Jan 2015
Thank you to our Volunteers who Patrolled
Christmas Day
Many thanks to those members who patrolled our beach on
Christmas day. Many of these guys made it a family outing with all
members of the family donning the red and yellow. Thanks to:
AM Patrol
Brad Leslie, Steve Bradney, Matt Kluck, Tam Benjamin, Michele
Brittain, Jo Brown, Emily Chester, Hannah Pledge, Jack Rodgers,
Dylan Wheeler, Jas Benjamin, Georgia Brittain.
Mid Patrol
Shane Baird, Greg Craven, Phil Perren, Lachie Craven, Holly
Ebsworthy, Jess Baird, Tracy Buhk, Dana Craven, Jeff Ebsworthy,
Emily Chester, Noah Ebsworthy, Kurt McAleenan, Wayne McGregor,
Alicia Baird, Ben Campbell, Mitchell Craven, Tyla Dickey, Jacob
Ebsworthy, Matt McGregor.
PM Patrol
Mark Thornton, Linda Thornton, Andrew Buhk, Abbey Scott, Connor
Buhk, Tracy Buhk, Peter Fraser, Kurt McAleenan, Jye Williams, Sam
Williams, Sammy Thornton.
SSCB Surf Rescue
16th, 17th & 18th January
Masters Teams Carnival
24th January
(Australian Surf Rowers
8th February
2015 QLD Surf Rescue
13th, 14th, & 15th February
Pudding Swim
Well done to Braedan Jason (1st), Matt McGregor (2nd) & Sam Bull
(3rd) and to all 46 members (pictured below) who turned up for the
Xmas Pudding Swim
2015 QLD State Board Riding
13th, 14th, & 15th February
It’s our time to shine!
Please contact the office or come
down to the Club to put your
name down to help out at any of
the above carnivals. We need all
hands on deck across multiple
areas from expert sausage
sizzlers, to water safety and beach
set up.
Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club
Page 1
A Message from the President of
Surf Life Saving Queensland
Hey Nippers...
Save these Dates
Fellow Lifesavers,
My warmest congratulations on a very successful peak beach patrol
period so far. Volunteers and ALS Lifeguards have once again
performed magnificently to protect our bathing public during the
December-January holiday period.
In 2012-13 and 2013-14 we had an amazing nil beach drowning
record; with over half the period gone, we have to report one Fraser
Island death (probably due to a medical complication) with some
very close calls:
On 2 January two of our roving ALS Lifeguards performed life-saving
CPR at Double Island Point;
On 6 January a Burleigh Heads-Mowbray Park member working as a
Lifeguard on the Gold Coast performed a rescue and resuscitation of
a Chinese student, again saving his life;
Earlier in the period, Sunshine Coast lifesavers responded swiftly to
an emergency beacon at Alexandra Bay, Noosa National Park, and
saved an Irish tourist from certain drowning; he was in a critical
condition for a while but recovered in medical care.
We have had many other near-misses, shark sightings, difficult surf
conditions, but always our Volunteer Lifesavers and ALS Lifeguards
perform admirably for the public
Well done to everyone, and all the
best for the completion of yet
another successful holiday season.
Ralph Devlin QC
President, SLSQ
Back by
demand both
these camps
are booking out FAST.
Put these dates in your diary NOW… better still get
your parents to RSVP for
you now at the office.
2015 Lifesaving
Excellence Camp
U11, 12 & 13
7 & 8 February 2015
2015 Lifesaving
High Performance Camp
U11, 12 & 13
31 Jan & 1 Feb 2015
January Nipper
11th Jan— Normal Nippers
17TH Jan— FMOS Kurrawa
18th Jan— Normal Nippers
24th Jan— SCB U8—U10
Branch Champs
25th Jan— Normal Nippers
27th Jan— BACK TO
Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club
Page 2
Bondi to Bluff - 12 months later
Meat Raffle Roster
12 months ago, on the 8th December 2013,we were pushing into an increasing
northerly chop/swell, as we made our way from Forster to Pt. Macquarie.
Amazing how fast time goes by!
Glenn Garrick asked Wayne for an update on his recovery.
“Through the efforts of everybody involved and your fundraising contributions, I have
been able to step up my Rehabilitation, and participate in Pilates in individual
sessions. This has resulted in me finding connections in my deep inner core muscles,
adding stability to my back. With the continued swimming and exercise programs that I
was undertaking, I have added strength and stability to my back muscles which
previously were in seizure. The extra stability had stopped the seizures and reduced the
levels of pain I was experiencing.
I have also had the opportunity to undertake extra acupuncture sessions, which has
proved integral in relaxing my back muscles. With the reduced pain levels I have found I
can now sit for longer and have ceased taking pain management medication. This has
allowed me to undertake a Masters degree of Applied Finance and given me career
opportunities into the future.
I can now pick up my 2 boys and enjoy being able to wrestle and play with them, which I
previously never thought would be a possibility.
My overall quality of life has increased to a point I never thought possible.
The catalyst for my life now was the Bondi to Bluff 1 year ago and I will never forget
those that helped to make this possible, and contributed towards my recovery and the
future of my family.
From the bottom of our hearts we are so thankful and appreciative for what you have
done for us. Wayne”
Alex Clubbies
Well Alex Clubbies have been in fine form over the Summer Holiday
period. Only stopping training for Christmas Day and New Years Day and
even then I think many were out catching waves and enjoying the great
conditions (AKA SURF!!). Training has continued with mainly swim and
boards and the odd ski day if conditions permit.
We are well and truly into the patrolling season now and all striving to
carry our level of fitness into the final few months and hopefully the odd
competition here and there 
Don’t be afraid to come and have a go, we cater for all levels of fitness
and finesse. If your New Year’s Resolutions included fitness, fun or joining
a great group of people for regular laughs this is the time and place for
you ...Starting 5.30 am promptly Tuesday and Thursday am – beach side
of the club
See you on the beach
Jess & Shane
Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club
Masters Boats - Greg Craven
Surf Boats - Steve Davies
March Past - Ray Munroe
Beachies - Wendy Sierp
Ticket sales start at 5.30pm and
raffles drawn at 6.45pm.
You must wear your patrol shirt.
News from your
Chief Training
Happy New Year!
If you have not completed your
SRC/Bronze proficiency after the
31 December 2014 then
unfortunately you will not be able
to compete or do any patrols until
you are proficient.
If you would like to patrol this
season then you will have to fill in
a late proficiency request form
that you can get off our
website. You need to fill it in and
then send it to the club which will
then be sent to branch.
Some of you were not able to
make any of the proficiencies
however there were many people
who had informed me before the
31 December and we were able
to work out other times etc. We
even did a special proficiency on
the 27 December.
Any inquiries please do not
hesitate to contact the club.
Anita Moore
Page 3
All members, please do not
leave your bikes in the
breezeway or the locker area
when you come to training in
the afternoons.
Please use bike racks provided
at the northern end of the Club
FREE Fitness Frenzy @ Swim Fit
Aquatic Centres starting Monday
19th Jan.
Bring a buddy FREE to any fitness class all week! PLUS…
20% off all fitness passes
for more information.
Buderim Aquatic Centre – 5445 6685
Coolum-Peregian Aquatic Centre – 5473 9042
Cotton Tree Aquatic Centre – 5443 5601
Nambour Aquatic Centre – 5476 0455
Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club
A come and try Nippers Program
for children with learning
difficulties was run by Sunshine
Coast Branch for the Tree House
Initiative on Wednesday the 14th
of January. We had several of our
members volunteer their time
helping with activities such as
wading, dolphin diving, body
boarding and flags.
Thanks to:
Emma Partington
Kate Skinner
Jas Benjamin
Jordon Spencer
Adriana Perdomo
Marie Hasemann
Rod Nak
Ruby McClure
Page 4
What a great young lady & ambassador! Alyssa Bull is having a sea change.
Alyssa is moving to the Gold Coast to further her studies and train at the A.I.S for Kayaking. Dreaming of becoming an
‘Dream big young lady, there will be so many WHAT IF's during your journey. Go with your heart and do what is right for
you. Find reasons why you "CAN" achieve what you want. There will be plenty of ups and plenty of downs. Trust me,
walking out into that stadium to hear the deafening roar of the crowd at the Opening Ceremony will last with you forever.
Go for it.’
Janelle Pallister
I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone at the Alex Surf Club, especially those who were up in the training
room on Wednesday night. I wish I could have said more to you all then but it was so hard to string a sentence
together. I will never be able to thank you all enough for the last 14 years of my life. When you are a member of a
surf club you become a part of one of the biggest organizations in Australia, and I’m so glad we joined Alex, you
guys make it more than an organization. You make it a family. I’m so honored I can say I am a part of the Alex
family. I’m ever so proud that I wear an Alex cap and that’s not about to change. Most of you know how hard this
decision was for me to make. I wanted the best of both worlds but as I found out last year trying to halve my time
between surf and kayaking, I couldn’t excel in both as much as I know I could and wanted to (especially with my
lacking in swimming abilities). Having been a surf kid for so long but also driven to make it to the pinnacle of sport I
had to make a choice. So having achieved all I have in surf so far I decided to put a few little dreams aside and
chase a bigger one for now, and that is to compete at the Olympics. I want to give myself the best opportunity I have
to make it. Putting aside iron racing and fully devoting my time to a kayak program was step 1. Moving to the gold
coast is a necessity in order to be ‘in the mix’ so that’s the box I’m ticking now. While I'm there I may as well pull my
finger out and further my studies to become a teacher, I’ve decided to do that at Griffith Uni through their Sports
College. Moving to the Goldie is a big change for me. No mum, no dad and no big brother. So that’s why I'll always
be coming back :) and I need to do my patrol hours somehow.
So thank you to everyone who has helped me thus far, there are too many
to list but you know who you are. Thank you to everyone who stuck by me
through the lows and helping me get back on my feet. Thanks to my mates
for showing me reasons every day why I chose to compete. Righto that's
enough rhyming. Thanks Lemo for letting me kick your arse at kayak
training even though you didn’t need to be there. Ashley, The Big
Dawwwg, I’ll never be able to thank you enough, you are a deadset legend
(don’t worry I won’t join Northcliff). A special thanks to Janelle for
EVERYTHING you have done for me! Also for the surprise last night and
to everyone who attended, it means the world to me. #thestampede
I don’t like to say goodbye cause I'm not going anywhere, so I won’t.
See you all shortly.
Aly Bull xxx
Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club
Page 5
Anita is back, but the kids
are still playing - Part 3
We are nearly down to the last
week of Summer Holiday
camps! We have had so much
fun with those who have
attended so far. There are still
lots of spaces for the last week
(Mon 19th—22nd Jan) if you
would like to book in. Surfing
and body boarding have
definitely been a hit, and it has
been great to see Nippers and
non-Nippers mingle and help
each other out.
Some of our members are
helping out The Treehouse
Initiative this week with a
‘Come and Try Nippers Day’ for
kids with Challenges. We are
very thankful for the people
who have put their hand up to
help this great cause.
Life Savers With Pride
With the 2014-15 surf lifesaving season well underway, Lifesavers
with Pride would like to highlight our advocacy activities to all
lifesavers and clubs. Through promoting the progressive nature of
lifesaving as a healthy, social and welcoming activity, and SLSA as a
progressive and inclusive organisation, we create a conduit between
the lifesaving and gay and lesbian communities by providing support
to gay and lesbian members as well as promoting lifesaving within
the gay and lesbian communities. With this in mind, we are opening
registrations for entry in the Mardi Gras in March 2015, with plans
to win back the “best float” prize. All updates and links are provided
through our facebook group
Anita is back from her
holidays, and Jo is off to Uni
again. She would like to say
thanks very much to everyone
that helped her through Anita
being away, especially those
lovely office girls!
Regards, the LWP Committee
Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club
Page 6
Nipper Training
IRB Training
Sprints, Flags &
Mon: 4.30pm Board
Beginners: U9 - U14 (The Spit)**
Intermediate & Advanced:
U9 - U14 (Alex)
Tue: 4.30pm Sprints
Maroochy Rugby Oval
Wed: 4.30pm Board (Alex)
Intermediate & Advanced
Thurs: 4.30pm
Flags Sprints, Relays (Alex)
Sat: 7.30am Board/Iron (Alex)
**Bring your own board
Senior Ski/Board
Iron Training
Mon 4.15pm
Tue 4.15pm
Wed 5.45am
Wed 4.15pm
Thu 4.15pm
Fri 4.15pm
Sat 6.00am
Sat 7.30am
Sat 3.00pm
Board (Alex)
Ski (Clarke Park)
Masters Ski (Alex)
Board/ Iron (Alex)
Ski (Alex)
Dry land (Alex TBA)
Ski (Alex)
Board/ Iron (Alex)
IRB Competition Training over
for the 2013-2014 season.
If you want to get ready for
next season’s competition,
make sure you gain your IRB
Crew Certificate or Silver
Medallion IRB Driver
If you already have these, make
sure you do your annual Skills
Maintenance (proficiency).
Remember to check Club
noticeboards for Carnival
Nomination forms.
The Beachies train every Tue,
Wed & Thu at 5.30pm.
Tues - Maroochy Rugby Oval
Thurs - Alex SLSC beach (bring
your sandshoes)
If you have any questions about
beach sprints or beach flags?
Contact Kip McFarland or Wendy
For more information, contact
Dave Arnold (phone number
available from the Club office).
Surf Rescue
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Club Swim Night
Get proficiency ready and join us
for a fun swim session at Star
Swim Pool - Wises Road.
Training room
From 6.00pm—7.00pm
A great way to improve your
lifesaving skills. All members
welcome aged 14 and up.
Long Ski/ Board (TBA)
Call the Club office for details.
U14 - Masters Sprint &
Flags Training
Fitness Sessions
Monday Night Yoga
6.00-7.00pm in the training
room. $10 casual visit or $80/ 10
visit pass. Contact Maxine on
0404 867 855. All welcome.
Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club
This is a great group and the
session is suitable for all levels of
Tuesday nights: 5.30-6.30pm
Swim programs & stroke
correction provided. Bring a
kickboard, pull buoy & fins.
Entry Fee: $4.00
March Past
March Past are always looking for new marchers
to join our group. If you look good wearing gold,
drinking gold and winning gold - contact Ray
Munroe or enquire at the Club office.
Page 7
Scott Millar
Winner of ‘Tugboats’
Silent Auction
Work at an American
Summer Camp
CCUSA is looking for current
Surf Lifeguards and Life
Savers that are financial and
proficient for the 2014/2015
We would like to thank
Davies and the Surf Boat
Team for their generous
Donation of this Wine
Cabinet to be auctioned
the money raised being
donated to our IRB
Competition Team who
have been working
tirelessly to raise money to
buy new equipment.
Congratulations to Scott
Millar who won the Silent
Auction scoring himself an
absolute bargain!
Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club
Page 8
What’s On at Supporters
Upstairs Main Bar
Friday Night 8.00pm
Whiskey Hiway
Saturday Night 8.00pm
Big Things
A message to all IRB drivers
and IRB crewies. If you would
like to improve your IRB skills,
get more time in the boat or
want to be more comfortable
driving or crewing the duck
then join Alex for some IRB
training. These sessions will be
run by Niki Della Sabina
(IRB competition coach) in
front of the Alex Surf Club.
Training will start at 8am. The
dates for these training
sessions are
Escape Hatch
Rum Jungle
In da mix
Back 2 Back
Aussie boogaloo
Pop Culture
1. Sat 21st February
2. Sat 21st March
Come down and improve your
skills and have some fun.
Open Mic Night Thursday’s from 7pm
Bluff Bar & Function Room - try our delicious Tapas Menu
Steve Hargreaves 5pm
Rach & Mal 3pm
Andy Carey 4pm
Steve Hargreaves 5pm
The Lyrical 3pm
Olivia Ruth 4pm
Sam wedgewood 5pm
Odd Couple 3pm
Rachel Ellen 4pm
Mon—- Fri
Mon - Thurs
Bluff Bar
Coffee & slice $5.00 10am-12pm & 3-5pm
Lunch Specials from $8.00
Bar happy hour 4-5pm & pineapple club 4-6pm
Tapas menu available from 3pm Fri, Sat and Sun
Active member food specials + Active members draw
FREE kids meal/ garlic bread pizza with any main meal
Come in our Courtesy Bus
North (0408 436 677) | South (0409 436 677)
Niki Della Sabina
Please Support our Fantastic Sponsors
A&C Property
ABA Partners
AJB Financial Services
Andrew’s Audio Visual
Anytime Fitness
BOQ Maleny
Bendigo Business Banking
Bundilla Guardian Pharmacy
Carlton & United
Coca-Cola Amatil
Complete Audio
Centurion IT
De Bortoli
Definium Surveyors
Drummond Golf
JDBA John Dunn Building Approvals
JTC Consulting Engineers
Lion Nathan
Lysaght/ Bluescope Steel
Mail Ezy
Meatworld & Fishworld
Mitre 10 Kunda Park
Neuendorfs Carpet Court
Perren & Penny Plumbing
PFD Food Services
Spartan Law
Splish Purified Water
Suncoast Sheetmetal
Sunny Ventures
Sunshine Coast Council
Sunshine Toyota
Swan Plumbing Supplies
Symmetry Orthodontics
Tee Off Australia
Pitchers Hospitality Supplies
Prime Radio
Qld Dept Emergency Services
Rays Outdoor
Roofing Revamped
Sharp Sunshine Coast
Newsletter of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club
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