Simulation Tools – REVAMP

Sound package design in a complete vehicle model
REVAMP (Rieter Energy based Vehicle Acoustic Modeling
Package) can predict the impact of trim parts inside the
passenger compartment. It is based on the existing SEA theory.
Interfacing with VisualSISAB, the Autoneum simulation tool
for the acoustic performance of acoustic parts, REVAMP
can predict the effect of 3D parts and their modifications at
vehicle level.
REVAMP was specifically designed to carry out typical sound
package development and optimization tasks in the mid- and
high-frequency range.
Trim component
Import trim into
SEA model
Trim simulation
Target cascading:
trim targets
The unique benefits:
A dedicated interface which supports the building and
analysis of SEA models of vehicles
 The Panel Contribution Analysis (PCA), which allows the
determination of dominating acoustic paths
 The Target Cascading Analysis (TCA), which cascades
vehicle noise level targets down to acoustic component
TL and ABS targets
 Compatible with other commercial SEA tools
 Based on over 15 years’ experience in
SEA modeling
Simulation Tools – REVAMP
Component split
Vehicle SEA
Autoneum’s full range of Simulation Tools
Autoneum has designed a full range of Simulation Tools based
on our long-standing expertise in vehicle acoustics and thermal
management. Our tools predict and optimize NVH in the concept
phase to provide our customers with cost effective solutions
and reduced lead times. Thanks to our broad range of
measurement systems, we are able to thoroughly evaluate all
required input data.
From simulation to validation, Autoneum offers the right solution.
GOLD – optimizes simultaneously the damping package and vehicle body
panel shape, for reduction of weight and full body mid-frequency vibration.
REVAMP – is the SEA tool for the design of airborne noise sound package
in a complete vehicle model.
SILVER – is the simulation tool that identifies the ideal location of
dampers thanks to a single vibration FE simulation using Nastran.
TREASURI2 – is the Autoneum FE solution for trim simulation in a
complete vehicle model.
VisualSISAB – calculates transmission loss and absorption performance
for sound package parts directly from CAD data.
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