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No More Cranking!
Tarp System Innovation
Since 1944
Now cover your dump trailer with the flip of a switch!
Easy Cover®
Roll Tarp
Dump Liners
Power Up Your Roll Tarp
Aero’s PowerLock Conversion Kit allows you to cover and uncover your load with the flip of a switch while you sit in your cab.
•Operates with our cab-mounted switch
•Optional remote lets you run it from outside the cab
• Quick and efficient
• Fast and easy to install
•Works on the Aero Kwik-Lock
and other major brands of tarps
•Industry’s best spring tension
for superior performance in
windy conditions
High Torque PowerPro
Motor With Cover
Easy Pull®
Buy The Kit & Retrofit!
Convert your manual kit to electric.
Installation is quick and easy with our step-by-step instructions.
The kit includes everything you need, all shipped in a single
box. To find out more, call us today! Save yourself time and
energy, all with the flip of a switch!
• Front Spring Assembly
• Tarp Tube Adapter
• Rocker Switch
• High Torque PowerPro
120-1 Motor with Cover
• Bungee Cord
• Hardware Pack
• Pigtail Cord
• Mounting Brackets
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Bow Options
Rear Options
Steel or Aluminum Bows
Flex Bows
Rear Fabric Cap
Bows provide strong support for the tarp.
iberglass material flexes to limit damage to the bow
while loading the trailer.
•Cap provides a tight seal when the tarp is in the
closed position
•Rear cap is separate from the roll tarp
Easy Off
Roll Stops
Locks Securely In Place
Without Straps, Cables
or Tie-Downs
Flex Crank Mount
•Retainers hold crank firmly against
side of trailer
•Hinged handle easily locks into position
for operation
o tools are required to remove
and reinstall the tarp.
Bungee cord maintains
tension at the front while
the operator cranks
from the rear, allowing a
consistent, tight roll.
Split Rear Tail
•Rear tail is attached to the roll tarp
•Tail rolls out of the way, providing full access for loading
Front Options
The Kwik-Lock™ Makes Tarping Quick & Easy
In a matter of minutes your trailer can be completely covered by Aero’s side-to-side tarp system, the Kwik-Lock .
Just unfasten the Flex crank to smoothly roll the tarp across your trailer.
Aero Kwik-Lock™ equipped with PowerLock™
shown with aluminum bows, fabric front and
optional remote control.
Fabric Front Cap
•Cap seals the front of the trailer while system is in the
closed position
•Design allows for a snug fit to any type of dump trailer