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Dear Company Representative,
On behalf of the Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM)
Department at the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst, we cordially invite you to
attend our annual HTM Career Day on March 4, 2015. The
HTM Career Day is a student-run, non-profit event that has
been held for the past 40 years, and it is the largest studentrun career day on the East Coast. In years past, we have had
tremendous success, and with your help, this year’s event
with help transform ambition into achievement. The students
attending this career day are ambitious to gain industry experience and to network with recruiters in order to achieve their
final goal, whether it’s an internship, full-time job, or simply
cordial information sharing with recruiters.
The HTM program here at UMass Amherst is consistently
ranked as one of the best in the country. Additionally, in
2014, BusinessWeek ranked the Isenberg School of Management as a Top 50 program (36th) in the country, and Top 20
(14th) among public universities. That said, what really makes
our students stand apart from other universities is how satisfied recruiters, like yourself, are with Isenberg students. In
2014, BusinessWeek ranked Isenberg in the Top 10% (11th)
for Recruiter Satisfaction. The students in the HTM department as well as in the Isenberg School of Management are
prepared, enthusiastic, and have an unrivaled work ethic.
They are constantly evolving and bettering themselves as
students, members of the community, and future industry
The HTM Career Day is not only of the most highly anticipated events within the department, but for all of Isenberg. Each year, we build upon our existing foundation
to make it the best possible experience for our attending
recruiters. This career day is more than just one event, as it
includes a complimentary breakfast, lunch, and our Senior
Reception. Furthermore, we offer rooms for information
sessions to be held either before or during the career
day, as well as interview rooms and suites for you to host
on-campus interviews the following day. The Career Day
Committee strives to meet each company’s individual
needs. We are truly looking forward to providing each
company with a personalized and unsurpassed experience
while joining us on campus.
All of the information regarding HTM Career Day 2015 will
be found within this prospectus. Registration is currently
open, and we are offering discounted prices for companies registered before January 31st, 2015. If you have any
further questions or need additional information, please
do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We look forward to having you join us at the
2015 HTM Career Day.
Warmest Regards,
Alissa Mendelsohn,
Committee Chair
Dr. Haemoon Oh,
Department Head
Why Recruit at UMass Amherst
“It’s a true pleasure to
What Our Students Can Offer Your Company
see the passion the
The UMass Amherst Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
(HTM) is one of the most prestigious and oldest educational hospitality
programs in the country. For over 40 years, the annual HTM Career Day
has been entirely organized, planned, and executed by a committee of
students, giving us the opportunity to showcase our educational developments through hands-on learning experiences. As part of the Isenberg School of Management, the HTM community consists of over 500
students, all of whom are eager and willing to engage in a challenging
Our Career Day is a unique occasion for your company to recruit from an
elite selection of students at UMass Amherst. In addition to your booth
exhibit during the career day, we offer complimentary use of our facilities to conduct information sessions. These sessions offer you the ability
to meet students directly, and inform them about the available positions
your company has to offer.
As a diverse community of students, we thrive by working in a variety of
sectors within the hospitality industry. With the range of concentrations
available to students, including hotels, casinos, conventions, tourism
policy and planning, and food and beverage, your company is sure to
find the perfect candidate for the job.
The recognition in excellence that the UMass HTM Department continuously receives is largely due to the enthusiasm that the students display
to be constantly active in the classroom and in the workforce. By joining
us at our 41st Annual Career Day, you will be able to connect with the inspiring personalities of our students and allow your company to advance
through quality recruitment here in the HTM department at UMass.
students share for
hospitality, travel and
tourism at UMass
Amherst HTM Career
Day. It’s been
gratifying to be a
part of their growth
and development as they
prepare to begin their
journey as future leaders
in the hospitality
- Ireldy Dasilva, Starwood
Hotel and Resorts Worldwide
Schedule of Events
Wednesday March 4th, 2015
9 am – 10:30 am
Check In & Recruiter Breakfast
9 am – 9 pm
Information Sessions
11 am – 4 pm
Career Day
12 pm – 2:30 pm
Recruiter & Faculty Luncheon
3:45 pm – 4 pm
Booth Breakdown
4 pm – 6 pm
Senior Reception
Information Sessions:
Hosting an information session is a great way to
educate students about your company and promote
employment opportunities your company may offer.
Information sessions provide a personal environment
and are ways to create long lasting professional
relationships with students.
Information sessions are complimentary, and can be requested
during your registration.
Interview rooms will be available for the following day
on March 5th. Interviews will be located on campus,
which offers convenience, and saves your company
time and money. We believe this is the best opportunity for you to connect with our aspiring students,
while providing exposure to your company’s available
positions. We welcome you to take advantage of
our facilities here at UMass. Interview rooms are
complimentary and can be requested during your
initial registration.
Senior Reception
Networking in a Memorable Dining Experience
An Invitation for Engaging Social Networking
The Senior Reception is a truly special event planned for
you and our students to interact in an elegant, relaxing
environment in our Marriott Center. This wonderful reception is an excellent opportunity for recruiters to further
network with seniors, graduate students, faculty, and fellow
recruiters, while building lasting relationships in a relaxing,
yet memorable dining experience. Join us and get a taste
of our nationally ranked UMass Catering Department, while
creating lifetime professional connections over an assortment of exquisite hors d’oeuvres, specialty cocktails, and
local favorites specially crafted and themed for this event.
Event in Marriott Center – Immediately After Career Day
Immediately following the career day, the 41st annual
Senior Reception will be hosted in the Marriott Center,
located on the 11th floor of our Campus Center – the pride
and home of our HTM department. Through the use of our
state-of-the art facilities, our students have the ability to gain
and develop hands-on culinary and beverage management
experience and skills, and present this event to you. We would
like to welcome you to this event as a way to wind-down,
relax, and enjoy the fresh and exquisite food served by our
HTM student volunteers. Each of them has dedicated their
time to assist in the preparation, and to serve the indulgences
we have created for you.
Please Plan to Attend
This event is held to recognize the graduating seniors’ accomplishments, demonstrate the strengths of our volunteers, and
to display our appreciation for the recruiters. You won’t want
to miss this incredible student-run reception, as it remains an
integral component of the HTM Career Day, signifying the
finale for a truly exceptional occasion, and the conclusion to
an eventful day. We sincerely look forward to welcoming you
into our “home” on March 4th.
Prices for HTM Career Day 2015
Making the Most Out of Career Day
As part of your experience at the HTM Career Day, your exhibit booth has multiple amenities that are included within
your registration fee. Our goal is to make your experience easy and hassle free. Available upon request are additional
items that may assist you with your recruitment and information session needs.
Exhibit Booth Includes:
Additional Items Available Upon Request:
• 2 Recruiters
• Information Session
• Interview Room
• Senior Reception Tickets
• Wi-Fi
• Breakfast & Lunch
• Additional Recruiter
• Access to Electrical Outlet
• TV/VCR/DVD Players
• LCD Projector for Information Session
• Flip Board for Information Session
• Extension Cord $50
Registration Fee: $395
Registration Fee up until January 31st: $395
Registration Fee after February 1st: $425
As we strive to provide the ultimate experience for our highly talented students, it is also our ambition to not only fulfill
the high expectations our recruiters have, but to surpass them. As members of the Hospitality and Tourism Management department, we pride ourselves on the lasting relationships we have developed with the companies that have
attended our career day in the past. As we look to the future, we aspire to connect with brand new companies, and
welcome them to our campus.
This year, our committee has developed sponsorship levels that allow us to improve upon past Career Days. Our
students hope to transform ambition into achievement, by providing each company with the highest level of service
and satisfaction. This year, we are offering a new sponsorship program for you to show your support. We would like
to thank you for your continued support of us at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and we look forward to
welcoming each and every one of you at the HTM Career Day 2015. If you have any questions regarding our
sponsorship opportunities, please contact Michael Quinlan, Finance Chair, at [email protected]
Gold Sponsorship
Silver Sponsorship
Bronze Sponsorship
• 5 logo projections
• Gold star
• Ribbon
• All marketing material
• 2 additional free recruiters
• 3 logo projections
• Silver star
• Ribbon
• All marketing material
• 2 logo projection
• Bronze star
• Ribbon
Hotel UMass
Convenience in the heart of campus
A room block is available through Hotel UMass at
the Campus Center. In addition to the convenience of
staying in the same building as both the Career Day
and Senior Reception, the hotel offers numerous
amenities including a complimentary continental
breakfast, internet, and convenient parking.
Hotel UMass
Reservation method: Attendees should
contact the hotel directly by January
30th, 2015 to secure a reservation at the
group rate of $109 per night, plus taxes
and fees. Please request your room
using the hotel block code: HTM15C.
You may continue to call for room
reservations after January 30th, 2015,
however rooms and rates will not be
Campus Center Way
UMass Amherst Amherst, MA 01003
413.549.6000 ext. 78047 |
Chase Career Center
Isenberg School of Management
The Chase Career Center, located in the Isenberg School of Management, is the undergraduate and graduate office for student
professional development. Isenberg students build new and
innovative skills across eight critical disciplinary areas, setting our
students up for success in any business environment. The Chase
Career Center offers students a multitude of resources through
dynamic internships, professional networking, interview skills
enhancement, and an emphasis on personal branding. Students
in the Isenberg School of Management get the best
possible career launch through corporate involvement and a
network of well-connected alumni. For more information, please
contact Melissa Salva, Director of Recruiting Operations, at
[email protected], or by calling 413-545-5598.
To Register or Learn More:
To reserve your place at HTM Career Day 2015 at
UMass Amherst, please go to:
If you do not have an Experience account, you can create one at:
General Contact Information
UMass Amherst | HTM 107 Flint Lab
90 Campus Center Way, Amherst, MA 01003-9247
T. 413-545-3438 | F. 413-577-3900
Alissa Mendelsohn
Committee Chair
[email protected]
Ashley Hellstrom
Food & Beverage Co-Chair
[email protected]
Colleen Byrne
Food & Beverage Co-Chair
[email protected]
Victoria Quill Facilities Chair
[email protected]
Stephanie Colangelo
Volunteer Chair
[email protected]
Michael Quinlan
Finance Chair
[email protected]
Brianna Cole Marketing Chair
[email protected]
Erika Zahoruiko
Recruiter Relations Chair
[email protected]
Additional Contacts:
Dr. Haemoon Oh
Head, HTM Department
[email protected]
Melissa Salva
Dir. of Recruiting Operations
[email protected]
Rod Warnick
Advisor, HTM Department
[email protected]
John Conlin
Registration Chair
[email protected]