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February 2015
February Contest:
How Many Kisses
are in the Jar?
Stop by the Luso
School banking table
on February 5th and
take your best guess,
how many Hershey
Kisses are in the Jar?
The student that
comes the closest to
the correct number,
without going over,
will win a $10.00 gift
*Aidan Caban won the Winter Sudoku *The weekly gift card
contest. Aidan won a $25.00 gift card to drawing winners are:
11/13/14: Tanner Alves-Amazon
*Daniel Ducey won the “Good Savers
11/20/14: Tim Jodoin-iTunes
Bonus”. Daniel received a $10.00 bonus
12/4/14: Kylie Kane-Friendly’s
in his savings account.
*The staff at WMS also win when they 12/11/14:Alex LoPriore-Dunkin’ Donuts
save with Luso! Mrs. Guilbault won a
$25.00 gift card to Uno’s.
12/18/14: Lily Grono-Uno’s
IT’S SNOW-ing!
10. __________________
11. __________________
Luso Federal Credit Union
1 Crane Park, Suite 4
Wilbraham, MA 01095
12. __________________
13. __________________
14. __________________
15. __________________
599 East Street
Ludlow, MA 01056
16. __________________
17. __________________
Tel: (413) 589-9966
18. __________________
Fax: (413) 583-4491
19. __________________
Toll Free: 1-877-500-7750
20. __________________
21. __________________
This puzzle contains 22 words that begin with “snow-.”
22. __________________ Find the words, then write them on the lines on the left.
***Luso will be closed on February 16, 2015 in observance of Presidents’ Day***
Savings Tips to Help Kids Get Financially Fit in 2015
Broke again? Tired of asking Mom or Dad for spending money? Don’t get discouraged; saving money isn’t too difficult.
Here are some tips that will help you save cash for going out with friends and buying great stuff too.
Divide and conquer
Chances are you need money for more than one purpose. Maybe you want to catch a movie this weekend but you’d
also love a new iPod. One great way to start moving toward multiple goals is to set up four savings jars:
Spending money: This container accumulates ready cash for small day-to-day expenses like pizza, guitar picks or comic books.
Big purchases: Put money in this jar regularly to save for the major stuff you want, like a new tablet or gaming system.
Future funds: You never know what you might want or need down the road, so build a fund to be ready for the future.
Gift pool: Whether you’re putting money toward helping kids across the ocean or animals in a local shelter, it feels
good to be able to make things better for others.
When it comes to savings, every little bit makes a difference. Even just a few coins set aside every week add up to real
money eventually.
Get organized
Adding some strategy and planning to the mix can help you become a super saver:
Save first: Whenever you get some money, save part of it before spending any.
Set goals: What do you really want? How much does it cost? Write down your savings goals for the near term and distant future, to remind yourself of what you’re trying to accomplish.
Create a plan: Now that you’ve set some goals, it’s time to plan how much to set aside to reach them. If you need
help figuring it all out, there are many free online tools you can use to find out how long it will take to save a certain
amount when you put away specific sums each week or month.
Earn more: Ask your parents or neighbors if you can do household chores or yard work to earn extra money. Let them
know you’re saving it up – they’ll be happy to hear it.
Track your spending: Writing down everything you spend can help you see which expenses weren’t really necessary
and can be trimmed so you can put more toward your goals.
Shop smart: Compare prices from many sellers to make sure you find the lowest price for the item you want.
Savings accounts
Jars give you an easy way to start saving, but once you’ve built up a stash of cash, it makes sense to keep it in a safer
place where even your kid brother or sister can’t get their fingers on it. So check out our savings accounts. Keeping
your money at your credit union not only ensures it’s safe, but it will earn interest too, instead of doing nothing in
your sock drawer. You’ll get monthly reports showing how much money you’ve saved and the interest you’ve been
You don’t need much money to start – often as little as $5. So why not take advantage of your in-school banking program! You can open a L-U-S-O savings account right at school and then add money to it each week. With a solid savings plan, you’ll be on your way toward becoming financially fit!
Source: Roberta Pescow, NerdWallet
Savings Opportunity! Do you have a jar of loose change? School banking students can bring their loose
change to our branch at 599 East Street, Ludlow and have their loose change counted using our CoinStream
machine and then deposited into their savings account for free!