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Kimball’s Weekly News
February 1, 2015
7:15 am
Men’s Breakfast
8:30 am
Contemporary Ensemble
9:45 am
Sunday School for all
9:45 am
Confirmation/HS-MS Sunday School
11:00 am
Traditional Worship
10:00 am
Gladys Happer Circle-Commons
2:00 pm
Elizabeth Huddle Circle
7:00 pm
Eleanor Johnson Circle
7:00 pm
Ruth Dysart Circle
2:00 pm
Spiritual Direction-Parlor
6:00 pm
Girl Scouts-KAC
5:45 pm
Kingdom Kids
5:45 pm
6:00 pm
Wednesday Night Live Simple Supper
7:00 pm
Study with Pastor Scott-CFC
Chancel Choir
9:45 am
Preschool Chapel
6:00 pm
Samaritan’s Table
6:00 pm
Prayer Group
7:00 pm
Contemporary Ensemble
6:00 pm
Set up for Valentine’s Dinner
Youth Team and Parents Arrive
for Valentine’s Dinner and Dance
6:00 pm
Valentine’s Dinner & Dance
8:30 am
Contemporary Ensemble
9:45 am
Sunday School for all
9:45 am
Confirmation/HS-MS Sunday School
11:00 am
Traditional Worship
3:00 pm
Worship Assistant Training/Review
The Altar Guild is in need of volunteers to help with
Communion preparation and clean up for both
services. With more people involved, you would only
have to serve for the service of your choice, one month
per year. Training is available. If you are interested,
please contact Kathy Scott or Damien Evans.
If you know of a member of the congregation who is
sick, hospitalized or has special needs, contact the
church office at 704-933-4101 or Rev. Scott Swix @
OTHER: Herb Rivers (Avante of Concord)
CHRISTIAN SYMPATHY TO: Beth Gribble, upon the
death of her sister, Cathy Crowley, on January 27,
Spiritual Direction - Deepen the Journey
May the God of peace make you perfect in holiness. May God preserve
you whole and entire, spirit, mind, body, irreproachable at the coming of
our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Th. 5:23
If God is calling you deeper into faith, perhaps through
methods of prayer and spiritual direction, contact
Pastor Scott. Meeting time will be the first Tuesdays of
the month from 2:00pm-3:00 pm in the Parlor.
7th Annual Valentine’s Dinner & Dance
Come one and Come ALL to our 7th Annual
Valentine’s Dinner & Dance on Saturday, February
7th at one sitting only @ 6:00pm. Tickets are
available until Wednesday, Feb. 4th. The Dance and
Dinner will look a bit different this year, as this is our
annual youth fundraiser. We work on this event to
raise funds for our ELCA Youth Gathering, which will
be in July of 2015. This is an expensive trip and we
need to raise around $10,000 for the youth and adult
leaders to go, so we will be asking, sharing and
thanking you for the experiences that we are able to
take with this fundraiser.
The cost of this event is no charge, however, we ask
that the funds that you would spend on a night out with
your valentine be used to help our youth take a one in
a lifetime trip. This trip helps our youth to hear the
Word of God and share in faith-filled experience with
other Lutheran youth.
We will be having our classic menu of Steak, Chicken
or Salmon, you choose and come enjoy an evening
with the Youth of Kimball Memorial Lutheran Church.
Worship Assistant training/review has been
rescheduled for Sunday Feb 8, 3:00 pm. For
current and new Worship Assistants.
Weekly Prayer Concerns
New Notice: All names will remain
on the prayer list for 2 weeks only
unless resubmitted.
Patsy L. Allen
Gail Anderson
R.V. Asbury
Margie Barlow
Helen Baucom
Sarah Brick
Boy’s Family
Brad Brothers
Brenda Brown
Bryan Cheek
Roger Clontz
College Students
Fonda Dorton Crooker
Lynnette Crowell
David’s Son
Mona Davis
Mike Deese
Debbie Farmer
Judy Ferguson
Liz Fisher
Josh Friar
Betty & Tommy Graves
Mandi Greene
Rick Gwaltney
Garnette Hagy
Brooke Haire
Dustin & Cristen Haire
Han’s Parents
Patric Hollar
Ryan Hooper
Ben & Kelly Johnson
Jackie Johnson
Jay & Gabby Johnson
Karen Jnaz
Margie Kincaid
Cathy Kiser
Stan Kolwolski
Heather Langan
Lippard Family
Steve Lynch
Gertie McDaniel
Helen Mosher
James O’dell
Paul Parker
Family of Kevin Pham
Shannon Randle
Debbie Reynolds
Dennis Sellers
Jackson Shoup
Beth Sharp
Helen Sides
Silent Request
Amelia Smith
Terry Stallings
Bambi Van Tilburgh
Financial Stewardship Updates 1/25/15
General Fund
Sunday Receipts
$ 6,210.00
Direct Deposit Receipts
General Fund Weekly Receipt Total
$ 6,210.00
Fellowship Meals
Youth Fund
Sunday School
World Hunger
Funeral Meals (WELCA)
Renovation/Building Fund
Sunday Receipts
$ 1,122.00
Direct Deposit Receipts
Ren./Bldg. Fund Weekly Receipt Total
$ 1,122.00
Building/Renovation Funds on Hand
$ 65,118.48
YTD General Receipts
YTD Bldg. & Ren. Rec. 5,347.00
Total YTD General Rec. 30,659.00
2015 Approved Budget 582,876.00
Needed weekly 11,209.16
MILITARY: Andy Ballard, Ben Ballard, Sean
Parker, Robert Busteed, Jr. (Norfolk, VA), Tanner
Triece (Georgia), Kemp Thompson (Virginia),
Andrew Smith (Arizona), Chris Kirshner (Utah),
Ben Kirshner (Arkansas/Afghanistan), Zachary Hill
(California), Qudar Goldsmith (Georgia), Devon
Scott (Washington), Vance Parker, Michael
Patterson (Japan)
January 24, 2015
Commissioning Service
attendance 219
January 25, 2015 attendance
8:30 service 97
11:00 service 70
Kimball Staff
Reverend Scott Swix, Senior [email protected]
Liz Fisher, Minister of Faith [email protected]
Gail Mosher, Office [email protected]
Damien Evans, Director of Music, Worship, and the [email protected]
Joel Everett, Organist & [email protected]
Sarah Brick, Preschool [email protected]
KMLC Youth and Family Ministry
1st Communion Class CELEBRATION
We will be celebrating 1st Communion with families at
both services on Feb 15th. Looking forward to seeing
you there!!
Confirmation Meeting last week
If you were not at the confirmation class last week,
please see Liz for the information about the 2015 class
schedule and the schedule for Camp, which will be
April 24-26th at Lutheridge. We would like ALL to
Joy Group
We will be meeting in Feb on the 18th for a Soup and
Sandwich meal in the Commons after the Ash
Wednesday Service. A Sign Up sheet IS posted
downstairs in the commons and upstairs outside of
7th Annual Valentines Dinner and Dance in the
Commons Feb 7th @ 6pm
Tickets are available for the Valentine’s Dinner and
Dance. We will have Dancing and a WONDERFUL
Dinner provided by the Youth and Families! Come out
for Steak, Chicken, Salmon and FUN and
Fellowshipping Time! The Tickets are No Charge,
however we will ask for a Donation to help our Youth
Mission Fund!
Theology on Tap
Feb 21st @ 5:30pm at the Swix’s. We will meet
for discussion and appetizers, please bring a dish to
share. Friends are always welcome and you can
bring your kids too! Cost is $5.00 per couple to
help with cost of the Sitter. Please bring a dish to
share and a beverage of your choice.
Food for Friends Pantry
It has been very cold outside and the Food Pantry is
low on food. If you are able, please bring canned
food and non perishables to church anytime. Our
next Food Sunday is February 22nd.
Thank YOU!!
A Huge thank you to the congregation and all those
that helped to make my commissioning service
wonderful. I feel very blessed with all of you and I
am looking forward to continuing to serve in this
Congregation! Liz Fisher, AIM
Þ January 29th-Feb 3rd
Liz in Detroit for ELCA Youth Ministry Conference
Þ Feb 3rd
6-8pm Girl Scouts in the KAC
Þ Feb 4th
Liz back from ELCA Meeting
5:45pm Kingdom Kids Faith Formation
6:00pm Wednesday Night Live
Þ Feb 5th
9:45 Preschool Chapel in Sanctuary
Þ Feb 6th
6:00 pm Valentine Set Up
Þ Feb 7th
4:30pm Youth Team and Parents Arrive for
Valentine’s Dinner and Dance
6:00pm Valentine’s Dinner and Dance
Þ Feb 8th
9:45 Sunday School for ALL
9:45am HS/MS Confirmation/Faith Formation
Þ Feb 8-11th
1pm Liz @ Region 9 1st Call Retreat
Þ Feb 10th
6-8pm Girl Scouts in the KAC
Þ Feb 11th
5:45pm Kingdom Kids Faith Formation
6:00pm Wednesday Night Live
Service Saturdays for the Entire Congregation
The Youth and Family/Faith Formation Team would
like to host a Service Saturday in March. We would
be doing 8-10 projects, so at the church and some out
in our community. If you have a need, please contact
Liz. More Info to Come!!
All Groups, we are meeting on Feb 6th @ 6:00 pm to help
set up for the dance. We will set the tables, put up
decorations, etc. Parents, we need your help setting
up the Kitchen if you are available. The Dance is on
Saturday and we will need to be here by 4:30pm.
2015 ELCA Youth Gathering
We have paid our deposit for travel and for the Gathering.
We will start in Feb to Collect $$ for food. The cost for
Food is $240.00 and can be paid each month to help
spread it out.
If you pay $40.00 per month until June, then you have
your account full! You can put checks in the offering
plate earmarked Youth gathering and the child attending.
If you have not paid the registration fee, please do so as
soon as possible.
Newcomer “Companions” – would you serve our newcomers by walking with them for a time, helping
them learn who, what and why at Kimball, invite them into our life of faith? If so, please join us for pizza
dinner equipping conversation on Tues. Feb 10, 6:30pm. RSVP to Pastor Scott or Jane Falls.
Volunteer at CVAN!
-CVAN’s Cool Used Stuff -Childcare
Training on Feb. 7, 9am-noon
Call 704-788-1108, ask for Volunteer Coordinator, Regina
Adverse Weather Closings
Whether rain, snow, sleet or shine Kimball normally expects to gather for worship. However, if
particularly unsafe weather conditions requires us to cancel worship services or other events we will
endeavor to inform folks via TV, internet and phone. Kimball will publicly announce the cancellation via:
email, our website (, and WSOC TV (channel 9,
Sermon Schedule – Feb/March 2015
Our Prayer series continues. Then, toward mid month, we enter Lent. Here’s the sermon plan for the
month and a bit more
Feb 1: Pitfalls in Prayer (a)
Feb 8: Pitfalls in Prayer (b)
Feb 15: Stewards of the Story
Feb 22: Discipleship 1: Jesus Invites, Come and See
Mar 1: Discipleship 2: Jesus Invites, Follow Me
Mar 8: Discipleship 3: Jesus Invites, Come Fishing
Mar 15: Discipleship 4: Jesus Invites, Deny Yourself
Mar 22: Discipleship 5: Jesus Invites, Receive the Spirit
ON EAGLE’S WINGS has been supported by Kimball Lutheran Church for 13 years.
We have sent teams to teach Bible School 12 years, serving 3 different communities. The
ministry is a vital part of our witness in the North. Many changes have happened to this
ministry. One is the change from Bible School to Bible Camp. Another one is the
economy. Last year the ministry served 3 less communities, one of which was Paulatuk.
It is very expensive to send a team that far north; however, there are other communities
closer and not as costly. If you would like to experience a cross-cultural event and tell a
community about Jesus Christ and what he has done for you, please contact Liz Fisher or
Vicki McCombs. Some funds are available and fund raisers can be conducted.
Kimball Youth and Family Ministry Groups
Kingdom Kids (0-2nd Grade), 3-5 ALIVE (35th Grades), MS Youth (6-8th Grades), HS
Youth (9-12 Grades), Youth Adult (College
Age), J.O.Y Group (Just Older Youth)
Please remember to fill out the Connection
Cards in the bulletin insert and put it in the
collection plate. This is one facet of our record
keeping, which is necessary for various reports.
Wednesday Night Live for February 4th
Simple Suppers are from 6:00-6:50 with late arrival &
take out orders available. Please sign up by Monday
morning prior to the Wednesday meal (and mark the
late arrival or take out section, if applicable). Sign up
sheets are outside the Youth Room and in the hallway
outside the Narthex (by the Flower Chart)
Cost of the meals are: $5.00 adult, $3.00 third grade &
under, maximum $15 per family
Menu: Chicken & Noodles, Potato Salad, Slaw,
Crackers, Cherry Dump Cake
7:00-8:00 Study Topic-Angels