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AestheticAlly yours
nce you move to a new
house, there are very high
chances of you buying a new
set of furniture according to
the new space area. It is
sensible to coordinate
different pieces of furniture in the house
with a theme -if the aesthetics of the house
are contemporary then buy modern finish
furniture and artifacts, if you desire a
traditional touch to your house then use
solid wood or conventional looking
pieces in the décor, complemented by
ethnic soft furnishings.
Most important factor that plays a vital role
in doing up the house is the budget.
Usually when you have moved into a new
premise, budgets are already stringent
attached to home ownership. Budget
allocation is the first most important thing
that has to be sorted. Then is the space
planning and requirement followed by a
theme that you like to run in the house.
One does not tend to change furniture
every now and then so a good deliberation
must go into making furniture purchases.
Factors to influence your purchases-
suburb life | November 2011
Furniture in the house
makes a statement about
your personality and
complements the layout
of the house. Basically a soul to your house.
Create A Personal Style
Determine the Space Constraints
You must clearly know what you need in the
house as a décor and what is the space
area you have; it’s not always a good idea
to follow only the trends ignoring the floor
plan of the room. If for instance big broad
sofas or beds are in fashion and you end up
buying them and later find it a hindrance to
maneuver in the house then surely it is not
wise. Budget your purchases according to
the time period you would be using that
piece. If you are buying a crib for a child
then you can budget it less than a sofa or a
dining table that you would be using for
many years. Fix a budget and stick to it.
Our India homes are prone to dust and to
keep them spic and span all time is a hard
task. Contemplate and buy furniture that
does not accumulate or attract too must of
dust- it is just not about buying expensive
furniture it is about purchasing appropriate
pieces that gel with your house and
For Kids In the House
If there are kids in the house then avoid
getting furniture with sharp bends and
ends. The furniture should be able to
withstand to kids’ wear and tear. Get
furniture material such that can be cleaned
easily. Using sofas with fabric stitched or
lighter tones in pieces of furniture might
give you tough time to maintain. It might
not be a great idea to have glass in the
furniture when children are young.
What looks nice in your neighbour’s house
might not look good in your set up. Do not
go by what others are doing, create your
own statement for your house which is
extension of your family and makes the
inmates of the house comfortable. Broadly
you can choose from going in for modern
or contemporary finishes in the house or
doing a global set up, casual looking
setting or you would like to stick to ethnic
décor in the house. According to the line of
your choice now you pick up the furniture
also. There is so much of variety available in
Indian market now that it is difficult to
make choices. There is lot of furniture
coming from Malaysia, China also, know
down furniture is available too. Many
brands have set up their furniture units who
are doing customized furniture also. Do a
recce and then pick up what you desire and
of course there are consultants available to
help you do up your house.
Prioritize Your Purchases
Think what you need urgently. You might
not able in a position to buy all the
furniture items together. If beds are your
priority then do up your bedrooms first,
buy beds and side tables to complement
the look. If it’s your children study and
cupboard then seek participation your
children before finalizing the set up. Keep
in mind their age and of course a horizon of
at least three years must be taken when
you do up kids’ room. Dressing area of
kids should not be like that of an adult; size
of cupboards and mirrors has to be
proportionate to their age and height.
Do not buy single pieces without planning
your rooms. Ad hock purchases of furniture
pieces often make the house look cluttered
and devoid of taste. Furniture, flooring and
walls in the house should gel to make a
statement. Décor must be well coordinated
with furniture, soft furnishings, flooring and
walls, so plan your décor and go step by
step to do up rooms of the house. Good
furniture pieces should be selected to
highlight corners in the house. When you
are making purchases do ask about a
warranty period, delivery time and other
terms and conditions involved.Many
furniture stores provide after sales service
also of the items you have bought from
them. Many a times furniture gets chipped
or cracked in transportation so a proper
understanding should be reached with the
seller before you order your stuff. If you
have ordered a product from a furniture
catalogue then make sure that all
deliverables as per the specifications are
met at the time of delivery also. If a label
mentions only one wood, all surfaces must
be wood, if there are veneers, the label has
to say so and if it is glass item keep a track
of the thickness of glass that you ordered
on a table.
Decide the furniture pieces that you want
for entertaining guests and other pieces for
everyday use. Furniture accentuates the
feel and space in the house, go ahead and
do planned purchases.
Anjula G Rai
The author is an
independent design
professional working
in the NCR for over
a decade. As an
entreprenuer she
opened a lifestyle
store called Home & Beyond which specialised
in lifestyle products and furniture. Since then
she has been working on several home
design projects.Her expertises lies in space
planning, home designs and custom- made
furniture products.
E: [email protected],
November 2011 | suburb life