January Newsletter - Wisconsin Historic Steam Engine Association

Next Meeting
Saturday, January 31, 2015
Town of Wien Hall
W4302 County Rd M
(Junction of roads M & N)
Edgar, WI 54426
Our club motto…From the past comes the future and by
the preservation of this equipment, we introduce
the knowledge of the past to generations of the future.
January 2015
Last Club Meeting...
Special thanks to Matt & Eva Harvey for hosting the last club meeting and
for serving lunch. In addition, thanks to everyone who brought something to
pass for the potluck lunch - your contribution was greatly appreciated!
Club Officers
Board of Directors
Term up - May 2015
Mike Wahl
N10447 County G
New Holstein, WI 53061
(920) 898-1853
[email protected]
Charlie Hendrickson
51 E. Cox Rd.
Edgerton, WI 53534
(608) 868-2814
[email protected]
Dale Noel
W1263 Fish Rd.
Bangor, WI 54614
(608) 486-4057
[email protected]ane.com
Pete Deets
304 Garfield Ave.
Evansville, WI 53536
(608) 882-9052
[email protected]
Term up - May 2016
Dennis Lauer
W6575 Hwy 11
Monroe WI 53566
(608) 325-2248
[email protected]
Vice President
Charlie Hendrickson
51 East Cox Rd.
Edgerton, WI 53534
(608) 868-2814 (best contact)
[email protected]
Gary Schacht
7393 345th St.
Stanley WI 54768
(715) 644-2231
[email protected]
Secretary/ Treasurer
Vicky Mayer
221 Seifert St.
Adell, WI 53001
(920) 838-1798
[email protected]
Matt Harvey
W2726 Ba dger D r.
Campbellsport, WI 53010
(920) 533-8276
[email protected]
Steam School Contact
Jeff Bloemers
Cart Path Rd.
Sheboygan, WI
[email protected]
(920) 287-1146
Term up - May 2017
Jamie Stevenson
N9596 Howard Rd
Whitewater, WI 53190
(262) 893-1393
[email protected]
Paul Reckelberg
N3212 County Rd. AB
Luxemburg, WI 54217-7743
(920) 845-2908
[email protected]
Harvey meeting photos
Pete Deets
304 Garfield Ave.
Evansville, WI 53536
(608) 882-9052
[email protected]
scholarships were presented, two from
WHSEA and from John Milner in memory of
Next Club Meeting
Cathy Milner.
When: Saturday, January 31, 2015
Next year's school is on September 25th,
Where: Town of Wien Hall
26th, & 27th.
W4302 County Rd M
Thanks was giving to Jim Hackbarth for
(Junction of roads M & N)
supplying the tables for today's meeting.
Edgar, WI 54426
Mike Wahl gave a NBIC report. Everything
Lunch will be served (sandwiches, pickles, chips,
and cake). If you would like to bring something to
submitted at the July meeting will be in the
pass, please feel free.
May 2015 book, which includes stay
pitch/rectangle pitch 11% increase in
Time: 1:00 p.m. General Membership Meeting
New info on UT regarding pitting & what to
do. The committee is currently working on
Last Meeting Notes
2017-radio graph examination, barrel
The last meeting was held on November 8 at
Matt & Eva Harvey's homestead in
Campbellsport, WI.
Next meeting-Vertical boiler will be
Meeting was called to order by President
Pete Deets but handed over to Vice President
The next meeting is on January 19 in
Charlie Hendrickson.
Orlando, FL.
A moment of silence regarding Veterans Day
501(c )(3) Status-Pete Deets
was taken and thanks was giving to Matt &
Changes were submitted regarding Articles
Eva Harvey for hosting today's meeting.
of Incorporation. Once accepted an account
will be established with the state & the form
Secretary minutes of the May 3, 2014 meeting
were read by Vicky Mayer and accepted.
will be filled out.
Treasurer's Report dated November 8, 2014
New Business
A donation will be giving to the Harvey's for
was read by Vicky Mayer and accepted.
hosting today's meeting.
Jeff Bloemers said that the 2014 steam
Discussion held regarding wood cutting plan
school went well. There were 41 students and
in March further discussion will take place at
the weather was nice. Jim Hackbarth & crew
the next meeting.
served the Saturday night meal. Three
Club Patches
The class is open to the first 40 people that
To purchase club patches please contact
register. Pre registration is required. There
Dennis/Betsy Lauer at 608-325-2248 or
will be classroom discussion as well as
[email protected] Patches are
hands-on with full size and model engines
available in 2 ½” or 4” and are $3 each or $5
steamed up. Class topics include Steam
for both.
Theory, Steam Engine Components, Boiler
Construction, Operation and Maintenance,
Piping, Valves and Accessories, Firing under
various loads, Handling an Engine, Boiler
Water Treatment, and Emergency
This class is not intended to qualify you as an
operator, but to give you the basic knowledge of
steam engine operation and maintenance.
There will be an optional catered meal on
Saturday night for $10.00. Guests are
Steam School 2015
welcome. Primitive camping is available on
Our annual Steam School will be held
the show grounds, free of charge. Showers
September 25, 26, & 27, 2015 at the Rock
will also be available. Steam School is held
River Thresheree show grounds located
rain or shine & different parts of the class are
between Janesville & Edgerton, WI.
held outside so please dress appropriately
(warm clothes, work clothes/gloves, boots,
The class fee is $65, which includes a
textbook, the Steam Traction Engineer's
Checklist, the Case Steam Engine Manual,
A.S.O.P.E. (American Society of Power
lunch on Saturday/Sunday, and for non-club
Engineers) test will be offered, but not
members includes a 1 year membership with
mandatory, after the school on Sunday at a
the Wisconsin Historical Steam Engine
cost of $55.
More attendee information including
This class also credits 16 hours of instruction
registration form & scholarship information
toward the MN state hobby engineer’s
can be found on our website
license and the OH historical operator's
www.whsea.org or contact Jeff Bloemers at
920-287-1146 / [email protected]
Youth scholarships are also available.
About Us
Steam School Manual
On January 18, 2003 a meeting was held
Below is an excerpt from the Steam
with approximately 70 interested parties
School manual on Engine Components.
to form a non-profit corporation, the
Please note: This is intended to be a basic introduction
membership of which is open to all who
to the components of the steam traction engine. Many
excellent books are available to the engineer that goes
into every detail of the steam traction engine.
enjoy the operation of all kinds of steam
and related vintage machinery.
Our mission and purpose of this
corporation shall be for the education and
preservation of steam traction engines
and all kinds of vintage steam and related
machinery, engineers, and the promotion
of safety in the operation and
management of traction engines and
vintage engines and boilers.
Diagram from How Stuff Works
In January of 2003, the state of Wisconsin
added ultrasound testing to its boiler
The cylinder is constructed of a single piece of cast
inspection requirements. Our organization
iron bored out smooth. This is the location that steam
has formed a legislative committee that is
is transferred into mechanical power.
currently working with the state with
positive results on how boiler inspections
The piston is a circular disc working back and forth
are to be carried out. Club member, Mike
in the cylinder usually made of a hollow casting. To
Wahl has been elected by the club to
achieve a steam tight seal in the cylinder the piston is
supplied with spring loaded rings on the outer
represent WHSEA at the NBIC (National
circumference of the piston that are slightly larger in
Board Inspection Code) meetings.
diameter than the piston and ride against the cylinder
Our first school was held in October 2004,
Piston Rod
with 44 students and a great deal of
The piston rod is of wrought iron or steel, and is
positive feedback. Six of our state boiler
fitted firmly and rigidly into the piston at one end. It
inspectors attended our 2005 steam
runs from the piston through one head of the cylinder,
school and they had many good
passing through a steam tight "stuffing box." The
opposite end of the piston rod is attached to the
comments. In 2006, we filled our school to
the limit and could have signed many
Left over Steam School manuals are available for
purchase. Please let Jeff Bloemers know if you
would like to purchase one.