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January-March 2015
Issue No. 5
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Add Color to Winter
Colorful photos and video are difficult to capture
this time of year because of bright white snow or
grey skies. The auto settings for F-stop, white
balance, and shutter speed on most cameras
compensate well in normal conditions, but in these
colorless environments it’s important that you
make manual adjustments. Closing down the Fstop will limit brightness to the image and actually
improve color and depth of field. Increasing shutter
speed can limit brightness as well. White balance
settings that are cooler (3000-4000 Kelvins) will
emphasize the winter scene, while warmer settings
(4000-5000 Kelvins) will make colors pop. Dark
clothing on subjects in these bright environments
will add contrast and allow you to adjust camera
settings for the subject rather than snow or grey
sky. If you can’t change settings easily, one trick is
to shoot down on your subjects so that you
eliminate grey skies in the background improving
color. Try these tricks for beautiful winter images!
-Richy Harrod, Executive Producer
The Northwest Outdoorsmen
TV Series
The Northwest Outdoorsmen aired for 13 weeks
this past fall with the last show airing on
November 30. Viewers gave us some great
feedback and we are very happy with the 2014
season! The end of this season marked the
beginning of next year as we drew prize
winners for our Free Drawing Giveaway and
the grand prize winner will help us make a
show for next year! John Mason and his
daughter from Forest Grove, Oregon will
accompany us to the Snake River near
Richland, Oregon while we fish for crappie and
shoot one of our shows. Bob Payseno from
Renton, Washington was our second place
winner and will receive a Work Sharp, Mack’s
Lure fishing gear, and Harrod’s Cookhouse
Seasonings. Finally, Kenneth Smith from
Ellensburg, Washington was our third place
winner and will also receive a Work Sharp and
Harrod’s Cookhouse Seasonings.
Congratulations to our winners and thanks to
everyone who signed up! Be sure to check the
Harrod Outdoors website for your chance to
sign up for our 2015 drawings and contests!
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January- March
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Sponsor News
Work Sharp –
Happy New Year from Work Sharp in
Ashland, Oregon! We enjoy living, working,
and playing in the Pacific Northwest, and
absolutely love being a part of The Northwest
Outdoorsmen series. We hope everyone’s 2014
harvest was bountiful, and that 2015 yields
more great stories and trophy moments. It’s an
honor supplying sharpening solutions for your
hunting and fishing adventures, and we will
continue innovating great sharpening tools for
camp, field and your workshop through 2015
and beyond. You can sign up for our newsletter
at WorkSharpTools.com to hear about new
products and innovations, and you could win
some really cool gear. Wishing a successful
2015 for all—we’ll talk again next season. Until
then, stay sharp out there…
-Tim Oates, Work Sharp Tools
Mack’s Lure –
You heard me say it first: It’s time for
Kokanee! That’s right, even though it’s the
middle of winter these delectable treats are
being caught at a lake near you. It’s a huge
misconception that Kokanee can only be
caught during the summer months. The season
can last from December through October, so
bundle up and fill your freezer! Try using a
Mack’s Lure 4” Double D Dodger® with a
1.5” Cha Cha™ Kokanee squidder for best
-Lance Merz, Mack’s Lure
Pacific Calls –
Pacific Custom Calls is a waterfowl call
company located in Spokane Washington that
takes calls to the next level. Besides being 100%
made in the United States and providing
excellent customer service, there is so much
more behind this company that makes them a
great choice for the next item on your lanyard.
This company is both owned and operated by
hard working guys that wanted to do more than
make calls, but make the call that will make an
impact in the waterfowl community. Hour after
hour they have worked, brainstormed, and
created custom calls while at the same time
balancing a day job, family, and hunting.
However, there is more to the uprising of this
company than meets the eye. Behind the
owners and manufactures is a group of hard
working pro and field staffers that have taken a
hobby of hunting and created a family. This
family has begun to impact their local
communities through activities such as veteran,
youth, and disability hunts that have spread the
joy and love for the outdoors that we all know
and cherish. Pacific Custom Calls isn’t just a
great call; it’s an organization that takes a
community interest that will make a lasting
- Owner Trevor Austin and Staff Member Colby
Faulkes, Pacific Custom Calls
These Kokanee were caught in December at Lake
Chelan, Washington by Mack’s Lure Pro Staff Jeff
Witkowski of Darrell and Dads Guide Service.
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January- March
Harrod’s Cookhouse
We have some big news! Harrod’s Cookhouse has a brand new seasoning and the sale of our Elk Camp
Roast Coffee will help the Wildland Firefighters Foundation. Our new Game Bird and Chicken Seasoning
is the perfect addition to quail, pheasant, chukar, other
game birds, or chicken. It combines savory flavors with a hint of
lemon, smoked paprika, and just the right amount of sweetness.
Game Bird and Chicken Seasoning is a must for the outdoorsman’s
spice rack!
In addition, Harrod’s Cookhouse is proud to announce our campaign
to raise $1000 for the Wildland Firefighters Foundation through the
sale of our Elk Camp Roast Coffee. The main purpose of the
Foundation is to support families of firefighters injured or lost in the
line of duty. Their work is extremely important and you can help us
support them by purchasing all your coffee from our online store. We will be donating half of all proceeds
from coffee sales, so please help us reach our goal! Visit us at our online store shop.harrodoutdoors.com.
Product Reviews
Cabela’s Inferno 2000 gram Pac boot
Being as heavy as they are I would not
recommend doing a lot of hiking in these boots. I
use them for field hunting waterfowl when blood
circulation is at a minimum. That being said they
are a little difficult to get tucked into your ground
blind because of the size. If I had to rate these
boots on a scale of 1 being poor and 5 be
excellent, I would rate them at a 4.5. The only
deduction would be the overall weight and size of
the boot. You can purchase these boots at
Cabela’s with a price tag of around $180.00. All
in all, I am very satisfied with this product and so
are my feet.”
“I purchased the Cabela’s inferno Pac boot for
use in extreme cold weather conditions. What
I found with this product is that with 2000
grams of ultra-thinsulate, I see where they came
up with the name Inferno. These boots are
extremely warm. Not only are they packed
with thinsulate but they also provide
waterproof dry-plus linings with moisture
wicking technology. These boots are 12 inches
tall and weigh 5.7 pounds a pair.
-Justin Herold
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Sit 2015
Winter Trout and…Kokanee?
As hunting seasons come to a close, most sportsman and
women throughout the Northwest just hang up their gear and
hunker down by the fire waiting for spring to arrive. Why not go
fishing? Trout and yes, even Kokanee, can be readily caught this
time of year and you’re likely to have the best fishing spots all to
yourself! So as you store your waterfowl gun, pull out that fishing
rod and organize your fishing gear because it’s time to go fishing! In
this article, I’ll provide a few tips about gear and how to fish winter
waters. North central Washington has some of the best year round fishing opportunities in the
Northwest and it happens to be in my backyard. There are many other great places to winter fish in
Oregon and Washington, so you can apply my local examples to waters near you.
Most people think of steelhead when you talk about winter fishing, but I prefer fishing for
rainbows and triploids because of the potential to catch numerous fish. Triploids are sterile rainbows
that are voracious feeders and have the potential to grow to trophy size if not harvested the first season
after stocking. They are stocked in 117 lakes in Washington providing anglers with numerous fishing
opportunities. Lake Roosevelt and Rufus Woods Reservoir on the upper Columbia River are my
favorite places to catch these rainbows. It’s not uncommon to catch triploids up to 10-12 lbs in Rufus
Woods and a fish this size eats much like a spring Chinook, in my opinion.
The best way to catch rainbows is to troll because you
can cover lots of water in order to locate lethargic fish. Fish
are typically near the surface this time of year as cloudy days
and cool water allow rainbows to find food in the top water.
We use several different combinations of Mack’s Lure tackle
to catch rainbows, not just because they are our sponsors but
because their fishing gear works! My favorite setup is the 1.5”
Cha Cha Squidder, Kokanee Series on about an 18” leader
behind a 7.6” Double D Dodger. Shorten the leader for
added lure movement or lengthen for less movement. Besides
added attraction, the larger dodger provides a little extra
weight to keep your lure in the water while trolling. A nice
feature of the squidders is that they come in a variety of colors and they have the Smile Blade, also in a
variety of colors. We typically use pinks or hot orange; you can buy them pre-tied or buy the squid
bodies and a variety of Smile Blade colors to build your own combinations. I like the Kokanee series
because of the closely tied, dual hook setup. It’s a good idea to tip your lure with a couple of pieces of
Shoepeg corn brined in the secret sauce (Karo syrup and a scent, like Super Dipping Sauce
(http://www.superdippingsauce.com/), but shhh…don’t tell anyone!). Troll at speeds between 1.5
and 2.0 mph making slow S-turns so that your lures will alternate between slower and faster speeds.
Slow your speed if you notice that you always catch fish during the turn on the inside rod, or
conversely speed up if it’s on the outside rod.
A couple of variations to the setup above can work well too. Use a Flash Lite Trolls or Hot
Wings in place of the Double D Dodger. These attractors do not have the side to side action of the
dodger, so lengthen the leaders of your Cha Cha Squidders to 24-36”. Flash Lites and Hot Wings are
pretty lightweight so you will need to add a couple ounces of weight or place onto a downrigger to keep
the lure in the strike zone. You can also replace the squidders with a bucktail fly, Smile Blade Fly, or a
lightweight Glo Getter Marabou Jig. These lures don’t require bait but you can add some scent. You
can set up a rod rigged with one of these variations to see what works the best.
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Sit 2015
If you don’t have a boat, you can catch rainbows from
the bank. Rainbows will cruise the shallow water along the bank
looking for food so using stationary bait will work well. The
setup is relatively simple. Tie up a single bait hook (sizes 1 or 2
are best) on an approximately 3’ leader and attach leader to a
swivel tied to your main line. I also slide a small bead and smile
blade on the leader above the hook for added attraction. On the
main line above the swivel, place a 2 oz. weight that will slide up
and down the main line. The water speed in the Columbia River
varies greatly so you may use more or less weight to keep you
gear in place. Lighter weight will work in lakes. Bait your hook
with artificial bait, such as Power Bait, worms and
marshmallows, or shrimp and marshmallows. You want to use
marshmallows or the artificial bait because this will float your hook slightly off the bottom and
positions it in the perfect depth for trout. This type of fishing requires patience as fish are cruising
slowly this time of year. Build a fire and pour your favorite warm drink and enjoy being outside!
It’s true; you can catch Kokanee throughout the winter and early spring. Kokanee tend to be
scattered and in smaller schools during the winter months so you may not catch the numbers of fish
you would in May or June. However, 4 or 5 of these great eating fish can make any outing worthwhile.
The setup for your fishing tackle is similar to that which I described above for rainbows. Again, I am
partial to the Cha Cha Squidder, Kokanee Series and I like Hot Pink Glow or Pink Spatter UV for
winter time fishing. Tip your hooks with a few pieces of Shoepeg corn brined in the secret sauce
(shhh…!). Downsize the Double D Dodger to the 4.4” size
and keep your leader lengths under 16” for maximum lure
movement. Fish your lures off of the downriggers and look
for fish in pretty deep water. In Lake Chelan, we find fish
anywhere from 50-120 feet this time of year! Trolling
speeds should be a little slower than for rainbows so try to
keep between 1.1-1.4 mph. Again, use slow S-turns to vary
lure speed and this will help you find the trolling speed the
fish like. Really pay close attention to your electronics and
if you spot fish, adjust your downrigger depth to match the
fish depth. And if you catch a fish, mark that spot and
depth and stay on the fish. The saying we use is “you never
leave fish to find fish,” so stay on the biters until you either loose them on the depth finder or they stop
Winter fishing can be a lot of fun and provides a much needed relief to cabin fever. Give these
tips a try on your next outing and let us know how you do. Send photos and comments to our email at
[email protected], post to our timeline on Facebook (search Harrod Outdoors LLC), or tag us
in your posts on Instagram (@harrodoutdoors, #harrodoutdoors). Buy your Mack’s Lure fishing gear at
http://mackslure.com or at a sporting goods store near you. You can find more details about what gear
to use and how to use it by watching the numerous technical videos we have produced for Mack’s
Lure. Find these videos on our Youtube Channel by searching for Harrod Outdoors in the Youtube
search bar. Finally, you can easily access our social network sites by visiting our website
(http://harrodoutdoors.com) and clicking on the Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube icons on the
bottom of the home page. Good luck fishing!
Richy Harrod, Executive Producer