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Hello Wellness Warriors!
Most of you know that I took in a rescue kitten in the Fall after my oldest kitty died (she was 19!). Little
Autumn shows promise at being a terrific mouser—she caught her first one on November 30 while
playing in the leaves outside. Boy, was she ever proud of herself—came to me with her little tail straight
up, dropped the critter, then purred and rubbed on my hands and ankles with pride! Cute little thing.
She’ll be off to Dr. Garden, the wholistic vet, to “get fixed” soon. I know me with kittens—can’t part
with my little babies. Also, my 18 year old cat that had been diagnosed with late stage three kidney
disease a year ago is now at early stage ONE! Thanks to Dr. Garden’s advice about nutrition and
OK. I guess we’re about half way through winter—only about two more months, one big wet snow in
March, and we’ll be on our way to SPRING! Yippee! I hope to put in a garden this year.
I was recently told that a young woman in her 40s has thyroid cancer which, because of inappropriate
treatment, has spread. This is the second time she’s been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in only a few
years. Another individual told me of a young woman being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second
time in only two years. She’s already been through the usual allopathic treatment, which obviously has
not worked well because allopathic medicine DOES NOT ADDRESS THE ROOT CAUSES OF CANCER, nor
does allopathic medicine know how to PREVENT cancers. I urge all Wellness Warriors to become
familiar with the research of Drs. David Brownstein and Jorge Flechas regarding the value of iodine in
both preventing and allowing the body to heal itself from a number of common diseases and conditions,
including brain function, energy levels, weight management, cholesterol, cancers, and so much more.
Pass this important information to as many people as you can. Remember, iodine plays a huge role in
health, and we in the Midwest do not have iodine rich foods, so supplementation is a necessary part of a
healthy lifestyle. It’s not a “magic bullet,” but it can be part of an overall treatment program.
This year, let’s all work together to achieve our best health ever! Do your research, and contact me or
any of my colleagues (Dr. Oden, Dr. Sexton, Dr. Schopp, Dr. Ginger, and many other holistic practitioners) to become better informed about your OPTIONS BEFORE making a health decision. You may be
able to avoid or eliminate some medications and procedures.
Several customers have recently asked about studying herbology and nutrition. Dr. Christopher’s dream
was to have an herbalist in every household. His School of Natural Healing offers home-study classes,
utilizing a combination of books, CDs, DVDs, and the Internet. Classes are self-paced, within a certain
time frame (which I found most generous).
I am part of an affiliate progr am with the School of Natural Healing. To explore your
program options or to r egister for classes , go to
http://www.snh.cc/jam affiliates/jrox.php?id=1116
The Limbic Brain and LSA Testing
I’ve been doing a little studying and reviewing on the brain, since it’s been a very long time since I was in
either biology, anatomy, or psych classes, and new information has revealed some interesting points.
First, the limbic part of the brain is in the center of the brain and is made up of several parts. The amygdala is responsible for the “freeze, flight, fight” responses, and both the amygdala and the hippo-campus
play a role in memory function and pleasure responses. The limbic brain is responsible for our body’s
functions, such as breathing, digestion—all the functions that occur without our consciously thinking
about it. I found it interesting to learn that these parts of the brain, when properly stimulated, can actually increase in size throughout our lives. (See Joe Navarro’s lectures on body language and the brain.)
The limbic portion of the brain also cannot lie—it is completely honest. So when we conduct a Limbic
Stress Assessment, our limbic brain is reporting the level at which a person’s body is functioning, as well
as reporting on whether or not the person has been in contact with toxins, bacteria, viruses, chemicals,
and more. The LSA also assesses the body’s responses to certain foods and may help determine the
type of nutritional diet may help a person achieve his/her optimal health goals.
I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Paul Oden and Linda who do the actual assessments for our customers. With their knowledge and experience, we are able to run the LSA test from
Natural Health and Home or from your office, school, or church. Results from Dr. Oden’s office arrive
within minutes via email, and we can see exactly which products by brand name or custom made are
best suited for an individual’s needs at the time of testing.
If you know someone struggling with emotional concerns, a related test called the E-Vox is also available
through Dr. Oden’s office. Testing may also be conducted at Natural Health and Home or anywhere we
have computer internet access.
Fluoride CAUSES Tooth Decay—and More!
We found this note in a client’s LSA report last fall:
“Check out your tube of toothpaste and avoid fluoride! Since April, 1997, all toothpaste containing fluoride in the US
must carry a warning label advising parents what to do if their child swallows more than the pea-sized brushing
amount. There is a good reason for that warning – one tube of toothpaste contains enough fluoride to kill a two-year
old child. The FDA listed fluoride as an ‘unapproved new drug’ and the EPA lists fluoride as a ‘contaminant’. Fluoride
has NEVER received ‘FDA Approval’. It has been linked to fluorosis in children, acne, Alzheimer’s, kidney damage,
gastrointestinal problems, cancer, genetic damage, neurological impairment, bone and tooth decay, and others.”
Add to the above list—possible thyroid damage! So, it appears we’ve been duped again. We’ve been told fluoride is
good for our teeth, yet the FDA and EPA both identify it as dangerous to us—even causing the very problems
toothpaste manufacturers and dentists claim it prevents—tooth decay!
See also www.mercola.com for more information about this topic.
Is Weight Management or Weight Loss on Your 2015 “to do” List?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Disregard all the hype about pills or “magic bullets” for weight loss and
management. Good health, including a healthy weight for you, requires that we examine several
concerns. Following is a checklist of things to consider before you waste money on another
advertised “magic bullet” for weight loss:
Appropriate IODINE LEVEL (see works by Drs. David Brownstein & Jorge Flechas, online
and in books)
Appropriate HORMONE LEVELS. Dr. Dan Purser advises women’s progesterone levels be
between 10-20 ng/Ml blood, and men’s total “T” levels be between 1000 & 1200. ( Drs. John
Lee and Dan Purser offer excellent information online and in many books.)
PROPER pH. According to Dr. Cary Reams, our saliva and urine pH levels must be 6.4 and
6.5 respectively. While the stomach must maintain acid levels between 1.5 and 3, the rest
of the body must be more alkaline. An overall acid body pH contributes to over 100
possible conditions, including heart attack, diabetes, immune problems, and cancer. Monitor
your own pH levels periodically using pH test strips (I carry them at Natural Health and
Home) or via the LSA. Dr. Mark Sexton runs the Reams’ test, a detailed health test based
on body pH. See www.castle healthretreat.com
PROBIOTIC LEVELS. New research shows that if we lack certain probiotics in our guts,
we will have more difficulty loosing and maintaining proper weight. See Brenda Watson’s
newest book Skinny Gut Diet for the science behind this. I carry her book and products at
Natural Health and Home.
PROPER ENZYME LEVELS. Enzymes are not probiotics. Enzymes break down foods,
beginning in the mouth. Enzymes are in fresh, raw foods, but “fresh” means recently
harvested, not weeks or months old, as is most of our “fresh” produce. Heating and
freezing foods destroys enzymes. Most people do well to take an enzyme supplement.
PROPER HYDRATION with WATER. Wholistic professionals recommend we drink a
MINIMUM of half our body weight in ounces of pure water daily, more under certain
conditions. For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, you should drink a minimum of 50 ounces
of water daily, more if you drink soda, caffeinated products, or in certain conditions.
PROPER ELIMINATION. Many enticing “diet programs (or pills)” claim you’ll lose five or
more pounds your first week. Yep. That’s usually either fluid or poop! What happens after
the first week—no more quick weight loss.
PROPER FIBER. Fiber is necessary to cleanse the colon, maintain healthy sugar and
cholesterol levels, and more. (See Brenda Watson’s work on colon health.)
PROPER NUTRITION. Weight loss isn’t just about pushing away from the table or using a
smaller plate. IT’S ABOUT REAL NUTRITION—eating “God” food and avoiding
manufactured junk.
PROPER SALT. RAW Celtic sea salt has about 80 minerals; raw Hawaiian (Makai) salt has
about 120 minerals. (See below)
As you can see, achieving and maintaining proper weight is a lifestyle. Oh—as for the surgeries now
available? My customers who have had stomach stapling or other similar procedures were delighted INITIALLY. But after a few years, the unwanted, unhealthy pounds returned because the
surgery didn’t address the root cause(s) of the problems. Putting junk “food” in a smaller stomach
simply doesn’t prevent weight gain for long. Your body is still unhealthy and nutrient deprived.
Celtic Sea Salts are a prime condiment that stimulates salivation, helps to balance and replenishes
all of the body's electrolytes.
It provides renewed energy
It gives you a high resistance to infections and bacterial diseases
It supplies all 82 vital trace minerals to promote optimum biological function and cellular
It balances alkaline/acid levels
It restores good digestion
It can aid in relieving allergies and skin diseases
And overall greatly reduces toxins and to help prevent ill-health
Properly stored, salt keeps virtually indefinitely. Celtic Sea Salts are a prime condiment that
stimulates salivation, helps to balance and replenishes all of the body's electrolytes.
It provides renewed energy
It gives you a high resistance to infections and bacterial diseases
It supplies all 82 vital trace minerals to promote optimum biological function and cellular
It balances alkaline/acid levels
It restores good digestion
It can aid in relieving allergies and skin diseases
And overall greatly reduces toxins and to help prevent ill-health
Properly stored, salt keeps virtually indefinitely.
Awe, NUTS!
Cold weather always makes me want to play in the kitchen. These recipes are quicker than popcorn, and
full of minerals, protein, healthy fats, and fiber! DON’T WORRY about these fats. Raw nut fats are
HEALTHY and actually HELP YOU MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT! (See Brenda Watson’s Skinny Gun
Diet.) Nut oils are good for your brain, too. In my creamy nut dip, I add NOW Foods’ sunflower lecithin.
Lecithin emulsifies (breaks down) fat AND supports healthy brain function. It also makes the dips supercreamy textured. I love this stuff with apples and on either whole grain crackers or sprouted Ezekiel
Cinnamon maple pecans are a breeze to make and very versatile. I start by melting a tablespoon of
NOW Foods coconut oil in a pot, adding a drop or two of Young Living cinnamon oil (careful--this stuff is
STRONG!), then swirling a pint or a little more of NOW Foods raw pecans or raw walnuts in the oil mix
to coat the nuts. Next, I add a tiny pinch of Celtic salt and two tablespoons of Frontier maple syrup
POWDER over the oiled nuts. Done in five minutes or less! MMMMM! Perfect for a healthy, not-toosweet, crunchy snack for yourself and to share with friends. It goes well with fruit salad or fresh fruit, or
atop oatmeal, yogurt, salads (such as Waldorf or carrot), granola, popcorn (who doesn’t like that sweetsalty mix), or (oh-oh) ice cream!
On another day, I wanted something salty and crunchy. Spicy pepitos! (Pepitos are pumpkin seeds.) I
melted a tablespoon of NOW Foods coconut oil in a pot, swirled some NOW raw pumpkin seeds to coat
each nut, then sprinkled them with a pinch of Celtic salt and Simply Organic taco mix (by Frontier).
OMG! Felt like I was going to pop—it was tempting to eat too many of these yummy treats! Add them
to popcorn, salads, or just eat them by themselves to “tickle your tongue”. I’ll bet this same recipe
could be used for sunflower seeds or nearly any raw nut or seed, or a blend of seeds and nuts. Let me
know your personal fun in the kitchen ideas so I may share them with others.
Another recipe I played with this winter yielded a sort of raw coconut macaroon. I melted a couple of
tablespoons of NOW Foods coconut oil, added NOW Foods coconut sugar (you can sweeten to taste), a
pinch of Celtic salt, and some Navitas raw cacao nibs. (If the mix is too dry, either add more melted oil
or use less coconut sugar and add a little agave or raw local honey.) Stir, form into balls, or pat into a
cake pan which you have lined with waxed paper. Chill and cut into squares. A customer suggested
dipping these in melted Enjoy Life chocolate chips—after all, who doesn’t love chocolate! Another
suggestion was to add chia seeds or any of the other popular seeds for added fiber and overall nutrition.
Creamy nut dips are easy and quick. My favorites are made with either black walnuts (wild Missouri
grown!) or pecans. I make small batches, but you may increase the amounts for your family. I put 1/31/2 cup of raw nuts in my NutriBullet, a pinch of Celtic sea salt, a tablespoon of raw cacao powder, a
teaspoon of sunflower lecithin, and a teaspoon of local raw honey. Add more honey if you like your
sweeter. I’ve skipped the honey and used fresh, pitted dates. I’ve also added a bit of cinnamon or a drop
of Young Living cinnamon oil. Blend. In about a minute, you’ll have a yummy, nutritious dip or spread.
You and your kids will love any of these yummy treats at school, for scout or church groups, or after
building snowmen and forts this winter—or any time of year! Terrific for your office or when travelling.
Of course, I stock all these yummy ingredients at Natural Health and Home, where I do most of my own
shopping—even the black walnuts!
Are you looking for new recipe and menu ideas? Check out nowfoodsblog.com. Chef Suzy Singh’s
recipes include allergy and gluten free ideas, as well as healthier versions of more traditional recipes.
Valentine’s Day is Coming—Know Which Herbs Support Heart Health
Dr. John Christopher tells a wonderful story about his father-in-law who had been born with
severe heart problems and hence had lived a very “delicate” life. Dr. Christopher advised him to
include HAWTHORNE BERRY SYRUP in his daily diet to supply the necessary nutrients to heal
his heart and keep it strong and healthy. It worked!
Cayenne is another herb that is excellent for heart and vascular health, among other body
functions. Include a little every day in your healthy food and herb regimen. Lemonbalm
strengthens the heart, according to herb traditions. It’s a fine tasting tea by itself or blended with
other healthy herbs.
Thought for the Day
I don’t divide the world into the weak and the strong, or the successes and the failures, those who make it or those
who don’t. I divide the world into learners and non-learners.
There are people who learn, who are open to what happens around them, who listen, who hear the lessons. When
they do something stupid, they don’t do it again. And when they do something that works a little bit, they do it even
better and harder the next time. The question to ask is not whether you are a success or a failure, but whether you
are a learner or a non-learner. Benjamin Barber, American author
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