ETU Press Release ETU State Secretary Peter Simpson has today

31 January 2015
Att: Political and General reporters
ETU Press Release
ETU State Secretary Peter Simpson has today served the Courier Mail and Liberal National Party under the
Defamation Act following the disgusting allegations made initially by the Premier at the Sky News Leaders debate,
leading to an edited LNP attack ad that featured on their Facebook page, using footage ripped off from a Citizen
The footage, shot at an anti-VLAD rally on Australia Day 2014, shows Simpson giving an account of circumstances
he witnessed during the 1998 Maritime Union of Australia’s dispute with the then Howard Government (the
wharfies dispute).
“During that dispute, I witnessed bikies, farmers, butchers, business men and every day Queenslanders bringing
cash, vegetables, meat, eggs, clothing, you name it, such was the community spirit during that disgusting attack on
working people” Simpson said.
“For the LNP to then attempt to fashion an attack ad that alleged that I “took wads of cash” from people they say
are “criminals”, is beyond the bounds of decency. They have attacked my reputation and they have attacked my
Union and its members, something I will never tolerate.” He said.
Today marks the start of the Union leader’s attempt to undo the smear laid upon him and workers by the LNP aided
and abetted by the Courier Mail.
Given these matters will now be before the Courts the Union does not intend making further comment.
Authorised P.J. Simpson Secretary
Media Contact: Andrew Irvine, ETU Communications Officer 0448 633 858