El Paso USBC Youth Kick-Off Tournament

Youth Kick-Off Tournament
$15 ReEntry
Feb. 28
Mar. 1
* if paid by Feb. 22
Bowl Your Best in the Southwest
in Scholarships*
*Estimated-not guaranteed
Bowl on Bowling’s Biggest Stage on the
USBC Open Championship Lanes inside the
Judson F. Williams Convention Center in El Paso, TX
Three Handicap Divisions – 100% Handicap
Optional Scratch Division
One scholarship awarded for every four
entries in each division
2015 USBC Open Championships Youth Kick-Off Tournament – Rules
1. This tournament is open to all Youth Members of the USBC. USBC Membership Number is required
before awarding of scholarship awards. Tournament will consist of three games bowled on the same pair of
lanes. Ten minutes of practice will be permitted before competition begins. All entrants must check-in at least
30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the assigned squad.
2. Entry Fee is $20.00 ($19 scholarships/awards and $1 expenses). Entry deadline is February 22, 2015.
Entries received or postmarked after February 22, 2015 will be accepted based on space availability and entry
fee will be $25.00 ($24 goes towards scholarships/awards and $1 expenses). Re-Entries will be accepted based
on space availability for a $15.00 entry fee for each additional squad ($14 scholarships/awards and $1
expenses). First time entrants shall have entry priority. Re-Entries can be paid in advance by submitting
multiple entry forms. Final entries close March 1, 2015 at 2:30 pm. An entrant may earn multiple
scholarships. Mail entries to Karl Kielich tournament manager at El Paso USBC, P.O. Box 12977, El Paso,
TX 79913. Checks may be accepted from El Paso residents. Non El Paso residents please pay by money
order or cashier’s check. Make payment to El Paso USBC.
3. Entering Average: All entrants will use their highest 2013-2014 Yearbook Average of at least 21 games. If
entrant does not have a 2013-2014 Yearbook Average, the entrant will use their highest current league average
of 21 games as of February 22, 2015. Average verification must be provided. If the entrant has neither, they
will use a 210 Average.
4. The tournament will consist of three handicap average divisions: Division 1 – 151 or Higher, Division 2 –
111 to 150, and Division 3 – 110 and Under. Handicap will be 100% of 220 in all divisions.
5. Optional Scratch Division: All entrants have the option of entering the Scratch Division for an additional
$10 Entry Fee per squad (100% towards scholarships & awards). Please select the Scratch Division Box on
the Entry Form.
7. Scholarship Awards: All scholarships will be awarded through USBC’s SMART Program within 30 days of
completion of the tournament. Scholarship money will stay in the entered division and will be awarded 100%
with at least one scholarship being awarded for every four entries received in each division. All donated funds
are added to the scholarship fund and will be divided on a prorated basis based on entries in each division.
8. Any rules not covered shall be governed by USBC Playing Rules. Any protest shall be provided in writing
to the Tournament Manager and the decision of the Tournament Manager shall be final.
2015 USBC Open Championships Youth Kick-Off Tournament Entry Form
**$20 Entry fee before Feb. 22 - $25 after Feb. 22 - $15 Re-Entry
Name: _______________________________ Average:____________ Phone:______________
USBC Member #_____________________
Parent’s Email:_____________________________
Squad Choice:
Sat. Feb. 28 – 9:30 am
Sat. Feb. 28 – 12:30 pm
Sat. Feb 28 – 3:30 pm
Sun. Mar. 1 – 3:00 pm
Scratch - $10
Please mail entries to El Paso USBC, P.O. Box 12977, El Paso TX 79913
If you have any questions, contact Karl Kielich at [email protected] or (915) 593-6096