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January 2015
ing solutions that enable us and our
partners to evolve successfully.
Dear readers,
Leadership in technology, reliability,
success orientation
These are the qualities and values
that vonRoll casting and its employees focus on: they form the cornerstone of our corporate culture. We
aim to be a reliable partner, collaborating with our customers to create
innovative, technologically convinc-
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One example of this is the production
of cylinder heads for combustion engines, which you can read about in
this newsletter. In recent years, our
Delémont plant has concentrated
on the production of core-intensive
castings and has worked hard to develop and expand its expertise in this
field. Emmenbrücke is less reliant on
the use of cores and has extensive
expertise in thin-walled casting technology. Our foundry group can thus
offer technologically advanced products, which together with our excellent reliability record in areas such as
delivery performance, are the key to
our success and that of our customers.
I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and wish you much success in
the New Year!
Danilo Fiato,
CEO vonRoll casting Group
Technical conferences in 2015:
- 10th/11th June in Emmenbrücke
- 24th September in Delémont
Workshop 2015:
- 3rd December in Emmenbrücke
Dates for apprentice courses in
- From the end of February until the
beginning of May
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Inside casting
Cylinder head expertise
Along to the engine block, the cylinder
head is the most complex casting in
an engine. This is because it accommodates an extremely high level of
functional density within a very limited
space – the intake and exhaust ports,
the valve gear for the charge changing,
oil channels for lubricating the valve
train components and coolant channels on water-cooled engines, as well
as spark plugs on petrol engines.
New Manager Marketing & Sales
In spring 2014, Roman Inderbitzin has been engaged as Manager
Marketing & Sales and strengthens
the casting team at both production
His role:
Business Development, Marketing
and Member of the Executive board.
Previous experience:
project management, customer consultancy, key account management,
marketing and sales management in
a variety of technologies and sectors.
family, hiking, skiing, jogging, mountain biking, reading professional literature
His verdict so far: vonRoll casting offers a very good service package and
our engineering expertise in particular gives us an edge in the market.
Nevertheless, benefits could accrue
from improved marketing, by which
I mean in particular that we need to
communicate our achievements.
His credo: You never stop learning
We would like to wish Roman Inderbitzin and his team every success.
Choosing the right materials and optimising the structural design are vital, if the cylinder head is to cope with
the very high mechanical and thermal
stresses during operation. A controlled
and uniform metallurgy are also critical, and this is something that can be
checked and adjusted with the aid of
thermal and spectral analysis. Spheroidal graphite cast iron with high silicon
content is being used increasingly in
engine fabrication. These solid-solution
hardened types of cast iron (i.e. ENGJS-500-14) demonstrate increased
yield strength and twice the ultimate
tensile strength. Our expertise is already
effective right at the beginning development phase, thanks to specialized
simulation tools (for casting simulation
and finite element analysis) which we
continually refine and improve. These
tools enable our Engineering Center to
accelerate development times and provide optimum design solutions for our
Our Delémont plant is our competence
centre for cylinder head production. We
supply leading gas and diesel engine
manufacturers, whose products are as
diverse as marine engines, power generators and rail drive systems. We continuously invest in our production facili-
MWM - gaz power unit TCG 2020 V12
(Source: Caterpillar Energy Solutions)
The 1163 series diesel engine from MTU, which
produces up to 7,400 kW
ties. From our core making shop, to our
moulding and after-treatment shops,
right through to our 100% quality control, we maintain the very high process
stability that is so essential for the production of defect-free parts. There can
absolutely be no porosity in the cylinder head base plate, no burrs in the
internal ducts, no debris, and no metal
penetration – just some of the many requirements that ensure the trouble-free
operation of the engines.
As a full service provider, we also offer
machining, painting and pre-assembly.
Our customers, who are steadily growing in number, put their trust on our expertise and the quality of our comprehensive range of services.
Cylinder head – raw castings for gas engines
with 12-24 cylinders and outputs of up to 4.4
Apprentice training –
casting technology course
For some years now, our plant in
Emmenbrücke has offered trainee
designers a three-day course on
casting technology. The course was
originally developed together with
the career development specialists
at the Schindler Group, the Swiss
elevator manufacturer. The course is
a well-established part of our annual
programme of inter-company courses for designers which are run by
the Schindler HR department. Every
year, around 30 apprentices from
up to 15 participating companies attend these courses, which offer an
introduction to the casting process
– from pattern making to pouring.
Each young designer is able to gain
considerable insight into the design
The course, held in the spring each
year, is ideally suited to young designers in the second year of their
apprenticeship. The trainees make
a two-piece model of a small anvil
in the pattern-making area. From
this, they make a mould into which
they are allowed to pour. Having removed the anvil from the mould and
deburred it, they are allowed to take
it home.
vonRoll casting has been active in
apprenticeship training for many
years. In addition to providing apprenticeship places for a variety of
occupations, we make a useful contribution to the training of apprentices by making this course available to
other companies in the engineering
industry and passing on to them our
knowledge of casting.
perience in supplying key components
for bogies and engines such as spring
cups, trailing arms and wheelset bearing housings. As a full-service provider,
we not only supply raw castings but, increasingly, finished, painted and ready
to install components. Even though our
activities are already quite extensive,
Peter Schübl, Head of Quality Management,
inspects a wheelset bearing housing
further opportunities continue to occur
in this segment of the market.
«The requirements of Deutsche Bahn
AG set the standards in the rail sector,» says Peter Schübl, head of Quality
Management, «and these have become
noticeably tougher in recent years. This
trend is also evidenced by the increasing number of in-plant inspections and
by a growing insistence to prevent
and detect errors.» The new certifications show our customers that they are
dealing with a supplier who puts quality first. After all, reliability and integrity
are absolutely essential when you are
dealing with safety-critical parts. «vonRoll casting supplies products to a very
demanding industry,» says Peter Schübl, «and our customers recognise our
quality standards.»
The focus was put on the following
-Possibilities and applications
of cast iron materials
-Casting design
-Casting process simulation
-Advanced pattern making
-Load and stress-oriented design of
castings applying the finite element
-Quality assurance: advanced testing
methods and adjustment to requirements (e.g. surface cleanliness)
Participants were able to choose from
a wide range of topics to help refresh
their knowledge of foundry technology.
Our instructors for foundry technology,
engineering, production, pattern making and quality management provided
competent answers to questions and,
during the subsequent tour to our production facilities, were able to show
how the theory translates into practice.
The very positive feedback received
has encouraged us to hold further
Production manager Ulrich Wittwer with his
group in the core shop
New certifications
In July 2014, our plant in Emmenbrücke
acquired the certifications «Manufacturer-related Product Qualification (MPQ)»
for the track superstructure as well
as for the wheelset bearing housings
and the brake disks, which qualify us
to supply these products to Deutsche
Bahn AG.
These new certifications augment the
existing «general manufacturer» HPQ
from 1993 for the production of rail
vehicle products, which was also acquired by our Delémont plant in 2002.
vonRoll casting has many years of ex-
at Emmenbrücke and is aimed primarily at designers. It offers an opportunity to examine the conference topics
in greater depth and to put theory into
practice during the practical group exercises.
Expert conferences
and workshop
We were pleased to welcome a large
number of development/design and
purchasing professionals to this year’s
conferences in June and September
as well as to the workshop at the beginning of December. These events all
shared the subject of «The foundry as a
development partner». The conferences were held in Emmenbrücke in German and in Delémont in French. The
accompanying workshop takes place
Showing a keen interest in our cores