Lilydale Grapevine

Lilydale Grapevine The Journal of the National Seniors Australia Lilydale Branch Inc
Incorporation No. A0048800C Branch No 100132
F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 5 VOL 9 NUMBER 1
Branch Meetings 7:00pm 1st Monday of the Month at the
Lutheran Church North Road Lilydale.
Unless advised Otherwise Note No meeting in January
Next Branch Meeting will be on
Monday 2nd February 2015 at 7:30 pm
at Lutheran Church North Road Lilydale
Presidents Report
Hi All
As the New Year starts to settle down I trust you all are refreshed, ready and looking forward to
the year ahead.
As you can see from the program we have some new activities this year for your enjoyment,
starting off with a tour and exploring Point Nepean at Portsea, with Chris’s Cafe the following
week, we would like to see you at the planned events some have limits as to numbers but most
are open to all.
Till next month
Roy Orbison & The
legends of Rock
Bookings are now closed
please pay Chris the $70 per
person by the 20th February
This Event is
Your Committee
Vice President
Alan Somers
14 Crown Point Ridge Chirnside Park 3116
9735 5436 [email protected]
Trevor Smith 9735 1104
Secretary Lyn Ford – 9876 1820
Treasurer Shirley Somers - 9735 5436
Activities Officer Chris Hill - 9735 1249
Guest Speakers Denise Standfield - 9723 1403 or 0400 179 086
Committee Members John and Connie Koger 5964 4646
Guest Speakers For 2015
Monday 2nd February
We welcome back David and Shirley Williams from Wildwood Studios
speaking about their travels around Australia.
“Small Places that used to be Big Places”
Monday 2nd February
Jenny Glanoudis and or Melissa Prosser
From Physical Activity and Nutrition Research at Deakin University
speaking about the steps program ( See page 6) Monday 4th May
Travel Talk by John and Connie Koger on their trip to Hawaii
!st Blue C19 Shirley Somers
2nd Blue C 10 Shirley Somers ( re drawn )
3rd Red E27 Phillip Sanderson
4th E7 Valda Arrowsmith
5th E5 Valda Arrowsmith ( re drawn )
6th D88 John Koger
7th E83 Ruth & John
8th Red E 52 Doris Barker
9th E 34 Cameron Davis
10th Red E 20 Ken Moffatt
11th Blue C 37 Robert Mits
Thank you to all who donated goods for the hampers.
Your payment of $ 5 towards the cost is now due, please pay
by the March Meeting.
Diary Dates
Monday 2nd February
Branch Meeting
7:00pm At the Lutheran Church Hall North Road Lilydale
Monday 9th February
Committee Meeting
Sunday 15th February
Out and About
A tour and exploring Point Nepean Portsea (Car Pool)
Sunday 22nd February
Chris's Cafe
12.00 noon. $25 pp
Nibbles, punch, spit roast, salads, sweets,
tea/coffee and a good time relaxing with friends
Monday 2nd March
Branch Meeting
7:00pm At the Lutheran Church Hall North Road Lilydale
Monday 9th March
Committee Meeting
Saturday 14th March
Dine out
York on Lilydale
Sunday 22nd March
Out and About
Marysville Bruno’s Garden and Historical Talk ( Car Pool )
Saturday 11th April
Dine out
Chirnside Park Country Club
Monday 13th April
Branch Meeting
6:30pm At Crown Hotel Maroondah Highway Lilydale
Saturday 18th April
7:30pm Maroondah Brass Band Centenary Concert at Karralyka
( Lorraine and Hugh’s daughter is in the Band)
Diary Dates
Sunday 19th April
Out and About
High Tea on the Seas on the Queenscliff Ferry $40per Person, 12noon ( our Lunch)
Sunday 3rd May
Out and About
Wilsons Botanical Park Berwick ( Car Pool )
Monday 4th May
Branch Meeting
7:00pm At the Lutheran Church Hall North Road Lilydale
Saturday 9th May
Dine out
6:00pm Mitcham Hotel ( before the Show)
Monday 11th May
Committee Meeting
Monday 1st June
Branch Meeting
7:00pm At the Lutheran Church Hall North Road Lilydale
Saturday 6th June
Dine out
De Ricardo’s Bayswater
Sunday 21st June
Out and About
Darnum Musical Village (just past Warragul) Car Pool
Monday 6th July
Branch Meeting
6:30pm At Olinda Hotel Maroondah Highway Lilydale
Sunday 12th July
Dine out
10:30am Platinum Maroondah Highway Chirnside Park for brunch
Monday 13th July
Committee Meeting
Monday 3rd August
Branch Meeting
7:00pm At the Lutheran Church Hall North Road Lilydale
Saturday 8th August
Dine out
Pietra’s Pizzeria Meadowgate Drive Chirnside Park
The Victorian Office of NSA , Block Court, Level 2, 290 Collins Street (take Lift 4 near Hunt
Leather), hosts a series of interesting free lectures, running for approximately one hour, for
members and non-members welcome to attend.
Morning tea will be served from 10.30 am – 11am to give members the opportunity to
Contributions to our Newsletter
Have you been travelling? Have you attended a good show?
Have you read a good book?
Have you enjoyed something out of the ordinary Is
there something you have experienced, that you would like to share with the
members of the Branch? A story? One-liners?
Photo’s from outings?
Free help to manage financial stress
Consumers dealing with financial stress such as paying their bills and managing their debts
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The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) launched its online
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The portal links to the hardship policies of Telstra, Optus and Vodafone and outlines how to
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If you join this
exciting new study
you MAY receive
the following:
exercise training for
6 months at a local
health centre
supply of lean red
meat OR
carbohydrates for 6
Are you aged 65 years + and want to
improve your muscle and brain health
and function?
This study will investigate the effects of consuming
lean red meat or carbohydrates combined with
strength and balance training on both muscle and
brain health and function.
assessment of your
physical and mental
health and well-being
For more informa>on please contact Melissa or Jenny at Deakin University in Burwood
9246-8409 or
[email protected]
This study is conducted by researchers within the Centre for Physical Ac>vity and Nutri>on Research at Deakin University (Burwood) and is funded by a MLA Grant.
The following Musical Productions tickets have been arranged by Lyn Ford.
If you are interested please place your name on the list by contact Lyn by email:
[email protected] or ( 9876 1820 after 8pm for any enquiries
9 May 2015
‘EVITA’ - Nova Musical Theatre
Whitehorse Centre
397 Whitehorse Rd
Music by Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Lyrics by Tim Rice
Evita concentrates on the life of Argentine political leader(Melway: 49 G9)
Eva Perón, the second wife of Argentine president Juan
Perón. The story follows Evita's early life, rise to power,
charity work, and eventual death at 33 years of age.
Songs: "Requiem for Evita" "Oh What a Circus"
"On This Night of a Thousand Stars" "Eva and Magaldi" /
"Eva, Beware of the City" "Buenos Aires"
"Good Night and Thank You" "The Lady's Got Potential"
"The Art of the Possible" "Charity Concert"
"I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You" "Hello and Goodbye"
"Another Suitcase in Another Hall" "Don't Cry for Me
Argentina" "High Flying Adored" ETC…
COST: $36.00 - Payment by FRIDAY 10 APRIL 2015
24 May 2015
National Theatre
Cnr Barkly & Carlisle
St Kilda
(Melway: 2P C9)
‘MARY POPPINS’ -CLOC Musical Theatre
Music & Lyrics by the Sherman Brothers
Book by Julian Fellowes
Mary Poppins takes charge of the ‘naughty’ Banks children
and shows them a different side to life, whilst their Father
and Mother are coming to terms with their own lives and the
changes that are happening to them.
Songs: “Practically Perfect” “Chim Chim Cher-ee”
“Jolly Holiday” “A Spoonful of Sugar” “A Man Has Dreams”
“Feed the Birds” “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” ETC…
COST: $47.00 - Payment by FRIDAY 13 MARCH 2015
Saturday Walks
Start at 9 am unless advised Otherwise
If it’s going to be 30 or above 8.30 am Start
Saturday 7th February
Lilydale Lake
Saturday 14th February
Norton Rd. Croydon
Saturday 21st February
Lilydale to Lilydale
Saturday 28th February
Wandin to Seville
Saturday 7th March
Norton Rd. Croydon
Saturday 14th March
Mullum Mullum Creek Burntbridge
Saturday 21th March
Barngeong Reserve Croydon North
Saturday 28th March
Lilydale to Lilydale
Saturday 4th April
Lilydale Lake ( Easter Saturday )
Saturday 11th April
Lilydale to Mt Evelyn
Saturday 18th April
Norton Rd Croydon
Saturday 25th April
Barngeong Reserve Croydon North
Saturday 2nd May
Mullum Mullum Creek Burntbridge
Saturday 9th May
Wandin to Seville