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2014 Hospital Survey Results
Customer Letter # 2015-04
Dear Customer:
Canadian Blood Services conducted our annual hospital survey for 2014 between September 17th and October 8th, 2014,
and included hospital customers in all provinces served by us. A total of 196 surveys were completed online,
representing a 49% overall response rate. We would like to thank all of our hospital customers who took the time to
complete this survey, and to also reaffirm that we take your feedback seriously as a means of improving our products and
Summary of Findings
Consistent with the 2013 findings, overall satisfaction with the services provided by Canadian Blood Services is very
high with all respondents (95%) rating it as a 7 or higher out of 10. Top box satisfaction among large hospitals went from
22% in 2013 to 15% in 2014. We will be examining the detailed survey results to better understand the reasons for this
change. The majority of hospitals (78%) indicate their overall satisfaction has not changed from last year, but 15%
indicate it increased. This high level of satisfaction also extends into specific aspects of the service offering, including:
Trust: Asked for the first time, agreement that hospital customers trust Canadian Blood Services to act in the
best interest of the public is high (98%), with over half strongly agreeing. The vast majority (94%) say their trust
has not changed compared to last year, while 6% say it has increased.
Safety: Satisfaction with the safety of plasma protein products & blood components remains high (99%, with
only one respondent less than satisfied).
Product Availability and Timeliness of Delivery: Satisfaction with availability and timeliness of delivery is ≥
95% for all products and overall satisfaction has generally not shifted much from 2013.
Service Delivery: Of 13 service delivery measures (including medical/clinical advice, staff knowledge, and
understanding hospital requirements), 11 had at least 95% overall satisfaction and all had at least 90%.
Communication: Satisfaction with the quality of information received is very high (≥ 97%) across all channels
and overall satisfaction is within 1% to 2% of 2013 scores for all channels.
As in the previous two surveys, the most common suggestion for improvement was around delivery/transportation
service availability/schedules/turn-around time. The next most common themes were followed by communication and
the level and availability of service. The majority of respondents who provided final comments offered complimentary
As found in previous surveys, smaller hospitals (defined as those receiving less than 500 units of red blood cells per year)
provided higher scores than larger hospitals in overall satisfaction.
Your local Hospital Liaison Specialist will review the survey results with you in more detail during a future hospital
customer meeting.
This Customer Letter can also be viewed at www.blood.ca in the “Hospitals” section. If you have questions about this
Customer Letter, please contact your local Hospital Liaison Specialist.
Ian Mumford
Chief Supply Chain Officer