots Lincoln’s flower in a tree beyond the wall. And she’s getting annoyed
with Jasper who’s bragging about the battle. Monty tells her to let it go. He’s also reaping the
benefits of Jasper’s heroism. They all freak out, though, when someone triggers the trap wire.
Someone shoots, and Octavia freaks out it might have been Lincoln. They check. It’s not. It’s
Murphy! He’s Back! And he does not look good.
Bellamy goes to see him and he’s freaked out when he sees him. He kicks everyone out.
Murphy claims that he was with the Grounders and was trying to get back to camp. Bellamy
wants to kill him. He wasn’t allowed to come back. But Finn and Clarke think he should stay.
Bellamy asks what he told the Grounders about them and he says, ”Everything.” Clarke wants
to wait until he gets better and question him and kick him out. If he won’t leave, they’ll kill him.
The 100 Episode Guide
Some girl, Harper, is flirting with Jasper now. But Jasper’s not interested. Monty thinks he’s
being ridiculous. Jasper wants Octavia, but Monty says it’s never going to happen. Jasper thinks
that Monty’s jealous. They decide not to be tentmates anymore.
Clarke walks in on Raven. She doesn’t look so good. Raven says that she can’t contact the
Ark. She has a bad feeling. Then things get personal. Raven says she’s sorry about her mom.
Clarke’s eyes suddenly start bleeding. Something’s happening. Everyone’s getting sick. Clarke
tells Raven to get away from them. The ones that brought Murphy in are sick. Murphy’s getting
worse. Clarke questions him. He says that the Grounders forgot to lock his cage and he got out,
but they really just let him go. It’s biological warfare. Murphy’s the weapon.
Bellamy thinks that Murphy’s doing this for revenge. He needs to stay away though. He’s
not sick. Clarke tries to get Murphy to talk. He says that the Grounders are vicious and cruel.
Finn runs to her, but he can’t be there because he’ll catch it. Finn wants to support her though.
Someone actually dies right in front of them. Clarke says they need to have a quarantine. They
realize that Octavia has to be in quarantine. Bellamy freaks out. He runs to her, but she’s fine.
Clarke says Octavia doesn’t have symptoms, but she needs to stay. Bellamy doesn’t want to
leave her there, but he has to. Clarke then tells Octavia that she needs her to sneak out again.
Octavia runs to Lincoln and he checks her over. She realizes he knew. He tried to get her out
with the flower. Octavia wants the cure, but Lincoln says there is not cure, but it passes fast. He
also says that the Grounders are going to attack at first light. He’s in a tough position. His people
think he’s a traitor because of her. He says he’s leaving and he wants her to go with him. They’re
going to go east. She has to warn them, but she tells him to wait for her. She’s going with him.
People are dying at the camp, and Finn and Clarke are looking longingly at each other. Clarke
tells Bellamy that she sent Octavia to Lincoln. He’s pissed. More and more people start getting
sick. And people start pointing guns at everyone. It’s mayhem. Clarke stops it by shooting into
the sky. She says that the Grounders don’t have to kill them if they all kill each other. Clarke’s
weak and Finn rushes to pick her up. She’s been trying to help everyone while sick.
Octavia comes back to tell them what she learned. She and Bellamy are really pissed at each
other. Raven’s also upset about Finn, but she needs to make bullets. Murphy gives Clarke his
hammock. Octavia says that Lincoln told her that the virus doesn’t last long. Murphy’s feeling
better already.
Clarke tells Finn to take the healthy people and run. ”If you think that’s a possibility, you
don’t know me very well,” he says. They realize that the Grounders won’t have anyone to attack
at this point. But Finn has a plan.
Finn goes to Bellamy and the others. He wants to blow the bridge up. He wants to delay
the attack until everyone gets better. Raven can do it, even if it did survive a nuclear war and
weather. They go back to the crash sight so Raven can get the rocket fuel. ”Please don’t let me
blow up,” she says.
Raven finishes her bomb, but they need the rest of their gunpowder for it. They won’t be able
to make any more bullets. This has to work. Finn volunteers to plant the bomb. They’re blowing
up the bridge, not people. Bellamy wants to blow people up. But Finn wants to make it appear
that they have more bombs. They can’t argue anymore, though, because Bellamy starts showing
symptoms. Someone else will have to shoot the bomb to set it off. Bellamy asks Jasper to do it.
The pressure’s on. Bellamy would ask someone else, but they’re all sick. Then Bellamy collapses.
Murphy’s redeeming himself and helping the other sick kids. He’s helping one of the guys that
put the rope around his neck. He says it’s ”Bygones.”
Octavia rushes to Bellamy when he’s brought in. He tells her he’s scared, but she promises
she won’t let anything happen to him. He always says that to her.
Finn and Jasper can’t find the bomb. Monty says that Raven left with it a little while ago. He’s
still mad at Jasper. They realize that Raven’s planting the bomb herself.
Raven’s struggling to plant the bomb. Her nose starts bleeding. She’s in trouble.
Bellamy wakes up and Murphy tries to help him, but he doesn’t want his help. Clarke helps
him instead. She’s feeling better. She tells Bellamy she believe in second chances in reference to
Murphy. Bellamy doesn’t have much faith in the bomb plan. Clarke sees his point and goes to
get everyone inside.
Raven’s really having a hard time. It doesn’t look like she’s going to make it. She sets the
bomb up. But war drums start going off. Finn and Jasper hear them on their way too. They keep
running, much to Jasper’s chagrin. They Grounders are on their way. Finn sees Raven and calls
The 100 Episode Guide
out to her. She finishes the bomb and collapses. Finn tells Jasper to line up the shot and runs
to her. The Grounders are still on their way. Raven’s trying to shoot the bomb, but Finn gets to
her just in time. They get away just before the Grounders come. Jasper is about to shoot when
he sees the Grounders. He’s all nerves. He shoots a bunch and misses. He’s out of bullets. The
Grounders slow down, but keep going. Monty comes to the rescue! He brought a gun with three
rounds and gives it to Jasper. The Grounders are hesitant to cross the bridge. Jasper blows it
up. Even the people at camp can see the cloud from the explosion.
Clarke quote Oppenheimer. Meanwhile, Lincoln’s getting ready to leave. Octavia shows up.
Lincoln’s pissed. He says that there’s a lot she doesn’t understand. The mountain men will kill
them all. He drew them in his book. He wants to leave, but she’s not going with him. She gives
him his book back. It’s heartbreaking. He tells her that she’s going to die here, but they’re her
people. She says she’s sorry and cries. She kisses his cheek and says goodbye.
Jasper and co return to a round of applause at the camp. Monty gets to revel in it too. Finn
comes in helping Raven and Clarke knows their moment is over. She takes care of her. Raven
and Finn talk. She says the he hesitated when he said he would take the bomb, but he didn’t
hesitate when he went to catch Clarke. Finn tells her that he loves her, but it’s not the way she
wants to be loved or the way that he loves Clarke. She gives him his necklace back. She says
they’re over. There are too many breakups in this episode!
Bellamy goes to talk to Clarke. She’s outside of the wall without a gun. 14 people died. Bellamy’s still not sure about Murphy. Plus, the mountain men are pissed. That’s just another
reason to keep Murphy around so he can help though. They talk about how it’s hard running
Murphy’s not as innocent as he led people to believe, though. He kills the person that put the
rope around his neck and says, ”Bygones” again.
Murphy’s back, he’s getting healthier, and he’s pissed. There’s an impending attack, the
mountain men are coming, and Murphy’s on the loose.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
The Calm
Season 1
Episode Number: 11
Season Episode: 11
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday May 28, 2014
Bruce Miller
Mairzee Almas
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Walters), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane),
Paige Turco (Councillor Abigail Walters), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia
Black), Thomas McDonell (Finn Hawthorne), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha),
Christopher Larkin (Monty), Bob Morley (Bellamy Black), Devon Bostick (Jasper)
Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Richard Harmon (John Murphy),
Dichen Lachman (Anya), Alessandro Juliani (Sinclair), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha), Fraser Aitcheson (Vik), Brendan Meyer (Myles),
Breanna Podlasly (Unknown Grounder), Chelsey Reist (Harper), Matteo Stefan (Del), Alison Thornton (Tris)
After losing nearly all food supplies through a fire, the remaining ”100”
are forced to go hunting despite the constant threat of the Grounders.
Clarke and Finn are caught up in the aftermath of bombing the bridge
and may have to pay a high price. . . Meanwhile on the Ark: Councillor
Kane goes to great lengths to find and save survivors in the repercussion of major destruction.
It’s been two days and the Grounders
still haven’t attacked. Clarke and Bellamy know that it’s only a matter of time
though. Jasper thinks he can get more
gunpowder and Raven can make landmines. Bellamy wants to kill them all, it’s
what they want to do to them anyway.
Clarke’s not happy though. And there’s
still no word from the Ark. They must
have run out of air. Clarke thinks her
mom was lucky to have died a quick
death. ”No one’s coming down to save us,”
she says.
Things are bleak on the Ark. Kane can
barely move. He pulls himself over to a
vent. Lights flicker in the dark. He’s alone and confused. This is bad.
Octavia’s having a tough time while working with the food. She tells people to keep the fire
low, but they won’t listen. People hate that she was with Lincoln. Murphy tries to talk to her
though. Things are awkward between Finn and Raven. Finn wants to apologize to her, but Raven
says they’re good. She needs to work, but Finn says that she always distracts herself when she’s
pissed. She says that she’s not keeping busy, she’s keeping them alive. He goes to leave, but
she stops him. She says they’re good. They’re disturbed when there’s a huge fire where Octavia
was working. Murphy attacks the guy who didn’t listen to Octavia. They have no food left now.
They’re screwed.
Clarke and Bellamy talk. They have to hunt for food, even with the Grounder army on the
loose. They can’t defend themselves if they’re starving. Bellamy commands the troops to go off
The 100 Episode Guide
and hunt. Some random guy asks to go with Clarke and she says yes. Finn wants to go with her
too. It’s third wheel time for that random guy. Meanwhile, Raven’s pissed. She wants to leave.
Bellamy stops her though. He tells her she’s smart enough to get them out of their problems.
She thinks they need to build radios so that they can fight together.
Kane is still wandering around alone on the Ark. He can’t find anyone. But he hears a voice.
Someone’s singing the ”99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” song. Kane finds him. His arm’s stuck in
a door. Kane tells him what happened with Diana while he works to get him out. Kane needs to
pry him out with a sledge hammer. They think that the vents are working up ahead, so they go
there in search of others. They find a whole group huddled together.
The Clarke threesome is working heard, but that other guy, Miles, is talking nervously. Finn
notices that the tracks are too perfect. They’re the ones being hunted. Miles gets shot with arrows
right when he says he doesn’t see anything. So long random guy. Finn convinces Clarke that they
need to leave him right before they get hit in the head by Grounders and Anya stands over Clarke
as her vision gets fuzzy.
Kane is handing out oxygen masks. Kane wants to keep moving on, but the other man wants
to stay. He seems to have some knowledge of how the air and vents work. The air’s cooling and
Kane thinks it’s a message. The man says that Kane has hypoxia, but Kane says that they need
to get the others moving.
Clarke and Finn are being dragged somewhere by the Grounders. Finn memorized where they
went, but Clarke doesn’t think it matters. They’re probably going to kill them. Anya comes in
and draws her sword. She cuts the ties on Clarke’s hands. She shows her a dying girl. Anya tells
Clarke to help her and says that if she dies Finn will die.
Kane has reached a dead end, but he needs to get through. He needs to talk to whoever’s
behind the barricade. The man fixes a radio. He calls over, and the Chancellor answers. He says
that they’re rerouting air to the mess hall and that Kane should lead the people there. Kane says
he needs to get him first, but the Chancellor says there’s no hope for him. He orders him to go.
He can barely breathe. Kane tells that other guy to go with the others. He has his own business
to attend to. He starts pulling at the barricade. That other man tries to warn him that the whole
place is an electrical fire waiting to happen as sparks shoot out, but Kane says, ”No one else can
die because of me.” The man starts to help him. Soon the others chip in as well.
Anya tells Clarke that the girl’s name is Tris. She doesn’t have any equipment, but she can
get her stuff. Lincoln said that she’s a healer, and their healer is gone now. Clarke asks what
happened to Tris. She was on the bridge when the bomb exploded. ”You did this to her,” Anya
Monty is helping Raven work on the radios. They’re hearing weird noises from the ship. Something was jamming the signals. She wants to strip it, but Monty wants to know what happened
with the crash and contact the Ark. His family’s there. Raven says there is no Ark.
The hunters come back. Murphy provokes Raven and brings up Clarke and Finn. She’s not
happy. She goes to Bellamy. She tries to talk to him about Finn, but he says he doesn’t care and
she has to move on. She wants to move on with him. She said she’s never been with anyone but
Clarke realizes that Tris is drowning in her own blood. She goes to work and the Grounders
help them. Anya comes in and is pissed at what Clarke’s done. The Grounders knock her and
Finn to the floor.
Kane finally gets to the Chancellor. Kane remembers that he needed to learn when not to
follow the law. The Chancellor thanks him. But what do they do now?
Tris is hot now. She’s septic. Her blood’s poisoned. Calarke’s pissed that she was so young
and sent into battle. Anya says that’s how they’re trained. Clarke says she needs clean blood.
She needs a transfusion.
Raven gets up as soon as she and Bellamy finish. It didn’t help.
Kane and the Chancellor discuss the damage. Kane thinks there are no more than 1,000
survivors and 1,500 dead. That other man has news about the Exodus. There were people that
left and are on the Service Bay. Kane needs to get to them.
Clarke wants to use Anya’s blood. They’re from the same tribe, so it’s the best match. She
refuses, so they use Finn’s. It’s not working, and Tris isn’t breathing. She’s dead and Anya’s
pissed. She cuts Tris’ braid off. Tris is carried away. We know what this means. Finn’s got to go.
Anya orders a Grounder to take him away and kill him. Clarke’s devastated.
The 100 Episode Guide
Kane keeps searching. Kane’s new friend asks if he can have his shoes when he dies. He goes
off into a blisteringly hot vent.
Raven goes and apologizes to Monty about what happened before and about his family who
are up at the Ark. Monty tells Raven that Finn, Clarke, and Miles are missing. They’re going to
look for them.
Kane’s struggling. It’s really hot, but he forges on. He finally makes it to the next part. He has
to hook a battery up. He does and finds all of the people in the Bay, but he’s looking for someone
specific. He finds Abby! She’s alive!
A Grounder says that Anya won’t take pleasure in Finn’s death. They want her though. They
need a healer. She wants to know if she’ll be allowed to go back to see her friends and home,
but he says that there’ll be nothing to go back to tomorrow. Clarke asked about Tris’ scars.
They represent everyone she’s killed. She’s killed five people. This Grounder has killed more, but
Clarke quickly kills him. She runs off into the night while Bellamy and the others search. Monty’s
still hearing that signal. Then he sees something and says, ”Oh my God.” Raven sees someone in
the bushes though. It’s Miles. He made it! Clarke was in other bushes with her knife. She keeps
running. Bellamy wants to take Miles back to camp. They all realize there’s not much hope for
Clarke and Finn. Bellamy can’t reach Monty. We see that all that’s left is his radio. Clarke keeps
running with her knife, but she gets caught in a trap. This is bad.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
We Are Grounders, Part 1
Season 1
Episode Number: 12
Season Episode: 12
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday June 4, 2014
Tracy A. Bellomo, Akela Cooper
Dean White
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Walters), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane),
Paige Turco (Councillor Abigail Walters), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia
Black), Thomas McDonell (Finn Hawthorne), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha),
Christopher Larkin (Monty), Bob Morley (Bellamy Black), Devon Bostick (Jasper)
Chelsey Marie Reist (Harper), Jarod Joseph (Miller), Joseph Gatt (Tristan), Levi Meaden (Drew), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Richard
Harmon (John Murphy), Sachin Sahel (Dr. Jackson), Breanna Podlasly (Unknown Grounder), Brendan Meyer (Myles), Ella Pitkin (Young
Clarke), Lizzie Boys (The Patient (Celeste))
Clarke and Finn escape one dangerous situation only to find themselves faced with a new enemy. Bellamy makes a heroic move to save
Jasper. Raven faces a new danger, and Murphy finally gets his revenge.
Meanwhile, those remaining on the Ark are coming to terms with the
Things are looking bleak on the Ark.
They’re going to die in 51 hours. They
said that at least the 100 will continue
their legacy. It’s time to find their peace.
The Chancellor also decides to get rid of
the rationing. Abby’s taking this hard and
Kane’s not accepting this.
The 100’s getting ready for battle. Bellamy wants everyone to stay in camp, but
Raven wants to look for Clarke and Finn
and Monty. Their debate is interrupted
when a gun goes off. It was an accident
and Bellamy’s pissed. He told them all
that they’re in a dire situation.
Clarke meanwhile is being held captive and is having a staring contest with Anya. Sine guy named Tristan shows up. He tells Clarke
”the man sent to slaughter your people.” The commander sent him and is taking over for Anya
and is getting ready to attack. His first order of business is to kill Clarke, but there’s a signal
fire. Something’s happening. The Grounders reveal that Finn’s dead and Clarke’s next. A masked
Grounder knocks her out and takes out his knife.
Bellamy is distracted by a kid groaning and Jasper’s scrutiny who wants to look for the
others. He was thinking differently when Octavia went missing. That other kid begs for water and
Bellamy goes to get him some. Jasper actually steals some of the precious gunpowder. Murphy
goes up to the kid while Bellamy’s away and suffocates him because he hung the noose. Jasper
sees, but Murphy says he was trying to help him. They both run for a gun, but Murphy gets it.
Jasper tries to tell Bellamy what’s happening on the radio, but it’s too late. Murphy locks the
The 100 Episode Guide
Clarke is riding unconsciously on a horse with the Grounder. She wakes up to see a fire. The
Grounder pulls her down and unties her hands. Finn’s there! I knew he couldn’t be dead! Clarke
runs to him. The Grounder’s actually Lincoln. He killed one of his own people to save Finn. He
even sent the signal fire as a distraction, but it didn’t work well enough. They know Clarke’s not
dead. They need to run.
Clarke and Finn follow Lincoln to ”someplace they won’t follow. It’s a tunnel system. Clarke
and Finn go. Anya shoots arrows at them, but they know where they’re going ”if the mine doesn’t
kill them first.”
Abby is operating on a woman and is trying to save her life even though they’re all going to die
soon. She loses her patient and says, ”I failed” and ”She’s going to hate me forever.” She’ll never
get to make things right with Clarke now. Jackson comforts her. Abby puts on a brave face, but
is still devastated.
Octavia runs to Bellamy. She’s upset about Murphy and Jasper, but Bellamy wants her to
keep working. Raven goes up to Bellamy with a plan. He tries to reason with Bellamy on the radio.
Jasper’s tied up, but Murphy really wants to hurt Bellamy. Bellamy offers to go in exchange for
Jasper. The door opens and Murphy agrees. Bellamy goes in. He tells Octavia to get everyone
back to work. Jasper tumbles out.
Lights keep flashing as Lincoln tries to start a fire. Lincoln says that Reapers use the tunnels.
He says they don’t want to know what they are. He’s also hit and Clarke wants to look at it. They
want to know why he’s helping them, but he won’t say. Clarke gets the arrow out of him. He
says, ”What my people are doing to yours is wrong.”
Raven and Jasper sneak their way onto the ship where Murphy is. Jasper’s freaking out. They
can’t shoot though because there are a lot of highly flammable substances. That means they can
make more bombs. Murphy starts shooting. Octavia calls on the radio. He can talk to Octavia,
but Murphy has him tying a noose for himself. Bellamy apologizes, but Murphy wants him to feel
what he felt and then die.
The Chancellor is watching videos of Wells and Clarke as little kids and drinking scotch. He
gets an idea!
Clarke hears a sound and sees a light. Reapers are coming.
Murphy’s making Bellamy hang himself. Bellamy doesn’t want to, so Murphy fires a warning
shot. Raven needs to keep working.
Lincoln says they need to keep going. They see the Reapers. Finn shoes Clarke something
about the carts and she sees a leg. She says, ”What the hell is this?” Lincoln sends Clarke and
Finn away while he leads the Reapers away. He tells them that everyone has to be out of the
camp before Tristan’s people come. One of the Reapers notices them and starts coming over.
Lincoln tells them where to take the 100 and tells them to get Octavia out of there, then he kills
that Reaper. The others notice and charge at him. Clarke and Finn run past the carts, but Clarke
wants to check the carts. The bodies are alive. A Reaper is still there and attacks Finn. He fights
back and kills him and they leave.
Murphy calls Bellamy a coward. Bellamy says that nobody’s going to let Murphy walk away,
but Murphy says Clarke’s dead and Bellamy’s about to die, so he’ll be the new leader. Murphy
starts to hang Bellamy, but he hears a noise, It’s Raven, but he thinks it’s Octavia. He shoots
at the ground to get her and pushes Bellamy’s chair away. Bellamy’s going to die, but he fights
Murphy. Murphy starts beating Bellamy up, but the door opens. Murphy runs as everyone runs
in and saves Bellamy. Murphy’s looking for a weapon. Bellamy goes after him. Murphy sees the
gunpowder and has a plan.
Clarke is seriously freaking out, and she and Finn are lost. Finn can’t get the blood off his
hands. Finn tells her that he should have fought for her and that he loves her. She tells him he
broke her heart and apologizes. She says she can’t. Then they hear an explosion. It came from
the camp. They think it’s the Grounders, but it was Murphy. He blew a hole in the ship and
ran away. Bellamy doesn’t want to go after him though. The Grounders will take care of him.
Bellamy decides that the others were right, they’re going after Clarke, Finn, and Monty. Jasper
hugs Bellamy and thanks him. He says he’s a long way from what he was. It’s adorable. Then
they hear that someone’s coming. It’s Clarke and Finn! They tell the others that they need to
run, but Bellamy doesn’t want to. There’s an ocean to the East and people that will help them.
Bellamy gives a rousing speech though. He says that they are Grounders now and they need to
fight. Clarke says that they’ll die tonight if they stay. The others start to pack. Octavia asks Finn
The 100 Episode Guide
where Lincoln is and he hands her the sword he left her. Raven shows up. Murphy shot her.
Bellamy still thinks they should stay. ”Leaders do what they think is right,” he says. ”I am,” she
Kane is still trying to find a way out of the mess. The Chancellor comes in. He has a plan. He
wants to try to go to the ground. 95% of the Ark would explode, but they can find the 5% that
won’t. Is Abby ready to see Clarke again?
To be continued. . .
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
We Are Grounders, Part 2
Season 1
Episode Number: 13
Season Episode: 13
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday June 11, 2014
Jason Rothenberg
Dean White
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Walters), Henry Ian Cusick (Councillor Kane),
Paige Turco (Councillor Abigail Walters), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia
Black), Thomas McDonell (Finn Hawthorne), Eli Goree (Wells Jaha),
Christopher Larkin (Monty), Bob Morley (Bellamy Black), Devon Bostick (Jasper)
Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Ricky Whittle (Lincoln), Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Dichen Lachman (Anya), Joseph Gatt (Tristan),
Jarod Joseph (Miller), Alessandro Juliani (Sinclair), Sachin Sahel (Dr.
Jackson), Keenan Tracey (Sterling), Katie Stuart (Monroe), Genevieve
Buechner (Fox), Chelsey Marie Reist (Harper), Levi Meaden (Drew),
Shane Symons (Jones)
Clarke pleads with Bellamy to do the right thing as conflict on the
ground comes to a head. Bellamy forces Octavia to make a difficult
decision. Raven and Jasper work against time and Finn makes a bold
move. Meanwhile, the situation on the Ark comes to a stunning conclusion.
The episode opens with Clarke taking
care of Raven. Then they talk about the
rocket fuel. They want to build bombs,
but they need gunpowder. Bellamy wants
to get the Reapers to help them, but that’s
a terrible idea. Clarke says that they need
to carry Raven. Bellamy still thinks it’s
cowardly for them to run. It’s a 120 mile
walk to the ocean. Finn says Bellamy can
stay if he wants, but Clarke says they
can’t do it without him. She says that
people listen to him. The 100 file out of
camp. There are 18 dead and 82 alive.
Clarke tells Bellamy he did good. And the
two leave with them.
Octavia stops some guys who are joking about the beach. Something’s coming. A guy gets hit
and dies. The Grounders have found them. Panic ensues. They run back to camp. The Grounders
aren’t attacking though. The 100 did exactly what they wanted the Grounders wanted them to
do. They realize that they were just scouts. Lincoln said the scouts would come and that they
should run. Bellamy gives Clarke the choice of what to do. Lincoln said to get home before the
scouts arrive, but they’re already came. Bellamy gets his fight. He’s in his element and starts
barking orders. He doesn’t want Octavia going to fight, but she does.
Raven and Bellamy fill Clarke and Finn in on the mines and the grenades. They would have
more, but Murphy got in the way. They have no plan after not letting them get in. Clarke has
an idea though. She wants to use the rocket fuel, not to build a bomb, but to blast off. It’ll
”Barbecue” the Grounders. Raven can do it.
The 100 Episode Guide
The survivors are planning the way their going to bring the Ark to the ground. Some of the
stations, and they can’t predict which, will explode. Some of them will be on those stations. They
need to get down to 70 mph to survive. They’re not so sure about that, but the Chancellor says
they’ll all die if they don’t’ try. Abby wants to know how close they’re going to land to the kids. As
close as they can.
Clarke, Finn, and Raven are working, but Raven has bigger problems. She can’t feel her legs.
Clarke rushes to check her out. It looks bad. The bullet’s in her spine. She’s bleeding internally.
Raven says they need to work fast then. Finn wants to slow the bleeding. The Grounders had
stuff. Finn wants to get it from Lincoln’s cave. Raven doesn’t want to let him die to save her. He
says that if she won’t let him save her, she should save everyone else. She’s the only one who can
fire the rockets. If she dies they all die, but it’s really to save Raven. Clarke tells Finn she can’t
lose him again. He says she won’t and leaves.
The Ark prepares to leave. The Chancellor says it’s time to go. They all say, ”May we meet
again.” They leave to go home, but it doesn’t work and they can’t fix it. Someone will have to
launch manually. Someone will have to stay behind. Kane decides to do it. ”Salvation comes at a
price,” he says. He gets ready to leave, but they launch. The Chancellor did it. He said that Abby
will see his daughter soon, and he’ll see his son.
The 100 are still plugging away when they hear war drums. Things are about to get nuts.
Bellamy comes. Octavia’s gone somewhere though. Shots are fired. It’s tense and crazy. The
Grounders didn’t attack though. They’re just running around all over the place. Bellamy says to
hold their fire. They need to stay in place though.
Clarke’s still trying to help set up the rockets with Raven. She’s not very successful. Raven
says it’s not rocket science, but it is. Raven said she finally found something Clarke’s not good at.
Raven was always picked first for everything. Not anymore. So how did she end up here? Clarke
says she’d pick her first. ”Of course you would. I’m awesome,” Raven says. Clarke finds the wire,
but it’s fried. Raven tries to drag herself over, but Clarke tells her to just talk her though it. They
need Jasper, but Bellamy says he can’t go. Things are getting bad. The Grounders are trying to
get them to run out of bullets.
The Grounders have been keeping and torturing Murphy. They have a radio and have been
listening to the 100’s plans. ”Now we attack.”
The Grounders attack and the fight begins. Octavia saves Bellamy, but then she’s hit. Bellamy
carries her back to camp. Meanwhile, Finn’s looking in Lincoln’s camp. Lincoln’s there. Lincoln
gets him the medicine and decides to go back with Finn. Finn trips over some of Lincoln’s drawings. He remembers when they talked about ”the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Finn brings
up the Reapers and says he has a terrible idea.
Jasper’s helping Clarke and Raven, but Raven stops responding. She passed out. Clarke says
she’s going to die soon, and things are getting worse at the camp. Jasper needs to finish the
rocket. Clarke goes out to tell everyone to keep fighting. They need more time.
They all see an explosion and stop fighting. It’s the Ark! They’re coming down. ”I’m coming
Clarke,” Abby says. Will they come in time to save the day?
The Grounders think the Ark is reinforcements and say that when they get here, they won’t
find anyone alive. They start to attack, but they hear a noise. Finn and Lincoln have led the
Reapers to them. They all start attacking each other. Finn comes back and Clarke runs to him.
Raven’s not good. Finn asks what Plan B is. It was Jasper. Bellamy’s still trying to get Octavia
back to camp, but she says she won’t make it. Lincoln shows up. He can help her, but she has to
go with him. Bellamy tells them to go. They say a sad goodbye. Bellamy says that his life didn’t
stat until the day she was born. They say, ”May we meet again.” Lincoln carries her away after
Bellamy tells him to keep her safe.
The fight’s getting worse while Clarke works on Raven, but Jasper’s done, he thinks. They
want to close the drop ship’s door, but Clarke wants to get everyone else back inside first. She
rushes out and sees horrible things. Bellamy shows up, but Clarke doesn’t think he’ll make it.
She watches a Grounder attack him and freaks out, but Finn runs out to help. Clarke’s freaking
out. Clarke needs to go to the drop ship. She and Finn stare at each other and she leaves. She
closes the door. Anya gets on though, but she’s surrounded. Jasper sets the rocket off, but it
doesn’t work.
Clarke tells Anya she can’t win, but she starts to fight. Everyone attacks her while Jasper
tries to figure out what happened. Clarke tries to get people to stop attacking Anya and says, ”We
The 100 Episode Guide
are not Grounders.” The Grounders are trying to get in, but Jasper gets the rocket to go off. They
all burn up. It’s horrific.
The Chancellor tries to call down to the Ark. He’s getting not response. Were there any survivors? He finally gets a response. Abby’s station is on the ground! She talks to him as she goes
outside. ”It’s everything I dreamed,” she says. This was all the Chancellor wanted. Kane comes
out. They see smoke. It might be another station. The Chancellor wanders the halls of the Ark.
He sits down with some scotch and waits to die. ”May we meet again,” he says.
Clarke opens the door and the remaining survivors of the 100 walk out to the charred bodies
they created with Anya. Clarke walks up to two, who may be Finn and Bellamy, but soon red
smoking canisters fall down on them and they start to lose it. ”Mountain Men,” Anya says.
Clarke looks up to see army looking men and passes out. She wakes up confused in a white
room. There’s an IV in her arm, which she takes off and a Picasso in her room, but somebody’s
watching her on a camera. What’s going on. She looks out her door window and sees Monty in
another room. They can’t get to each other. She sees a sign that says ”Mountain Quarantine.”
The 100 Episode Guide
Season Two
The 100 Episode Guide
The 48
Season 2
Episode Number: 14
Season Episode: 1
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Recurring Role:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday October 22, 2014
Jason Rothenberg
Dean White
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Devon Bostick (Jasper Jordan), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle
(Lincoln), Henry Ian Cusick (Councilman Marcus Kane), Paige Turco
(Councilwoman Dr. Abigail ”Abby” Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Eve Harlow (Maya), Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Sachin Sahel
Joseph Gatt (Tristan), Raymond J. Barry (President Dante Wallace)
Picking up where the season one finale ended, Clarke is still alone in
the white room, frantically trying to make sense of her bizarre surroundings, while the fate of Bellamy, Finn and Raven is still unknown.
Lincoln and Octavia’s daring plan is thwarted and an enemy returns.
Meanwhile, Abby, Kane and the survivors of the Ark must face physical and moral dilemmas in their dangerous and beautiful new world.
Finally, Jaha makes a heroic decision.
Clarke sits on the floor in her solitary
room in the mystery location. Piano music plays. She looks at a painting of Van
Gogh’s Starry Night then out through a
window. She is shocked when she sees
someone in a HEPA suit there. She calls
out and beats on the door. She asks
where Monty is and asks what they did
to him. She starts shaking the IV pole
then grabs it and bashes the camera then
breaks the glass and unlocks her door
but cuts herself in the process.
She picks up a glass shard and approaches the worker. She snatches off her
headgear and the girl panics and says
she’ll contaminate her. She tells her Monty is okay and that she doesn’t understand. Clarke
tells her to take her to him and the girl calls her Clarke. She asks how she knows her name and
the girl says it was on her chart but then Clarke asks how they know her name. She drags the
girl down the hall and she hands her her key card then badges her into an elevator.
The girl is terrified and crying. Clarke asks who they are. They get to level five and the doors
open. Clarke sees a dining hall and a large group of people having a lovely dinner. A woman
stands and points shouting — containment breach. Everyone screams and runs and several
armed men creep up behind Clarke. She asks what’s happening to her.
Bellamy runs through the woods looking for Finn. He meets up with some others. They tell
him they came to check on the ark that fell. They hear a noise and he tells them to follow him
and stay quiet. They creep up and see that Finn and another of the 100 are tied up behind a
The 100 Episode Guide
horse. Finn tells their captor his friend can’t keep up but he doesn’t care and slits his throat. He
tells him he lost 300 and that was just one.
He approaches Finn with his sword and Finn crawls back away from him. He gives Finn a
bottle and tells him to drink. He says he has to keep one of them alive to talk to the commander.
Bellamy and the others follow along as they go. Lincoln teaches Octavia a statement in another
language — she’s to say: I’m Octavia of the sky people and I seek safe passage. She asks why
she has to learn this and he says she needs to sound like one of them by the time they get to the
sea. She says they have time.
She looks at a sketch he did and he says it’s a statue in the village they go to when they have
to settle disputes. He treats a wound on her leg with a searing hot knife to cauterize it and says
there was poison. She asks if he has the antidote and he says he gave it to Finn to save Raven.
She tells him they can’t go back to his village because he’ll be killed. She says each of his clan
will stab him then feed him to the bugs. He tells her to keep the knife and says he’ll be right
back. He says the antidote comes from beetles that feed on a particular moss and says he’ll find
the beetles to feed to her.
At the site of the explosion, a man checks over bodies then rolls one over. It’s Raven. She’s
alive, has a gun and shoots him in the head. Her leg is damaged. She sees another shadow
creeping near and then someone comes in — it’s Murphy. He tells her not to shoot him and she
reminds him that he shot her. She fires the gun several times but there are no bullets. He slumps
down against a wall and tells her that he would have shot him too.
Clarke sits in a ward with restraints tethering her. A woman comes in and asks how her arm
is. Maya, the girl she attacked, tells her if she had waited 10 more minutes she would have been
cleared through quarantine. She tells Clarke she won’t press charges against her. The man with
her tells Maya she can leave now and go get her treatment.
The man is the President and tells the guards the restraints aren’t unnecessary. He says his
name is Dante Wallace and reaches to shake her hands. She sees paint on his hands and he
tells her he’s a painter and knows she’s an artist too and a leader and says they have things in
common. She asks how he knows and he says her people told him.
She asks for her watch but he says they can’t let contaminated items inside Mount Weather.
Maya is lying on a bed getting a blood transfusion. He says they have 48 of them including her.
He says the patrol brought in all they could find. She asks about the ark and he says if there are
survivors, they will bring them in. She asks to see her people.
Trunk is brought in full of clothes. He tells her to change and meet him in the hall. There are
beautiful clothes, high heeled shoes and even jewelry. She snaps the end of a high heel to stow
on her as a weapon. She comes out in jeans and a shirt and Dante explains the noise is from a
hydroelectric dam and explains they have a hydroponic farm.
She asks why they’re hiding out and he says it’s not survivable for them. She says the
grounders are and he says their DNA protects them. She says they have no DNA protection
then realizes they adjusted to the solar radiation and that’s what’s protecting the 100. He says
their scientists were amazed at how efficient their systems are. He leads her through another
door and into an elevator.
He grabs the door and tells her to give him the heel. She does and he says she’s not fighting
for her life anymore — she’s made it. He tells her welcome to Mount Weather. She is brought to
an orientation session where Jasper and Monty run to hug her. She asks about Finn and Bellamy
but they tell her they didn’t make it. She says they don’t know that.
She asks about Raven and then a girl, Keenan, comes over and hands her a book and welcomes her. It’s got a map of the facility and some other information. Raven asks Murphy what
he’s doing there and he says he’s dying, the same as her. She asks how many more there are and
he says none — they fried them all. He says the guy she left behind was just guarding her.
Raven starts coughing and he tells her to roll over on her side. He tells her she’s okay and
wipes her mouth. He says he doesn’t want to die alone. Bellamy and the others run through the
forest. He tells them he’ll distract the guy then tells Munroe to go for Finn. He calls three and
runs out but then they’re not there. The guy drags Finn along then goes for Bellamy and kicks
him while he’s down.
Lincoln hears Octavia scream. He tries to run and tells him there was a monster. He says the
poison is making her hallucinate. He throws her on his back and walks her through the jungle.
A hideous mutated humanoid thing watches them. So she did see a monster. At Mount Weather,
The 100 Episode Guide
Jasper and Monty are relishing the pie for dessert. Monty won’t share his cake and they play
with each other.
Clarke comes over and tells them to sit down and pretend they’re happy to see her. They tell
her they are. She says she’s not eating their food. She shows them the map and says there are
no exits. She asks them to tell her the way out. Jasper asks why they’d want to leave and Monty
says they are looking for survivors and it’s too good to be true. Clarke says it’s too good to be
Jasper goes for more cake and doesn’t see any. Maya gives him hers and says he can have
hers. He says her hands are cold and she says it’s low vitamin D and says his is off the charts.
She asks if they have chocolate in space and he says space sucks. He asks about the paintings
and antiques around. She says they have tons of them there.
Clarke comes over and tells Maya she’s sorry about this morning. She says she was scared
and worried about her friends. She manages to lift Maya’s key card from her. Jasper tells her
that Clarke is intense but kept them all alive. Clarke walks off and an alarm sounds. She sees
this as a sign she is a prisoner She runs for a restricted door, uses the badge and then pulls the
power cable to seal the door.
She goes running up a long flight of stairs and sees a sign that says — emergency evacuation
route. She gets to the top and opens a sealed door. She starts to go out and Jasper tells her to
stop. He says even a little radiation can kill them. Maya grabs a gun from a nearby locked cabinet
and holds it out. She tells Clarke not to make her shoot her.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
Inclement Weather
Season 2
Episode Number: 15
Season Episode: 2
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday October 29, 2014
Michael Angeli
John Showalter
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Devon Bostick (Jasper Jordan), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle
(Lincoln), Henry Ian Cusick (Councilman Marcus Kane), Paige Turco
(Councilwoman Dr. Abigail ”Abby” Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Eli Goree (Wells Jaha), Raymond J. Barry (President Dante Wallace),
Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Eve Harlow (Maya), Rekha Sharma
(Doctor), Kendall Cross (Major Byrne), Dichen Lachman (Anya), Adina
Porter (Indra), Jarod Joseph (Miller), Sachin Sahel (Jackson), Aaron
Hutchinson (Sgt. Langston), Seth Whittaker (Langston’s Buddy), Brendon Zub (Delano)
A suspicious Clarke confronts President Dante Wallace and demands
answers. Kane interrogates one of The 100, and Abby performs emergency surgery. Meanwhile, Octavia resorts to violence to find Lincoln.
At the crash site, everyone is hard at
work. Some are setting up a perimeter
and Kane goes inside to the brig to talk
to Bellamy. He says he won’t let him out
til he’s sure he’s not a threat. Kane wants
to hear about the Grounders and Bellamy says they need to go after the others before it’s too late. Bellamy asks to
be on the search team but Kane says
he’s not trained and to tell him about the
Grounders and their weapons. He tells
him primitive weapons, but not guns.
Bellamy says the guns they found helped
but didn’t have enough bullets. Kane tells
him they should have looked harder because there were more guns and bullets.
Murphy is brought into the brig cleared from medical and Byrne puts him where Kane says.
She restrains him and Murphy looks at Bellamy and says this should be fun. The adults head out
when they hear gun shots from the woods. Kane comes out and is told they opened fire because
they thought they saw something. Kane takes the guy’s gun and says only guards get guns. He
shouts out to all that unauthorized use of a gun is punishable under the Exodus charter. Abby
pushes him to search the woods in case it was the missing kids that the guy saw and shot at.
They send out a party.
At Mt Weather, the dorms are rocking and Jasper sees that Clarke is sketching the premises.
He jokes that it’s good enough to frame. Miller shows up and Clarke says she’s glad he’s okay
— he says he had three surgeries. Maya hands him his pills and gives Clarke an unkind look
before she leaves. Jasper walks out with Maya and flirts. They head to breakfast together but
The 100 Episode Guide
then there’s an alarm that goes off and Clarke asks what it is. Maya says it means the search
party is back and someone is injured.
Clarke wants to follow. Clarke is there and asks who attacked. She heads into quarantine
since they can’t be exposed and Jasper goes with her. She sees a body bag and says it’s a bullet
wound. She says Grounders don’t use guns and thinks some of their people are alive. They bring
in a guy who is all burned up and looking bad. Clarke is sure Dante is lying to them about what’s
going on.
Jaha goes looking for the crying baby. He rushes through the ship but the cry is echoing off
walls and it’s hard to pin down the source. Is he going nuts or is there a child there. He breaks
into a locked compartment and, sure enough, there’s a little baby there. Wow. Abby comes to see
Raven to tell her the bullet is still inside her. She says if they live it in, she’ll live but never walk
or Abby digs it out and the surgery could likely kill her but she might be able to walk again.
Finn tells her not to risk the surgery but she insists. She says she needs her legs down here
on Earth and tells Abby to take it out. Octavia comes to and sees a Grounder. He approaches her
and offers her water. She asks where Lincoln is. He forces her to drink and tells her to drink or
die and tells her to drink it all. He holds her mouth shut so she can’t spit it out then she passes
out again.
Clarke goes to find Dante and tells him they need to talk. She asks who shot the soldier and
he pulls her aside to chat. He says the patrol was attacked by Grounders. She says they don’t
have guns. He says Shaw was shot by an arrow but she says she saw the wound and it was a
bullet. He says she was seeing things and she asks to see the body again. He tells her okay and
takes her out of the dining hall. Jaha tries to comfort the crying child and says this is a fine
He boots the screens up and says they have to find a way to get him to the ground. He tries to
find something left up there to save them. Now he has a purpose again. Abby tells Raven they’re
almost ready to start the surgery. Finn offers to talk to her while it happens. They belt her down
since they have no anesthesia. Abby starts to cut into her and Raven tells Finn she’s scared. He
tells her to look at him and focus. Abby makes the incision. Raven screams.
Bellamy hears the screaming and is visibly upset. Murphy says that was him at the Grounder
camp. He says they tortured him and Bellamy says he wouldn’t have broke no matter what they
did to him. Murphy says they tortured him for three days before he talked and tells Bellamy to
go on believing he could have held out. Outside, they hear screams coming from the North and
rush to investigate. Kane and the others find three of theirs pinned to a tree with arrows. Only
Campbell is still alive.
Dante takes Clarke down to the clinic and Dr Tsing wheels in the body. Clarke asks how the
man with the burns is feeling and she asks to talk to him. Dante says they can arrange it. Clarke
looks at the sensor on the body and Tsing says it’s a dialysis shunt and says they all have it in
case of contamination. Tsing shows her his wound and says they had to remove it in the field.
They also show her the bloody arrowhead.
Jaha finds a chess piece in the child’s hand and wonders where he got it. He says he may
teach him to play one day. Jaha keeps at it and then finds a missile he thinks can take them
there. He says their ancestors used them to destroy the world and now they can use it to get
to the world. Jaha says the bad news is they have to go outside to get to it. Kane looks at the
bodies of his men and then goes to talk to Abby. She tells him Raven survived the surgery but
she doesn’t know how.
Kane says the kids do all have courage. He tells her Bellamy can’t wait to get back out there.
She asks if he sent a search team. He tells her the men were crucified and they can’t send
anyone out until the camp is secure. She says they can’t wait because of how they treat them.
She reminds him they put a spear in Jasper and tortured Murphy. He says it’s his decision and
he’s made it.
Octavia wakes again and the guy asks if she’s feeling better. She asks who he is and where
Lincoln is. He says he’s Michael — a friend of Lincoln’s. She stands and he says that’s good and
tells her to run. She asks again about Lincoln and he says he’s answering for what he’s done. He
tells her that their clan is vulnerable to the Reapers because Lincoln helped her. She’s horrified
and asks him to help Lincoln. She says they have to do something. He says he did — he saved
her and tells her again to run.
She kicks him in the head and knocks him out. She thanks him and then ties him up and
The 100 Episode Guide
holds a knife to his throat. She leads him into the village and calls out the phrase Lincoln taught
her saying her name and that she’s of the sky people. She tells them they have something she
A woman steps out of their shack-like building and asks what she wants. Octavia says she
wants Lincoln and the woman says no. Octavia puts a knife on Michael’s neck and the woman
asks her to stop. She says he’s their only healer. Octavia tells her that she’s to send Lincoln to
the place where he left her and says he’ll know where. She says if he’s not there by dark alone,
she kills their healer.
Abby checks on Raven and tests her sensations. She feels nothing in her feet and Finn starts
to freak. Abby tells her that her left leg has significant damage and she’ll need crutches. Raven
cries and calls herself a cripple. Abby leaves her with Finn and goes. He sits down and tells her
he’s tired of talking about her — he asks if she wants to hear about his day. She laughs and says
she’s tired. She tells him not to be there when she wakes up. She tells him to go get their friends.
In the dorms, Clarke comes back and Jasper asks what Dante said. She says she looked at
Shaw’s body and it did look like an arrow wound. She says they could have doctored it and
Jasper says she sounds crazy and asks why she wants to screw this up. She says she doesn’t
know what this is and he tells her it’s safe. He’s worried she’s going to get them all kicked out
and she asks if someone threatened him. He says it’s common sense to kick out a guest who acts
like an ungrateful ass.
Jasper and Miller agree that the biggest risk to them now is her. She’s not happy to hear this.
Jaha opens the missile bay. He makes a makeshift sling for the baby. They have 15 minutes until
the missile launches and tells the baby they don’t want to miss their ride. He puts his space suit
on over he and the baby and says not to worry, there’s enough air for two. He sees a crack in the
helmet and is worried. He puts it on and the voice says seven minutes until missile launch.
He steps out into the unsafe area and then looks out and says he has to jump across the ring,
stick the landing and jump in a missile before it launches. He opens the air lock and tells the
baby — hold on little man. He goes flying across and sees the crack on the helmet spreading. It
shatters and he has no air. He makes it to the airlock, slams the seal and lands inside. He can
breathe. He pops open the helmet and checks on the baby. There’s no child there. It’s a bundle
of clothes.
The missile launch is in just a few minutes. He screams in frustration then hears his son’s
voice. He turns and sees Wells holding the chess piece the baby was holding before. Jaha pants
and then drops to his knees. He says oxygen deprivation is hitting him. Wells tells him he’s not
done yet but he says he is. Wells tells him — our people still need you but Jaha says he did his
job already. Wells asks what he would tell him to do and says he’d tell him to live.
He tells his dad his life can be more than this tragic end and tells him to choose to live. Jaha
cries and says he misses him every day. Wells says he’s with him every day and tells him he
can do this. There are two minutes until launch and Jaha runs through what he needs to do —
disarm the warhead, check the chute, check oxygen. Jaha looks outside and says it’s time to go
Finn comes in to break out Bellamy and says they’re going after them. Murphy asks to go along
and Bellamy cuts him loose too. Finn isn’t happy but Bellamy says he’s been to the Grounder
camp. Murphy says he can take them there. The girl comes and tells them to hurry up that
someone is coming. They scramble.
At Mt Weather, things are going well for everyone but Clarke who sits in a chair and pouts
then tears up her escape map she’s been sketching. Clarke sees the guy who was all burned come
into the common area and he looks 90% healed. She follows him. He swipes his card and goes
into a room. She goes back to the dorms and looks around. She remembers that only patients
are allowed in medical and cuts her still healing arm until blood starts flowing.
The missile counts down, then launches toward Earth. Jaha is in there in a fresh space suit
and is getting rattled around good as it hurtles downward. Octavia waits in the woods with
Michael. He says it looks like she’ll have to kill him since no one has shown but then they hear a
noise and the woman has brought Lincoln. Octavia says he’s hurt and the woman says he should
be dead. She takes the knife away from Michael’s neck and tells him sorry.
Lincoln hobbles towards Octavia but then yells — Reapers — just as the savages attack.
Octavia is knocked down and her vision goes blurry as the fight progresses. Lincoln is dragged
away by the Reapers screaming her name. Jaha comes to — looks like he passed out — and
The 100 Episode Guide
starts unscrewing the bolts in the missile’s body. He kicks the panel aside and touches Earth.
He laughs. He’s got sand in his hands. He sniffs it. He looks around and sees stars up above
He stands and the shot backs away. We see that he’s in the middle of what looks like a vast
desert. The kids go to sneak out of the base camp when a flashlight shines in their face. Abby
says — you’re late — and Finn explains that Bellamy decided to bring company. He says Murphy
has been to the camp. Miller hands over his weapon and says to find his son Nathan. Abby hands
over her weapon to the kids too and tells them to bring the others home. The kids troop out.
In the clinic, Clarke’s arm is attended to and she looks around. As the doc leaves, she sits up
and looks at the survivor she saw earlier. She nudges and says his name — Langston. She looks
at the burn on his hand and then wonders what they’re doing to him. She looks at the shunt
and the blood and follows a line in the ceiling where the blood is coming from. She hits a dead
end at a secured door. She notices an air vent above her head and climbs up into it.
She steps through and sees bodies handing upside down. They are being bled to provide
plasma for the people in the clinic. She heads moans and looks around and sees people in cages.
There are several cages full of people. Clarke kneels down and sees Anya there.
The 100 Episode Guide
Season 2
Episode Number: 16
Season Episode: 3
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday November 5, 2014
Aaron Ginsburg, Wade McIntyre
Dean White
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Devon Bostick (Jasper Jordan), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle
(Lincoln), Henry Ian Cusick (Councilman Marcus Kane), Paige Turco
(Councilwoman Dr. Abigail ”Abby” Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Dichen Lachman (Anya), Adina Porter (Indra), Richard Harmon (John
Murphy), Eve Harlow (Maya), Rekha Sharma (Dr. Tsing), Kendall Cross
(Major Byrne), Ty Olsson (Nyko), Sachin Sahel (Jackson), Keenan
Tracey (Sterling), Katie Stuart (Monroe), Cameron Roberts (Artigas),
Mike Klemak (Guard), Michael Adamthwaite (Reaper), Luc Roderique
(Penn), Jaeson Lee (Tomac), Nick Hunnings (Mt. Weather Soldier #1),
Fraser Corbett (Mt. Weather Soldier #2), Janene Carleton (Tomac’s
Wife), Brendon Zub (Delano)
After discovering a horrifying project in Mount Weather’s medical ward,
Clarke joins forces with an unexpected ally.
We see there are maybe 100 of the cages
with Grounders locked up all around the
large cylinder shaped room. Clarke tells
Anya she’s going to get her out. She
breaks a lock and opens the gate and
pulls her out. A doctor is coming and
Clarke shoves her back in and hides in
the cage with her. The doctor grabs a bag
of blood from a cabinet then comes over
to see what’s got the prisoners so riled up.
She’s almost on top of them and
Clarke is worried she’ll see the lock on the
floor but a Grounder grabs for the doctor
and she leaves in a panic. Clarke opens
the door and pulls Anya out of the cage
toward the exit. She pulls her outside and they look for an escape. They end up locked in a room
and an alarm sounds.
A shaft opens below them and they tumble down a chute into a pit of dead looking Grounder
bodies. Clarke grabs her hand and pulls her up. Clarke then finds some clothes and tells Anya to
get dressed but she says she can’t leave them behind. Clarke says they can find help and come
back and tells her the people there are well armed.
Anya says there is no ”we” and then they hear Reapers. Clarke takes her and pushes her up
into a bin and they lie still. The Reapers come close with their torches but pass them by and then
a body is tossed in with them and then a couple of more. Then the cart starts moving up some
rails and then out into the sunlight. Looks like they’re taking their food to go.
At the main site, Byrne reports to Kane that the kids must have left about six hours ago. Kane
tells her they are not sending out a search team and putting more lives at risk. He says he just
The 100 Episode Guide
wants to know who helped them. He sends for Abby and asks if she helped them. She stares at
him. He tells her she was like this on the ark — doing what she wants. She says she was right
then and is right now.
He says as chancellor, he can’t tolerate this and she tells him he was never elected. She walks
away. Murphy, Bellamy and the others are in the woods and Murphy asks to have his cuffs off
so he can defend himself. Bellamy says no but Finn unlocks him. Octavia tells Indra she wants
to help fight the Reapers and says Lincoln taught her but Indra tells her men to kill her.
Octavia runs off and they fire arrows at her. She runs as fast as she can and then hides. They
run past her. Maya takes Jasper to show him a surprise. He says he hates surprises and she
tells him to open. He sees a huge room of paintings and artwork and she shows him her favorite.
He asks why they keep it all locked up then says it’s pretty cool.
He leans in to kiss her but then a noise disturbs them and they run off. Maya says it’s okay.
Monty comes up and tells him Clarke is nowhere and he’s worried she’s in trouble. Jasper says
whatever she’s up to, she can handle it — she’s Clarke. She’s in the cart of bodies being wheeled
along and pulled up the mine shaft by a Reaper. At the top, they unload the bodies.
When they take one of the nearly dead, they hear a metal sound and then screaming as they
finish off the guy. Clarke tells her they have to go but Anya pauses to break the neck of the guy
left alive in with them to spare him. Murphy, Bellamy and the guys make it to the prison camp
but they see only Grounders. Finn notices they have some stiff from their drop ship.
They see a one eyed guy with Clarke’s watch around his neck. They decide she wouldn’t give
it up with out a fight. Bellamy takes Finn and tells the others what to do in case it goes south
and they move out. They clack some rocks and get one eyes’ attention. He creeps back closer to
where Murphy sits tapping the rocks. When he gets there, Murphy has moved on.
Bellamy whacks the guy in the head and they take Clarke’s watch. They decide to take him
somewhere quiet to extract some information. Finn says he knows just the place and they cart
the Grounder off with them. Kane talks to Byrne about Abby. He says she confessed to giving the
boys guns and letting them go. He tells her to supervise Abby and keep her confined to quarters.
Byrne reminds him that her offenses are felonies that call for shock lashing. She tells him
that punishing her appropriately will be a lesson to the others. Kane says they have a chance to
start over down here but she says they can’t afford to lose control.
A patrol comes back with a Grounder prisoner and Kane and the guards have to fight the
group off to keep the guy safe. There’s a gun shot and Abby tells them to take the wounded man
into surgery and Kane says to take the Grounder inside. Byrne escorts him in. Octavia watches
the villagers and stalks them as they hunt the Reapers.
Monty eats waffles and listens to classical music. Jasper comes to sit and Monty says he still
can’t find Clarke and he doesn’t think she slept in her bed last night. Jasper says Maya may be
able to snoop around and find out if Clarke is in trouble. Monty says Clarke doesn’t trust these
people but Jasper says they can trust Maya — or at least he thinks they can — and reminds him
they have no other choice.
Clarke and Anya are lost in the tunnels and Clarke explains that the mountain people are
using them for their blood to heal their own. Anya tells her to go her own way but Clarke says
they need to stick together. Anya tells her she can help her get back to her people and knows
where the traps are. Clarke says their best hope is together but then Anya is gone. Clarke gives
up on her and runs the other way.
Indra lays out the plan with her people on how to attack the Reapers but one man complains
that it’s a bad plan because they have a boy and a wounded man. She says that Octavia will
be their bait and when they stop to feed, they will attack. Octavia comes out of her hiding spot
nearby and says she’s not afraid but Indra says she will be.
Clarke runs and runs through the tunnels and then runs into some Reapers. She is surrounded but then there’s a high pitched noise then that sends them all screaming. A man holding the device tells Clarke she needs to come with him. Byrne nabs Abby and tells her she has
to come with her after she declares their guy dead from the gunshot wound.
They take her outside and she asks Kane what this is and he says she left him no choice.
Byrne says Abby has confessed to helping criminals and trafficking in firearms. She reads off
the sentence of 10 lashes and Abby tells Kane he can’t be serious. He is. They strap Abby to two
poles and Byrne pulls off her belt. Abby tells Kane they don’t have to do this down here.
The 100 Episode Guide
He tells Byrne to proceed and she shocks her with the wand again and again. He carries out
the full sentence as she screams in pain. The others of the group don’t like to see their doctor
treated this way. Abby hands on tight to the restraints and stares him down as Byrne shocks
her again. Bellamy and the others have the Grounder down in a hatch and are questioning him.
They ask where the girl was that owned the watch. He says he found it outside the camp.
Bellamy asks where they took the people and Finn beats on the guy. Bellamy tells him he’s
crossing a line but he doesn’t stop. He pulls a gun and Bellamy tells him to put it down. Finn
puts the gun to the guy’s head and counts to three.
The guy caves and says they are east of here in the village where they keep prisoners. He says
he can draw them a map but tells them to hurry before their friends outlive their usefulness.
They get something for him to draw on and Murphy mocks Bellamy and says he thought he was
the crazy one. Byrne and Kane have the Grounder in interrogation. Byrne pulls a gun on the guy
and Kane tells her to stand down. At first she doesn’t, but then she backs off. Kane tells her to
get some air. She leaves.
He tells the Grounder they can’t keep this up and hope to survive. He sits back down and
sighs. He says there must be a better way. The Grounder just looks at him. Octavia lies on the
ground as bait when the Reapers approach with their prisoners. They go for her and the villagers
attack and so does she. She saves Indra from a Reaper and then pulls their hoods off looking for
He’s not with the others. They untie the prisoners and Octavia cries. Michael looks sad for
her. Maya tells Jasper and Monty that Clarke is in the psych ward because she was acting crazy
and pulling out her stitches. She says it will be a couple of days before they can see her but
Monty goes off to press the issue. She tells Jasper she’s sorry and he says the last time he saw
her, he told her he was crazy.
Clarke tells the guard she knows what they’re doing and they tell her that’s why she’s going
into the harvest chamber with them. They call into their boss who says they have to get the
Outsider as well and then suddenly Anya attacks. They pull the masks off of them and they are
burning. They run and are at the downspout of a dam. Clarke says there has to be another way
but Anya says there’s not and jumps.
They tell Clarke to drop her weapon and she does but then she turns and takes a running
leaps down into the flow of water. She hits hard and looks to be unconscious. Jackson cleans
Abby’s wounds as Kane comes in. She sends Jackson out and then asks Kane if it worked and if
the group is back in line. She tells him he can lash her a thousand times and she’ll still do what
it takes to find the kids.
He says he knows that and has decided to lead a mission to bring them back. He says it will be
a diplomatic mission to make contact with the Grounder’s commander and make a peace treaty.
Abby says the Grounder could be leading him into a trap but he says he has to try and give them
a chance. He tells her that he heard her. She offers to go but he says she’s needed there.
Kane says he knows she’ll take care of the others and set a good example while he’s away.
She says if he does this, she’ll be a model citizen. He tells her to be more than that and tells her
to be Chancellor and gives her the pin. Later, he and some guards take the Grounder and leave
the camp. Clarke lies in the water downstream from the dam. Anya grabs her up and she chokes
out some water and comes to.
Clarke sits up unsteadily and thanks Anya. She says they should go back to the drop ship
first but Anya cracks her in the head with a rock. She says Clarke killed 300 of their warriors
and says she’s taking her back as a prize. Bellamy says they’re leaving and Murphy wants to kill
the Grounder because he knows where they are going and can rat them out.
Bellamy says killing them in battle is one thing, but this is an execution but then they hear a
shot and see Finn has put a hole in the guy’s head. He tells them they have to get moving. The
others follow Finn out and Bellamy finally follows as well. Michael approaches Octavia and she
tells him to kill her now if he’s going to. He says she proved herself so they’ll let her live. He helps
her up.
He tells her Lincoln was a good man and he considered him a brother. Indra and the others
turn to go but she gives Octavia a head nod of respect before she leaves. The Mt Weather people
have the Reapers lined up and they decide which to send to harvest and mark one for the
Cerberus program.
The 100 Episode Guide
The 100 Episode Guide
Many Happy Returns
Season 2
Episode Number: 17
Season Episode: 4
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday November 12, 2014
Kim Shumway
P.J. Pesce
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Devon Bostick (Jasper Jordan), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle
(Lincoln), Henry Ian Cusick (Councilman Marcus Kane), Paige Turco
(Councilwoman Dr. Abigail ”Abby” Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha), Dichen Lachman
(Anya), Steve Talley (Wick), Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Keenan
Tracey (Sterling), Katie Stuart (Monroe), Kendall Cross (Major Byrne),
Tanaya Beatty (Mel), Alessandro Juliani (Sinclair), Luvia Peterson (Sienne), Finn Wolfhard (Zoran)
After being betrayed, Clarke takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Bellamy, Finn and Murphy race against time to save a stranger,
and tensions rise between Raven and Wick.
The sun shines on a blistering desert
canyon. A Grounder of some sort drags
a cart along looking for loot and sees a
lump in the sand. The boy ventures down
to investigate. He sees what looks like a
person face down in the sand. He sets
down her cart and pulls the cover off. It’s
Jaha. He nudges him with his foot and
then checks to see if he’s alive. He digs in
his pocket and pulls out the chess piece.
He comes to and grabs for the piece. The
boy lets it go and he grabs it then passes
out again. He seems unsure what to do
about him.
Clarke and Anya walk for hours and
Anya says she’s taking her to tell the Commander what the Mountain Men are doing. Clarke
says they should unite since they both want the same thing. They hear noise and realize the
Mountain Men have found them. They take off at a run. Bellamy, Finn and Murphy run in the
woods. Finn tells Bellamy he had to kill the guy but Bellamy says he’s not himself and calls him a
loose cannon. They hear a noise and then notice flies swarming on bodies. These are ark people.
There are a dozen, maybe more dead. They see part of an ark, crashed into a mountainous
area and Murphy says it was a rough landing. Bellamy says they can’t help those people and that
they have to go but then they hear a noise. They call to someone on the cliff edge. It’s Mel and
Stirling says they have to help her. Finn says they don’t have time to help her but then Murphy
says to hold on. Stirling is already over the cliff to help Mel.
They have an electric fence live around the main camp and they tell everyone it’s hot. Raven’s
boss comes for her and sees her working on her physical therapy and slapping at her bad leg.
He says she’s cleared for work and asks about her leg. She says it’s not a factor. He tells her to
The 100 Episode Guide
build a radio beacon so they can see if there are other ark stations with survivors. He tells her to
get to engineering and get started. She goes.
Jaha wakes and sees the chess piece. He grabs it up and then the boy is there and speaks
to him. He has a knife and he thinks the boy is going to hurt him but he cuts into a tuber and
it provides him liquid. He thanks him and asks his name. He points to him and the boy says
Zoran. He says he’s Thelonius. He struggles and then says Theelo. His parents come in and panic
that he’s brought Jaha there. Zoran says he’s from the sky. His mom speaks English and says
strangers aren’t welcome.
Anya drags Clarke along and tells her she’s too loud and smells like the Mountain Men. They
hear more men coming and scramble to lower ground further away. Anya stops her by a stream
and splatters her with mud. She tells her she needs to cover herself. They both get all muddy.
Stirling works his way down to Mel who clings to the rock face. Murphy says Bellamy has given
the kid one too many motivational speeches and he tells him to shut it.
Stirling makes it to her and she takes his hand. He pulls over to her but then she looses her
footing. She clings to a branch. The slip knot on the climbing rope comes loose and Stirling falls
to a horrible death on the rocks below. Bellamy tells Mel to hold on. He tells her to focus on him
and be strong. Finn says they are out of rope and Bellamy says the others may be dead already
but they know they can save Mel. Finn asks how and Bellamy says to scour the wreckage for
items to make a rope. They scramble.
Jaha wakes and says he thought he wasn’t welcome but the woman says Zoran’s father said
he could stay. He asks where he is and she says it’s the dead zone on the way to the city of
light. She says her name is Sienna and hands him a paste of squashed bugs to eat. He sighs and
scoops one up that’s still wiggling and pops it in his mouth. She says that’s good and he thanks
her. He asks about the city of light and she says if they can find it, it will be their home.
Zoran comes in and Jaha is startled by his face — one half is badly disfigured and he reacts
badly. The boy says he has found more food but then runs out at Jaha’s reaction. Sienna says
they are used to the hatred but Jaha says there is no hate. Jaha asks if it’s radiation but she
says hate. She says usually when a child like that is born, they leave it out for nature to take
back. She says it’s their way but she couldn’t do it to her child. She says they left home so he
could live.
Raven comes to the engineering lab and finds Wick. He calls her a wrench monkey and she
asks if he’s still coming up with designs the rest of them have to fix. She says she has to build a
beacon and he tells her he made schematics. She takes a look and he has a support device for
her leg. She says it’s a piece of crap and says she can get around just fine. She curses him as an
engineer and he her as a mechanic.
Anya and Clarke hide high up and Anya blames her for them following. Clarke says she thinks
she has a tracker and tells Anya they have to remove it. Clarke wants a sterile knife but Anya
uses her teeth and rips it out. She says she won’t be taken back there again. The guys have belt
a makeshift rope and they lower Bellamy down to Mel. He makes it to her and tells her to put her
arms around him. He promises she’ll be safe and she grabs for him and holds on tight.
He calls for them to pull her up and Murphy calls down to her not to worry. They pull them
up. Raven tells Wick some changes she’s making to his design. He’s not pleased and says it won’t
work but she proposes another fix. She says if it’s not working, he’s doing it wrong. She hobbles
on her crutches and he tells her to try the brace. She says his brace sucks and refuses to try it.
She has to climb up a high tower and puts on her welding gear and starts to climb but her bum
leg is causing problems.
She is frustrated with her mobility problems and realizes she can’t make it up. She lowers
herself back down and Wick says they can go think it through but she tells him to leave her
alone and hobbles away. The guys work to drag Mel and Bellamy back up when they almost lose
their grip on the rope. They struggle to regain control and save them. Grounders start shooting
at them from the trees. They fire back as they dodge spears and arrows.
They tell Bellamy he has to cut her loose as Monroe takes a spear hit to the leg. They hear the
horn sound that signals poison fog and they tell him to cut her loose. He won’t and they finally
get them to the top. Mel thanks them. It was Murphy that anchored them by putting the seat
belt around himself. Bellamy says they have to hide from the fog but Octavia is there. She had a
horn and blew it to drive the Grounders away. She and Bellamy hug it out.
Raven sits staring glumly out the window and Wick tells her she’s bringing him down. He says
The 100 Episode Guide
he asked for her to work on the beacon since she’s the best they’ve got. He tells her to stop as
she tries to walk away. He says she has a first rate mind and tells her to use it to work around
her leg. She asks how and he tells her she can let her friends help for starters. She looks at the
brace he made her and sighs. She goes over to try it on as he watches.
She puts it on and tightens all the straps then stands. It’s awkward but she can walk without
the crutches. She smiles and he asks what do you know. He says it holds and she says it’s an
offense to mechanics everywhere. He sucks some helium in and does a funny voice and that
gives her inspiration on how to fix the beacon.
Jaha calls to Zoran who hides behind a face scarf. He calls the boy over again and says please
and the boy walks over. Jaha tells him he doesn’t need to wear it for him and he pulls it off shyly.
Sienna watches them. Jaha hands the boy the chess piece and checks with his mom before he
accepts it. Jaha tells him it’s from a chess game and says he taught his son when he was his
age. Sienna asks where his son is now and he says he’s dead. He says he put his people first and
it cost him his son. Jaha smiles at the boy.
Anya drags Clarke along further and Clarke tells her to let her bandage her wound before it
gets infected. Clarke stabs her in the neck with a knock out dart she had on her. Clarke says
she can find her way from here and that Anya is the prisoner now. She binds the Grounder girl.
Jaha is working on a chess board when Zoran runs in and says he must go. He points out some
riders on the ridge and hands him a scope. He asks who they are and Zoran says they must have
seen him fall and are coming for him.
Jaha worries the riders will hurt them but Zoran says to go and they can hurt themselves.
Octavia treats Monroe’s leg wound and then has to tell them Lincoln is dead. Bellamy says he’s
sorry. She says they have to go before the Grounders return. They have the map and Finn heads
off to try and find the others. Murphy follows him and says he can’t go back because they’ll just
lock him up. Bellamy tosses him the gun and Octavia is surprised. He tells Murphy to watch
Finn’s back and the two jog off.
Bellamy tells Octavia he can’t get them home without her and she agrees. They head out
the other way. Clarke drags Anya through the forest on a makeshift litter. She gets back to the
original base they had to blow up to defeat the Grounders. She sees a message with her name
on it but it’s not legible. Anya wakes and they come to blows. Clarke tries to get her to stop but
she won’t. Clarke throws dirt in her eyes and says she doesn’t want to kill her.
Anya says then she’ll die and stabs at Clarke. The fight gets even more brutal. Anya runs at
her and tackles her and holds a knife to her chest. She goes to stab her but Clarke grabs her arm
where she bit the trackers out. She flips her over and beats the girl in the face until she’s done.
She grabs the knife but then sees a glittering balloon. She decides not to stab her and stares up
at her. Anya tells her she fought well and Clarke asks if she’s seen it.
She says he lied — her people are out there. It’s the balloon to life the radio beacon that Raven
and Wick built. At the HQ camp, Wick tells Raven it was a good idea. He tells her she’s arrogant
enough to be an engineer. Sinclair comes up and Byrne says it’s a target and shoots it down
without warning. Wick says they fell from space in an ark and says the Grounder knows they’re
there. Byrne chews them out for incompetence and calls more guards to the wall.
Jaha sees the riders and Zoran begs his mom to make him run. Sienna says that if he runs,
they’ll hurt them. Zoran is upset to see his father brought the stranger there to take Jaha away
but Jaha tells him it’s okay. He waits calmly. Sienna says there is a bounty on sky people. She
says they had to have the horse to reach the city of light. Jaha says you have to what you must
to survive. He gets it. He tells him he hopes they find their new home and goes to surrender
He holds his hands up to show he’s giving himself up and walks over to the stranger. Zoran’s
family watch as the rider clubs Jaha to knock him out. Zoran cries and they pull him back
inside the tent so he can’t see what happens. Clarke and Anya make it to HQ camp. Anya asks
how many there are and Clarke says she hopes a lot. She unties Anya’s hands and tells her she’s
letting her go. She says she’s not weak, but isn’t like her. She says they will need their technology
and the Grounder’s knowledge of the world to beat the Mt Weather people.
She asks Anya if her people will cooperate. Anya says she can get an audience. They claps
arms and Clarke asks her to please hurry. She heads off at a slow walk but is gunned down.
Clarke is shot too. She tries to revive Anya but she says in her native language that her fight is
over. Soldiers run out to capture Clarke and smash her in the face as they call back that they
The 100 Episode Guide
have two Grounders down.
The 100 Episode Guide
Human Trials
Season 2
Episode Number: 18
Season Episode: 5
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday November 19, 2014
Charlie Craig
Ed Fraiman
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Devon Bostick (Jasper Jordan), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle
(Lincoln), Henry Ian Cusick (Councilman Marcus Kane), Paige Turco
(Councilwoman Dr. Abigail ”Abby” Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Raymond J. Barry (President Dante
Wallace), Eve Harlow (Maya), Sachin Sahel (Dr. Jackson), Alessandro
Juliani (Sinclair), Katie Stuart (Monroe), Rekha Sharma (Doctor Tsing),
Kendall Cross (Major Byrne), Ty Olsson (Nyko), Tanaya Beatty (Mel),
Johnny Whitworth (Guest Star), Colin Lawrence (Rivo)
Kane takes part in a mission to make peace with the Grounders.
Jasper decides to take part in a risky experiment. Lincoln enters a
world of pain and President Dante Wallace issues a warning.
Clarke is dragged into camp and Byrne
demands to know how many were with
her. They haul her into medical. Abby
comes out and sees her being brought
in. She recognizes her daughter immediately and tells Byrne it’s her daughter.
She runs to Clarke and holds her face.
She’s in shock but recognizes her mom.
Abby tends to her wounds and Clarke
says she saw their ship crash but Abby
says she’s fine. Byrne apologizes to Abby.
Clarke tells her she’s been at Mt Weather.
Clarke says they have to get their people out and away from the mountain men.
She asks who else made it and Abby says
Finn and Bellamy made it. She thought they were did and starts to cry and tells her mom she
thought she was dead too. Abby comforts her. Over at Mt Weather, Jasper comes to see Dante
who tells him he heard he’s been going to medical every day to see Clarke. Dante tells Jasper
that Clarke ran away because she wouldn’t believe was safe there.
Jasper says Clarke wouldn’t just abandon them and asks if they’re looking for her. Dante says
he can’t risk people looking for her if she doesn’t want to be her. He tells Jasper he can go look
for her if he wants and then can come back or can stay without looking. He tells him it’s his
home now and to just let him know what he decides. Jasper goes to think. In the woods, Kane
plants a tree and one of the soldiers tells him the prisoner is refusing water.
He goes down to talk to the guy. He says if he dies, he won’t be able to help him stop the
killing. Kane says there is a better way. The guy gives in and drinks from the canteen. Kane
apologizes for keeping his hands bound and he speaks in his language and tells Kane to untie
him. He says he can’t. Kane says it’s a tactic and tells his guys either way, the prisoner will take
them to the camp whether it’s too make peace or try to kill them.
The 100 Episode Guide
Clarke wakes to find her mom sleeping by her cot. She’s surprised to see the chancellor’s
pin on her. Abby says Thelonius died and Kane went to find the Grounders. Clarke says the
Grounders didn’t have them. She tells her mom they have to move against Mt Weather now but
Abby wants her to rest. Clarke tells her she doesn’t need rest but needs to save her friends.
Byrne comes in and says they see movement in the woods and don’t think it’s Grounders.
Raven gives Clarke a hug and she sees her wounded leg but Raven says she’s dealing with it.
Bellamy and Octavia show up with Mel. Abby rushes over and asks Mel where the others are but
she says there were no other survivors. Abby tells them to take Mel to medical. Clarke runs to
hug Bellamy. Octavia says she never thought she’d see that and Bellamy laughs. She also hugs
Octavia and tells her she’s glad she’s okay.
Bellamy asks about the others and she asks about Finn. He says Finn is out looking for her.
Finn and Murphy count a little less than 30 at the camp but say they don’t look like warriors.
Finn says they’ll go in after dark to see if their people are there. Murphy says they may all be
dead already and Finn gets angry. He asks how much ammo they have and Murphy tells Finn
he liked him better as a peace maker.
At Mt Weather, we see Lincoln is strapped to table and a doctor tells him he’s a fine specimen
and he can see why Tsing chose him. This must be the mysterious project Clarke heard about
when she was making her escape. He injects Lincoln in the neck and he goes limp. The doc says
the first dose is the worst as Lincoln starts hurting.
Abby, Byrne and the others look over a map of Mt Weather and they decide that since the kids
aren’t in immediate danger of harm, they need to investigate. They agree to send out for Kane but
Clarke also wants to find Finn and Murphy. She says they need to stop them before they make
things worse with the Grounders. Clarke chews her out and says they killed their best chance at
peace by killing Anya.
Abby says she’s sorry but the decision has been made. Bellamy blows up and says now that
Clarke is home, she doesn’t care that Finn and Murphy are risking their lives when they went to
get Clarke. Bellamy says he and Clarke can go get them but Abby refuses to consider it. Abby is
called down to medical urgently and Clarke tells her to go. Abby tells Byrne the camp is on lock
She goes and Clarke steps close to Bellamy and says they’ll need guns. Raven gets them for
her and then Octavia shows up to help. Octavia says Finn and Murphy are headed to Lincoln’s
village and she knows how to get there. The kids put on packs and then Raven shows them the
fence is electrified still. She radios Wick to shut down the fence. He does and they step through
Jasper tells Monty that Clarke faked to get into medical then left them. Monty says they have
to go after her but Jasper doesn’t want to go. Maya tells Jasper it’s not safe and he tells her not
to worry, that he’s a coward. She says he’s not and is smart but tells him he can’t make Clarke
come back. Jasper hears an alarm and Maya says there must be a containment breach that’s
leaking radiation.
She starts to blister and burn and Jasper and Monty call for help while her skin looks like
it’s burning off of her. Maya is in medical and they evaluate her condition and discuss that
the standard treatment isn’t working. Jasper asks what else they can try and Tsing says it’s
unorthodox. She says they have the ability to filter radiation out. She says if they can circulate
Maya’s blood through his system, it could help her.
Jasper considers it and Monty says not to do it but then Jasper says he’s in. Octavia sleeps
by the fire and Bellamy watches her and Clarke who then wakes up. Bellamy tells her the last
time he saw her, she was closing the drop ship door. He tells her it had to be done. She sits up
and asks if he got any sleep. He says he can sleep after they find Finn. He tells her Finn has
changed after all that happened and tells her how Finn executed the Grounder without blinking.
Clarke says it doesn’t sound like Finn and he agrees. He says he shouldn’t have let him take
Murphy and the guns and go but she says it had to be done. Bellamy says when they found no
one was there at the drop ship, they assumed it was the Grounders. She said no one could have
known about the mountain men. Bellamy asks how long til chocolate cake is traded for draining
your blood and she says she doesn’t know.
Bellamy says they find Finn and Murphy then go for the others at Mt Weather. Octavia wakes
and reminds them they need to find Lincoln too. They agree and pack up to move out. Finn and
Murphy sneak into the village and Finn throws a torch into the building with their food supply.
The 100 Episode Guide
The Grounders set off an alert about the fire and the village breaks into chaos. The guys lurk
and watch the distraction they’ve created.
They go looking for their people but are caught. Finn takes a hostage and asks for who’s in
charge. A man steps forward and says their leader is gone. Finn says they want their people back
and the guy says they don’t have them. Finn says they’ll take a look around to verify that.
The mad scientist comes back to see Lincoln with another dose of whatever he’s giving him.
He tells Lincoln he knew it would be better and says his body is already craving it. He shoots
Lincoln up and he goes limp then starts to seize. He holds up a device that seems to start up
some sort of hi-tech electro shock therapy on Lincoln. He times it and says 15 seconds is quite a
He calls Lincoln a thoroughbred and says to up the shock treatments and once he learns to
fear the tone (that happens before the shock), they can move to phase two. Lincoln is in agony.
Back in medical, Jasper is in a table and Monty asks if he’s sure and Jasper says he likes her.
Maya begins to have a seizure and Tsing says they have to do this now. Jasper agrees.
Tsing tells him it will sting and puts a shunt into his neck. She starts up a machine and
Maya’s blood runs into Jasper, through him and back out. When her blood hits him, he seems
fine but his vitals start going wonky. Jasper begins to act high and Tsing says it’s the sedation
causing it and it’s normal. Monty says if they’ve never done it, how would she know it’s normal.
She tries to play it off and tells Monty he can go back to his room, but he’s suspicious and sits.
Abby comes and confronts Raven with the note Clarke left her. Raven lies and says she didn’t
know about it. Abby asks to tell her where they went or she’ll be in trouble. She says she know
someone gave them guns. She strikes Raven and the galley goes silent. Abby sits back down and
is ashamed.
Abby says Clarke thinks she’s changed because of all this but says she’s just a kid. Raven
tells her that Clarke changed the day she sent her down there to die. Kane and the others near
some bio-hazard and containment signs. They come to a sign from before that says no weapons
beyond this point. Kane drops his weapons but the others say it’s a bad idea. Kane tells the
others they are staying back.
He says he’s the only one that has to die if he’s wrong and tells his men to leave. They agree
and walk away leaving him with the Grounder. The Grounder speaks up in English and tells him
to drop the knife too. Kane cuts his ropes and tosses it down. Kane says this is the first step
toward peace. They head into the village. The guy stops and strikes Kane hard enough to send
him reeling.
When Kane is down, he kicks him in the head, knocking him out. Kane is shoved into a hole
with a grate over the top. He lands hard and groans. They close the grate ad leave him there.
He looks around and then hears a noise. Jaha is there in chains and says — so we meet again.
Finn and Murphy have the Grounders down on their knees as they search. Finn goes building to
building kicking in doors.
One guy goes to make a move, but the temporary leader tells him not to and that they don’t
have their people. Finn sees some clothes hung up and Murphy calls out to him. Murphy tells
him to answer. The guy goes to make a move again and Murphy yells to him. Finn comes back
and holds out a jacket and asks what they’ve done with them. He holds a gun on them and Finn
says their clothes are there, so they were there.
Finn accuses them of killing them and he says again Octavia was there but was alone. Murphy
says they’re scavengers and could have just found the stuff. Murphy tells him not to do it. Finn is
ready to shoot a woman in the head and Murphy pleads with him. He lets her up finally. Octavia,
Bellamy and Clarke are headed for the village. Bellamy asks which way and Octavia stops. She’s
upset and points to where the Reapers came from. She cries and tells Bellamy she couldn’t save
Lincoln. He hugs her.
Lincoln comes to as the guy comes back in and turns on the whining device. Lincoln cringes
and the guy says they can now start phase two. They bring in another guy who’s tied up. He
shows them the syringe and says there is one dose. He asks who wants it more and lays it on the
floor. He sets off the device while the orderlies untie the two prisoners. They lock them in with
the syringe and leave. The two begin fighting for their lives.
Lincoln beats the other guy, bashes his skull and then goes for the drug in the syringe. He
shoots himself up. The high is immediate. Maya wakes in good shape and Tsing welcomes her
The 100 Episode Guide
back. She says no one has been as sick as her and come back from it. Maya says she feels great
and asks how it’s possible. She tells Maya that Jasper saved her life.
The evil scientist comes to get Tsing and Maya tells Jasper she knew he was brave. He sits
up and barfs. Tsing tells Dante what she did and says it was an emergency. She says Maya’s
recovery is miraculous and Jasper is fine. The bad guy says the orders were to not experiment on
the kids. Tsing tells him to go back to the dungeon and his monsters. He says they’re soldiers.
Tsing says they need to move ahead with the other 47 but Dante dismisses her.
Dante asks mad science guy about the contamination leak. He tells the Prez that the air
filtration system malfunctioned but the containment system worked. He tells his dad (evil guy is
Dante’s son!!) that he’s the head of security and will worry about it. He tells his dad to go make
his big decision. Dante asks what he would do and his son says he’d use the kids. He tells Dante
that their people come first. Dante leaves to go think.
Murphy tells Finn that their clothes don’t mean they were there. They discuss the one eyed
man and the villager tells them Delano is a sneak and a thief and sent them there as revenge
after they were cast out. Murphy says they need to go and a man tries to run. Finn shoots him
and then the young guy goes for them and Finn shoots him too. Finn snaps and starts to gun
down the whole village. Clarke and the others hear and run for them.
He stops shooting when he sees Clarke and Bellamy. They come into the village and Octavia
goes to Artigas, the kid Finn shot. Clarke is in absolute shock over his violence as are the other
kids. Clarke backs away from him and shakes her head. She’s horrified.
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Fog of War
Season 2
Episode Number: 19
Season Episode: 6
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday December 3, 2014
Kira Snyder
Steven DePaul
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Devon Bostick (Jasper Jordan), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle
(Lincoln), Henry Ian Cusick (Councilman Marcus Kane), Paige Turco
(Councilwoman Dr. Abigail ”Abby” Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Johnny Whitworth (Cage Wallace),
Alycia Debnam Carey (Lexa), Raymond J. Barry (President Dante Wallace), Eve Harlow (Maya), Jarod Joseph (Nathan Miller), Rekha Sharma
(Dr. Tsing), Kendall Cross (Major Byrne), Aleks Paunovic (Gustus),
Chelsey Reist (Harper), Warren Belle (Sgt Scott), Emily Haine (Keenan),
Serge Jaswal (Brixton Guard)
Tensions run high between Clarke and Finn, and Raven discovers that
Mount Weather is interfering with Camp Jaha’s communication systems. Meanwhile, Jasper and Monty discover the truth about what’s
going on at Mount Weather and Octavia comes face-to-face with her
worst nightmare.
Everyone’s on alert at the camp and
Clarke’s explaining Mount Weather to
Bellamy. Abby needs to go ahead with
the mission or they’ll go themselves.
But she’s really preoccupied with Finn.
Clarke hasn’t been able to talk to Finn
since he shot all those people. Bellamy
says they’re at war and they’ve all done
things. But when Finn comes by, she
won’t talk to him about the plan for
Mount Weather. Murphy comes by too.
He tells Clarke they were cleared, but it
doesn’t make her feel better. ”Just because they pardoned you doesn’t mean I
have,” Clarke says.
Raven tells Clarke that Mount Weather is jamming them. They also crashed the Exodus ship.
Raven says she can do something about it, but Abby suddenly comes in and tells her to stop.
They explain what’s going on to Abby, but Major Bryne, who was watching them, argues against
her. Abby can’t send people on this mission now, so Clarke asks if she and the kids can go. Abby
says okay, but she wants to go with them. ”Then it’s settled,” Clarke says. ”We’re going back to
Mount Weather.”
Clarke’s not happy that they’re bringing Finn along, but Abby says that Finn needs to be able
to clear himself. They find what they need, and decide to set up camp. Just then, Abby notices
that they’re missing two people. Bellamy and Octavia are missing, and Abby knows that Clarke
knows what they’re doing. They went to find a way into Mount Weather. Finn wants to go with
The 100 Episode Guide
the guards to get them, but they don’t want him to. He freaks out, but Clarke goes after him.
”It was an accident,” he says. Just then an acid fog starts to come and they have to run to the
Clarke and Finn make it back to the bunker, but the dead body’s still there. Clarke can’t
forgive him. She’s gone from not being able to look at Finn to looking at him as the enemy. She
denies it but he says, ”You don’t look at me the way you used to.” Then he gives her her watch
back. ”I know how much it means to you,” he says. When he says it was around the dead guy’s
neck, she starts to tear up.
Clarke’s having a really hard time. ”I don’t even know who you are anymore,” she says. Finn
starts crying. ”Neither do I,” he says.
The guards go to get Bellamy and Octavia, but suddenly all of these rats or beetles or something are running away and they have to run from the acid fog. Octavia finds the ruins, but one
of them doesn’t make it. They make their way to a garage. Bellamy tells a guard that they need
to find a way into Mount Weather. He gives him a gun and tells them they should split up.
The guards find all kinds of things in the garage. The Christmas music they play is creepy
given the circumstances though, and just as it starts playing, the guards are attacked by reapers.
Bellamy and Octavia hear it and kill the reapers. Bellamy’s about to kill another reaper, but it’s
Lincoln! He doesn’t stop though and they knock him out and run away.
Bellamy promises Octavia that they’ll get Lincoln back. They call him back out and Bellamy
electrifies him. Now, they’re going to take him home.
Back at Mount Weather, the doctor has great news for the President. Jasper worked wonders.
Maya might be able to live on the ground now thanks to him. But now she wants to move forward
with the rest of the 47 and the President’s son agrees. The president says no though, thank God.
He leaves to find people to volunteer instead. But the doctor and his son have a plan of their
The president goes up to Jasper as he’s being discharged. He explains that Mount Weather’s
getting weaker, so he wants Jasper to talk to his friends about volunteering too. Jasper has a
hard time convincing the others though. Monty asks him when he started working for them and
says he wants to go after Clarke.
Of course, Maya comes in right then, but she shows them a note saying that people are
listening in, but she needs to tell them something. They find a place and Maya says that they
exposed Maya to radiation on purpose so they could experiment with Jasper. Then she tells them
about ”the standard treatment” and she shows them the cages of Grounders. Maya says she’s
afraid they’re next.
Everyone knows about it, but they don’t ask questions. Without the treatments they die,
what else could they do? ”Die,” Monty says. Monty wants to leave, but Maya says that security
increased when Clarke got out. Plus, Jasper doesn’t want to leave the others. The only other
alternative is to volunteer.
So, Monty does. He’s super high for it. The president comes in and says he’s impressed and
thankful. The doctor’s not that impressed though. His son’s super nice to the president, but the
president accuses him of being behind that breach that almost killed Maya and threatens him.
Jasper then goes back to the dorm and talks to the others about how they need to buy time until
Clarke breaks them out.
Kane and Jaha have gone two days without food or water, but Jaha says that they still have
work to do and this isn’t how they’re going to die. His son told him so. Just then, though, some
Grounders come in and start beating Jaha up. Kane yells that they came in peace, but one
Grounder tells them what Finn did in the village and demands that one of them kill the other
because, of course.
Jaha says they want them to turn on each other, but a Grounder says that they want justice.
Kane loses it and yells that they need to end this war while Jaha goes up to the girl, Lexa, and
tries to talk to her. They try to say that they had nothing to do with what happened in the village,
but the commander doesn’t care. If they refuse, they’ll both die.
Jaha decides that they can offer a trade. They can offer technology or medicine for peace, but
Kane says they told them how they can get peace: through sacrifice. Kane grabs the knife, turns
to Jaha and says there’s only one way out of this. Then he hands Jaha the knife and says, ”You
have to kill me.” Who else saw that coming?
The 100 Episode Guide
Jaha, of course, refuses. He says that Kane doesn’t need redemption, and they did what they
did on the ark for their people. So, Kane slits his wrist. Jaha goes to Kane then asks Lexa for
help. She hands him a bandage. Then Jaha rushes her and holds the knife to her neck and says,
”I choose to live.”
She takes him down like a boss though. It turns out she’s the commander! Okay. Didn’t see
that coming. That’s awesome. She says that Kane’s honorable, but they take Jaha to send a
message. ”The massacre must be answered,” she says. ”Blood must have blood.”
After the fog, Abby can’t get ahold of Clarke. Raven starts playing around with the radio.
Mount Weather’s jamming everything except one channel, but she can find a way to listen in on
She finally gets it. They hear that the fog was a weapon and they attacked them. So, Abby
orders them to build a bomb and take the tower down. Raven doesn’t want to blow it because
they can’t listen, but if they don’t blow it they can’t make contact with other ark survivors. It’s a
tough call. What would Clarke do?
Clarke and Finn come back and learn that they didn’t blow up the radio station. They’re also
going of get the 47 out of Mount Weather. Raven tells Finn that they all have battle scars and that
he needs a brace for his. Just then Jaha comes back. He has a message from the commander:
”leave or die.” They have two days.
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The 100 Episode Guide
Long Into an Abyss
Season 2
Episode Number: 20
Season Episode: 7
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday December 10, 2014
James Thorpe
Antonio Negret
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Devon Bostick (Jasper Jordan), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle
(Lincoln), Henry Ian Cusick (Councilman Marcus Kane), Paige Turco
(Councilwoman Dr. Abigail ”Abby” Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Raymond J. Barry (President Dante Wallace), Johnny Whitworth (Cage
Wallace), Alycia Debnam Carey (Lexa), Eve Harlow (Maya), Adina Porter
(Indra), Rekha Sharma (Dr. Tsing), Kendall Cross (Major Byrne), Aleks
Paunovic (Gustus), Chelsey Reist (Harper), Emily Haine (Keenan),
John Specogna (Ark Citizen / Grounder)
Clarke comes up with a bold new plan to stop the Grounders’ attack,
leading Abby to a desperate decision. At Mount Weather, Jasper and
Monty begin to question the motives of their new friends, while Dr.
Tsing conducts a deadly experiment to determine how to make use of
the captives.
A girl, Keenan, wakes outside in a field of
flowers. She’s shocked. She’s watched on
security cameras by Cage. She touches
the flowers, hears the birds and smiles
as the breeze touches her. But then she
starts to break out in serious burns. She
runs for the door and tries to get in. Singh
times it and says it’s four minutes 10 seconds. Cage wants to let her in now since
she’s in pain but Tsing says she could tell
someone and they need to get a full reading.
Cage reminds Tsing she said the blood
of the 47 was a permanent solution. She
says science takes time. He’s angry that
she’s letting one of their own die to test this. We hear Keenan screaming for them to open the
door. Tsing says it’s sacrifice for the greater good. The girl falls down, has a seizure and looks to
be dying as they watch. Tsing is unmoved but Cage is visibly disturbed at the girl’s suffering and
Tsing’s indifference.
At Camp Jaha, Abby talks to Jaha about the Commander’s message. They have 16 hours to
leave or die. Abby asks if they go, who will rescue Kane or the kids in Mt Weather. Jaha says
these are warriors trained to fight to the death and says they are marching on the camp. He says
they need to go now so they can live to fight another day.
Byrne comes in and says the people are restless and they need to hear from their Chancellor.
Jaha says of course but then Byrne says Abby is still Chancellor until there is a vote or she
willingly gives it up. She won’t and tells Jaha she won’t march her people into the desert if there
is another way. Abby comes out with Jaha and addresses the people.
The 100 Episode Guide
She says the Grounders are coming and that they have to make a difficult decision. Jaha says
they need to go ahead and pack now with whatever they can carry in case they have to leave at a
moment’s notice. Jaha says he heard of a place across the dead zone called the City of Light. He
says he has faith they can find it and that’s good enough for him.
Clarke says it’s not enough for her because she doesn’t want the people in Mt Weather left
there. Jaha makes a big speech and says they will die if the don’t leave by sunrise. The others
murmur and Abby says no decisions have been made yet but tells them all to gather emergency
supplies. Bellamy grabs Clarke and says to bring the med kit and meet him at Raven’s gate so
they can go to the drop ship.
Finn tells her to go with Bellamy and says he’ll come let them know when a decision has been
made. Clarke goes with Bellamy and finds Octavia at the drop ship with Lincoln who they have
tied up. He’s still a mad dog. Bellamy says they had to restrain him. Octavia asks Clarke if she
can help him and Clarke says she doesn’t know.
She says she knew Mt Weather controlled the Reapers but didn’t know they were creating
them. Bellamy says if they can do that to Lincoln, what are they doing to our friends? At Mt
Weather, Jasper talks to the others. Harper says she’s tired of puking and Miller says he’s tired
of being a human pincushion. Jasper says they just need to bide their time and act like they’re
Millbrae says they need to escape but Jasper says that’s not an option after what happened
to Clarke. Monty asks what if Clarke didn’t make it out and asks what if they’re hiding the fact
they killed her and they’re doing exactly what they want. Harper says they need to escape and
Jasper says no — they need to find the truth. Monty asks how. Jasper reminds them they’re all
criminals and says that’s the way.
Lincoln is going notes pulling on his restraints and convulsing. Clarke sees something on his
leg and Octavia says she shot him and Bellamy tells her that he’s lost a lot of blood. Lincoln tries
to eat Clarke as she steps closer. She tells them to shine a light on his neck. She sees needle
marks. He breaks one of his restraints and goes for Clarke.
Bellamy and Octavia get her away but then he breaks loose and starts to beat Bellamy. Octavia
has to hit him in the head with a pole to knock him out. He finally goes down. Abby tells David
they’re evacuating. He says he’s not going because his son is still in Mt Weather. He says none of
the parents of missing kids are going anywhere. He tells her to order him to stay.
She says that’s an order to die. He tells her not to make him abandon his job. She orders
him to pack his things and to report to Byrne to make sure everyone is evacuated by dawn. She
walks off. Tsing studies Keenan’s body and says the blood of the 47 won’t provide permanent
immunity. She tells Cage they need to go to the source — bone marrow.
Cage asks what happens to the kids. She says they need all the marrow from all the kids to
treat all of them. It will kill the kids and Cage says his dad won’t go for it. She tells him to find
a way and says they could all be living on the ground within a month. Clarke and Octavia try to
get the bullet out of Lincoln and stop his bleeding but he wakes up and starts biting.
Bellamy tells Octavia that he thinks once the drug is out of his system, that Lincoln will be
okay. She walks out as Lincoln screams while Clarke works on him. She hears a sound and goes
to check. It’s Nyko. She asks what they’re doing there. He tells her the scouts are already there
and says they have to leave or die. He hears a scream and she says it’s Lincoln.
She takes him to see him. Clarke dresses Lincoln’s leg and Bellamy says her mom would be
proud. Octavia brings Nyko in and Bellamy panics. She tells her brother to stop and says he’s
Lincoln’s friend and their healer. Lincoln goes into another seizure. Nyko tells him his fight is
over and goes to tip a potion into his mouth. Clarke stops him and tells Octavia that he’s trying
to kill Lincoln.
Octavia is shocked and Clarke says there could be a way to make them back. Finn shows up
to tell them the others are leaving and they have to come on. Nyko recognizes him as the one who
killed his people and says blood must have blood and chokes him. Clarke uses the stun stick on
Nyko and knocks him out with a bolt of electricity.
They realize Lincoln isn’t breathing and Octavia does CPR. Nyko is shocked and says Lincoln
was dead and asks how they did that. Clarke asks if they’ve tried bringing Reapers back before
and they died. She tells Bellamy she knows how to stop the attack. Clarke says Lincoln is stable
and says she and Finn need to go. He tells her that Lincoln won’t be the same even if she can
save him.
The 100 Episode Guide
He says the things he’s done will stay with him but she says he doesn’t know that. Finn says
they do. Clarke says Lincoln is saveable and so is he. She tells him they have to hurry. The kids
at Mt Weather are doing some crime. They’re taking out surveillance cameras and breaking into
a secure area. Monty gets them in and he and the others head into the secret room.
Jasper tells Harper to watch the hall. He says Miller is a thief, Monty is good at computers
and he’s the mastermind. He says that leaves her at the door. Monty opens up the computer
and sees it’s password protected. Jasper smiles and says — and they said we’d never amount to
anything. They’re assembling to evacuate. Jaha says Abby made the right decision.
Clarke comes in and says she knows how to stop the attack. She says they need something
to offer the Grounders. She tells them that the biggest threat they face is the Reapers but Clarke
says she knows how to eliminate that threat once and for all. Jaha asks how but then they see
torches in the distance — a lot of them. Jaha says — they’re here.
The guards take aim with their guns. Clarke says they still have time and says she can talk
to the Commander — she was Anya’s second. Jaha tells Abby they need to move out now. Abby
says the detox alone could kill Lincoln and Clarke says that’s where her mom comes in. Jaha
says they can’t risk everything on a bluff. Jaha tells Abby to start the exodus or she’s killing
them all.
Abby tells Jaha she won’t give the order. Jaha tells her to give it. She looks at him and says
no very firmly. He tells her he’s the elected Chancellor of the ark and he won’t let her risk his
people’s lives. He asks her again to give the order. She says no and asks if he’s through yet. He
looks at them and walks out. He tells Miller and Byrne that he’s relieving Abby of her command.
He tells them to place Abby, Clarke and Bellamy in custody but to be sure they’re ready to go.
Miller and Byrne don’t move. Abby tells them to put Jaha in the stockade and Byrne says — yes
ma’am. She goes to escort Jaha who gets very angry. He tells her they did all this to survive and
she’s throwing it all away. He asks why. She says she has faith too — in Clarke.
Jaha is taken out and Clarke thanks her mom. Abby says she’ll send a guard detail with her
but Clarke says that will see a threat. She says Finn will take her to Lincoln while she goes to the
Commander. Abby says if Clarke is wrong, they will all die. The Mt Weather kids are still spying.
Jasper finds a cool sword. We see the famous JFK portrait on the wall. Miller finds something as
Monty hacks the laptop.
They see photos of their parents and Monty says — they’re alive. Miller is shocked. Clarke
marches up the hill to see the Commander. They tell her they’ll slit her throat if she even looks at
the Commander the wrong way. They let her into the tent. She asks if she’s the one that burned
300 of her warriors alive and Clarke says she sent them there to kill them so she had to.
The Commander, Lexa, asks if they’ve decided and Clarke says they have an offer but Lexa
says it’s not a negotiation. Indra says she will gladly kill Clarke to end this. Clarke says she
can help them beat the mountain men. She say hundreds of the Grounders are trapped in Mt
Weather and used for their blood. Clarke says some of her people are there too. She says the
mountain men use them as medicine.
Indra says it’s lies but Clarke says she saw them and escaped. Indra says no one escapes but
she says she did with Anya. Clarke pulls out Anya’s braid and says Anya told her that Lexa was
her second. She gives it to Anya. Lexa says Anya was her mentor before she lead her people. She
asks if Anya died will and Clarke says yes, by her side, trying to get a message to her.
She says they only way to save their people is to unite. Clarke says the mountain men are
turning her people into Reapers but she can turn them back. Indra calls Lincoln a traitor and
comes for Clarke. Lexa calls her off and asks if she can really turn Reapers back in to men. Lexa
says to prove it by showing her Lincoln.
At Mt Weather, Cage and his dad are in full protective gear and masks and come out the door.
He tells his dad to trust him and pulls off his mask. He breathes in the fresh air and tells his
dad it worked. He says it’s okay and tells Dante he had the same treatment he did. Dante pulls
off his mask too. Cage smiles at his dad who walks further out into the sunny field.
He says he had forgotten the smells. Cage says this is where we belong. Dante breathes in
fresh air and Cage says — you always told me this was our true home not some concrete coffin.
Dante sniffs a flower and they stare at the sunny sky. Cage says they have to go back now
because they only have a few minutes. He tells his dad to come on back inside.
Dante stays and then finally turns to Cage. He tells Cage not to play with him and asks what
it will take for them to stay outside. Cage says — bone marrow from all of them. Dante says —
The 100 Episode Guide
they have to die so we can live. Cage says it’s their world and says they deserve it. Dante says
they are the keepers of history and what they’ve done to the outsiders has already corrupted
their legacy enough.
He says he can’t go down the road any further. Dante tells him the answer is no. He walks
back inside the bunker as a storm starts to break. Abby shows up with Finn and Octavia asks
where Clarke is. Finn tells her she’s trying to stop a war. Abby checks Lincoln’s pupil and tells
them what to do to help her help him. Clarke walks with the Grounders toward the drop ship.
Abby has a shot to help him break his fever. He starts seizing and Nyko joins in to help them
hold him down. His heart stops again. Abby starts CPR. The Grounders walk over the bones of
their burned comrades. Abby tells Octavia to open his airway. She pumps his chest. Clarke is
outside with Lexa and the Grounders. She tells Lexa to come this way.
Abby works on Lincoln and Octavia asks what’s wrong. Abby says she’s sorry, he’s gone.
Octavia says it’s not possible and she takes over CPR. She tells Lincoln to come back to her.
Clarke sticks her head up through the hole and sees what’s going on. Lexa is there as well.
Octavia starts crying. Indra is now up too. Bellamy reaches for his gun as Indra says to kill them
They draw swords, Bellamy holds up his gun and it’s a 100 Mexican standoff. Lexa tells Clarke
she lied as Clarke tells her she doesn’t have to do this. Lexa says she’s out of time. Abby puts the
shock gun on Lincoln’s chest and defibrillators him. He comes back to life. He looks at Octavia
who says his name. He whispers her name and she cries.
Indra and Lexa are shocked. Lexa sheathes her weapon and the others follow suit. At Mt
Weather, the kids talk and wonder if other arks touched down as well. Monty tells Miller he did
a good job finding the engineering schematics for the place. Jasper asks if they’ve seen Harper.
She’s missing. Tsing has her strapped to a table while she begs them to stop.
Tsing is going to take marrow from her hip and tells Cage that his dad will come around.
Harper says she just wants to go home. Cage says they do too. A medical drill starts up and
Harper screams in agony. Dante is in his office looking at the flower he picked outside. He paints
and thinks. He lays down his brush and walks away.
Lexa tells Clarke that Lincoln’s recovery was impressive. She says no one has survived this
before. Clarke says they can do this for others and says it’s a matter of keeping them alive long
enough for the drugs to get out of their system. Lexa says they can have a truce if she hands
over Finn. She says the truce begins with his death.
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Season 2
Episode Number: 21
Season Episode: 8
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday December 17, 2014
Bruce Miller
John Showalter
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Devon Bostick (Jasper Jordan), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle
(Lincoln), Henry Ian Cusick (Councilman Marcus Kane), Paige Turco
(Councilwoman Dr. Abigail ”Abby” Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Adina Porter (Indra), Kendall Cross
(Major Byrne), Aleks Paunovic (Gustus), Sarwan Badesha (Arker), Raymond J. Barry (President Dante Wallace), Alycia Debnam Carey (Lexa),
Eve Harlow (Maya), Jarod Joseph (Nathan Miller), Ty Olsson (Nyko),
Rekha Sharma (Dr. Tsing), Johnny Whitworth (Cage Wallace), John
Specogna (Ark Citizen)
Clarke returns to Camp Jaha with troubling news. Meanwhile, Finn
struggles with the aftermath of his actions.
The Grounders ride on horseback. Clarke
walks with them. They head back to
Camp Jaha. They make it to the barricades and Bellamy tells them to hold
their fire when he sees Clarke. They open
the gate. Clarke goes in and tells them to
shut the gate behind her. She tells Finn
he can’t be seen right now. Abby asks
what’s the news and Clarke says they can
have a truce but only if they get Finn.
Abby asks what the hell that means and
Finn says it’s punishment — blood for
blood — for what happened at the village. The other sky people shout out to
give Finn to the grounders.
The adults are ready to sacrifice Flinn and say he should have been floated a long time ago.
One year ago, we see Finn on the ark talking to Raven about the air locks. He asks about her
birthday and she says she just wants to pass. She says she wants to move to zero g and not
spend her life trapped in this tin can. Finn says he has something for her and hands her a raven
necklace he made. Now, Finn sits outside when Murphy comes to talk to him. He says they gave
him a gun which means they really are screwed. Murphy says they kicked the Grounders asses
last time and can do it this time.
Bellamy comes up and says they’ve reinforced the wires and tells them to stick to B corridor
since it will be easier to defend. Clarke says she’s going to talk to Lincoln. Murphy calls her
princess and asks if she has any orders for her. She says to stay away from her then tells him he
didn’t try hard enough to stop Finn. Murphy tells her that if she wants to talk blame, Finn was
out there looking for her. She stomps off.
Clarke goes to talk to Lincoln and tells them they don’t need to have him restrained but he
says he wants to be. Abby asks Lincoln if there is a way to make peace. He tells them the waiting
The 100 Episode Guide
riders are there for Finn and they won’t leave without them. Lincoln says the Commander is
offering a good deal because Finn killed 18 people in the village massacre. Clarke says that’s now
who he is but Lincoln says it is now.
Abby asks what they’ll do to him. He says they’ll burn him, take his hands, tongue, eyes and
then they’ll take turns with the knife. He says he must suffer the pain of 18 deaths for the lives
he took and only then can they have peace. Raven asks Abby to let her out and Abby says she
can’t believe she thought that she would give Finn to the Grounders. She tells her to trust her
and Raven says she’s trying. She tells Raven if she pulls another stunt, she’s locked up again.
Jaha says not to be too hard on her and says she’s a fighter. Jaha tells Abby she needs to
hand Finn over. She says she can’t send a child to his death and he reminds her they sent 100
children to the ground. She says that was another time and another chancellor. Finn tells Clarke
he has to go and says he’s putting everyone in danger. He says maybe death is what he deserves
for what he did. She says he was trying to save their people and he says he was just trying to
save her.
Finn asks if she can forgive him. She asks him not to leave but doesn’t offer her forgiveness.
They hear voices chanting outside and she asks what it is. She goes out to see and Finn follows.
It’s the Grounders chanting that blood must have blood. Clarke wants to hide him. Everyone can
hear the chants from the surrounding woods. Abby wants to pull back but Clarke says they have
to show they’re not afraid. Abby says she is and Clarke tells her to fake it.
Abby tells them to open the gates and the riders ask for the boy. Abby says they’re not giving
him up and are ready to fight if it comes to that. They ride off and they hear a bellow. Bellamy
tells the guards to watch the woods. They hear a noise and it’s Kane walking up. He calls out to
not shoot. Kane walks in the gate and Abby says she was scared she wouldn’t see him again. He
says it’s good to see the camp again. He says he bought them some time and it’s safe for now.
They close the gates and go in.
He says he was in Lexa’s stronghold and then they brought him there last night with a bag
over his head. Jaha is also brought in and he asks why he’s in handcuffs. Abby says he’s being
detained for treason. She tells Kane no offense but says she’s keeping the job until this is over.
She asks how he bought them time. He says he thinks Lexa will be open to the right proposal. He
says they can put Finn on trial for war crimes here. Jaha says they might have to execute him
themselves. Kane says this could be the most merciful outcome for Finn than Grounder justice.
Jaha asks if she still wants the job. Abby comes out and Bellamy tells Abby she can’t turn
Finn over to the Grounders. She says they’re all trying to save Finn and tells Bellamy and Raven
to step aside. They do and she marches off. Bellamy tells Raven he thinks they’re going to give
him up. We see back on the ark, Finn comes to see Raven at work to wish her happy birthday.
She says she got busy and he asks if she got her results. She says she aced it and got the first
perfect score ever. He asks when her first space walk will be. She says never because she failed
the physical — they found a heart murmur. She tells herself happy birthday.
Bellamy tells Finn he needs to get out of there and says they can protect him at the drop ship.
Finn says no one can come with him but Bellamy insists. Then a mob comes over and moves to
attack them. Bellamy blocks them and Clarke says Bellamy is right and they need to go. Back on
the ark, Finn waits for Raven in her shop. He has something for her and tells her happy birthday.
She says he’s a week and a half late. She opens it and sees it’s a piece of tape with her name on
He says it goes with this — it’s a space suit. He tells her she can sneak out for a space walk.
He sticks the name tag on her suit and helps her suit up. She talks him through letting her out
of the airlock. He opens the airlock and lets her out. She smiles back at him and he tells her to
have fun. She floats outside in her space suit and looks around and down on earth.
Now, Abby goes to talk to Lincoln and tells him about the trial option. Abby asks if Lexa will
accept the outcome and Lincoln says their people would kill Lexa for being weak. He says if death
has no cost, life has no meaning. Kane says Lexa is a visionary but Lincoln says she has to do
what she has to. Abby says she needs to talk to Lexa face to face. Finn is in the woods headed
for the drop ship.
Clarke catches up to him and says she won’t leave her alone. He says the Grounders won’t
just leave when the see he’s gone. She says they’ll figure it out but then a Grounder is on them.
He has a gun on the guy and says he doesn’t want to shoot him and tells him to go. The guy runs
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At the drop ship, Raven and Bellamy are waiting on them and wonder where Clarke and Finn
go to. They hear someone coming and find Murphy there. He says he was invited and Raven says
she thought they could use an extra gun. Murphy says space walker will be fine and tells them
to relax. We see Raven floating out in space on her tether when Finn calls her and says it’s ark
station to the birthday girl and tells her it’s time to come back inside.
She says she’s on her way back in and she follows her tether to the airlock. He closes the
outer doors and her feet touch down. He goes to open the inner door as she pulls off her helmet.
She says she was fee but then they hear a warning about an outer door breach. She asks what
happened but he doesn’t know. Now, they show up with Finn carrying Clarke. She’s wounded
and he says a Grounder hit her in the head. Bellamy tries to bring her around. Finn looks sick
over this.
Bellamy tells Clarke she’s going to be fine and Raven reassures him that Clarke will be fine.
She says they’ll figure it out and he says that’s what Clarke said right before he almost got her
killed. Indra meets up with Abby for a talk on neutral territory. Indra says they saw Finn in the
forest and she came there to trick them. Indra says if they don’t find the boy soon, they’ll attack
them. Abby says if they kill one of them, they’ll kill two of theirs and that only helps the mountain
Indra says she’s brave but says only the boy can die for what he has done. She leaves Abby
there and takes her men and goes. At the drop ship, Clarke is still out. Finn comes back in and
Raven says to give it time. He tells Raven he never meant to hurt her and she says she knows
that. She says things change and maybe it’s for the best. He tells her not to let him off so easily.
She tells him they’ll always be family and he agrees. Clarke comes out of it and looks around.
Raven says she told him she’d be okay. Her head is hurting but she’s awake. Finn says
he thought she was dead because of him. She says she’s right there. Finn says he’s killed so
many people and she says the things they’ve done to survive don’t define them. He asks what if
she’s wrong and this is who they are now. Bellamy calls out that they have company. They are
surrounded by Grounders.
On the ark, the alarm continues about the air pressure. Finn can’t open the inner door and
Raven says it won’t until they’re equalized. He panics and then it opens. He runs in to her and
pulls her into the ark. She tells him to shut the door and he does. They hear an announcement
for the emergency teams to go to their sector. He says they have to get out of there but he tells
her to give her the suit. She says the unauthorized space walk is a capital crime. He says since
he’s not 18, it won’t be for him.
He tells her she’ll get floated and tells her to give him the space suit. She takes it off and
he puts it on. He is confronted by the guards. Now, the Grounders are there and Murphy says
they’re not getting any closer. Raven says they can give them something. Raven wants to give
them Murphy instead. She tricked him into coming out there so she could sacrifice him.
She says enough Grounders have seen him there to accept him as the shooter. Raven holds a
gun on them and says they can give them a murderer. Finn says to stop and says the only thing
they can do is stay and defend the place. Bellamy agrees. Finn tells Murphy to go upstairs and
while he watches the lower level. He tells everyone where to go and they follow his orders. Raven
tells Finn they’ve got this and hugs him. He tells her — may we meet again. She says they will.
Once everyone is gone but Clarke, he opens the lower hatch and looks at Clarke. He tells her
to be careful and she tells him that he should too. She goes outside and he goes down into the
hatch. The other kids watch outside and then see Finn is outside surrendering to the Grounders.
They scream but the Grounders have taken him saying the Commander wants him alive. Clarke
watches in horror as he’s dragged away.
On the ark, Raven welds when her boss comes to see her. He tells her he’s pulling her off
duty and says she got her zero g certification and says he overruled her rejection and she’s in.
That means Finn risked himself for nothing. At Camp Jaha, the sky people watch the Grounders
erect a pole. Bellamy wants to go get him but Kane says he would still die. Raven begs Abby to
do something. She says they can’t. Raven is in tears. Bellamy walks away and Raven does too.
Clarke says she’s going to talk to the Commander.
Raven slides a knife up Clarke’s sleeve and says if she won’t let her go, to kill the Commander.
Raven says she owes Finn her life. Clarke goes out the back and heads to the Grounder area.
Abby sees her and Kane holds her back. He says she has to let Clarke try. Clarke walks among
the Grounders and they let her pass then circle back around her. Clarke approaches Indra who
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has a spear pointed at her. Clarke says she’s there to talk to the Commander.
Clarke walks forward until the spear draws blood on her skin and Lexa calls out to let her
pass. Lexa tells her she’s bleeding for nothing and can’t stop it. Clarke tells her that she can.
Finn is brought out in chains to the stake in the ground. Clarke tells her to show the sky people
how powerful she is and that she can be merciful and not a savage. Lexa says — we are what
we are. Clarke says she’s a killer that burned 300 of the Grounders and is soaked in Grounder
She tells Lexa to take her. Lexa says Finn is guilty and Clarke says he did it for her. Lexa says
— then he dies for you. Raven prays for Clarke to stab Finn. Clarke looks over at Finn and asks
if she can say goodbye. Lexa nods her assent. Clarke goes over to him and the Grounders all go
silent. Raven asks what she’s doing. Clarke kisses Finn on the mouth then tells him she loves
him too. He tells her he’s scared. She hugs him and then she says he’s going to be okay.
They’re both crying and he tells her — thanks Princess. She pulls back and we see the knife is
out of her sleeve and bloody. She has stabbed him fatally and he’s dead or near dead from blood
loss. She walks away soaked in his blood. She tells the Grounders — it is done. Raven is crying
and screams no. Bellamy holds her back.
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Remember Me
Season 2
Episode Number: 22
Season Episode: 9
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday January 21, 2015
Dorothy Fortenberry
Omar Madha
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Devon Bostick (Jasper Jordan), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle
(Lincoln), Henry Ian Cusick (Councilman Marcus Kane), Paige Turco
(Councilwoman Dr. Abigail ”Abby” Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Johnny Whitworth (Cage Wallace), Alycia Debnam Carey (Lexa), Adina
Porter (Indra), Eve Harlow (Maya), Jarod Joseph (Nathan Miller), Ty
Olsson (Nyko), Aleks Paunovic (Gustus), Toby Levins (Emerson), Jaime
M. Callica (Mt. Weather Soldier), Nick Hunnings (Mt. Weather Guard),
Chelsey Reist (Harper), Rekha Sharma (Dr. Tsing)
Clarke strikes a deal with Lexa and Indra. Meanwhile, an alliance is
threatened; and Monty comes up with a risky plan.
Clarke looks at the blood on her fingers.
She pants and tries to scrub it off. Abby
comes in as does Kane. Clarke says she
had to but is distraught anyway. Gustus comes in and says the commander is
ready to talk. The commander says blood
has answered blood and says her people
wanted him to suffer but Clarke’s suffering will help. The commander says his
body must be burned with the bodies in
the village. Kane says no. Abby says no.
Clarke agrees and says after that, they
make a plan to deal with Mt Weather.
Lexa says they’re leaving now and tells
her to pick her attendants. Clarke tells
her mom if they don’t make this work, she killed Finn for nothing. Kane says Clarke is right.
Abby is indignant and says the grounders are being led by a child but Kane tells her they are
too. Clarke comes to Raven who is with Finn’s body. Raven screams at her to go away. Clarke
tells her she’s leaving and says they’re taking his body and she has to work on the radio.
Clarke says there’s a death ritual that has to happen and it’s the only way to save those at Mt
Weather. Raven says she’s coming but will bring the damned radio. The grounders take Finn’s
body and Clarke sees his eyes are open. She may be seeing things. The kids at Weather wonder
where Harper is. Jasper says there has to be places that aren’t mapped. Maya is trying to help
and Miller says they’ll end up in the kennel if they get caught. Monty says they can send a signal
if they can get to a radio.
The kids come up with a plan. Clarke sees Finn in the trees staring at her — she’s starting to
have a meltdown. Bellamy comes up to talk to her and says they need an inside man. He wants
to go inside Mt Weather but she says no. She says she can’t lose him too. Lexa tells Gustus to
stop worrying and says all alliances are risky. He says the Sky People are more like the Mountain
Men than grounders. She tells him to protect her.
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Cage gets a briefing about the sky people and them withdrawing. They wonder if the ark and
outsiders have made an alliance. Cage says they won’t get past their defenses but the lieutenant
says not to take it lightly. Cage says nothing will stop them from getting to the ground. Bellamy
tells Clarke to stay on their side of the camp. She says there are no more sides and that they
have to trust them. She lies down where she is. Kane sits by Abby and says they need to talk
about Jaha. He says she should pardon him.
Kane tells her that Clarke is a survivor and will get through this. Indra calls Lincoln a traitor.
He sits by Octavia and tells her his people still fear him because he turned ravenous. She tells
him he can talk to her but he says he can’t. She kisses him. Clarke sleeps but then wakes startled
and sees Finn lying by her side. Next day, they head to the village and the gate is opened for the
procession. They sky people are told to disarm before they enter. They do.
Gustus has to strip Raven’s weapons off her because she doesn’t hand them over. They walk
into the village and the others calls out calling the sky people murderers. One of the men who
lost family to Finn sasses Lexa and Gustus beats him. Clarke asks him to stop so they don’t
blame them for his death too. Lexa stops Gustus and says the sky people march with them now
and that any that try to stop it will pay with their lives. Bellamy says it’s a warm welcome.
The kids, led by Maya, sneak to the communications center. Miller has a huge hammer and
she tells him to wait five seconds. An alarm starts and covers the sound of them breaking into the
wall. Lexa starts the death ritual and says it will cleanse the pain of the past. Lincoln translates
for the sky people. Lexa goes to light the pyre but then tells Clarke to do it. She steps forward
and takes the torch. Finn is there and lays his hand on hers and guides it to the pyre his body
is in.
Clarke speaks their language and says — your fight is over. She steps back and tosses the
torch on the pyre. Raven cries. Monty sets up a device to play an SOS over a loop on the outgoing
channel. Monty hears a noise and says they crashed the exodus ship to crash it. It’s a jamming
signal. They wonder if they’re screwed but Monty has an idea.
Lexa tells Clarke that the ice nation took Costia, her lover, tortured her and cut off her head.
She says she got over the pain by seeing it for what it was — weakness. Clarke asks if she means
love and she nods. Clarke says she can never do that and Lexa says then she’s putting the people
she loves in danger. She tells Clarke the dead are gone and the living are hungry.
Clarke and her people come to the table with Lexa and her people. Kane offers her a gift and
says they drink it at special occasions. Gustus takes it and hands it to Lexa. She thanks him. He
tells her not to drink too much. Lexa asks Clarke to drink with her and she agrees. Lexa pours
into two goblets and hands one to Clarke. Gustus takes it and sips a little first. He hands it back
to Lexa. Lexa says they are celebrating new found peace tonight and will plan war tomorrow.
Gustus slumps over and says it’s poison. They slap the glass out of Clarke’s hand. She tells
them it wasn’t them. They grab up the bottle and Lexa says Gustus warned her about her. Lexa
asks if she thought of plunging the knife into her body when she killed Finn. One guard searches
Raven and finds an object on her. Raven says he planted it on her. Lincoln asks Indra to let him
speak for them but she says he is one of them and shuts him in the banquet hall with the sky
Miller tells Monty to unjam the frequency and Monty says he needs access to the command
center. They hear a guard and cover up what they did. Jasper grabs Maya up in a kiss to throw
off the guard. He tells them to leave but isn’t alarmed. Clarke asks Raven if she did this. Raven
punches Clarke and tells her she’s the only murderer here. Finn appears again and tells Finn to
leave her alone and says he gave her no choice when he turned himself in.
This alarms Abby. Clarke goes to sit alone. Her mother comes to talk to her and tells her that
she knows how she feels. She tells her Lexa is wrong and this won’t haunt her forever. Abby says
loving Clarke got her through times like this. Clarke asks if she’s talking about dad and tells
Abby that what she did to Finn was not like what she did to her dad. Abby says she was trying
to protect everyone and Clarke included. Clarke walks away from her mother.
Clarke turns back to her and says — we are the same — but she’s clearly not happy. Jasper
comes back and Miller asks where Monty is. Looks like he’s missing too. There’s a knock on the
door of the command center. It’s a guy in a HEPA suit — Monty — who gains access and then
goes poking around once the guy leaves. Kane comes to tell Clarke that tearing each other apart
is not the way to get through this. He says Lexa needs the alliance as much as they do and will
listen to her.
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Kane says they need to figure out who would want Lexa dead. They figure it had to be someone
trying to break the alliance. They hear noise and then Indra comes back and they take Raven
away. Indra says she argued for them all to die. Raven goes willingly and Indra says when she’s
dead, so is the alliance and tells Clarke they should run. Raven is strung up and Lexa tells her
she takes no joy in this but justice will be done.
Raven says she didn’t do it and it’s not justice. Lexa cuts her arm. Octavia begs Lincoln to
talk to them. Clarke listens to Raven scream and says she can’t save anyone. She tells Finn to
say something. He looks at the goblet and Clarke realizes the poison wasn’t in the bottle. She
runs out and asks for the bottle and tells Lexa to stop. They let her through and Clarke says it
was one of her people. Indra tells her to run but Clarke says she can prove it and takes a swig
from the bottle.
Lexa asks her to explain. Clarke says the poison was in the cup. Bellamy says it was Gustus.
Lexa tells Gustus he’s been accused and asks him to speak true. He says the alliance would cost
Lexa’s life and he couldn’t let it happen. Lexa says this treachery will cost his. She tells them
to put Gustus on a tree and he’s dragged away while Raven is cut down. Monty works on the
computers in the command center and curses as he tries to shut down the signal.
He deactivates the jamming signal and the SOS message plays. He hears Jasper’s voice.
He’s jubilant. Cage talks to the lieutenant and they walk to the command center. They find the
sergeant outside because of routine decontamination. Monty walks out and he seems to get away
with it but then the sergeants asks him to log in. He takes the clip board and then he signs the
sheet. The guy looks at what he wrote and then Monty takes off.
He doesn’t get far before the guy catches him and chokes him til he passes out. Gustus is tied
up and a grounder slashes at him with a knife while he struggles not to scream. Raven stares at
this. She says that would have been what happened to Finn. She looks back at Clarke realizing
what she saved Finn from enduring. Lexa steps before Gustus and he tells her to be strong. She
pulls her sword and tells him that his fight is over. She puts it through his heart.
Abby says we’re not so different after all. The sky people floated people, these people do it with
knives, but dead is dead. Lincoln asks Bellamy how he knew it was Gustus and he says he’d do
anything for her. Raven brings over the radio with the SOS message playing. Bellamy says they
need to act now with the alliance. Clarke says they need an inside man to turn off the acid fog
and lower their defenses. Bellamy asks about what she said before but she says she was being
weak and it’s worth the risk.
She gives him her map of Mt Weather and says to be careful. Lincoln tells Octavia he’s going
to get her through the tunnels. She wants to go but Lincoln tells her she knows the grounder
ways and can help the alliance stay strong. She agrees. Clarke goes looking for Lexa but sees
Finn again. She steps close to him and says love is weakness. He looks sad then turns, walks
away and fades. Her mom is there and says she has something for her. She says they’re Finn’s
ashes from the fire.
She says she can scatter them and say goodbye. Clarke says she already said goodbye and
walks off strong. She heads into the commander’s tent to plan the war. Abby watches her go. The
door shuts on them. Monty wakes in a cage. He panics and pushes at the bars. Harper is in the
cage above him. He asks what they did to her. She says 47 — they built one for each of us. He
looks and sees all the cages that await the rest of the kids.
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The 100 Episode Guide
Survival of the Fittest
Season 2
Episode Number: 23
Season Episode: 10
Originally aired:
Show Stars:
Guest Stars:
Production Code:
Wednesday January 28, 2015
Akela Cooper
Dean White
Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Thomas McDonell (Finn Collins), Bob
Morley (Bellamy Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Devon Bostick (Jasper Jordan), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Ricky Whittle
(Lincoln), Henry Ian Cusick (Councilman Marcus Kane), Paige Turco
(Councilwoman Dr. Abigail ”Abby” Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Alycia Debnam Carey (Lexa), Adina
Porter (Indra), Kendall Cross (Major Byrne), Rekha Sharma (Dr. Tsing),
Graham Shiels (Quint), Luc Roderique (Penn), Arleo Dordar (Lexa’s
Guard), James Michalopolous (Fio), Sean Millington (Alpha Reaper)
Clarke and Lexa encounter a new enemy. Bellamy and Lincoln agree
to work together to break into Mount Weather. Murphy helps Jaha
confront his past. Indra makes Octavia an offer she can’t refuse.
Lincoln and Bellamy head for the tunnels. Lincoln kills
an animal and smears blood on him. They’re disguising themselves as Reapers. Lincoln says they’ll have to
kill Reapers as they go. They press on and Lincoln says
when they took him, he was tagged Cerberus which
meant that he would be made a Reaper. He tells Lincoln he was good for Octavia and made her strong. Lincoln says she was already strong. Bellamy asks why he
protected Octavia before he knew her.
He says when he was a boy, he saw a ship fall to
earth and tried to help the man but his body was broken. Bellamy says some people committed suicide that
way. Lincoln says he told his father about the man and
he made him kill him. He says the world have been trying to turn him into a monster. Bellamy says the parking
garage is the other way but Lincoln says there’s a tunnel
that’s better.
They press on. Idra and the Grounders come to
Camp Jaha. She tells her people to keep their eyes
sharp. Kane greets her in her language and she’s surprised. He says first a reception, then training. He asks
them to leave their weapons at the door. She disarms.
They throw down their primitive weapons and head inside. Kane thanks her for coming and she says she’s
there on the commander’s orders.
Jaha says this is a mistake and Kane says he just Abby to release him and not to make him
regret it. Jaha says if they lose, Mt Weather kills them all or they win and the Grounders do.
Kane says there’s enough here for everyone and they just need to show them. Kane tells the
group they don’t have a lot in common but do have a common enemy and goal.
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He says they need to work together to get all their people out of Mt Weather. One guy comes
and over and gets in Murphy’s face who says he doesn’t speak Grounder. Kane tells him to
apologize and then slaps him with work detail. The guy says he’ll burn like Finn and Murphy
punches him. Octavia tries to stop the fighting. Jaha gives Kane an I-told-you-so look and walks
Clarke explains how the air locks work and how it powers Mt Weather. Lexa says they cold
shut down the dam. Quint guy gets impatient and says they can’t wait on one man. Clarke says
she doesn’t care how many men they have, if they can’t get through the acid fog, they can’t kill
the enemy. He gets in her face. She asks if he has a problem with her and he says she burned
his brother in a ring of fire.
She tells him that his brother shouldn’t have attacked her ship. He walks out and Lexa says
waiting for Bellamy is not a plan, it’s a prayer. Bellamy and Lincoln are getting closer and he asks
how much he remembers from being a Reaper and he says — all of it. Clarke goes for a walk to
clear her head and sees Quint. He asks if she’s feeling less brave away from Lexa and calls her
Sky Girl.
He shoots an arrow right by her head and she goes running. At Camp Jaha, there’s hand to
hand sparring going on and the Grounders are kicking Sky People ass. Octavia steps in the ring
next. Idra tells her only warriors train her and Octavia says she saved her life and Idra says she’s
saving hers now. Byrne comes up on Clarke and she’s missing an arm. She tells Clarke to save
herself then falls to the ground.
Murphy is sulking with Jaha who asks him if he doesn’t approve of this cross-training. Murphy says the Grounders can go to hell and Jaha says he got him off work detail so he can take
him to his son’s grave. Murphy says to get someone else but Jaha says he heard the graves are
unmarked and he’d like to know which is his son’s. He tells Murphy he can hold a mop or a gun.
Murphy chooses gun.
Some of the Grounders come to watch Kane’s shooting lessons. He demonstrates how to shoot
then asks a Grounder if he’d like to try. He tells them Mt Weather has guns and they should too.
Idra says they can’t touch them and Octavia says Mt Weather won’t allow them guns. Kane says
that means they can’t arm them and Octavia says — the hell we can’t. Kane notes that Octavia
seems to know a lot about the Grounders.
Quint tackles Clarke and is about to avenge his brother by killing her when Lexa puts a knife
in his hand. She asks Clarke where her guard is and she says he killed Byrne. Quint says she’s
lying and Lexa tells Clarke to kill him. She hesitates and there’s a loud animal roar. Clarke asks
what that was and Lexa says pauna. She wounds Quint down and they take off running.
The creature is on Quint in moments and he screams in terror. They tell Clarke they need to
hide and she shows them a pipe. They duck through it but then realize they are in the creature’s
feeding ground. It looks like an old zoo. They climb up high and pull out weapons. It’s a gorilla.
She kills one of the Grounders with them and then Clarke shoots the animal several times. It
falls back but then comes back.
They are cornered. Clarke jumps then Lexa but Lexa hurts her ankle. The gorilla jumps after
them and Clarke finds a smaller area they can crawl through and Lexa follows but is grabbed.
She tells Clarke to leave her. She won’t and uses her last bullet to drive the animal back. She
gets them into a large animal enclosure and uses Lexa’s sword to bar the doors. The gorilla is
after them.
Murphy and Jaha walk and Jaha says this world is extraordinary. Murphy says to give it a
few days. He calls Murphy son in conversation and he tells him he’s no one’s son thanks to Jaha.
He tells Murphy he remembers his dad and he says no. But then he says his name and that he
was caught stealing medicine for Murphy. He tells Murphy he remembers everyone he sentences.
Murphy brings him to the burned out metal husk the kids called home. Lincoln and Bellamy
reach the cave that will take them into the tunnels.
Jaha asks what happened. He says a 12 year old girl took a knife from him and stabbed Wells
in the neck because she couldn’t kill Jaha personally. Murphy says they’d all still be alive if he
hadn’t sent them down here. Jaha says we’d all be dead on the ark by now and says good can
come out of even the darkest acts. Murphy says the camp is the other way but Jaha says they
can rest at the drop ship awhile.
The skirmishes continue in the rain and then Idra says she just found out their hosts have no
food and they need to hunt. Octavia steps in front of her and asks if she has time for one more.
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Idra is tired, hungry and caves in. She calls for Fio — a giant guy — who steps forward to spar
with Octavia. Kane tells his men to let is happen. The guy punches Octavia and she goes down.
She gets up and asks if he’s giving up that easily. Idra tells him to oblige her. She fights back
and he knocks her down again. Kane says to stop it but he comes again. Octavia fights it again.
She goes down and he turns his back. She stands again. She punches him and spits in his face.
He punches her in the gut and then again. She goes to get back up and then Idra finally stops it.
The Grounders march out to hunt. Octavia lies in the mud panting and in pain. Kane comes
for her and lifts her up. He asks what she’s trying to prove and she says what doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger. Clarke binds Lexa’s wound and she tells her she should have left her behind.
Clarke says her people just say thank you. Lexa says to lead well, you must make hard choices.
Clarke says she knows about hard choices. Lexa says she couldn’t kill Quint or leave her to
die. Clarke says she thought love was weakness. Clarke says she needs Lexa. She says she may
be heartless, but at least she’s smart and a general that replaces her won’t be. Lexa says when
she dies, her spirit will find the best leader and Clarke asks if that’s how their leaders are chosen.
Lexa asks how theirs are chosen.
The killa gorilla finds them and rattles the doors and roars. Lexa tells her not to be afraid and
Clarke says they’re not dying here. Clarke lets it in, pushes Lexa out and follows and locks the
beast in the cage they were in. Idra finds Octavia later and the girl asks what she wants. Idra
says she fought like a child without thought and leaving herself exposed. Octavia says she knows
she got her ass kicked and that should make her happy.
Idra says it makes her happy because she didn’t give up. She says strength of spirit should
be guided. Idra says she can make her a great warrior if she’s willing to do what she must to
become her second. Octavia asks what’s in it for her and Idra says the first lesson is to never
question her. Octavia says yes and Idra says they start tomorrow.
Jaha offers Murphy some food and Murphy says no one gives things without wanting things
and Jaha says he’s being cynical. Jaha says everyone deserves a second chance and Murphy
says he doesn’t give a damn about them and that’s why he’s not fighting to save the Mt Weather
kids. Murphy says he’s nothing like him and Jaha says they both should have died, both have
been betrayed and imprisoned by their own and tortured by Grounders.
Jaha says there’s a place for all of them. He tells him about the place he heard about — the
City of Light. Murphy says it sounds like a fairy tale. Jaha says he believes. Murphy says good
for him and lies down on the floor. He tells Murphy he’s going to find it and he’s going to come
back and lead his people home. Murphy looks thoughtful.
Lincoln and Bellamy are in the old mine tunnels and Lincoln stops and sees a vial of red, the
Reaper drug. He crushes it underfoot. Lincoln says when they open the intake doors they attack
and kill them all then they’ll make it look like they escaped. They hear a raider party and Lincoln
wants to go back. Bellamy says they can join them. He tells Lincoln to grab the red, antagonize
the Reapers and then they can go on with the plan.
They come, Lincoln says that Bellamy tried to escape and the other Grounder says to tie him
to the log. They blindfold him. At Camp Jaha, Idra cuts meat off a beast they hunted and tells
Kane and the others to eat and be strong so they can win the war. Kane come forward and takes
the food from her. He thanks her. Everyone else drifts over to ear. Kane goes to sit with Octavia.
He tells her she did this and she says — you’re welcome — and tells him not to blow it. He
says the boar put up a better fight than her and says she’s making friends. He looks over at Idra.
She asks what he wants and he asks what will happen once they get the 47 back. He says this
war will end and what then. She asks what the point is and he says we know so little about them
and he asks her to be his eyes and ears.
She says you’re asking me to be a spy and he says he’s asking her to look out for her people.
She says she is and goes to eat with Idra. Jaha and Murphy wake to noise. Several of the other
adults from Camp Jaha are there and he tells Murphy they’re going to the City of Light. He says
they’re going now. He tells Murphy he should take this leap of faith with him and see there is
more for him than this.
Jaha greets the others and they walk of. Murphy looks back, thinks and then joins them.
Clarke hears the gorilla and wakes but Lexa says she’s safe. She asks about her arm and Lexa
says it’s safe. Clarke says the cage won’t hold forever. Lexa tells Clarke she was wrong about her
and says her heart shows no sign of weakness. Clarke says she thinks she knows how to hold
Mt Weather.
The 100 Episode Guide
Clarke says her army is already there inside and they just need someone to unlock them. Lexa
says she hopes that her faith in Bellamy is well placed. She tells Lexa this is going to work. They
have Bellamy and the others ready to take the red. The intake door opens and the Mt Weather
men come in. They line up to get the red and Lincoln takes the drug instead of fighting it like
they planned.
The scientists says to harvest them all which means that Bellamy will be taken into Mt
Weather. He’s knocked out and drug inside. Lincoln is already in a red haze as he sees Bellamy led inside.
Actor Appearances
Michael Adamthwaite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0203 (Reaper)
Fraser Aitcheson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0111 (Vik)
Jonathan Alexander . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0108 (Deek)
Reese Alexander. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
0101 (Guard #1); 0104 (Guard)
Victor Ayala . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0106 (Horace)
Chloe Babcook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0103 (Trina)
Sarwan Badesha . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0208 (Arker)
Giacomo Baessato . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0106 (Diggs)
Raymond J. Barry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
0201 (President Dante Wallace); 0202 (President
Dante Wallace); 0205 (President Dante Wallace); 0206 (President Dante Wallace); 0207
(President Dante Wallace); 0208 (President Dante
Alyson Bath . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0105 (Bree)
Tanaya Beatty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0204 (Mel); 0205 (Mel)
Dalila Bela . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0109 (Child / Leigh)
Warren Belle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0206 (Sgt Scott)
Dalias Blake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0102 (Other Tech)
Lizzie Boys. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0112 (The Patient (Celeste))
Mac Brandt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0105 (Tor Lemkin)
Artine Brown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0108 (Lt. Graco); 0109 (Lt. Graco)
Chris Browning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0103 (Jake); 0108 (Jake)
Genevieve Buechner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
0101 (Girl); 0103 (Fox); 0105 (Fox); 0109 (Fox); 0110
(Fox); 0113 (Fox)
Jaime M. Callica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0209 (Mt. Weather Soldier)
Alycia Debnam Carey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
0206 (Lexa); 0207 (Lexa); 0208 (Lexa); 0209 (Lexa);
0210 (Lexa)
Janene Carleton. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0203 (Tomac’s Wife)
Fulvio Cecere . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0106 (Inspector Grus)
Osric Chau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0110 (Red Eyed Boy)
Terry Chen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
0101 (Commander Shuwoy); 0105 (Commander Shuwoy); 0106 (Commander Shumway); 0108 (Commander Shumway)
Fraser Corbett . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0203 (Mt. Weather Soldier #2)
Ben Cotton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0102 (Red); 0109 (Red)
Jane Craven . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0105 (Miss Lucy)
Jake Croker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0102 (Rough Looking Boy); 0110 (Healthy Kid)
Kendall Cross . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
0202 (Major Byrne); 0203 (Major Byrne); 0204 (Major Byrne); 0205 (Major Byrne); 0206 (Major
Byrne); 0207 (Major Byrne); 0208 (Major Byrne);
0210 (Major Byrne)
Arleo Dordar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0210 (Lexa’s Guard)
Spencer Drever . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0106 (Young Bellamy)
Saidah Arrika Ekulona . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0104 (Nygel)
Troy Everett . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0105 (Volunteer)
Olivia Steele Falconer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0106 (Young Octavia)
Lilah Fitzgerald. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0105 (Reese)
Andrew Francis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0106 (Boy in Mask)
Monique Ganderton. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0106 (Aurora Blake)
Joseph Gatt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
0112 (Tristan); 0113 (Tristan); 0201 (Tristan)
Eli Goree. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0202 (Wells Jaha)
Teach Grant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0109 (Ridley)
The 100 Episode Guide
Wesley MacInnes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0110 (Derek)
Shaw Madson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0101 (Angry Parent #2)
Darren Mann . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0106 (Kid #1); 0110 (Chivalrous Boy #3)
Bill Marchant. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
0102 (Senior Council Member); 0105 (Senior Council Member)
Zach Martin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0103 (Pascal)
Levi Meaden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0112 (Drew); 0113 (Drew)
Brendan Meyer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0111 (Myles); 0112 (Myles)
James Michalopolous . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0210 (Fio)
Aaron Miko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
0101 (John #2 (John Mbege)); 0102 (John #2 (John
Mbege)); 0104 (John #2 (John Mbege)); 0106
(John #2 (John Mbege))
Sean Millington . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0210 (Alpha Reaper)
Catherine Lough Haggquist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0109 (Council Member #1)
Emily Haine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0206 (Keenan); 0207 (Keenan)
Eve Harlow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
0201 (Maya); 0202 (Maya); 0203 (Maya); 0205 (Maya);
0206 (Maya); 0207 (Maya); 0208 (Maya); 0209
Richard Harmon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
0101 (John Murphy); 0102 (John Murphy); 0103
(John Murphy); 0104 (John Murphy); 0110
(John Murphy); 0111 (John Murphy); 0112
(John Murphy); 0113 (John Murphy); 0201
(John Murphy); 0202 (John Murphy); 0203
(John Murphy); 0204 (John Murphy); 0205
(John Murphy); 0206 (John Murphy); 0208
(John Murphy); 0210 (John Murphy)
Rob Hayter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0109 (Chief Guard)
Nicole Hombrebueno . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0102 (Satisfied Girl)
Nick Hunnings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0203 (Mt. Weather Soldier #1); 0209 (Mt. Weather
Aaron Hutchinson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0202 (Sgt. Langston)
Ty Olsson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
0203 (Nyko); 0205 (Nyko); 0208 (Nyko); 0209 (Nyko)
Manny Jacinto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0104 (Boy Bullied by Murphy); 0110 (Boy #1)
Serge Jaswal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0206 (Brixton Guard)
Jarod Joseph . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
0107 (Miller); 0108 (Miller); 0109 (Miller); 0112 (Miller);
0113 (Miller); 0202 (Miller); 0206 (Nathan Miller);
0208 (Nathan Miller); 0209 (Nathan Miller)
Alessandro Juliani . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
0101 (Sinclair); 0105 (Sinclair); 0107 (Sinclair); 0109
(Sinclair); 0111 (Sinclair); 0113 (Sinclair); 0204
(Sinclair); 0205 (Sinclair)
Hiro Kanagawa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0102 (Council Member #3); 0109 (Council Member
Brad Kelly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0104 (Harris)
Mike Klemak . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0203 (Guard)
Aleks Paunovic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
0206 (Gustus); 0207 (Gustus); 0208 (Gustus); 0209
Murry Peeters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0108 (Laughing Kid)
Freda Perry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0102 (Council Member #1)
Luvia Peterson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0204 (Sienne)
Ella Pitkin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0112 (Young Clarke)
Breanna Podlasly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0111 (Unknown Grounder); 0112 (Unknown Grounder)
Adina Porter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
0202 (Indra); 0203 (Indra); 0207 (Indra); 0208 (Indra); 0209 (Indra); 0210 (Indra)
Jessica Racz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0108 (Sobbing Girl)
Dean Redman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0105 (Guard)
Celia Reid. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
0105 (Roma); 0106 (Roma)
Chelsey Reist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
0111 (Harper); 0206 (Harper); 0207 (Harper); 0209
Chelsey Marie Reist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
0110 (Harper); 0112 (Harper); 0113 (Harper)
Cameron Roberts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0203 (Artigas)
Luc Roderique . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0203 (Penn); 0210 (Penn)
Dichen Lachman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
0109 (Anya); 0111 (Anya); 0113 (Anya); 0202 (Anya);
0203 (Anya); 0204 (Anya)
Colin Lawrence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0205 (Rivo)
Jaeson Lee. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0203 (Tomac)
Toby Levins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0209 (Emerson)
Quinn Lord . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0106 (Young Member of the 100)
Dejan Loyola . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0110 (Chivalrous Boy #2)
The 100 Episode Guide
Patrick Sabongui . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0109 (Rebel Gurad)
Sachin Sahel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
0101 (Dr. Jackson); 0102 (Dr. Jackson); 0104 (Dr.
Jackson); 0105 (Dr. Jackson); 0107 (Dr. Jackson); 0112 (Dr. Jackson); 0113 (Dr. Jackson);
0201 (Jackson); 0202 (Jackson); 0203 (Jackson); 0205 (Dr. Jackson)
Joleigh Schultz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0102 (Hard Looking Girl)
Rekha Sharma . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
0202 (Doctor); 0203 (Dr. Tsing); 0205 (Doctor Tsing); 0206 (Dr. Tsing); 0207 (Dr. Tsing); 0208
(Dr. Tsing); 0209 (Dr. Tsing); 0210 (Dr. Tsing)
Graham Shiels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0210 (Quint)
John Specogna . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0207 (Ark Citizen / Grounder); 0208 (Ark Citizen)
Josh Ssettuba . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0108 (Connor)
Joshua Ssettuba . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0104 (Connor); 0110 (Connor)
Matteo Stefan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0111 (Del)
Katie Stuart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
0106 (Monroe); 0108 (Monroe); 0113 (Monroe); 0203
(Monroe); 0204 (Monroe); 0205 (Monroe)
Shane Symons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
0103 (Jones); 0105 (Jones); 0113 (Jones)
Tatiana Szalay. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0101 (Angry Parent #1)
0105 (Grounder); 0106 (Lincoln); 0107 (Lincoln);
0109 (Lincoln); 0110 (Lincoln); 0113 (Lincoln)
Johnny Whitworth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
0205 (Guest Star); 0206 (Cage Wallace); 0207 (Cage
Wallace); 0208 (Cage Wallace); 0209 (Cage Wallace)
Christine Willes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
0104 (Vera Kane); 0107 (Vera Kane); 0109 (Vera
Finn Wolfhard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0204 (Zoran)
Brendon Zub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0202 (Delano); 0203 (Delano)
Steve Talley. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0204 (Wick)
Sharon Taylor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0102 (Council Member #2); 0109 (Council Member
Alison Thornton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0111 (Tris)
Valerie Tian. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
0103 (Girl)
Keenan Tracey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
0109 (Sterling); 0113 (Sterling); 0203 (Sterling); 0204
Kett Turton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0101 (Apprentice)
Kate Vernon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
0107 (Diana Sydney); 0108 (Councillor Diana Sydney); 0109 (Councillor Diana Sydney)
Izabela Vidovic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0103 (Charlotte); 0104 (Charlotte)
Rhys Ward . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0102 (Atom); 0103 (Atom)
Isaiah Washington . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
0111 (Chancellor Jaha); 0204 (Chancellor Thelonious Jaha)
Conrad Whitaker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0101 (Tranq Gun Guard)
Seth Whittaker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
0202 (Langston’s Buddy)
Ricky Whittle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6