Jessica Korda - Coates Golf Championship

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Q. Back-to-back great starts to the year. What is it about the start of the year?
JESSICA KORDA: I just feel like I'm refreshed and ready to go. You know, I try and
bring the mentality with me all the time every time I try and play, but for some reason
it shines brighter the first event of the season. I honestly don't know what it is about
it, but I'm just happy to be back and it's so much fun, it's like the first day of school.
You know, you're always happy to be back the first week of school.
Q. Can you just talk about playing conditions today because obviously there
were a couple 67s early in the day and then it seemed like everybody was
struggling and you kind of got hot there at the end?
JESSICA KORDA: This morning it had to be absolutely freezing. I saw some
pictures. I played early yesterday and I thought it was very cold as well. The wind
just doesn't blow in the morning, which is nice. So if you can kind of deal with the
coolness of the air, I feel like it just makes it just more playable. In the afternoon
when we started, it started to blow a little bit more, which also made it feel very cold.
But here at the end, I mean, we were just trying to get done. We were really trying to
get done, pushing to get done, and I can't feel my fingers right now.
Q. Stacy was wearing shorts.
JESSICA KORDA: Yeah, she's crazy. I'm bundled up and you'll always see me
bundled up.
Q. I saw somebody with a hand warmer. Did you think about that?
JESSICA KORDA: I got one, two...
Q. She said unpacking her hand warmer. It does help?
JESSICA KORDA: Oh, my gosh, yes. They're my favorite. We get them in a
tournament in Korea, the HanaBank, and they're the warmest hand warmers and
they're warm for like 24 hours. One of these, I don't even know which one I opened
yesterday morning but it's still warm.
Q. It looks like the field's not even going to get done: Was that part of the cold
weather, too, the slow play?
JESSICA KORDA: I think so. It's a tough course. The pins weren't very easy, I
would say, especially on a couple of the holes finishing each round. So it's tough,
especially if you don't put it in play. It does, it makes it tricky. First tournament of the
year I think everybody's trying to shake off a little bit of the rust, and it being cold's
definitely not helping.
Q. Was there one hole or one shot or one putt that really got your round going
the right way?
JESSICA KORDA: Well, I finally started hitting my driver into the fairway on, I don't
know, 6? What's the one before the Augusta? I don't even remember. No, no, no,
it's front nine, the par 5.
Q. 6 or 7?
JESSICA KORDA: One of those. So I finally started hitting my driver in the fairway,
and obviously you can start playing a little bit more aggressively from the fairway than
you can from the trees.
Q. What are your goals for this year?
JESSICA KORDA: I obviously want to continue winning. I think that was a huge
goal of mine last year. But I want to bring some of the consistency back that I had in
2013 and Solheim Cup, I mean, you're going to hear that every week from a lot of the
American girls and even European girls that that is our No. 1 goal, I think.